Normandie 1943

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Normandie 1943 - EDITORIALS-A EDITORIALS-A Ghost Ship Rises in...
EDITORIALS-A EDITORIALS-A Ghost Ship Rises in New York's T HE FIRE-BLASK-BNEO, barnacled h u l k of the Normandie has risen like a wraith from the Tmid and debris o£ its New York pier. The raising of the Normandie to a nearly upright position i.s n grim victory for 700 salvage workers and navy divers. Since fire and water spilled the Normandie Normandie at its berth on Feb. 9, 1942, the navy has thrown all its resources into refloating the Normandie. Normandie. The Japs who claim to have refloated the world's largest graving dock at Singapore a month ago, after it was supposedly wrecked, probably pushed the Normandie salvage job. The righting of the Normandie was less spectacular spectacular than its ruin. For months the 79,280-ton queen of the French merchant fleet has laid like a dead duck at its berth, a disgrace for all who passed to see. The dangerous job o£ stripping this burned ship of superstructure and plugging every submerged porthole lor pumping went on week after week, 24 hours a day. The huge hulk had to be freed of floating wreckage, thousands of Ions of mud and water, and miles of steel cabin partitions which were an obstacle to salvage. Divers working in the muck and blackness down in the bowels of (his ship had to adjust themselves themselves to crazy angles. They walked on walls and ceilings. Once the Normandie is floated and pulled out of its watery tomb, a real investigation should determine how this giant' ship was sabotaged. The loss ot, this great troop carrier two months after Pearl Harbor, when we were losing 1 the Philippines and almost lost Australia, was a stab in the back. The careless way the navy went about converting the Normandie into a troopship, then lost it at its pier, forever discounted American American efficiency in the eyes of every loyal Frenchman. Frenchman. The Normandie - was a dream ship' into which France had invested her money and artistry. artistry. When we seized the Normandie and. through gross carelessness, let it bum up, all America took the blame. The Normandie is now afloat, but with a 43 degree list. It will take another five or six weeks of cleaning bulkheads and pumping to right the derelict completely, so it can be towed out of sight for refitting or salvage. But this dead fish couldn't be left forever at its New York pier. The navy and the New York maritime contractors that bungled the job will never quite live down the onus of the Normandie - disaster. Its ghost has haunted the American war effort too long already.. Look Out Below! Little pigs of the middle west must be breathing easier on learning that Tom Dewey was misquoted about favoring the immediate demise for a lot of them so that eastern cows could more corn, * * * Allocating congressional representatives by total votes in the last election rather than by population might have the effect of bringing suffrage to Negroes in the southern states. * # * A person with even a slight inclination to on the farm shouldn't neglect the argument the average farmer has plenty of food and worrying much about ration points. * t * Among the folks on the homefront who really proving themselves worthy of the boys the fighting front are those women who work countless hours for the Red Cross. * * v One of the chief values of the typical Iowa August is that it gets one in condition to appreciate fall when it rolls around. *.. * * If on occasion you feel you are being too restricted by rationing, talk to somebody who has been in the British isles. * * * Too bad there's no photographic ot Balcony Benny's last meeting with Adolf. It must have been something touching. PROS and CONS Some Interesting Viewpoints Gleaned From Our Exchanges Hollyhocks for Minnesota's Highways Fairmont Sentinel: Some knocking, no enthusiasm, enthusiasm, greets the announcement of the state's plan to pretty up roadsides with hollyhocks. think those who fear they'll become a weed choke out the farmers crops are ghost seers. Personally we think it will take cultivation to hollyhock gardens started and maintained. years ago we saved about a peck of hollyhock seed. We didn't take pains to find out if it against the law or not but we scattered it

Clipped from
  1. The Mason City Globe-Gazette,
  2. 14 Aug 1943, Sat,
  3. Page 4

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