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CORNER, IN ANCESTORS. BOONE FAMILY. The Name Illustrious Miahtv Dasds of Valor Abound Also Romantio Adventures. re- ar- Icr-ln-cniti- pr"- ollll'.-d :il- as K. d. Oi" . I it r. : ""ti ti-w ti-w la- la- t'-e t'-e at t . .rt for- By ELEANOR LEXINGTON. Hnhun Is said to be resnnnslhln for tho name Hoone. la Hohun. we aak. tho name of some old Norman or Sax on town? There are those on the other other hand, who say that Hoone la a name lirst given, an a surname to a gay and merry chap a "boon companion." In IflBO, Solomon Hoone. from Dcvnn. ("hire, nvado a home at Bristol Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, and George Boone was also a settlor. In the eame state, at Exeter, Perks county. George was born at Kxeter, Devonshire, England, 1666, and came over with wife. Mary Maugridge, and children. In 1717. George has always always been a favorite name In the Hoone family, of the Pennsylvania line, and longevity and pood health ore characteristics. One forefather had. to his credit, at his death, eight children, children, fifty-two fifty-two fifty-two grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren great-grandchildren great-grandchildren seventy In all, or lis meny as the house of Jacob, that went down Into Egpyt. It is further recorded, that "he never hacJ an aching bono or a decayed tooth." One of the officers of the Rovolution, was Captain Hawkins Boone, of this lino, a boy of u. John, James, Judah nnd Joshua are names of brothers, sons of one patriarch. patriarch. Hoone Hall, Christ Church pariah. South Carolina, is one of the historic plares In the rlouth, and tt was one of the handsomo homes of the colony. It was the home of Joseph Boone, who mo from England In 1703. It is sup posed that he was born In Kent county, county, where, homes of the Boones are located. located. Boono Hull, H. C, being thus named, after an ancestral seat. Joseph was a prominent agent In two "peaceful revolutions," fls the; are cnlled; one In 1700, the other, 1719. In the first, ho represented oppressed dis senters in an appeal to the crown; ami In the second, he represented the colony, colony, in Its protest against the misrule of the proprietors. Both movements wero successful. Joseph was the agent of the colony In London, with Richard Bereford In 1706, nnd again a few year later, with Colonel John Barnwell. Joseph married married Mrs. Anne Alexander, and their son Thomas, of Boone Hull, planter and jutlite. married Mary Hlmes ;thjlr son Thomas, born 1720, married Tlisa- Tlisa- beth Adkinson, and for his second wife, Mary, widow of Commodore White. Their son John married Ram Glhbes, of the family of which Chief Justlco ltobert Glbbes waa a mem ber. Thomas ever a faithful name with the Southern branch of Boones son of John, married Mary Jones. Their N.n was William, the first Protestant bishop of China, whose on William was also a bishop. "A truly noble an I great man," has been said of each of tin"" missionary bishops. The Booties of this line are nearly related to the Elliotts, Barnwells, and Walkers, also Southern families. Than Daniel Bonne thero Is not In all our country's, annals, a more re freshing personality, some one has truly said. Horn In Pennsylvania, 1733, when he wns about thirteen years old his family moved North Carolina, w here he started out upon his famous exploring expedition. Into the wilds of "Kentucky. For months. Boon re- re- tnnined alone In the forests, tasting neither salt nor bread, nor looking upon ft huinnn fivce. "It was the supreme supreme test of endurance, of manly fortitude, fortitude, of moral and physical courage nnd Iioono won!" He he-Id he-Id he-Id on until hi f. mult d a commonwealth, and tawed the way for that commonwealth's admission admission Into the sisterhood of slate. 