Kreider Family History: 26 Jun 1919; columes 1 & 2

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Kreider Family History:  26 Jun 1919; columes 1 & 2 - HISTORY OF KREIDER FAMILY FROM PEN OF THE REV....
HISTORY OF KREIDER FAMILY FROM PEN OF THE REV. J. G. FRANCIS The Kreider Family By REV. .t. O. FRANCES, B. D. (Continued from Monday.) CHRISTIAN, SON or MHHAKI, THE SETTI.KR Christian KreldT was the pprond of Michael, who sfttlnd at Fair Reformed --due . perhaps to early msrrlage with St.oeverK. To what rburrh Christian and his wife held sve hov? unable to Irarn; but j their burial In the family plot leads us to believe they were still Menno- nlte. Thp course taken by their children In general leads HR to the view that they were, rather headed toward the rni'e'd brethren. land, find the noconrl child tinier the daughter married tn Henjamin Mover older. Christian was married to Magdalenn Stover. bftrn Nov. 1!), 1786, and died April 23. m«. Both are burled In thp, Krfklcr romftrry, directly north nf cieonn. Wlmthor there was any hlnod rehitlnnphlp between Ohrlstinn'H wif»> and hla mot liar we know not. liofh worn Stovers and likely of I.urhornn f*trnrtloin. The fact that thpy nre burled In HIP family cemetery. nnd nor «t the Hill Churrh close hy, KUKRI-RIB, at leant, that the family bi>ramn Mennonite rather than Lufharan. It mlRht. bo well to tnko n provlow of the homestead of Chrlnt.lan Krelder now under consideration. We understand that he lived In flu- house now on tho fnrm of bin grandson, Rev. Christian Krolder, (inrt tennnted hy Neptor Long, north went of Clnona. The house wan built In ISO!); init What miggeKts (hut Christian fnrinod his Inheritance before, building tin 1 house IB tho fact that tho barn wan erected nix yearn earlier, In 180,1 ,.He had a son born In I SOU. The buildings woro supplied with watei from the old family Hprliij? near flu present cami>inoeiliiK groundH of HH , United ChrlfllliniH, owned by Uov , Christian. Hut the spring IH not on this property, but on thn nantern .farm, which the ancestor gnvo to II|H r son Tobias, We havo been a llttk confused about springs. Thin spring supplies alt)u Cleona with water. The 170 acres. 14 perches which the ancestor Kave to his second son, Christian, included, as atnlnd. tho greater part of the present farm of Rev. Christian and also of tho pros- eiit KetteriiiK farm, joining on tho west, and fl H acres Houth of tho pike. April 3. 1830, Christian convoyed all of this tract to his son uDn- iel. This tract at that, tlmo was bounded as follows: On the oast by the land of Tobias Kreider, on tho rth hy tho land of George Kcllnr Jii-ohuroh land, on the northwest land of Jacob Rupp, on the wont Iftnd of ChriBlmn LOIIK. mirt on MfOUth by land of Abraham Long blaa Kreider, South ot Toblun r was the land of Adum Stoe- to the oast of Tobias wiis |t Jaud, now the Winters farm, Suavely estate, Ililal Kreider divided his land Of the pike between his SOIIH, ChriRtlan and Magdalene Kreider had fi children: Michael, b. - , 1S06; d. 1885.* Daniel, b. Jan. 21. 1810; d. Apr. 23, 1S77,* Magdalnna. Mary. Hannah, b. May IB. IRlfl. d. Ort. 2 fi . I R fl H . * John. b. .Inn. 7, 1*22; d. Ff>h. 11. 1R43; have an Impression that he WBR pRtfl to have hor>n ongnged to be married; rnn verted on his dfath hed ; burled In family cemetery north of Cleona. DAMKI, KIM'lIDKn-OK KAI!ll>AM> , Qbrifltlan, who received tho with 84 ncreH nnd 45 per- i constituted tho euwtern ,}' 'Bnd Ezra, who rocolved tho $FH part of 88 iicros and 75 pert ,,fittt Daniel bought land north fcntlre tract, some from this somo from tho church, Christian had 07 acres 92. 9H acres south of the plko ; transferred to h|s son, who bought to It from the tola, uncle Toblua and. from r land, till he had a farm of U later known as the Henry lchnel thus had HO acres rot her Daniel's 170, but some Jand was weh up on the the two farms may have b,out equal In value. jftUft.0 lived In tho days that the B in large measure were United Brethren. In this Krelclers there seemed also jal openness toward the people"—the Lutheran and Daniel Kreider, the second son of ChrlHtlnn the First, of Fnlrlnnd. was married to Mary Funk, h. Dec. 15, 1811. nnrl d. AUR. 17, 1865. Mary Funk wnn a fclnlnr to .lor.ob Funk, in. to Mary Kreider. daughter of Jacob, Jr., of Knltr, Creek, see The N'pws of June 1'fi and Juno 1!). As wo shnll see lalnr a sister of Daniel married John Funck (as many of the family spell tho name), another brother of Mary. On April .1, 183!), Daniel Krolder received from his father, Christian received from his father, Christian, Ififl acres and Of. porches of land, belnR, tho deeds tell tin, from tho 170 acres and 14 perchon which Christian had received from his father Michael Nov. !), 1811, Icolng part of tho 31fM,«, acrns which Michael had received from his father John Jan. 28, 1772, being one, of (ho tracts which John had received by Cut tint Deod from the Pnnns Fob. 8, 17-17. It mlRht further bo said that the I'enns had bought it from the Indians Ifi years before, or In 17:12, the your of Washington's birth; and that Wll- lam JMim had nrcolvnd It by grant rom the KliiK of Great. Britain some line prior to 1682; and that the -ord Almighty hail Rlvon It to mankind when he nettled upon our I'tithor \dain his Inhfirltanec. We do not <now at what exact moment God undo this particular bit of dry [round to appear above tho waters. Whether tho Lord God prepared', it or human habitation In the '.winking of an oyo or through' n procuns )f thousands of yearn, the gentle oaiJor will Illcoly decide according o his understanding or lack of un- erfltandlng. But this we know, that came Into the han.ds of the Krol- dors, nnd thoy have made pretty good UBO of It, raising large crops, And wo presume that, they have and still render due prutao to the Giver of all good things. If thoy haven't and don't, thoy ought to bo ashamed of thumsolvoB, otherwise Lebanon county will have to bo ashumod of thorn. Daniel Krolder, wo are told, was a wonderful workur. Whether ho said to hlniHolf: "My Father worketh hitherto, and 1 work"; or whether ho so worked because tho moro work tho more dollars ajiead, or whether It was to provide for his family, wo know- not, nor does It matter. Sonio work faster than the Father, sonio slower, aomo against Him. but the happiest. employ Is to work with Him. Daniel having two sons as preachers would suggest that he worked with, Daniel Kreider and his wile were memliers of the United Brethren chuvSh., but, thoy took Issue with those United Brethren who took qver the Academy at Annville. and fol- of

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  • Kreider Family History: 26 Jun 1919; columes 1 & 2

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