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19030901 daily courier Hashiguchi mission - decreased tlie death rate by 75 per cent,'...
decreased tlie death rate by 75 per cent,' schools have been established, eleven hospitals have been built, a railroad across the island is being pushed to completion, nud extensive harbor Improvements Improvements have been begun. The attempts made formerly to suppress suppress malcontents by force oC arms have been abandoned, and the present governor genernl has induced thousands thousands of iusurgeuts voluntarily to lay down their arms and return to peaceful occupations. Baron Kodonrn's leniency toward Insurgents has buen severely criticised Ja Japan, hut the iufrequency ol! revolts under his ndiuSnistrntfon confutes confutes his detractors. The Jnpnnose government scheme for improving the material well being of the colony hns been methodically mapped mapped out to cover u period of twenty jears. The fiscal programme i* no ICSH deliberate and sure of result. 1 '. The colony colony js not yet self supporting, but every every year the deficit is less, and it Is expected expected that it \\ill entirely disappear by 1010. The rove-nut 1 is largely d'-- nved from the camphor, opluiu and suit monopolies. In contrast to the remarkpMe advancement advancement of the island as a wjioh 1 of Bandoline." Here is a paragraph from the parody: "A, wonderful thing has happened. I am atttanced to Mr. Menelaus Bung. He is very rich; ho makes piga of Ah, what a talent: Who but an Kair- Ilshmau could make pigs of iron? H Is ti -wonderful profession. This morning morning ft rent-Groat called me to her and Bald 'Thou wilt do as I wish, my doline, and wed this Bung?' *y»"i. inndame,' I replied. 'I am not as the English mis?, who is trdelu-aU 1 ami thinks of loving her un^baml.' " savage life ''iin still be wen in n i l it-, latfu near WimKnr. Jn \Uio**t* lights and shadows in the primeval m o u n t a i n forests. The denizen*; of these forests a t e M-ilay aboiigine- IIow many centuries the deer urn! bo.ir | and liuman beings have bfvii h-inted by ihc-bo dark and blood t hi r-ty men ( histoiy does not knov/. A thousand years is ns far b.u-k as the annals go, and before any u u i a N , were kept the Island wns theirs. Save for the encroachment of thu Chine-he, circumscribing their territory and f u r - j nishing them with the destructive re- · pealing ride, these sav.'tges of tlir j mountains are the san.e as tlu-y \ \ f t c f ten couturier nirn H^iid h u n ' i i v N i their ruling pjisrfion, ami terrible a*- j this p.i'-t.ioii appears to n i l 'Ivi.ixi d I pei-sons, It i uist not be reirarded ,m Incompatible Incompatible w i t h the coexistence of moral qualities not nlway-. found or found, but feehly developed In other I savages or ( ?em] -avng("j. In ninny \ \ n y - - j these aborigines compare f.tvorably w i t h higher nices T.ikc 1 their n o u n - M , of Uin, the D j a k he, id l u i n t e i s of Itor- j neo, whom thE-y closely resemble i:i Tvas practically a recognition of the fact that the Island is now a Christian state as the result of Dr. Mnckn*s generation of f a i t h f u l work. The adventures of this mlssionniy liave beeu more wonderful than those of Eobiuson Crusoe. When he first arrived arrived in Formosa he was the only white man within hundreds of miles of Abiding place. He was ignorant of the language of the Inhabitants, who Latei ail Christians. Plots to murder him were more numerous tbou anarchist conspiracies against the czar of all the Itussias. Now he has In his mission, scattered throughout north Formosa sixty organized native- churches, four ·of them feelf suppoiting; a living baptized baptized membership of 2,717, a communion communion roll of 1.S05, and each of the na tive churches is presided over by a native native preacher. At Tamsin he hns established established n. college, whore fifteen, students are ia training for the ministry. His iirst home was an old stable ·which had been used by one of the military military mandarins. The home to which lie lias j u b t returned ib that of a gen- -tleman. in a civilized community. The magnitude of the task which Dr. Mac- Jcay set for himself so many years ago iind his success in bringing his plans to fruition, can scarcely be com pro he ml- *cd. The missionary ban botany classes of natives, and he has formed native Alpine Alpine clubs to explore the mountainous · countsr of the Interior and other scientific scientific ^-cicties of native membership. He i- (jveii a colonel in what may be termed the Formosan militia and drills ihe natives in regimental tactics with the idea of subduing their taste for the 3iideoue form of native warfare and allowing allowing their surplus energy to find an outlet in the defense of their villages .against the piratical hordes from the .mainland. Among the LaniBilotiu savages of the -trackless Killai plain the doctor has .mafic lilmaclf highly esteemed. These strange persons had rarely seeu a white man before Dr/Mackaj-'s advent unless perhaps he was roasted and on the dinner dinner table. They liad been subdued by ihe Chinese, but had retained their ab^original ab^original attributes. Dr. Mackay began by living among them in the most primitive primitive