Leap Year: "Girls take over Aurora in hunt for bachelors"

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Leap Year: "Girls take over Aurora in hunt for bachelors" - Girls Take Over Aurora In Hunt For Bachelors...
Girls Take Over Aurora In Hunt For Bachelors there wouldn't be enough bachelors bachelors out on Sunday to make their day a success. So they trot the city council to move the big day up to Feb. 27. Aurora's girls started observing f fines So many of grabbed husbands or levied on bachelor - minded boy *»» year that thej ' decid- Aurora, HI—<U.R>—The girls took over the city today in a. Leap Year day manhunt for at least 300 bachelors. bachelors. A police force of 50 glamour girls, who would prefer to be housewives, began arresting unmarried males Zlt 6 &• DO. £LQCL C£U*t<lIl£ tildn Off to the police station. The males were held in the bullpen until they got hearing before a police magistrate,, . t .. .. . , , -.. . who was an unmarried girl willing to ed to contmue Qle SP^ 31 ladies da y accept marriage proposals. To get out of jail the accused had to pay fines—such as a piar of nylon stockings, stockings, or a wrist watch, or a portable radio. The usual charge was "loitering on the road to matrimony." The girls were having- their fun in a revival of Aurora's Leap Tear day, the first in eight years. The event was moved ahead two days this year because because Feb. 29 falls on Sunday. During Leap Year day, Aurora's unmarried young ladies hold all the important city offices. Any bachelor bachelor is subject to arrest on sight. The police force this morning arrested arrested more than 100 young men, who couldn't produce a marriage certificate Within two hours after the police court opened, 93 bachelors had been fined. In squad cars the female police force roamed the streets of this city of 47,000 persons. One squad guarded guarded the railroad station to see that no bachelors fled from the city. The temporary chief of police said It was easy to spot a bachelor on the street "We just arrest the ones who look nappy," she said. The policewomen wore dark dart* with regular'police uniform uniform coats and police cap*. They carried UVy clubs. And they were armed with a list of 300 "public enemies"—men who are eligible for marriage. Policewomen went into offices and homes and seized some of those on the lisW Others were trapped In the street, IB restaurants and even in barbershops where they had sought to hide out One man was caught In a turMsh bath. As the ladles opened the city's official official business this morning they strung clothes lines through the city hall and hung up stockings, slips and lingerie. Panties, slips and stockings flapped In the breeze on the at? ban. The ruls took over the city administration — including the police force — today because Leap Tear day falls on Sunday this year. The glrb were afraid I every four years. But they didn't I hold Leap Year day in 1944 because | of the war. I "There wei-en 1 * enough men around to make it worthwhile," a spokeswoman for the girls said There isn't much a poor male can do once he is arrested, be(Continued be(Continued on Page Nine) AURORA Two housewives, Mrs. Archie Menor of Dante and Mrs. John Henline of Mitchell, will be awarded U. S. Savings bonds by The Daily Republic for their answers to the question: "Can a family of four (parents and two children) live on $40 a week in South Dakota?" First prize In the contest, a $50 bond, maturity value, was won by Mrs. Menor. Second prize, a $25 BRCSHING UP FOB ELECTION DAT — Members of Rome* mounted police force charge stuffed dummies as they brush up on saber drill—in preparation for the Italian national election day. Anticipating Anticipating trouble from Communists, police will use such tactics to disperse trouble-making crowds. They'll wield long rubber nightsticks nightsticks instead of sabers. (NBA) Dante And Mitchell Housewives Win Bonds For Letters bond, maturity value, was won by ,hair. A few neighbor kids get hair cuts and pay me a few cents. I save that and get my hair fixed once a year or so. I fix my own hair the rest of the time. I sew lots of clothes for the children children and myself. Our oldest boy never had a jacket bought. I've always always made them. Or someone gives something that fits. And we are not too proud to wear it. We buy the boys overalls for school, also shoes and overshoes. They wear lots of patches, patch over patch, just

Clipped from
  1. The Daily Republic,
  2. 27 Feb 1948, Fri,
  3. Page 1

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  • Leap Year: "Girls take over Aurora in hunt for bachelors"

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