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"Mexican Independence Day" Letter to Editor MMT 9 Sep 59 pg 5 - Letters to the Editor must bear the name and...
Letters to the Editor must bear the name and address of the writer although under certain circumstances the use of a pen name or initia' for publication is permissible. The Mail Tribune reserves the right tc edit all letters with , a view to clarification and condensation. Letters submitted for publication must not exceed 0O words. The letters printed,. in this column do not necessarily represent the views of the paper; in fact the contrary is often the eae. 1,000,-000 Nature's Way To the Editor: Concerning the editorial "Glowing Syntax," Syntax," I wonder if the writer quoted still lives here? If he were to describe the glories of the Rogue valley today, I'm sure he would have to modify his adjectives to a great extent. extent. " " ' ' . ' As usually happens, man found a beautiful land -and -and began the slow and insidious destruction of it. The writer speaks of "land rich and fertile, fertile, row uporrrow of healthy apple and pear trees." Were they plagued by pests in those days? 'Did they use . poison sprays to keep them healthy and strong? I doubt it, because the soil was rich and fertile, but through years of planting successive crops the land has gradually deteriorated. Could it be if our soil were properly cared. for, and the trace minerals minerals were restored-we restored-we restored-we would no longer need sprays for pest control? It's worth consideration, consideration, I think. I read once that insects were nature's way of destroying destroying inferior fruit arid produce, but if the soil was as it should be there would be very few pests. It seems to me,, the money spent on sprays would bring a much greater return, if used instead to enrich and regain the fertility of the soil.: ; , Of course we all know what man has done to the air he breathes. You are probably thinking, it's unavoidable because because of progress, but is it? Progress also brings knowledge. knowledge. A few men have been wise enough to foresee what was happening. For several years studies and .tests have been under way on how to combat and .overcome man's fouling of the air-pollution air-pollution air-pollution of the waters-and waters-and waters-and the misuse of our land. If we will but take advantage advantage of this knowledge, the Rogue valley can once more be as beautiful and fertile as in the year 1909. In closing I would like to quote from an article by William William Albrecht, Ph.D., College of Agriculture, University of Missouri. "For - generations, the conquest of Nature has been accepted as man's prerogative. prerogative. But man is a part of Nature, it being his essential environment, and unless he can find his rightful place in it he has, poor hope of survival. survival. Man's present behavior often resembles that of an over-successful over-successful over-successful parasite which, in :' killing its host, accomplishes accomplishes its own death." ; - Mrs. Leonard Matheus 1124 West 10th st. - Medford , Peaches Stolen To the Editor: We came home Sunday about 12:30 and noticed our little peach tree, that we had been watching like a hawk for weeks, was ready to be picked. We decided decided to wait until later in the day to pick ..them.. So about 4:30, before we started the evening chores, we took our basket, loaded up in the pickup pickup and drove down the lane to our little tree. And lo and behold, not a peach was left. :ls this a stunt of our city friends? Those who crawl your fences to pick" berries, leave your gates open and shoot your, cattle when they hunt for deer? I do hope whoever took the peaches are enjoying them. But because of them, there will never be. another berry picker or deer - hunter welcome welcome on our ranch again. A rancher in the Applegate Valley, f v Mexican Independence Day To the Editor: I recently noticed noticed in reading my hometown paper that some 300 Mexican braceros have come into Medford Medford to work in the pear harvest. harvest. As a boy growing up in Medford, many times have I worked with these people in the pear orchards and found them warm-hearted warm-hearted warm-hearted and charming. Sept. 16 is the anniversary of Mexican Independence. If Medford could somehow provide provide a band, Mexican food, and stage a celebration, these people, I know, would be most grateful. i I were home I'd certainly try to do just that. I am able to speak Spanish and, having spent considerable considerable time in Mexico, feel I tion. However I am working j here in Washington and at-tending at-tending at-tending Georgetown Law Center this summer so I cannot cannot be there. This act of kindliness on Medford's part would not only help further friendly relations relations with our Mexican neighbors but would be- be- good publicity for Medford in Oregon's Oregon's Centennial year. Other cities and states, I believe, would admire such an unselfish unselfish act as helping Mexican laborers enjoy their Day of Independence. These people are very poor; furthermore they are away from their families families and have to support them from their earnings in the orchards. Sept. 16 is a big day to them; I know if I were in a strange land on July 4th I'd certainly be grateful for recognition recognition of my independence day. . . , Cities of southern California California stage such celebraj tions. You could obtain information information from them. . John De Zell, 128 "C" St., Washington, D. C. Air Pollution To the Editor: "When I first saw this valley L realized that given sufficient poisons in the air, we could all be killed in our sleep if a temperature inversion inversion or a cloud blanket with no wind should occur." With these ominous words our weatherman; Bob Church, began began his talk on temperature inversion at our recent air pollution meeting. Those were serious words, not irresponsibly spoken. Air is as necessary to life as is food and water. We go to very great pains to assure the purity purity of our food and water. Is not the purity of the air we breathe equally important? - Pure air is 20.96 per .cent oxygen and 79 per cent nitrogen. nitrogen. , All plant,, animal and human life performs at its greatest capacity when the atmosphere atmosphere is free from pollutants. pollutants. These consist of vapor, vapor, carbon dioxide, dust, combustion gases from exhaust exhaust pipes . of gasoline engines, engines, .and in smoke, gases from industry such as nitrous oxidesand substances deliberately deliberately sprayed into the atmosphere atmosphere such as insecticides. When the percentage of oxygen oxygen and nitrogen is lowered by the presence of one or more of these, all living things immediately react adversely to this change in their environment. environment. Respiration is the process whereby oxygen of the air becomes available to animals. Respiration is also the process process whereby plants remove carbon dioxide from the air, using the carbon to build plant tissues, thereby freeing the oxygen. Therefore plants and especially trees are air purifiers. One . result of our ruthless destruction of forests forests is that the . air contains more carbon dioxide indeed scientists fear that its increasing increasing presence may even increase increase our summer temperatures, temperatures, causing the ice caps at the poles to melt. The presence of air pollutants pollutants will reduce the amount of oxygen available to the body cells, the loss being in direct ratio to the amount of pollutants. The purpose of oxygen is to produce energy when united , - with carbon from food, hence the first result result of the presence of air pollutants pollutants is loss of energy to every individual cell, thus loss of energy to the individual. individual. This loss will affect every individual in the area but may be especially severe on those who are ill, especially those with respiratory ailments, the very young, and the very old. This explains the sleepiness we have all experienced when in a crowded room insufficiently insufficiently ventilated. Anna M. Streed, N 36 North Peach st., Medford. of or 8, to allocating to of to is for Forget-Me-Not Forget-Me-Not Forget-Me-Not Forget-Me-Not Forget-Me-Not Sal To the Editor: The time of year has again arrived for the annual Forget-Me-Not Forget-Me-Not Forget-Me-Not Forget-Me-Not Forget-Me-Not sales onJ the streets of Medford and adjacent adjacent Jackson county cities, towns and villages. It will be this Friday and Saturday. We believe that all of the people understand that the forget-me-not forget-me-not forget-me-not forget-me-not forget-me-not is, to the Dis- Dis-

Clipped from Medford Mail Tribune09 Sep 1959, WedPage 5

Medford Mail Tribune (Medford, Oregon)09 Sep 1959, WedPage 5
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  • "Mexican Independence Day" Letter to Editor MMT 9 Sep 59 pg 5

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