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bessemer herald 19100813 - ages __ sa. B*t is to be accottnlfaiM* te- the...
ages __ sa. B*t is to be accottnlfaiM* te- the Japanese garennwnt lias mate a special anfe* jriatfeai «C TTJTx*» to pay tb* military This is on account «f the camphor basxaess. Hfc- ttt recently the entire worU tout practically tK»«aU for te supply of camphor has feelfl a. ntt*M*olr * tm* tkm jf tkat necessary the German* awe Cere artificial large stale. and Ik v we cos»*eamc tn the market to u alanda* extent. It fe T*rjr necessary -oafcr the dr- that the «arppir dtim than lest It *e replace* an* crowded oat. by ·ynthHlc cftMphor. tt«e« wttfcn fbnwBrit tn BmtflMin Japan tave ace* to treat extent OtsUojg*. owta* to tact of -a. reculatfcai tfta* «M« to quire «he planting of OH secdttac ft* eTOT tree cut and so the Japaaee* arc ·obHged to look to Tbrnoaa. «n«* the camphor lattrel ftoaiishcs over a. great extent at tciiitery. 1m ItsfcoaUbe 'tnllm* tbelr with ptctttteeqisclT IVy BMk* bee* «C a pecvtiar work exjraafr to carry hvmaa be Unfortunately,. tt te ia the taimm interior of Pdrawea that the camphor laurel grows-- that is to say. to a region which fca* Vee «aee pre- historic times, and is today, under sarage dominion, The strages who occupy this territory are Terr Aezce, and earnestly addicted to bead-feint- ing, Hliherto the canphor of their forest* has b«*n obtained otly wi* their consent, an* it leas b**» custo- mary to par money to iheir ciaeCs as an inducement to retrain, from destroy- ing the distilling outfits. Neverthe- less, trouble has been frexpjent. and the stats hare been constantly de- stroyed. An unlimited number of laborers can be hired in Japan for ten cents a day; but not for any sweb price, nor for many times that arack can me* be obtained to go into the forests of Formosa, cot dawa the ca=phcr trees. and distm the gum. at the stations risk of losing their heads. It v«n known that the Japanese do not lack: brar- ery; but h*ad-btmttas£*to the Fbrao- san sarage ts a reKgSon; nothing from his point of Tiew fe «i impor- taut, and he wOl lie in wait for many days at a time near a lonely path, in the woods for the sake of gettfcag: one chop at a passing: cantphor-aeeker. Formosa is a big EsSand-- as bx$e as Sardina and Corsica, put tegeiher. It Is 235 miles Ions *»d 73 males ^de- More than half of its esitine aw* is to- day in the possession of tbe saxagex. For some rears past Jspaa has per- sued a rnteresiiss rsetSsod for the purpose of br:2?!E£ ifeoat eventual subtugatiOEL Sse Sias es Ushed a "giMtrd I£ae~ aQ arcsoasd mountainous iaterto?, *itfc szasBL tary outposts at latervals atoc£ It. and has pushed tMs arriScsil Sttstier steadily forvrarf so as to rescues: ifee wild people to a slowly b«t ssre*y ^ One chleC when, emncsred an to be executed, safct; 1 bate no fear * death, t hare take. ntnetHoar beads and wanted only six nwre to make the hundred." History tens as that the Spaniards took possession of IXJtmuaa in the year l»St. They w«re expelled by the Dotch in I«42. Xineseea jean later a Chinese pirate chief named Koxinga dm« out the Dvtcfc and proclaimed himself kins of the island, but in 1CS1 ihe Chinese dethroned his successor, and Ftiraosa lemained a province of the Middle Kingdom np to the war be- tween China, and Japan, as a result of which it paused into the passesskai of the Mikado's empire. A glance at the map wffl show that Ftonnosais really the nmtbennost tsV and of the group which w« caU the FmXIIppines, being attested only a short distance to the north of Unoa. Its wHd people are wndonbtedtr of Malay origin. But its earliest inbabt- tants '·ere black dwartm. bdovtlng; to the M»r race as the pigBKF K«silUJS who still ftiuilie in iranTI nimben in IJESOK. Many oC their akUitou have been fboad In the mount aiasan inte- .rior, and it is reasoaabte to cnppose that they were exterminated by the savages who now occupy their tern- ttry- As already stated, these savages bare never been sabdoed. From an ethnological point of view, they are more than ordinarily interesting. Their garb ranges from nudtty to gay- cdored garrcents of their own weav- ing, made from the fibers of banana and ramie. The women are kindly treated acd have eoual r^tts with the znes. Bot if a wife loses her tasbacd after the birtb. of a cMM s*se is jsot al- krxed to marry again, the idea being that her business thereafter is to si- teal to the upbringing ef her off- sncinc. Twans are a bad omen, and anon*; aonie of the tribes It has been customary to Me them to a tree and permit them te perish. Sfcknee* is supposed to he a puntsh- it Inflicted by the spirits of the dead. Dreams afford a medium through which the spirits of the dead communicate -with the living. The Atayal and Paiwan groups believe the virgin forests to be the abode of the spirits of theh- ancestors, and on this account trees within certain desig- nated areas are never disturbed. Old men and women have supernatural' powers of the Itind usually attributed to witches, and for this