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3 aug 1804 The Evening Post - lliu;tr. t-tiie t-tiie t-tiie Com. near. .;'...
lliu;tr. t-tiie t-tiie t-tiie Com. near. .;' prt'f Ctiarch u.i.. ouws. eaten l'h ' ;Meav. Af t uk. the1 fctne $ Brat Ch.pt- J.Uf? and Mr- Mr- wtikh-. wtikh-. caa x- x- tVHcl- tVHcl- our Waihtagton..tbeiliaci- Otia tha tie-'Matavily tie-'Matavily c.f wai the ti wnito con. poo the a-'dwptwuof a-'dwptwuof elani bis eon, the He-jBMia. He-jBMia. were t w-.rivn with liu. thcy-erc the d5-. d5-. hrt,- hrt,- of tin Oe-neralHAMlLlXJN... Peo- on . J' Jer- we to a he couse- tn extio-gu'uhed dncu-.Tity.hmanifests c to ppre-hend to of no iu- WE navejrnih Boticed Ma publlo wrong, and a'lerlou chrit -aralnst -aralnst tha itmmMhtrk tjon, M Jr. iron Y project of bukieg ine rowwiuw ui cmiMiv etatiortetf our nation nation d murine, wa highly irjurtcualo that Mjk c.Hhic ir certain parts ui the anion,' wi tie- tie- u-wriM u-wriM u-wriM punnc-servicei punnc-servicei punnc-servicei a ,r, tcn.HH who BrtenprmQUS arid anirc.eaal'y . i creae of the public bucthee. , Naatiampt like ctaconuctthitrntUofVute- ctaconuctthitrntUofVute- ajU unexpected me-uuii-e me-uuii-e me-uuii-e me-uuii-e me-uuii-e is found to Impose erit-vanc. erit-vanc. erit-vanc. whirl.. If tint aiAilw f..M.iul. i miy lorminate iivry serious consequence, to 1 entered tnjto (.ptcift: contracts. ... he j r wyweomceii-.nl wyweomceii-.nl wyweomceii-.nl ta are induced to tlitni employers id our araport ton by 1 jwwta ut De piwjc agent) toaucaof uctnjia. allowtd bt. Xhe pjiUljc a jeiitu U auclv of tkcta Tku U citljeniVf the Middle Mdwtrrift Statca,. are ooiy deprived of thdr 'piop6f lian. hihI (nderd of ant ouriovntetiL wkMevK in the pUic.ervw-e pUic.ervw-e pUic.ervw-e t tlftr ownr hetueibot tfieVafe WIJcf tTte treat additional tx. peiisr,' Jvd1a requirtd (' pti fonnlt .elsii wbkrei . jdml.tu aiwrmidi VirCinl,:"ndl'!l ti'ense th pwth of tha laral City, ewrji coviu n tna ttortn tn I'oiomac. u Xa bt atrp. t pd 'of it. art)j4ns..lanJ ctctj? eillam of tht kiwi . rl C . 4'- 4'- M.l . .W hdjtn this flagrant abose ef Ibe publie cofift.' dene. .". , - vt t: I ..M...L'' J .'L I.. .1 . Jil ...I nita.iua covu oe suxbunuatta t --" --" --" TOR Trie HEGlSTEtf. JWK, Ed tat.:' ' ni R'waRes of As Blocav-maleTa Blocav-maleTa Blocav-maleTa nave been. Jor considerable titpe i'.J 17. ! 7 i "omtd bn thia rate of t "FSZSl SlTaW 213 cents a-day..j.nd a-day..j.nd a-day..j.nd Ui contracts wares, : itui me en (he uoblic ortr.t here. anil Actually given t such Jnurnevtntfn, at wtMild nriXted tn.U'ashinrton city, of 3 dollars 7d -Jaa?e -Jaa?e for the trade . n II . : i lee... a i i . i in uuiinrs ana nny cenu.N.aay many torn, and ton few are left of this city, and penal Jjs roajr m bicurred by tailuifs m contracts, ' '.; . , r. j ; mocks-readv mocks-readv mocks-readv made UcJuilhiK the)- the)- t.Hee matcrnlK,:C4.uld be eHvrrU -at -at tht .dtjiJaf v nigun tor less money tbanH now mui r wages only to mutte them at pliicC :1 his is economy, with t vengeance..-iiui vengeance..-iiui vengeance..-iiui Mr. lefter son Bjust believe as blockheads indeed to bear Extract ef a lertrr from a eV tespectaUc'liouM at Livemorl.datfd 57'S Mt. 1804.- 1804.- . '. 'It is said that eur cover ninent' have It ln- ln- coritenrplatinix to make some importsnt altera4 - tiona in tne V-ofn V-ofn V-ofn Laws, wjtn a View to aasist the landed interest of :tbeoUntryr which' has suiisrra extremely, trom the continued depre uatiow, in tlie prices' of train. ' Out lnf6rHa tion comes from a ouirfer. hicbj inclines us to believe it correct. ' People in gtncral, know, that some Change Is likely to (akt place, but wa doubt if the particulars, we now commu-. commu-. commu-. .nicetr to you, and which you will find below have been received by lhany o'hers.' Wd dv dot voucli f r the bonnoes, ice.. Jtc being Teal-1 Teal-1 Teal-1 ty e tettea, Dut w belisve Iney will Ik, and Wheat, is already alittle more demanded, than was. , : '; " Yoa will see the danger of .sending wheat, etc to England lest tne pert etvould be shut.' Proposed table id regulate the importation and " exportation ef Grain and nourint6 Groat Britain, from and to foreign ports, ana t(v ' duties ngd bounties pa) able thereon. , '' v? . "' . IMPORTATION. Wheat, under 63 per quarter hty;h duty, ; . . , . 