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Robert Dorough
THE AMARILLO DAILY NEWS, AMARILLO. TEXAS · ISong Writers 'Going to Town' ivv/jiuiuj i _ 7... _ . / ni · For Skv-Bustinq Plainsmen Competition ' 3 Teacher stuck his neck out yes-. ~rday in giving the assignment for; with that as a July 17. (3- ^^ le5SOn of ^^ wriling The ; together: 35 "Come on. prop, '"Hear them coming, bombs a com- j ing, ; I Like sixty giant birds in. tmxe there. ; When thev call for Texas Aces," Moody Date b "; They're gonna find this squadron! ir jj,*: hard to stop. Hi t^cTvou via^understand, jEv-ry time they hear those motors | You "can not '" *"* "* Squadron Hy: be cancelled.; absent yesterday or oil a? ere; the- ireeour nation in the .Air.- = We'll dig in and shove f or the | We're on our way you little yellow ? Y owed he'd make counter we love. j *»y. ... j Pouring from his blazing guns. Our young wings are strong and! ,,. Clfo TMf . m ,, Until the dirty lot fell dead. well keep'em above i "Roll out "Texas Plainsmen -- ; you bet your shortage ·· squadron we are studying about *s:-we v e ^0-U^cl» Sairue! all *he way · We'll put the Japs on the run. ; we v e there | tion j. stations in that; to ** Composed of 60 Panhandle; w C e ^,,." ^ ork ^ ea Ch other'Holl out /Texas Plainsmen-- jsky-Busters »-* -»~* -boys, orgaaaed as a BOSS of Sa-ry- a 4 God. » We'll make-um think hell nas come. H,^;^ 'he said they^re still irx-ing to on.y M pe- ce-- ; Aviation fighters. The sosss you; We v e everv .^ brave ^ true to! Come all ye -Plainsmen;'-- j Wel , bust all ^^ supply of gasoiine. is - udeills are sending in will he; the Red, White and Blue. ! Come -oldJ^ d joung ^yery^man^ I And dump them in the" | ^^ ^^ ! stick to ·--bombs a hum-! Ieni ° t ^ jmore of ^ I write them so -» tip. Y«W 07- ^-v-ir* w !»»» an-i w* ciTM' J-neyii nesG iui uui«^ uii«^. -.--· . - -- - - - -- as June 3Q 19i g ^g a ,,,,_,* Ine nav J- . ; our spirits are nign, and ^e sing; v !A TJ songs will be turned to system, uie; D . A. Davis, secretary of zne; as we flv, delivered to eachj McLean TJOQS club, submits "I we're eager to fight, and we're Plainsman"; ready to die. issuing its order, | f a r are from Want To Be a well win against any number and adds "I; odds, ; see most of the songs submitted so Each man do more than his bit to girls and women.": the end. Never quit! editor over ai;We're the TSXAS- PLAINSMEN gotten up; NAVY AIR SQUAD!" submit songs which = G. G. Glover of Floydada send? I Grundv, Sacramento, CaL Plains," ive-um chill bumps they hear us sing: Chorus "Come all ye "Tex-ans" Texans is just what it takes, Come on ye "Plainsmen"'-Let's give our country the breaks friends and neighbors-- First New For we want to keep our country for One ' and ° Re fOr A1L " price increase. sales u re^m , 10*, -i want; the extra gaso-i i ^ anc to learn to fly and glide ! I want to go with you away up in j ' V sjnaetK be a Texas "High, high in the air ,, jWeli drp b o m b s on the belief that New Jersey was! treatment inj a process which j ,. This was the; r substi- receiving inten- th- government J * company. last and al. Agents of the A-Iighting by your side- want to take my gun to the rising sun_ Where the enemies of freedom live; I want to bomb Tokyo, Eirohito and Moto I want to give and give and give. Yodle for Chorus n 'T want to be a Texas Plainsman widne- nriorities oni ^^it 'or fh*. construe-' n "We're peace loving people, we! stand for the right. j For our freedom we battle today; j We honor our Mothers, our sweet- j hearts and sisters j And don't like vour debauchery wav. f in j "We're the Navy Air Squadron, we! shoot from the hip J We are robust young men from the j . Plains; j Don't want to stay at home; want jFrcm the wide open spaces, rearing! thera- to visit Rome } to get in the traces, . " j And send Hit Bemto on his pate; Matters not whether sunshine ori ^kv'" Want to fly up the Rhine, just i j^^ ' " " " any old time ! jv LORAIN, tary Harold , jLorain's steaming rolling mills turn land | Miss Reta J. Waiters, 800 Russell\ steel i Street, has a brother "in service to j 550 jwhom she sends all'copies of these j toward · songs as they appear and she thinks; Axis reisn. I Ihe5e young Texans who are form-ja second ""; ing the "Texas Plainsmen'" squadron i "They jare splendid. Her song is entitled | i'-One Dozen Bombers" and. you! are in Secre! guessed it--the tune is "One Dozen I I Roses": 1 fliers who will blast more ships jof the i the-engines map. the A ' y Air Squadron lains. i "Give us one dozen bombers I In the skv we will fight to the end.! Put Texas Plainsmen in to guide them, And send them put acro'ss the sky. The Huns will believe them, When