reason they perform the religious rites for the tribe. Spirits of dead persons other than, ancestors are dangerous and possibly materolent. The Atayal consider that the ghosts of their forbears win not be satisfied unless a human head Is part of the offering made at ceremo- nials. Likewise In the case of a dis- pute between two persons the spirits of his ancestors will guide and pro- tect the one whose cause is Just, so that he may obtain the first head and thereby win. The toil of Formosa Is exceedingly rich, and nowhere Is a finer quality «f tea produced. The eastern half of the island Is covered with jungle, in which grows the valuable creeper known as rattan. But the most prec- ious vegetable product is camphor, which Is the resin of a tree that grows to huge size, sometimes attaining a diameter of twelve feet. The only way to get the camphor is to chop the tree Into chips, which are subjected to a crude process of dis- tillation, the vapor, when condensed, being deposited In crystals on bamboo screens. This is crude camphor, which comes to market in wooden tabs. It Is refined by redistillation. At the present time Japan exports about 5,000,000 pounds, of camphor annually, one-fourth of it being ship- ped to the United States. It used to be refined in Europe and America, but BOW tie Japanese refine their own comphor and ship the finished pro- duct. DAISY CAME FROM ENGLAND By this means it wtzs eEpecceii that within - fifteen yeais of -i^e present time the entire Msral -wcdS be brought under ciirfEied cectreS, Bat commercial necessity has isde K*ces- sary a change of pn. CAESPOT sacst be had, and it has beea deeded to wipe out or paciCr »Q te saTages withtn'the comittff year, Tlaey can take their choice which it snaD it Their numbeis are not accarateJr inowtL of cocrse. bat it Is i3E£ere£ood that they are split HP into so fewer than 723 tribes, whose TiHases com- prise from three to upward of three hundred houses. i The tribes are dinged into sine groups, which are mutually boetHe, and which, differ on* another in cns- toms and langnages. Sosse of them. particularly at the soath end of the Island, hare already been partly lized. and there ts exec among them a sort of rural free defir- ery mail service,, by EatiTia ie£Kr cai^ liers. la the cect^l rasge ^ meson- tains dwell the trfbes csf tbe Vecsaia group. wM(A are iresy Servje asid cjj- terprising: head-itursteis- Is 19"5 dassy became so troubtesosse tfest a salsisjy attack-was loade tEpos tcssa. rest- ing in their partEal paclScataa*. The AtayaL or ttothesa savages, are the largest and most powerrai grocp. They look upon teadztiBg; as tie chief end and aim of existence. A hs- .man head is necessary as aa offering In all their ret^ocs cereoK»lai When a dispute arises tecireec fsdi- !Tiduals, decisioa is awarded to the ·one who first secares a tend. A lad ,is not recognized as asfe TsssSL be las taken a hea Bat It irosss; ie lie head of a Japanese cr Like the Pestiferous Sparrow. This Import Also Has Become a Pest From Memorial day to the or Jolr the large white daisies in some form, dwarf or tan-growing: are fcnxnd In abundance, Hie unimproTed Erotzntfs of sabsrbxn coontrr seatSt and jet proTine: a daily ancoTxnce to fartaets throogboot the MDs and TaHers of eastern Pencsji- Tcnia, according- to a. correspqadent of UK Fhiladelphfa UecortL Xo sooa- er are toe large daisies gone tor tite s«§9oq titan the little oi-ejes and the other white Ind yefloT blooms ·wiih datt centers,, known as Jalr «Ed An- gcst daisies, and oalj- exdamatkras of deJight and capture are beaid from the appreciatrre Tocngsters who are preserved in memory of Sir "William Keith and the gay life h of the dashing, pleasure loving lieu- tenant governor) has of late become known as "the home of the daisy." HIGH MORALS IN AMERICA "HTate the daisies hare neen wen Isxftfo. N3th in cessre and praise for cany, many soumc^rSv tt is caily iti Tecentlj- that the respc?-:jEi»3ttF of their in£rodxctlo into this coaster has heezE credfh^r £xed. Horsiaai township is declared to be the Keith. £rst lientecact goTenajr of the isdiiidts! who "the flower weed^ orer to rsany the daisies are the tMcest and their history eri- dealiy the most faisHiar. as t9 why they hare become kcown i the pest as "park weedT The reasoa fc ei- when their socrce of fcitro- is takes into They tecelred tis aanic ^ wait in the jttBgte. near a path, several of theci hope of ofctamis? tie ·trophy^ in - near to tee savage 6c?5ee s bsset. .no little periL At tie sasse sasse, tbe ;land of the Atsyal is iSutscsJsny GI Governor Keith. Slice the historic Ke! has been IB rain and evec the aacfeat trees aad shmbbery m its ianxxis cocrjari have Jargeiy died oat. Use l»K!