NYT 27 june 1897 McK boy finds head floating in box Pg 1 column 3

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NYT 27 june 1897 McK boy finds head floating in box Pg 1 column 3 - a for- dlasat-Ufactlon. Cltl- Ols- kttnlfl- It...
a for- dlasat-Ufactlon. Cltl- Ols- kttnlfl- It Oli- L or is Dls- : Com- la X a I A it as an V. the ab a up of article the of for He working-men, the an sev are ma uui and general A UYSTERY OF THE BIYER Threfl Boh Ravine on East Elev- enth Street Dock Make a V Ghastly Find. j . -lAN'S CHEST AND SHOULDERS it wu is-Luy Don. Tjp m oiidotn, Eorlap,! knd Paper May Be a Morder May b a Med- idal 'Student's Joke. A portion! of a man's body, apparently dead but a few hours, was found done up In a neat-lookftig package and floating In the East River Yesterday afternoon. It was the upper part bf the trunk, the cheat, ahoul ders, and arms only. The head and all below the fifth rib had been sawed off. The marks bf the coarse-toothed saw were plainly 'visible on the - flesh, and. In the . t ,, . " I wyimua ox ue Hnysiciaoa wno saw them. I refuted conJlnclifgly the first-advanced the- ory that the remains had been experimented I With by meilcal Students. Anatomical StU- denu cut flish And saw only bone. . The breast had been cut, apparently to I remove Utoblng marks. The extended arms showed -thai the man had been tall and the shouldefs and back muscles were well developed and powerful. The bands were white, soft, land pliable, but not those of a man' who had never worked. From finger tip to finger! tip the measurement was 5 feet 10 Inches. IWhea found the arms were crossed, the) left and right hands being on the right anil left ahoulder and firmly 'tied. Ihree boyto James McKenna of 219 Avenue C. Jobs. MeOuire of- Tl'l F.axt Turlft)i Street, and fcdward Kerlev of 2rt Avenua C playing together on the dock at the foot of itast sieves tn street yesterday afternoon. csw-a uuuaie noatmg nign in tne water. McKenna Bkw it first, and claiming the rle-ht of tijeajure trove stripped off his clothes andl awam after It. It waa nnlv w . away, ana ne soon reacnea it and nuh,l it fA , , k .ul I 5ir :C I Boyi Opa the Package. ' The packige was about 14 by 10 by 8 inches. It as Carefully done up in red oil cloth, the end tightly, turned in and the wnoie tied up with thick cord. Eagerly the boys seised It and unfastened the cord. An other wrapblng of coarse burlap bound round and round with twine confronted mem. inevi cut tne twin, to finri iin an. oLhtr wrapiing of Da ner. ooys amer in Uielr descriptions of the paper. A ckowd had . gathered while they wore opnlhz the Darcel. and lam. mat it was all neisbXRer. whila other. h.. saw sof t brwn paper and manila wrapping paper. All kgree that the papers were dry enough to rfastle. When th. tun., o- off, expoalng to the horrified youngsters the I o-nsariw naian . m i mi . . s wl mcir una, imt orocDeJ it l ana nurned to the street above, shouting i?f,. t lc- By tii. ume they found : ; ai?hp ?f Union Market S2.tnd took him down to the water's might have taXCorded some dues, had floated I ?ohr!ffil' ...... . I r. ri , , o .V.I. . o ' uu x-ouce I atnd t2S i h ?" a ZZ1 people to I aend the round at 2M5 o'clock, .it .i,.n T r - , " .. aiib Dunaie waa i the dook. after-ail .the iMlrhWiuuwi knri ii, aiivruy lllir g O Oiook. -The interior of tha . him.n. signs, of butvinz beaji-irv th wot.. tk. cloth side of the oilcloth was dry, save for (w ui uara-reo. stains, as was the r k .T. '"""""i .uniui reqt witn- fl-nrlnr n.t I lo. . J i . - .M. 9 -miu iwiui Bqusres ana flowering oil gold, is such as can be found in hundred of shoos on the eaat aid. a reporter Toil Th Nnw York Timbi found in a little store at Avenue B and Eleventh Street almost Identically the same nattrn. The storekeeper said It was American oil- cioin, retailing at aoout si.io lor a piece of twelve yard, and was used by the nnnr aa laoiecioms svna oy peaiars as coverings for tneir pacaaj : The Piece I around