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4»JI Hit a tba K. the ha* by by ire thl* but In her ot th* a city Lin. • 10. a * t. ana to C * to oa COLLEGE PLACES MANY TEACHERS Mora Than Hall of Class Ha* Been Placed in School* ot Kansas, Other States. to or it be as of as in Emporia, Kan. June 18.— One hundred Bixty membors of the 11)27 graduating class of Emporia Teach ers college have secured teaching positions to dato In Kansas and other western and middle western states thronfeh the efforts of the appointment buernu which Is main- talnnd by the college. One hundred- slxty-slx holders of degrees and 112 holders of life certificates compose the 1027 class. Thoso who have securod post tlons, the cities In which they aro to teach, and their positions follow: follow: Miss Nell Nlncehelser, Onka- loosa, commerce, Columbus; Miss Lois Bowers, Herlngton, rural school, Elmo; Miss Dorothy Shanton, Shanton, Kensington, music supervisor, Courtland; Paul Blockard, Paola, science, Ellsworth! Miss Alice Sinclair, Sinclair, fourth grade, Newton; Miss Leora Cash, Florence, fourth grade, Halstead; Mtss Geneva Danford, Wlntlold, klndorgarten, Neodcsha. Miss Metolla Williams, Wlntlold, cataloger with Stato Library Commission, Commission, Blsmark, North Dakota; Miss Mabel McConnell, Cherryvalo, commerce, Harley, New Mexico; Miss Dorothy Lauver, Ninkerson, fifth and sixth grades, Hutchinson; Miss Clarice Case, Marlon, physical education, Abilene; Miss Kuth Zimmerman, Osborne, Junior blgh sohool English, Pratt Miss Laura Schafer, Blue Rapids, fourth grade, Hutchinson; Charles A Dlmon, Clay Center, science and mathematics, Strawn; Miss Margaret Margaret Keller, 'Emporia, art, Pratt; O. E. Shoemaker, Chanute, superintendent, superintendent, Rock Creek; Edgar McRill, McRill, science and mathematics, Satanta; Satanta; Miss Hulda Hego, primary, Sallna; Gottlieb Richmond, Alma, athletics, Marion. Miss Minnie Miller, modern Ian guages, Southwestern college; Miss Sue Townsend, French and Spanish, Spanish, Great Bend; Hits Margery Beach, Chanute, commerce, Eskridge; Eskridge; Miss Sophia King, Ooff, fifth and sixth grades, Williamsburg; Williamsburg; Miss Helen Converse, Kinsley, Kinsley, Spanish and English, Bloom; Roy Lane, El Dorado, physical education, education, Tulsa; Miss Martha Tonkin, Howard, primary, Blue Rapids. Miss Julia Farrar, public speech and English, Parsons; Miss Margaret Margaret Donley, Oxford, primary orl- tic. Silver City, New Mexico; Mr*. Annabelle Steele, Iola, commerce, Pleasanton; Archie Asher, St. John, manual arts, Denlson; A. B. Koch, coach; Burlington; Mis* Perle iPoort, Topeka, kindergarten, Sa­ llna; Mr*. Barton Webb, Emporia, first and second grade*, Burdette. Mis* Dessa Jane Bush, primary, Ellsworth; Mis* Nora Frans, Emporia, Emporia, English and Speech, Paola; Miss Mabel Albln, Emporia, rural sohool, Emporia; -Miss Esther Matthews, Matthews, Euroka, music, Eureka; Miss Mabelle KlrkpatNck, Eureka, music, Tulsa; Miss Nolle Balrd, Le Roy, physical education, Ottawa; Misa Haiel Stanley, home economic*, economic*, WInriold;>Mlss Edna Lawrence, Lawrence, intermediate grades, Winfield. Winfield. Mis* Gladys Wiggins, Carlyle, primary, Tulsa; William Black, superintendent, superintendent, Union town;' Mis* Olive Harner, Fowler, junior high school history and English, Pratt; Mis* Velma Brewer, Arkansas City, first grade, Pratt; Leward Fish, Emporia, mathematics, Peabody; Edwin Schrag, Moundrldge, science, science, Wellington; Miss Lucille Ludlng, Augusta, third grade,.Augusta; grade,.Augusta; Miss Helen Bergston, Clebern, Clebern, second grade, Manhattan. Harry. Hankins, Emporia, superintendent, superintendent, Matfleld Green; Mrs. Zeta Hankins, Emporia, English,f Matfleld Oreon; Miss Clara Snyder, commerce, Herlngton; Miss Amanda Amanda Dikeraan, Preston, art, Junction City; MlS3 Pauline Shockey, library, library, Wellington; Miss Clara Swalander,. Canton, fourth grade, Manhattan; Clarence Miller, Le Roy, principal of Junior high school, Hols.lngton, Miss Martha Buller, Buhler, rural school, Inman Mia* Zenobla Alcott Ohanute, physical education, Hutch ln*qn: .M{*i Virginia Miller, Kaiv sas