thev receive them; | open a j declared In front As something we are talking of-- j foot There may be junior Plainsmen -lUliiois Kind-a think that there will-- 12,250 There's something about this war i the A son of the Lone Star State; that gets you Our youth will not be still Oh give us one dozen bombers. Put Texas Plainsmen in to guide i mil es jl. Then, them out across th* Secretary through it that' jof the _ _ , , , . , . IVIrs. Pearl Gilmore Walters of j of the pipe, consigned to the South-1 "" at you had had and dissatisfied Drop a A e* bomos here and tnere |«xhey call us 'Sky-Busters.' we're i the same address of her daughter, tri tj2e Want to shave Hiders Up. then j to U g h 3S tjie _ Bison ! above sends "The Plainsmen" song! Ick« give him a clip -- . - . . _ . . . i - . I want to get into his hair. m I want to be a Texas Plainsman company, he said.; Drop a fetf bombs here and there Ickes That roamed o'er the Plains long [to the tune of "The Wild Cowboy"! ago; Here's Tvarning Herr Hitler, and all of your pals. vice president on the stand at that- his organ- i -want to go to Liningrad: We are noc in this war for the a survey to de-j i want to be a yank, drive a. ! show." materials were - - available "makeshift plants." of Oklahoma the Senate, that he --a song typically -Western-: find it the earliest mo- a bill to create a to of synthetic alcohol. Chief Donald j "I'm yankee tank Want to help those Russian lads: Want to shoot: want to yell-Want to cuss and raise hell; Want a pistol and a gun, Want to scratch--want to fight Want to kick and want to bite. i Now that we have the boys quiet- j ed down tor the first half of today's t singing session let's see what the [giri students have turned in. Here's ·one from Mrs. Cora Bielman. 612 jKlimore Street. ArnariUo. that every And put those "Jerries on the run. j Irishman should love for-it is to We give up our saddle, for now we are flying, near Norris, HL, its We give up our jpurs, we are jned dashing and gay: j N. J.. and We give up our homes, under j warned ' future, rationing and that the IV jonna be a Texas Plainsman his| rm gonna go where I need go; ··- " ---: -- -- - -' u - -- ^ · jce sung to the tune ]Leaves of Shamrock": of up our homes, unaer western stars. For we're going calling on Japs, thugs and liars. Chbrns We are the Plainsmen, the Texas Plainsmen, We're from a state you all know -y when its ambas- Rebuffs Envoy July 17 (£)--The of collaboration- received a diplo- Henry-Have, called at had been sched- gale. . | Through the ice and through the | Where I'm needed you will find me I'm as tough as hickory: I'll put the handle in the pan And raise a lot of sand And march to victory!" Guess Students Davis of McLean and Hawn of Silverton shamed the other men song writers for the boys came through today with neat the ily they fly; y the Atlantic Ocean; they fly the Pacific, too-- * j They are fighting for our freedom! We for me and for vou. j . They are fighting:*to rid this world! You kee ^ a-busing, we ^ kee P em burners. 5 nS to Where we go a-calling we leave jpipe bombs a-failing. · (help relieve the We are the Plainsmen, from the phasized--it cars now and oo Lone Star State. rc We give up our boots, hats, rodeos and of the Mips and Nazi pests. And the boys of the Plains of Texas are boys of. the best. Chorus "Brave boys of the Plains of Texas Brave boys of the Western Hemisphere. We know you are brave boys and in the mail. Welles, suddenly was-j C. C. Whelan of the Milner Hotel ArnariUo submits "The Plane hi sbusiness with papers and good songs". There wasn't ?° u ^ no actual fear. a single apple for teacher, though, We a11 '^ ^gbt behind you And doing our bit at home: Mothers, dads and sisters, too Work our fingers to the bone. We will help from sun to sun flying-. For we are the Plainsmen, from the Big Star State. m Oh, Friends, say a prayer as we leave you here, Keep praying and working, keep smiling and gay; Green Plainsmen" and advises he is now department's busy writing the melody. So until ori European af- j the tune has been completed let's J place the tenors outside, the bass to to | the front and let the sopranos and by Vichy to | altos lead off with: matters--his govern-! Well keep our^funs smokin'. you keep workin' not talkin' For we are the Plainsmen, we're leaving today!" In all and every way-For we know you boys, like the rest of us Love the good old U.S.A." Mrs. J. M. Nix, Box 385, Sunray, * She doed it" eron, 712 Kokomo Street. Plainview Seven fruit the Santa derailed and afternoon Miami. j No one reports. Cause known, Sallie Marie Dam-icials Texas, says she had been reading I Amarfflo. A so much about our singing, classes j ' A