fashion, studying their language nnd never manifesting tlie slightest Icar or distrust o£ them. He soon won -their confidence, and many of them Hmve become Christinus through his influence. influence. Before lie had come into, per- igonai contact with (hem their ht'ad .huntprs had more than once laid in ·wait for "the black bearded doctor," as lie had come to be called i;i their dialect. dialect. Now he is venerated by them us little frliort of a suint. Ir. Mackny's story of his first. For- rnosan convert, A lion, is typical of the vdrnmntiu life oC the iniKMonary. The Jiope of establishing u j r i t i v e clergy -was o!ie af the inspiration*? of the doc tor's mL-loii even before lie left Canada, Canada, and -'lien A Hon. a n a t i v e of ex- -·ceptionDJ talents, became his servant lie at once set ubout to form h i m into ;;m Instrument through which to reiren- · crate tbe whole people. His patience ·\vas rewarded by the conversion of A "Hon. Ono day the missionary ami his -convert stood on the stone steps of a .."large heathen temple surrounded by a .mob of angry idolaters. Some of them -tverc A Hoa's old companions. He was 'reviled by tbein with scornful words, the handing down of family collections -and when the missionary asked him to j from generation lo generation until -address the crowd lie hung liis head in now many of the blp. chiefs boast the possession of tfaoiitsands of these trophies trophies of war. WALTER L ELPKED. An.orionn travelers in Enghmd will be tftihit'rs by a new nrr.in^einf nt which iiiakea It possible for the ihM time to visit Milton's cottage at Chalfont Chalfont !t. CJiles anil th« ^ravor. uf AN'il- Ihtin IViiu inul CJrjiy, tli" poet, nil in one clay These throe eelobratud lit ary sJirfm*s are lu pieturesijiif Hiif!;i: linm^ltiiv. and t i u i t e ne.ir at It.ind. are tiie Jiiirnham hepelies. iho ijua rental MS of tlie miLient forest w h i once t-uverod this part ol* En^Ianil ai.d wlili.li nro lueliKli'il In iho newly iir- ran^til day trip. First, Aiat-ricaiib who tak( it will be carried U SfoKi- Top's, the q u i e t 9 yard f J r a y ws-olt* bis whn?e place of worship ho bTOKr. POO CHC'flCItOIt YARD, E « I ( A A QHOOF Ol' I'ORMOSAKS. most of their d i s t i n c t l y L- features of character and ir their customs, 11ii' vre truthful and honest, and gro« immorality immorality when four d .imonu: UK-HI is nearly always tincc-able to border lurid itssoclntlon with the Chines". Head hunting may be t'ollowd ba'k to the petty tribal wars, and as life IMS no sacrednes in the eyes of the s.i and ]i:is hH uieinot in). Milton'*- cot tage at Clmll'ont .St. Giles is that w the author of "Paradise Lofat" gat hi-. Quaker fneud, Ellwood, who lived by, to rent for him su that he might liable to leave London, whei-c the ^n-:n plaKuo was niging just then. \\"hen the poet^fcimc to St. Giles lie brought with him the manuscript oC U!H fnunnib oplf, which he asked Kllwood to take home, toad and pass judgment upon Of course the Quukei' \vent inui uc-tu- sies over tlie work, but he "remarked. "Thou hast said much hero of Lost,' but what hast thou to any ol *I J aradise Found?'" That little observation observation led to the composition of 5!M- toii'H greatest wovlc but one. for ri:lil there in the rustic cottage the poet him down ,snd began \\orlc on " I ' dise Heguinod," which he timshcd -ib u year afterward, though not at Giles. Uncle Ram, though a prolific public,-] er, Is not a painstaking one. ICe is less nbmit the indexing .mil urraiv- inent ol liis volume-^ Sumo idea ot tin- work necessary to be done in coiup \\ Jiislory from any of "his incno 1 ti 1 j i m - criimenial reports may l^e gainod t i i, h^ntcniont made by Mr. G.lbcrt llo!-' land Montiiruu in connection wish h "The lii.sc 1 and 1'rogress oC tin 1 St ' m l - nrd Oil Company." In oilier to gatlier data from oue cial report alone-- the Ilopburn repnt't, and ns an enemy has no rights it 1i - ! made in 1ST 1 ,) by a coiutnULco oC t ' n cjmie simply a question oC how f h e i r ^ X e w York legislature -- enemies should be put to death and was obliged to read over S,uOO pages their own real or fancied wrun-is j clocly printed questions and ans\vor-, avenged. The bringing back ot the which make* up the ev dencc t a k bead was regarded as hatisfactmy evi- ' this conituittoe Lu several iuslam-fs clence--n sort of coroner's c'C'rtiiic'ate-- that the sentence of the tribe liad been carried out. The number of heads brought in by one man na tin ally showed his status as a. warrior, ami in this way grew up the custom of preserving preserving the skulls of sinin enemies and silence. Dr. Mackay began to sing the ifirst stanza of a good old Scottish iymn, and when he had finished A Eoa Mr. Moiit«suti was obliged to i n d hundreds of pages of a report before he could digest tlie evidence, coiintcr evidence and refut.it ion sea tU'ied throughout the exjiunnalioufi of witnesses witnesses before a committee. The first Investigating committee which ha*, c-itc- fuliy indexed, summarized aud digested Its findings was the industrial commission commission appointed in 3898 by the president, which Investigated and reported on tlie Standard Oil company in 10UO. RICHARD TUPPE.lt.

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