Gast Sebastian German Jefferson Club Jubilee

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Gast Sebastian German Jefferson Club Jubilee - from limbs My vain tried Ilka 1 fact me used...
from limbs My vain tried Ilka 1 fact me used boxes la now Cu-Ticca Cu-Ticca nur tb tar, 4tm and give HI. and the coo.. Blobs aUS mui luw-T. with attorney, rheumatism unabls is Miss She this Winston- Mrs. Sal. Upon Cities, Ballard recently and ' to Breck-tnridjca Wednes-. Wednes-. GOLDEN JUBILEE CXLEBRATED BY THE GEEMAN JETTXHSOli' SOCTETT. MUSICORATORY AND BANQUET First Entertainment Given Since Its Silver Anniversary, Twenty-Five Twenty-Five Twenty-Five Yean Ago. ORGANIZED FOB CHARITY. - I 1.--loush, 1.--loush, 1.--loush, days, ab-sonce. ab-sonce. yesterday out. to of has-returned has-returned ' The German Jefferson Society celebrated celebrated Its golden jubilee at Music Mall last night Vocal and Instrumental mu-slc, mu-slc, mu-slc, dancing, oratory and a banquet enlivened enlivened the celebration. About 200 couples were present. The preliminary exercise were held In the big hall on the third floor. after two songs by the male members of the society. President. Urban Stengel welcomed the guests and made appro priate remarks on the occasion about to be celebrated. Mr. Joseph Bossung, one of the founders of the society, was then Introduced and said a few words. Mr. Bossung Is the only one of the original members of the society now alive. At the conclusion of the speechmuking the guests were Invited to the first floor. wbera tne banquet was spread. Every member of th society marched down stairs with his wife, sister or sweetheart. sweetheart. Before the feast was half through Mr. Ed Neuhaus, editor of the Glaubens-bute. Glaubens-bute. Glaubens-bute. delivered the address of the evening. evening. It was received with applause. AU of the speeches and songs wero in German. AH present enjoyed themselves, and when they left the hall it was with a hearty wish that the German Jefferson Club would celebrate its golden Jubilee every day in the week. The Committee of Arrangements, to whom much of the success of the entertainment entertainment was due was made up as follows: follows: Urban Stengel, Frank Wolpert, Ferdinand J. Ecbsnerj Joseph Schlldt, Jos. Hubbucn. Henry Becker. Edw. Neuhaus, Henrjc. Imorde. Val Dahlern. Philip Ackerrnan. E. G. Hill and H. A. Brlnkhous. The club was organized on November t. 1848, for benevolent purposes, and has given much to charity since It was founded. The first officers were elected Decem ber 20, 1848. They were Joseph Bossung, President; Conrad Buckel. Vice Presi dent; J. F. Boat, Secretary, and Joseph Bucket,. Treasurer. The present officers are Urban Sten gel, President: Fred J. Echsner and F. 1L Wolpert. Vice Pres indents: Joseph Schlldt. Secretary, and Joseph Hub- Hub- buch. Treasurer. Since the silver jubilee, held twenty- twenty- five years ago, no entertainments had been given. In that time the member ship has been doubled. The present members of the society under, Joseph Bossung. Honorary m.rr,ers: Fred Hrfg, Wm. Voss. Jos. t. r ..-.r.n ..-.r.n ..-.r.n Vr''!'