1901 summary of Japan in Formosa

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1901 summary of Japan in Formosa - TIHT coerrt.ri.t- Colonial Government ofCo-Day....
TIHT coerrt.ri.t- Colonial Government ofCo-Day. nwru. lb sttoerrtsiea of .. Jabs K. Flatey. af fl I seat sa tBreHy V.-JAPANCSC RULE IN rORMOSA. ? MrV Erseat W (.'Uaal, W th lllliel CersKy f Japes J VLADIVOSTOK. a y Japan . a ! KONG " -Tti0 fcL i i T Mc s,h.winJ FoKMfHA'g POSITION OFT TIIE TOAST OF AHIA . , - ..? -i..- irmy uf Hhlmono.eki. ; . r ' M to a ljee T ti- war , . i . .1 ' llllia. KirrmOR a ml the . .-.t- I 10 Japan, and upon . 'f-.i HMt) In "flay of that 1 r i f . 1 1 1 v ha nded over by t ha Chl- . J 1 , . t 1 ' i! .- ' fi i t-- In Formosa 10 . !U 1 T"ll altOI'ltVe. ! that T'". h. J 1 1 u 1 1 "- had m urH ..f tne Inland. although : n..ir,iri 1-efnre that i i iimin j I ,r . r.l rsra. Indeed rg- j . 1 '.1 w irf.ire i (orillmied liy ii-i the aborigine, ami! -m i' in iK-i upttl Ion of for- j 1- 1 tniiWhl uivler the command 1 vtm:i k.tayama. the hero of I 1 iilir arxl Prince Kltaslil- . a. f.-ll a vli tlm to disease In that I . r K -iii.i ama waa lha first Mil- i i i ,.1 ...1 I hen military occupa- j y to rlvll government ha le-- : rt ' lov-rnor-Oetieral of lha new j ir' K ilot)ama retired from that I a , - .-i. . eeded hy Viscount Oen- i .-.ti n-i na. recently rmifnni -'.tM., Next ram Baron Oen-I j-.J then H .1 ron tJeneral Koduna. h.VKo.N KUIUMA, . r not in-ral of Formosa. i - M'liluti at present, tocathar I'm) 1- rtfoilo No civilian la ell-'.- nor-Gnrralhlp. -,:.iTv ih. n have praantcU them-Jiiai: In lonnn'tlon with colonial r; in FiirmoM have been both ! i.- ul For a very brief pe- 1:: .ifTalra wm utult-r a separate S at, with a Minister and r '. rolonlxatlun, as well aa TI.Ij!. The two chief poal-; ! t.y Vln ount Takaahlma and k, Uat when administrative k- -1 rvfurm wert tlmarvll thta ab..Iiihel and the Oov-. .ipp.nntwl by the Kmperor nirii--n.Uil..n uf the Cabinet, r.-iulf Jlrectly to the I'abl-: '.- -.uiatiMii at present: Mat- ;. :.n t.. Ihi- army In Formosa ' ::.r Army lrpartmrnt; those "..ir.. .M.me under the KlnAnea ... . l .. uli.itial affairs coma under matters come similarly under the runirul of the appropriate department of atate a AKL.y oirrK-VLTiaa 11 Formosa The first dlfll ult question that ar.ae concerned the status of the 'hlneae reaidenta of Formosa. Article 6 of the Hhlmonoaeki treaty read aa follow: "I he Inhabitant of the trrrllorle ceded to Japan who wish to take up thflr real-den, e ouliii.ie the ceded .llatrU-ts shall te at lltert to sell thelr real property and retire. For thla purpoae a period of two years from the date of en hance of ratifications of the present act shall be (ranted At the esptrntlnn of that period, thoae of the In -habltanla who shall not have left such territories ahall. at the option of Japan, be de-met in be Japanese subjects." The anxiety, however, which was felt with reference to the working of these stlp-ulattons was entirely unfounded: for. by the expiration of the lime limit (May. 1SUT). only a few Chinese had sold out and returned to the mainland, while moot of the othars quletlr and willingly put themselves under Japanese Jurisdiction. Another embarrasslin matter was the opium question, inasmuch as the Importation of opium Into Japan I forbidden, the only apparently consistent course would have been to prohibit the Importation Into Formosa. Tbla waa the policy adopted by tbe Japanese (Jjernment but at the uitw time It was recoffiilxed that It would be Impossible to abolish upliim-smoklna; at once among the thousands of Chinese there Consequently esjt-eptlon was made In the cases of Inveterate smokers, to whom special licensee have tveen (ranted. It 1 expected, however, that the number of these licensed smoker will gradually decrease until the evil 1 practically eradicated from the "beautiful laland." A similar policy waa fallowed with reference to foot-blndlnc. which I not positively prohibited, but Is discouraged a much as possible. did the coMrrrrtTio rot.uow thi rt.AO? One specially Interesting question arose In connection with