£2sloa cf daisies Surrotsdlcs ihe da hoss haT« bees the lacst briEiant sjtsianxesit to tie days ^ colcaasi $6v- Standard Higher Than in England, American Tells British Royal Commission. R. Xewton Crane, senior counsel to the American embassy in London, toM the royal commission on divorce in England recently that there is a higher stendard^pf morality in Amer- ica than in England- He admitted that divorce Is more prevalent in this country than' in any other country in the world except Japan, but contended this was due to the fact that persons of respecta- bility had come to regard divorce as a firmly established institution, de- signed to cure unhappiness. J. A. Barratt, of counsel to the American embassy, pointed out tha there are more varied causes for dl force in European countries than in ae United States. In Austria "In vincible aversion," in Hungary "vesa tious mortification," in France "prodi galitr and violent disposition," in Swe- dea "opposite of feeling and though amounting to hate" and in Formosa loquacity** are considered sufficien grounds for divorce. la Algeria, where there are thirteen causes, "previous wooing in which no fical acceptance or refusal has been made" was a cause of divorce. Bar ratt argued there is not a single caus «* g'pwee in any") stnte In this :oia try that cannot be duplicated ir Europe. * The O«ft Hand. The Widow--Oh, Mr. Smith, you'l aerer make me believe that? TThe Candidate--I said I Jhad neve loved a woman till now; not that n wcman ever loved me; 'course, He »·*!· to ·troaesr than Its weak- Bail U stronger than his kidneys. Over- work, colds, strains, etc.. weaken the kid- neys and the whole body suffers. Don't neglect the slightest kidney ailment Be- gin using Doan's Kidney Pills at once. They are especially for sick kidneys. Mrs. George L- joie, 162 W. Gamble St. Caro. Mich., says "I had tost In flesh until I was A mere shadow of my ormer self and too weak to stand more than a few minutes at a time. My rest was broken and my nervous system shattered. Had Doan's Kid- ney Fills not come to ay attention, I flrmly believe I would be in my grave. They «ureA me after doctors had railed." Remember the name--Doan's. For sale'by all dealers. 50 cents bor. Fester-Milbum Co., Buffalo. K. T. TNET ARE ONE AMD A HALF* tNgta u tkteJt H'S * k«iw«M yoti an4 ta« sn* to SM wnkk ts tkt kMttf. ¥«y j^tf- rtlf s ftae* or a kottl* of Coca-Ota, t to coollnc--relietw fatlcve and queaches th* thirst WholcsosA* M b« i«rett water and lots nicer t» rink. At soda fountains And car- boaated In bottles--5c eTerywhere. Send 2c stamp for booklet The Truth \bout Coca;ola" and the Coca^ol* Baseball Record Book for 1910. The atter contains th« famous poem Casey AtTheBaV't'««°rd«.* CB « dl11 ** or both leagues, and other valuable taseball information compiled by au- horlties. AMress The Coca-Cola Co.. Atlanta, Ga, judges' Wigs. The wig Is only worn by English barristers to giro them a stert, Judl lal appearance, and no one can say that It falls in this respect The cus- tom was originated by * French iudge in the seventeenth century when, happening to don a marquis' wig .one day, he found it gave him »uch a stern and dignified appearance that he decided to get one for himself and wear it at all times in court This he did, and the result was so satisfactory from a legal point of view, tfcat not only judges, but bar rlters, also, took up the custom throughout Europe. The Ready Theorist. "You see," explained the scientist, ·house 'flies are dangerous because they carry germs on their feet" "Ah!" exclaimed the ready theorist; ·then the remedy Is simple; All you need to do Is to make them wear overshoes and leave them on the porch when they come In." Dr. flfcrce'i Pelleti, until, rait* coated, «aiy to take u candy, refuute and invigorate stomach, lirer and bow eli and AUTO constipation. After A dog has indulged In shor pants he usually goes In swimming. BetAtftm--The paper says that in Norway married people can travel to a fare «nd a half. Mrs. Benham--Married people areat* one* even in Norway, are they? There Should. Fritz the gardener was a stolid Ger- man wfco was rarely moved to ex traordlnary language. Even the mos provocative occasions oaty caused him to remade mildly on hi* ill-luck. No long ago he came back faom the city In the late evening after a hard da in the market place. He was sleepy and the train being crowded, the ba| gageman cavo him a chair In his roomy car. Finally the train reached Bloom field. Frite still slept as tt pulled in and his friend had to shake him an tell him where he was. "I tanks you," said Fritx, as he ros ·lowly to his teet The open door o the car was directly in front of him* He walked straight out of it The baggageman sprang to look at er him. Fritx slowly picked hlmsel up from the sand by the Bide of th track, looked up at the door, and said with no wrath In his voice:. "There should here be some steps. --St Paul Dispatch. If black could not be made to loo like white, toasted cheese would no have so much drawing power towar the mouse trap. One often wonders why the woma members of a burlesque show requlr dressing rooms. Single Binder cigar is neve doped--only tobacco in its natural »Ut The supply of talk always exceed the demand ·· ·» ·· m§ Send postal for · U |i m Free Package ·T llsfcsUof Poitine. 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