! t-" t-" t-" r Monr H..M. bef triim, H-nry H-nry H-nry Imorde. Jo- Jo- i: ( ri luit-fUe. luit-fUe. luit-fUe. Ferdinand Cruder, Ferdi- Ferdi- r,:.d VolVmar, Jo-i.u Jo-i.u Jo-i.u Fib.. Herman Mobben, Jacob Muiler, Cbwjis Uilger; Nlc Uebkopf. Henry Becker. Anton Hrv-dapp, Hrv-dapp, Hrv-dapp, Frank Wllberdlng, Urban Stengel, George D. Deuser, Louis Hodspp, Frans F. Wiesemann. John J. Scbulten. L Ii. Habich. Jacob 11. Clemens, Auseliu King. Caspar Ehl. Sebastian Hubbuch, J. V. Schwaninger. Theo. Obacht. Henry Schuckman, Anton Schwieters, Henry Mlddendorf, John Schwab, John K. : I'urer, Henry Weirlcn, Anton Ernst ancTer, Frank Senn, Sebastian Gast, Se- Se- wliov isn rjott. Adirn otumpi. r . i oamp-"-" oamp-"-" oamp-"-" oamp-"-" aschu. Henry Bosse, August Muste. regl- roac Job scholtew. Charlea L. Lorens, Its oi ex uwens- M,'nry Link, John Wachter. August M.-hrle. M.-hrle. M.-hrle. Edward Neuhaus, FTiilip Hub- Hub- Itch. Michael J. Klein. Joseph Gott-L-ath. Gott-L-ath. Gott-L-ath. Gott-L-ath. Gott-L-ath. Ludwig Bub. Henry Gottbraih na lien m. uroppeiman. The other members are: Henry H. Seng. Henry Marquardt, Peter Graf. Joseph Elchler, Frank Block. Val Dah. lem, Carl Bissmeyer. Conrad Meyer, Henry Sandfort. Bernard Holiniann, Philip Ackerrnan. Nlcolaus Wittry, Geo. F. Stoll, F. Joseph Herman, John Wilms, John Haug. Fred Kollmann. Newton G. Roarers. Dr. Peter S. Uans. Georee Machtolff. H. K. Hill.. J. H. Bar- Bar- Isch, Joseph T. Klllmeier, John Sandman, Sandman, Henry W. Wedekind. George Am. hoff. Oeorse H. Katterman, Jonn uip- uip- nold. Charles Groppe, B. Heckel. A. Kautenbusch, John Lepping. Ben HorsU man. Henry Eilers. josepn fro dhi, r. A. MlUer, Henry Kropp, Henry Stott-mann. Stott-mann. Stott-mann. George Feldman, Joseph Sand-fort. Sand-fort. Sand-fort. Morand Burgy, George Moellman, Joseph Peiler, Henry Hunold. John Bott, Ed G. Hill. Joseph F. Straub, L. H. Straub, Theo. J. Fine. George Poppe. Anton Wlegand. Jacob Hollocher. M. Bollinger. Thomas O. Bonn, George W. Beyer, Joseph Schlldt, August Hollman, Henry Wsldbeller, G. Epping, Augunt Schmltt. H. A. Brinkhaus. Andreas Kle-ger, Kle-ger, Kle-ger, H. Gssser, K. C. Bruder. Jr.. A. Miller, Miller, John Kieger, L. Hugelmeler. Anton Pracht. Jr., P. J. Hoffman, J. Glass. F. J. Echsner. Jacob Schrembs. Jacob Graft, John Echsner. W. H. Hulkamp. Nlc Schnutt. K. Schneider. A. C. Straub. Joseph P. Clemens. Joseph C. W uersch. S. H. Adelberg. Nlc E. Weber. George Aufenkamp. Charles F. Aufenkamp. L. E. Schmidt. Joseph Wintergerst. Geo. F. Huber, Leopold Neckerman, Joseph Dlenes, Leo C. Schuhmann. Joseph F. Hubbuch, Jacob J. Hubbuch. Carl A. Wellendorf. F." A: Lens. William J. Heckman. Joseph B. Nieman, Bernard xiswiiTnan fuls Ler. F. X. Wolpert, John E. Simon. Clemens Lelnman. Bernard Bernard Binder. George Mayer, C. A. Kuhn. William Sandman, J. H. Mouth. Fred u.,n Jacob Stengel. William Rueff. Albert J. Richards. PetT Burghsrd, Au- Au- evmt Moellrflan. jonn r-iuecafcoauiu, r-iuecafcoauiu, r-iuecafcoauiu, Weber. Joseph H. Hettiger. 8. J. Scbwalk. John M. Fink. George Wolpett, John C. Scbildt, Carl uoeasman, Au gust Freund, Henry dossc, ji., Mueller. Urban Stengel, Jr t. Bott, Jr.. F Wacken. A. F. Hunckler, Henry Wallmeyer. John M. Klein Conrad Walter. Charles Alberdlng. John Bay-Edw. Bay-Edw. Bay-Edw. Rlchter. H. Stratman. Phil L. Maurer. Ben Saltenbrock, Edw. Ha bich. August r,. . sing, Clem V. niicnwi ken beck. . . Besults At Aqueduct. New York. Nov. 7. Results at Aqueduct It in Is Marble us of of of la old-fashioned the part sort can with wise tlna, all In In of "His -At bv la The every next box the

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  2. 08 Nov 1898, Tue,
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