the forced retirement of the Chief Judge of Formosa Court without spwclfle rva-ona. The Judg hlmseir refused to acknowledge the right of the Oovernor-Oenera! to retire him and fell back on the Japanese constitution. Chapter 5. Article .V. second paragraph, which reads a follows: "No Judge shall be deprived of hi poal-tlon unless by . way of criminal sentence or disciplinary punishment." Then fuHowed for several raon fchs a spirited discussion In the press, and even In the Imperial diet, on the queatlon whether the constitution extended over Formosa. The debate waa carried along on exactly the same linea aa the more recent discussion as to whether tha L'nlted States Constitution extends over the Philippines. In Jap&n It has been finally decided by public and legal opinion that the crown, and not tha constitution. Is paramount In Formosa. ; trnat the constitution Is not. per se. In force, but must be made specially appUoatrf In Formosa. Of course, blunders ware made at first tn the administration of Formosan affairs and a great deal of Incapacity and currupuon manifested th-emselves in official circles. Through political influence, Incapable and M xetsw. Twe fotujwtsg sussaaarr o ( frwaa revaae are: Be w evaataaiton of Iw r ! Istratsee) to a ery Iwtar.stlweT f tegtatsUoa. Its tawsst viwoftiy feavtare a Uta ntenssve srser eted la tha Oe-arxtor-Oetveral. Me fcs to control tbs salutary. sie.vml and rlttl affairs of Uko laland. la tha forwser aplasrenamety. tha ssiiltary sad aarsl. he ta wbje the dtreectost of lha Mlauter. of W ar ana tbe Navy, a well as to last of tfce rttlaf of tbe central ill, tha rhkef af tbe Naval Board of Coax an and la the empire and tha Insvactor Oeoaral of the forces. Bat la tha aocnaUi of rlU affairs ha is virtually autocratic. Ifa atajr rtalagste etvll fancttoas to military 3SsVera: be may suspend or rescind tbe orders tasoed by local Ooeeraors or headmen , be eaay appoint or 4 lamias officials of bannla rank, be nay Inflict disciplinary punishments, and he may laeue ordinances with Oaal provisions up Ut a er'a Imprisonment or a fine of 9a yen. Virtually, the only rest rtctlta Imposed on the exercise of hie civil author liy are that he may not appoint, dismiss or Inflict dls Ipllnary punishmenta on onV li of son In rank and apwrd without obtaining Imperial am.tlon tbrvuajn the Minister President of Biate He may employ anlll-tary fore for tha maintenance of public peace and good order, but In such an event the fait mull be reported, without lose or lime. t the Minister President of stale and to the departments of th army and the tiavy. It is to the Minister President that he has lo look for final supervision In affairs of civil administration, but It will be seen from the above enumeration of bta powere that his rumprirm) greatly ex-. thai of a ,vernor of a Hrltlah crown 1 ..luiif before It has rr'M"l any measure of l.x-al autonomy The Oo.crnment ha a. ted wisely, we think In 'his matter. It will no longer be possible for the ioveroo--"leueral to plead divided authority In extenuation of administrative failures " raosrsx-rs ro riaTHXJt advascsubbtt. This testimony from tha famous Japanese economist and statistician Mr fcVakatani. la supported by the folioaing from tne Japan Times uf January 6. IW1 "According to IJr r.oio. hlef of the civil administration of Formoa. the result of the last three yesrs' administrative effort under the present able Covernor tlenerai. Ha ron Kodama, has been successful beyr.tid sll reasonable exe tations VS hen Hi" Kxcellency first aasumed l ontrol of tha affaire In lha Island colony in Imwsj It was estimated by him that the revenue, which was at that time leas than ytjun.uuo yen per annum, would be Increased to about double that sum by the yesr llsi-J That estimate was regsrded In some quarters as too optimistic, but too optimistic It was not. It being estimated that In the comma fiscal year Hie revenue will amount ov -r H.'UXl.UKJ yen The Formoan authorities now confidently expect that the ordinary Income of the Island will swell to 'Jtl.OUV.uov In the next three or four years, when the Island will financially be