she decided to try her- hand at a j freight London/and Chief of song for the Plainsmen;' so while "washing dishes I 'doed it'. And -I take this opportunity to i ( wdsh the boys the best of luck andj teacher i God bless them" she adds as wesof_ the and it: sing her "The Song of the Plains- j published warn- For ^ mean, to get those sneaking States against Japs: British to seize 0 rj We "'s^ove all their cannon down French warships ac thei f throats: j them to sleep in their own! " entirely surprised turned out just fine, so if the boys men" to the tune of "Home on of the class will cut out their talk- Range": . bank j others, also brought ing we will all sing: . - . _ - . . _ . . . . "Oh give us a plane, let us fly once j _ again . ! NEVER TOO OLD are leaving the plains, on a By the light of the glittering stars. stream-line train · JAS we fly o'er the-land, you'will I O f 39 Babe Herman. Hollywood! ] our duty in Navy now calls; I know by our brand i first baseman and that weiies nac. can-; ~ ~ v '" i ~» i^-\, - * ~ * i xmu«, uj uwu. k/i.o.iiu -iuat, utLseuia.u is-uu luriner National; tnat iJie Henrv-Haye i I n the Deepest hole in all the seas |Oh give us our wings and a rifle j we're Texas Plainsmen from the with a smile j Wel1 bu ^ f ^ ese would-be Hitlerees. j TM t f ngs - - , land of ours, · i league at bat. * erally anticipated enurelv surorised." t . a e t ^ ie S P°'' we "^ raise a j ^ ' - -. xisia . CHORUS ' Slowness of th w e s t e r n 0 two attention when, as in i L I ) rmtllffiY V/11 %/· M u l l l l U A fue. Today I Pearl Harbor. Lidice arent forgot, ; Such acts as these make our blood run hot. Chorns: Well put our arms around you. Red . battle thats won, and eachl sun of ° f so pa. to ffichimge so - the world ^ ^ orla free. ^ e " re P roui of our name - and were out for big game the Eliwood Church, will of- set of Means peace, freedom and victory 1 for you. | 11 ! "Goodbye mothers and dads, sweet-1 the memory of j ± G ££TM^ tnat found you ' for " We Agoing to miss you the same; I** we * far ° ver the sea - an( j:And when we are gone, voull bei^" ou ^^ ^ no '^ b ? our brand, we I singing this song * j will fight for our land sever ouri Heroes ? f Panhandle Plains. | For what's right and for our liberty, fealty. ! HI ' . \ I "Oh how our hearts yearn and! CHORUS n -Hurrah for Texas, the Lone 7 return {"Home, home, that we love; I To you for freedom and fame; j Well return to you some sweet day:! well be carrying j when we're through with the foe, i lEvery Plainsman will know Panhandle Plains." We've been blessed by the Great! One above." I Church. |To show Hiro-Kitle^ by his wife, three; worst.- " * ""i Teacher told you yesterday when! Mrs. J. B. Gamer and; We're peaceful men and like fa 1 r'' we published "-Salute to TM~"'--\ A. L, Storrs. Amarillo. andj play " J T i--XG*O* *xii\j v » » v ; » · Aiiii; l*iVA JVLI11£ OI TPS/*P AT IT" i ^ T a I ou-OLJiViyii rti iilC ^wliU 1X1V HPPTT i^? ' - · » - ·»» » «-* ·»! ' Doc Hathcox, Durant,! blood spil ea ce our .ue;^ ^ ^^^^ n^nea^s compos^on fr o m Yankee Dooole Yantis.iWe salute our flae for what it' wa 7 stimulate interest it will give r° s ^ me . P°P" Iar ^J 5 - i f ow ^;' stands; ^ j me unspeakable pleasure" |you sing it and _to what tune ou be in Llano Cemetery, i Liberty, justice in all the lands "Best of luck to the 'First Naw!^ 111 a11 get ner ldea ' b y tne w ° rds ' iSoon it will wave in the sea-bom ^QU'adron of the Plams'-may thev' T h e Texas Plainmen roared to THAN HARM [ breeze ;be first in everything" is the wish' town harm is done to crops; O'er the isle noted for cherrv trees ! ° f Mrs - w - W. Hughes Box 43 | Atop ^ buckin ? flivver, The good they do i We Ye men of few words arid easv i Skellytown, Texas, as she sends her i His countr y and freedom from insect · - " · ' - - J : -- -- 'TMj: --* "-«-- .exas- by Miss Sadie Britain _ of i larid street. Amarillo, sends us herj insect pests and cut; drawl I v...,..,. .^..*., j. *_.A.VJ, ao ^iic; ociiuo ilci | song -What a Navy" to the tune oli Tne Gictators to deliver. 1606 been successful. A BEEN" SPANISH j Robert Dorough. S07 Ind. St..:^" a 'T four months ago: of Ferdinand de j Plainview, Texas, sends words and i to a catchy song en titled 1 "There's a Navy, what a Navy havp, been discovered i "The Texas Plainsman Navy Air'Only Panhandle Aces seen there instead of English-!Squad Hymn." The music is as as a college pep song so There's never any gloom there. For there's always a Navy tune And by-gum I wrote 'er. CHORUS "Oh ho. here we come With a ripping, roaring slam; You lousy Wops-, Nips and gory Hun S A Y (above) reporters seek governorship.

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