City, primary, Watervllle'; Mln: Gertrude Spring, Mulvane, primary Maple City; Carrol Noel, Harper English and Spanish, Scott City: Barton Webb, Cull loon, manu.i arts, Burdette. Mia* Florence FitiStmmona, Cunningham, Cunningham, physical education, Groensburg; Miss Lois Mosley, Le Roy,: Latin and English, Greensburg; Greensburg; Mis* Helen Johnson, Great Bend, English, Wlntleld, H. H. Brown, superintendent, Peabody; Howard Lone, superintendent, Highland; Miss Margaret Stous, HavenBville, primary, Havensville; Mil* Mattiporl Gartmel, Emporia, Intermediate, Topeka; Miss Bernice Bernice 8cott, Greenlenf, second grade, Frankfort. Glenn Undahl, Agenda, superintendent, superintendent, Munden; Miss Charlyne Hawk, primary, Pratt; Miss Mae Kllpatrick, Wichita, commerce, Mulvane; Miss Clara Morris, Yates Center, music, Groensburg; Miss -Birdie Garrison, fifth grade, Argonla; Mis* Louise Meyer*, Bell* Plains, intermediate, Morton; Miss .-Mildred De Witt, Arkansas CltyT primary, Norton. Mis* Bernlce Brush, Newton, kindergarten, kindergarten, Newton; Miss Imogene Tollver, Abilene, kindergarten, Wellington; Wellington; Mis* Rose Hammond, primary, primary, Junction City; Miss Marguerite Marguerite Po/clval, third grade, Plain*; Mis* Ooldio llolloway, Chanute, kindergarten, Lamed; Misa Louise Becker, Lorraine, fifth and sixth grade*, Lorraine; Mis* Mary Baxter, primary, Preston. Mil* Jessie Losy, grade, Hole); Mis* Vera Stadge, Harveyvllle, fifth'and «U'th grades, Allen: Hershel Hershel Kannler, Medicine Lodge, superintendent, Scaudla; Miss Cora Jones,-departmental, Kansaa City; Harry Crockett, coach, Great Band; Dale Stout, Emporia, Science, Pagbodyt. Miss Mildred Ferrtioa, Wichita, English, Norcttur; MUi Zana Madden, commerce, Pratt. Mtss Ruby Babcock, Wellington, city library, Junction City; Miss Margaret Gardner, Hartford, home economics, Reeco Miss Marie Colburn, Colburn, Emporia, music, Elmdalo; Miss Meryl Horn, Miltonrale, math, ematlcs and science, Scandia; Mill Beulnh Stevenson, Plymouth, third Seneca. Miss Josephine Cole, Wetmore, fifth,grado, Atchison Miss Cecelia Watson, Osage City, English and mathematics, Parkerville Miss Freda Hume, Humboldt, English, Reading Miss Gwendolyn Olerson, Wichita, second grade, Atchison I Gwynno Egbert, Cimarron, principal principal Junior high school, Paola; Earl Taylor, Lawrence, mathematics and science, Hutchinson; Miss Catherine Catherine ' 8eruggs, Klncald, commerce, Sit both*! Miss Bessie Snyder, Logan, Logan, commerce, Manhattan. Miss Norma Dlven, Cherryvale, first, Cherryvalo; Miss Lorah Mc Cune, Chanute, Douglas; Paul Daunor, Emporia, principal Junior high school, Frodonla; Miss Helen Forbos, Cherryvale, mathematics, Douglas; Miss Ruth Miller, social science, Clafliri; Howard Smothers, manual arts, agriculture, Agenda; Arleigh Burton, Haddam, superintendent, superintendent, Parksvllle; Miss Grayce Holderncss, Macksvllle, Intermediate, Intermediate, Lawrence. Miss Opal Volght, Almena, grados, Richmond; Miss Mary Browning, commerce, Wakeeney Miss Florence Cortwrlght, Baldwin, third and fourth grades, Garnetl; Miss Ruth L. TrRcy, rural school, Wellington; Carl Westln, Courtland, Courtland, manual arts, Topeka; Miss Ferno Elyea, Jewell, music, Admire; Admire; Miss Frieda Orossardt, Claf- lln, grades, Hutchinson; Miss Mabel Mabel Burns, English, Miller. Arthur Regnler, Spearvillo, coach, Hugoton; Miss Hazel Curtis, Ashland, commerce, Harveyvllle; Miss Myrlle Fonner, Jewell, history, history, McLough; Mis* Wilma Hartley, Hartley, grades, Beverly; Miss May Clark, Neodesha, primary, Winfield; Winfield; Miss Vera Flynn, Galena, music, Altoona; Miss Glennls Smith, Halstead, second and third grados, Hartford. Miss Lucille Dauner, Emporia, h me economics, Raymond; Miss Hazel Schulti, Emporia, school for girls, Beloit; Miss Lillian Anderson, Anderson, Conway Springs, fourth, Conway Conway Springs; Miss Mildred Cobb, Burlington, music,-Neosho Rapids; Miss Margorie Morgan, Valley Center, Center, fifth and sixth grades, Malse; Miss Minnie Meyer, English, Osborne; Osborne; Miss Arvilla. Caldwell, •Moundrldge, primary, Galena; Miss Viva Runyan, grade*, Overbrook. -Miss