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AGRICULTURAL The Farm Work-Shop Factory-Home School Church.. Br Dan'l Dennett. valuable statistics. Our fiiend Schlatre, of Enterprise Plantation, has taken much trouble in compiling a series of valuable facts and figures in regard to sugar culture and sogar making, which we take great pleasure in publishing below. As Mr. Schlatre is one of our most practical, matter of fact planter?, who hunts diligently for the truth, and will not knowingly publish anything but the tiuth, and as he is a planter of most excellent common sense and sound judgment, there are but few persons who take any interest in sugar culture that will not rind it profitable to cut his article out and preserve it for future reference: Plaqckmixe Post Office, ? Parish of Iberville, La., Sept. 25, 1877. S Friend Den nett Receiving letters from persons cultivating canes, asking questions too nnmerouB to answer by letters, 1 have at great trouble taken the pains to make a statement of expenses and profits in cultivating canes. "These figures are as correct as possible. Wages at $1 25 for men, canes at $20 the acre for seed, and supposing 10 tons to the hogshead and 20 tons to the acre for good plant canes. Some years it requires more than 10 tons for a hogshead and some years lees. Last year it took 8Vt this year it will require at least 12 tons, probably 15 tons I have seen it take IS tens. 1 These figures are of the greatest nee to both small planters and manufacturers. If the manufacturer has a steam ( train and vacuum and centrifugals the profits will be greater. This statement should have been made long ago but I have been so busy preparing for sugar-making that I could command only the nights to make the necessary calculations, which I did, after consulting experienced managers. Hope this will satisfy all inquiries. If possible, all these art icles should appear on one sheet for a reference. If you see proper to publish them please send me a couple copies, for the calculations have coss me a great deal of time and trouble. Yours truly, M. Schlatrz. COST OF LABOR Required to plant and cultivate 50 acres of cane, ready laid by, supposing the land ready in pea vines : Canes necessary to plant 50 acres, at $20 the acre $1,000 00 Fulling in pea vines in middles, at ti 10 the acre 55 00 To plow and cover pea vines 50 00 To bed back and fluke out alter opening furrows 90 00 To labor hauling canes for 50 acres, 8 men, 5 days CO 00 To getting canes out of windrow, 4 men. 6 days... 23 00 Cane droppers' wages, for 50 acres, at 75 cents the acre 37 50 Cane carriers' wastes, for 60 acres, at 5 cents the acre 23 00 To cut and straighten in furrows.. 10 o Covering cane with single plow 12 50 Going over with hoes after the plow to cover all lett uncovered by the plow 12 50 Opening drains after planting 12 50 Value of cane and labor for planting 50 acres $1,300 00 HxpenseB for labor for cultivating so acres : First plowing $50 00 First hoeing 61 50 Running cultivators twice... 50 00 Last three plowings and fluking 200 00 Clearing out drains after last plowing 37 60 Last two boeings. well done. 125 00 For clearing leading ditches, per acre 60 cents 30 00 Keeping ditches in order 12 60 Total cost of labor for cultivating 50 acres of cane.- $567 50 Cost of cane, planting and cultivating the tame, so acres $1,957 SO Mule hire and feed for same for hauling seed cane and cultivating 50 acres 456 00 Total cost of seed cane, labor and hire of mules fer so acres of cane $2,413 50 Value per acre of cane, cost to the planter, standing ready for the mill $48 27 COST OF TAKING OFF ONE HUNDRED HOGSHEADS OF SUGAR, supposing the 60 acres of plant canes will make that much. 50 hands will do the work In 12 days, wages at $1 25 per day each .' $750 00 50 hands, watches at night, 50 cents each for 12 nights..... 300 00 5 barrels lime 10 00 25 gallons cotJ oil, 25 cents per gallon 6 25 8 gallons lard oil H 00 300 pounds sulphur, 5 cents is CO Sugar maker's bill, $1 50 per hhd 150 00 Engineer's bill for half a month.... 50 00 Fuel. 350 cords of wood at $2 700 00 100 empty hogsheads, $3 25 325 (10 150 empty barrels, $1 50... . 225 00 5 4-mule carts, per day each $3 25 : for 12 days, and feed for animals 156 00 2 bagasse carts, $1 50 each, with hire of 4 mules and feed for same for 12 days 36 00 Total amount expenses to take the canes from the field and convert . their juices into sugar ..$2,731 25 Incidental expenses 250 00 $2,981 25 Say, in round numbers 3.000 00 expenses for manufacturing 100 hogsheads of sugar, or $30 the hogshead, which, added to the cost of the canes ready for the mill, 48 27 $78 37 cost of cultivating one acre of cane and manufacturing one hogshead of sugar. "FIELD OF FIFTY ACRES OF CASES TH STGAR AND MOLASSES. 100 hhds. of sugar at 8 cents, 1100 lbs. to the hhds., 8 cents ( 8,800 00 150 bbls. molasses at $18 per bbl.... 2,700 00 Cistern bottoms 30000 $11,800 00 Expenses of cultivation and manufacturing 5,413 50 Profits on the sugar and molasses net $6,386 66 If the sugar and molasses bring $11,800 in market, and the manufacturer agrees with the cultivator to give him one-half, then the cultivator will get one-half ot $n,800- $5900 $2456 cost of plantingand cultivation $3444 for his 50 aeres of canes taken olf on halves. If sold by the ton the cultivator will get either $17H9 if he is to deliver it at the sugar-house, or $2544 if the manufacturer takes it out of his field. The value of the sugar and mo- lasses is. net.... $6,386 50 Gross value in market $11, 800 00 One-half of which is for the manufacturer 5,000 00 His expenses in manufacturing.. 3,000 00 Net profits to manufacturer $2,900 00 YIELD OF FIFTY ACRES OF CASE (PLANTS .) If the producer sells his cane by the ton, the price ror which is generally $5 the ton, and an acre of good canes will give 20 tons, than his fifty acres will yield 1000 tons at $5 . $5,000 00 Deduct cost of planting and cultivation $2,456 00 Cost of delivery if the producer delivers 755 00 $3,211 00 Total expenses to cultivator.. $3,211 00 $1,789 00 If the manufacturer bears the expenses to so gar-house, add 755 01 Then the producer will have this showing for his canes delivered in the field $2,544 ot' Bf 8chlatre Enterprise plantation, Iberville pariah, La.

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