111.' story nf his silent endurance and sublime sou roiimgn Is n grand one. The Kentucky 8tnt Historical society society each year holds a mealing, upon .luti" 7. th" date of n.Kine's first vie r of the "beautiful level of Kentnrkv. ' There I rnmnnrn si Inlong the lln. In Iwinlel bl-tory. bl-tory. bl-tory. for It was while hunting. In bis enrlr home, iV-w-tH iV-w-tH iV-w-tH iV-w-tH iV-w-tH Carolina, that he nearly shot Rebeora I'.rvtiu. The nttli god Cupid. In revenge, revenge, sent a sw ift arrow slrahtht ta the voimg Nlmro.l's hert. and figuratively, figuratively, p. rhnp literally, for those were il:.v i.f romance. Imnlel Ml at fair lo becca's feet, and there h ever r- r- maineiP but not literally; let mi n mii.le iiulte clear. Sh" ws biaiitlful and fnelnstlnc, "ruddy, flaxen-hatred, flaxen-hatred, flaxen-hatred, with blue eye, nnd a brow finned by the breese of pevciitern summers, gentle and sffeo-tl' sffeo-tl' sffeo-tl' Tuit". and the belle of the dsT." Ilanglrg and wlvlns; gi by rtet1n we are told Rebecca th one. the onlr one f ir I unlet. Who but' wouli hie been his equal In calm, H '.i ro 'I I sndornnce! Sh" wn probably the flrl hH wo. mm In h' Mucky, and with bef hus band, tnuM be railed on of the fotm-iier" fotm-iier" fotm-iier" "f poon' "borough, the f!rt t-t t-t t-t ii-iiv-M ii-iiv-M ii-iiv-M ii-iiv-M ii-iiv-M li Krt.tijikr, cept llnrrod- llnrrod- tirg. It wss n off rlsy, po ti p'sk. a h1 s iMTitiirt were n"t plenl ful In the li . .1" h"ii"h"M. Their daughter Je-T"'".a Je-T"'".a Je-T"'".a nt I two r f h"r yutig friend, v ' m rnrr'el sway by Indians, but r- r- 'I I - ".' I t"l bis companion .1 -1. -1. lo a should have marrl'd one of tor r, ,-,,), ,-,,), ,-,,), r-, r-, r-, and. without d-oibt. d-oibt. d-oibt. thl w ui I hate teppried, It stiotii.l, if r i l I i en Am!" Ha f , or 'larl"x. I it .l.-i .l.-i .l.-i - a i a rro" tvl "iiy a"o- a"o- "" I wMli l' ent'ire It wa one .f I" - v ri plend bo He' a me h' brM" ..f M"e re"c-ier, re"c-ier, re"c-ier, ar-d ar-d ar-d lisnlel. a ti ll " f the pe". ,M k rv"t t f "t f.iirinf" In Kentipky Ds'l'l. "f r oii-e. oii-e. oii-e. k'tt "Tl uplofle a I II" I f', end M wandering wr I'srr N t l"i g i n "X' Smor tree wi ta' 1 ng In l"t Tnti"w, upon tortures, of the In King, his consort state Mr. first Britain the retained would the reduce Mr. motion, going Csar pres-enL A serted country How English years Is It Is, Czar!" dealing position debate much considerations. His constitutional was took the at No new to visit hoped, relations they with would waa the tween would but rived bo make visits a la. some and the ding ties fell by Cxar ties" Inn fore die had He of Ise ly Hn th bur s th 1 h w i i v l-i l-i l-i P rll the teri 1. "Ift-BAR "Ift-BAR "Ift-BAR on this tre. 1 eo-t eo-t eo-t i- i- i r 't arm I ll-i ll-i ll-i -1 -1 -wt -wt I h i I tv r" t th l-"n l-"n l-"n r'lt ' l .n H-"r H-"r H-"r of "pr'lot 'l.-.F-Tel: 'l.-.F-Tel: 'l.-.F-Tel: 'l.-.F-Tel: 'l.-.F-Tel: rire; on S hei 1 fe. f..t'tn fWO M'T. -n -n -A1 -A1 li . I'rnli 1 I fSre .llor I f tm Ian -. -. I V' U it ii a t hf ' i ' r.

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  1. The Winnipeg Tribune,
  2. 21 Jul 1908, Tue,
  3. Page 8

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