Velmab. Heaton, music, Hiawatha; Hiawatha; Miss Anna Colyer, Emporia, Emporia, grade principal, Manhattan; Miss Geneva Norrls, Lebo, intermediate, intermediate, Topeka; Miss Ruth Bird, home economics, Miller; Miss Sarah Loomls, Eskrldge, Spanish and English, Colony; Clarence Franklin, Huron, coach, Eskrldge; Miss Robinson, home economics, Ekrdlge; Miss Maurlne Karr, Conway Conway Springs, English and Latin, Newton; Mtss Louise Val Bracht, Atchison, French, Winfleld. Miss Mlna Hadorn, Hotne, grades, Lawrence; Miss Dorothy Loughmiller, Loughmiller, Onaga, primary, Lawrence; Miss Joyce Johnson, Hiawatha, Intermediate, Intermediate, Lawrence;- Miss Edna Dodds, Lincoln, primary, Hartford; Miss Velma Hlnse, Emporia, primary, primary, Hutchinson; Mis* Valma Hlnze, Emporia, primary, Arkansas Arkansas City; Miss Ruth Darby,' grades, Oreenleaf; Mlse Myrtle Ring, Canton, Canton, junior blgh school principal, Lyons; Joe Weber, coacb, Newton, Mrs. Hersbel Kannler, Medicine Lodge, primary, Scandia; Miss Opal Baits, English, Lyons; Homer Stephens, Emporia, general science, science, Eskrldgb; Miss Opal Waiters, Waiters, Vermillion, primary, Verrall-.| Hon; Vernon Goldsmith, Topeka, Junior high school, Topeka; Miss Irene Falrchlld, Wellsvllle, physical education, Wellsvllle. Picked Up Around Town Dan Welchon drove, to Inman yesterday on business. Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Armour drove to Wichita today on business. G. L. Spankenberger drove to Wakeeney today on business. Judge Charles Pulton *ent to Wichita today on legal business. Miss Myrtle Uhl of Darlow was In Hutchinson today on business. Miss Helen Haines of Havon was a Hutchinson shopper this morning. John Cruth »nd family have moved to the residence at 52U Ave. C east. Lawrence Strlckler of Nickerson Nickerson was a Hutchinson business visitor visitor today. Mr. and Mrs. A. Cavantbs of luu Chomieal atreet announce the blrtu ot a son, June 17. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Curry ot 1H« East Carpenter street announce the blrtb ot a son, June 14. Mrs. F. B. Schrader ot 221 South Clevoland atreet who underwent a major operation at Grace hospital Is Improving nicely. Miss Iva Haines who underwent an appendicitis operation several days ago at the St. Elizabeth hospital hospital is roportod as doing nicely. Miss Marie Brink, her mother, Mrs. H. R. Brink and brother, Harry Brink, will go to Wichita this evening to spend tomorrow visiting relatives. Oscar W. Hartman, of Pomona, Calif., is here visiting Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Cllne, ot 716 North Plum Street, and other relatives. Mr. Hartman was formerly proprietor of tho Silver Moon cafe years ago where tho Rorabaugh-Wiley building building now stands, before going to California to make his homo. Mrs. Hartmsn and daughter, Frances, will come later. BERLIN, GEOGRAPHICALLY, IS WORLD'S LARGEST CITY Berlin, June 18.—(AP)—Berlin covers more ground than any city in the world and its population Is exceeded only by that of New York and of London. According to the somewhat heterogeneous statistics published by tbe Berlin Statistical Buroau, the city has 8,000 streets with Ui bridges, and 90,000 buildings buildings with 1,500,000 apartments, besides besides £1,870 acres of forests. The population numbers 38,000 Infants under one year. There are 51% more women than men. Of the city's Inhabitants, 3,000,000 are Protestants, 400,000 Catholics, and 172,000 Jews. Approximately 2,200,000 2,200,000 person* have employment of some kind or another, and every year more than 33,000 marrlagos are contracted. ' Spaed, Comfort, Safety Crocker's Limousine Phone MO ot of In by philosophical of Beauty, with all it* fascination, is only akin deep. what lies beneath the aurfaca by merely looking coating? Tha true velua of a tira is gauged by its length of MOHAWK laada tba field. Lola of tire* are mora pleasing to few a* pleasing to tba pocketbook. It will pay you to drop in the next time your trouble. HOCKADAY'S TOURISTS' HEADQUARTERS Phone 57 P. O.

Clipped from
  1. The Hutchinson News,
  2. 18 Jun 1927, Sat,
  3. Page 13

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