the cackare waa about four feet . sJquare and new. It was sufficiently bright to be very noticable, but no one aropnd the neighborhood where it' was louna soaung had seen any one carry--liur such a iarreL The ferry to GreenTtolnt. at East Tenth Street. Is the next pier to the Eleventh Street Dock. Edward Verplank cf 157 Franklin Street. Greenpoint who has charge of tie ticket box there, said he was sure no one - carrymg . such a. parcel had passea since ne went on duty at noon. . r. Dear's Opinion. . ' Dr. Dow lof Bellevtie Hospital, who ex amined the! remains when they were taken to the Morfcue, said the flesh looked as .If the body had been dead less than ten hours. He decline! to commit himself positively to that statt-ment until he had made further examination, but said that was his opinion. He said hi was sure the . cutting at the breasts ban , not been . done by medical students. I superintendent Murphy, who has seen many corpses, agreed with Dr. Dow that death had come but a few hours aao. and pointed. In Evidence ot his contention, to the suppleness jor tne linger and arm Joints, to the natural color of the fleah. and the ap pearance of blood still about the places where the knife and saw had cut. . . . Coroner futhlll. who viewed the remains shortly before midnight, said positively that neither a stirgeon nor a student had made tne cuts and gashes to be seen.- Drs. Pora-eroy. Volslkusky, Witeon, Jones and Hoyt, all of the Beilevue staff, agreed with him. and all oft them corroborated Dr. Dow' a diagnosis that the remains had -been oart of a living pan but a few hours before they tri o (uuuui The doctdrs argued that the vital organs would havi been taken away had students handled tht bodv. and tnat had tho man been dead i nany hours the flesh would have lost its-flr nness, the lungs their spongelike appear ince, and the bundle would have sunk. The heart, that was in Its normal place, con ained blood, and . was In good condition. The - polli e were at first . satisfied that there was i o mystery, and that the remains had come from some dissecting room. At the Union Market Station, .at 5 o'clock, the Sergeant li charge said the precinct detectives were Investigating the matter. At 8 o'clock an ( ther Sergeant said Capt. Hogan was hlmse f out on the case, but up to 0 o'clock, neither Capt. Horan nor hla atu. t Ives bad visited the houses of any of the bors who pound the bundle, nor had any policeman Except Mohr questioned them. As iur as ma rwnevue nospitai authorities know, no pbllceman had visited the Unm,. Just befdre midnight, after Coroner Tut-hill had communicated with them, the police cocweti luinidw u. morougn investigation. Capt. Hocbn. with his detectives. Carter McCormuck. Curran. and Cliff ord. whii aim expressingltheir belief that there was noth ing in tne ineory or murder, i,rt the station bouse to work on the case. . The Sergeant on duty at midnight aaid he did not know where thei were going. He said the river Dans nao laireaay oecn . searched without success f os dues. The Coriner was so convinced that the remains wi-re certain evlienee of a crima having ben committed that he went personally to Police Headquarters after leav ing tne union Aiaraet rouce station, and placed thel matter in the hands.of the De-totive Bureau. After th Coroner had rUited Headquarters. Capt. Hogan went to the Morgue and examined the remains. After looking at them carel ullyl'he said he believed the man had been i nurdered. and had thoueht an n along. Hf had pretended to think there was notning in ice case oecause Be thought the detectr-oa could obtain better result if it. was-mane puo.ic tnat tne pouoe nad no suspicions ioi anytning oemg wrong. I

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 27 Jun 1897, Sun,
  3. Page 1

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  • NYT 27 june 1897 McK boy finds head floating in box Pg 1 column 3

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