entirely Independent of the mother country, even In respect of the military and naval expenses ' The report of the Hank of Formosa, while It calls attention to the fluctuations of silver as a disturbing feature, also gives great encouragement with refsrence to the future of the tslstid When Baron Kodama aume. the Governor tleneraishlt a more d-finiie poin and strict admlnls' ration of affaire began ljcsl self-admlnlet rat ion was encourage. I. particularly by the employment of properly qualified natives In auliordlnatc poltloi. For instance, aa a very striking example. ex-han.lln who had sworn allegiance Were given mall com raits. whi-h were thu car rled out cheaper than before, because when civilian carries, the malls It waa nec essarj for -ach lo be accompanied by a soldier or poiit email for protection egaltiet bandit' It also proved feasible to ue natives In the militia, and even to apjMiint some of the nalurallxeil uh)ect to important posts. a those of oiiincllurs. under the prcfrctoral officer. It was also made s definite policy thai In many cases Formosa should le exempted from the a-neral lawn and ordlnani-es of the empire and that special Imws anil ordinances should be promulgated In consonance with old customs. This policy waa applied especially In connection with the mod ern revised codes, from the application of which Chinese and aborlslnea were exempted. 1-RAl.lN'l WITH BEPKI-l.lofS NATIVES With reference to the rebel. Huron Ko-dama'a policy Is to wage relentless war on bandits, but when once they have submitted he pursues a conciliatory poller I'otinl Kabavama's plan was similar: "8ub-Jngiiie it from one side by force of arms and then confer on the subjugated portion the ADMIRAL KABAYAMA. benefits of civil government." It has also been found advisable to adopt the silver yen as the basis of the currency in Formoss. chiefly because of Its convenience In internal business and the external trade with the adjoining continent of China This course found employment for the one-yen coins, which after the adoption of the gold standard by tbe Japanese ov ernment had been gradually withdrawn from circulation In the empire proper. Whether or not the use of the silver standard In Formosa and the gold standard in ail other portions of the empire will cause serious confusion rein a 1 n a to be seen. It should always be borne In mind that It Is the expressed determination of the Japanese that Formosa must be made "body, soul and spirit." a part of their empire. Whatever mistakes they have made, or may make, that Is their aim. Although their constitution, their codes and other Instruments' of civilisation may not be Immediately applicable In Formosa, they will b put Into effect there as rapidly as conditions will permit. Local sstf-govemment will be extended there. Just as It has been In the territory of Hokaldo or In Okinawa prefecture tthe Loochoo Island! The result of this experiment, the first of Its kind by Japan, will be watched with Interest. The theory of It has been learned by study of occidental methods, but the practical application Is Japanese. THE TO- Wraps. Dress AND The H. 20 TO TTT 1 Headache, DfCUC h -r urnl avnl laln At vtmm a att tu Ad-I li lana tistU tun.r at.rrs tfrwtt pain lh nlfft th Mtatrav Hromo-Pbmi rvllef and ha Ins. aurvrla try th dfaa tha taltwn It bain a; tha acqualni-tntt wlUi. nuuiufi-turara You pirn you All IN COOKING LECTURES. At the newly-opened housekeeping at Ijteriy and afternoon. Miss Rugglrs al demonstration on "A f Avondale i 'uuklnii rt hH.I The nuiuung runu or me t hrUlain Association A foieri morrow afternoon in the Av ondale Presto by cooking lecture CNOA0CMCNT TOR Mrs. Frank Phipps Is Leopold Markbreit in presentation of 'Enoch Odeon on the evening of COLO WHIST BUTTONS. The ladles arranging tournament for the free an order yesterday for will be gold whist of various whist clubs securing their partners. misunderstanding of the circulars as to "open sessions are to be open to whether members of partners wrtl be provided none. Mis M E Thalbelmer. several histories, gavs an

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