2 3(1 per do. - 1 Above 63s and dndcr 66i fu st low duty... .','.""'.;' ( ."..2sCd-'. ."..2sCd-'. ."..2sCd-'. .... ' Above. e6s sedond low duty . -, -, 6d Flour to be regulated by the price of Wheat. Highduty,,. , , . tisddperewt. :: rust low duty, .-' .-' .-' .. uod . ' . ' Secaud do'. . !."; V'. f JCPOftTATION. 1 s Wheat at or under 48s per qr. Bounty, isperqr, - , ., Above 48s under 52s do. t 6d Above 52s no export permitted. ' " The Philadelph'u Ciiiaelte of last" evening says... we are ttormen, tbut Col. Alunroe, at present minister to the Uwtish Couitlias bcea appointed by the president,' governor 'ct Lnui-siaua. Lnui-siaua. Lnui-siaua. . W.betlier true Or not we Cannot say '.'. ' -'" -'" ' :: From' great importations of-' of-' of-' Dollars into England from the North, aud Jro:n LiUon, as well as from tlie United States; we are told they have fallen .to fouf shillings and eight, pence sterling each, or to within about lltree and an half per cent ef their real value. ' . ; . -" -" WtLMi!fciTOir,.(N, C.)3u1yta,; ; In our last,. waspuLUJied the account of thd capture of the Schooners Johit Kllis. aud Pair American of this this port by a French pjiva-teer- pjiva-teer- pjiva-teer- pjiva-teer- By the arrival at Washington on Sunday Sunday last, of tlie firig Adventure, from Jamaica, we haverecen4 the account of the recapture .of the John Why, by the British fi igaie Vigi-Imiti' Vigi-Imiti' Vigi-Imiti' and tarried t "Jamnich. Wtj have nt understood, what the salvage will be. f'he'. Fair American was ordered by the privateer, to St. J.tgjj, where she was rfyed of part f her cargo and was then permitted to proceed, and arrived safe in Jamaica. ' Last Wednesday week, "a brig belonging to Washington, came over OccSCocU," frmo " Ja. maica,the Captain of which infoi-med infoi-med infoi-med rmr Cor-.-respondent, Cor-.-respondent, Cor-.-respondent, Cor-.-respondent, Cor-.-respondent, that he was boarded by k Fret ich privateer, and robbed of time hundred and seventy .fiye dollars.. ; .The.day after a slooj,.Hkswiie from Jamat, ca, arrived, bound' la Kf'entrni-Xhat Kf'entrni-Xhat Kf'entrni-Xhat hnd been boarded by three" French privateers, -two -two of which abused. the csptninln "a shaojefur man.' ner and kqrt hire in-iroas in-iroas in-iroas some time; tlie oZ' ther treated him politely; ' He vb Uflerwards boarded by a Brith frigate, .hid. his eol-jur eol-jur eol-jur taken frera him, md ! otherwise bidly treated. .. . - " ' . .' ,1a . ' V , - ' y Itfcasbf sugsrstedtliatfof. Burr is wait-ing wait-ing wait-ing here Tor the arrival tf seme of his body guttrds. A gentlemen from ew-Yofi ew-Yofi ew-Yofi iniorms us that three or four. Uys sine the names ef M L. Davis and Wilson were entered upon the way bill of one of the stage for FhiMdeL phia t but before the tinge started these gentle, htrn were otherwise di-posed di-posed di-posed of, aud tlie clerk j.tmn tit Bit'CnipWr, aTOnet.-,o aTOnet.-,o aTOnet.-,o a.tini."". AIm tbef .' Arr b aaiii,.: tuft ii. ! frfj. -v.. -v.. V Jia. I Atwwn. Jlri ? 1 mm i j.aib. vl. a - a .a ta. . Into Frtg TnAf Mtutf, Ainnh. Jpmntt VP. iff.. tyWlVWtfi tiki,- tiki,- fiUh'tii in Uk?. - - - - - ' " 1 1 i i i Tf rrpnri, iv . wkirtl tfiMfi rajiiV.w un, J'ltU. IMf jia cmctikmi ligj T: Z?''T -J -J m B Fjmt; rViir. fr m it tn awiwf '6Y. if of It 4:'V.erk MfO O " ve waaf viry h mv m mttm Wi WW p-trriiUhtti p-trriiUhtti p-trriiUhtti fcqae'ttd tu bii i.uulcluI im tlicvV I teadkiipe. v, ' ' r ,i v f .'i.w "v , ' . . , :'' ' ' .'. ".W. S.. SMITH. PrMMeat. IM PCPisheretrygiventhTtlmTrrtli l t-lurlii t-lurlii t-lurlii SuaiMi, Bfoktr. fcjfikn.K wm meet within Ca.wu4..nmfm ldayth3ltllv aai ft AOguu !, ffsrhwiel 8c turiri, Inn. keeptf. JnVew Art. at I Yen lock of tfiMillu. wiier lemtKt tOvidcnd oitlie eitate ami i.ff..Tt, wi U- U- mnm r,-iinuii,n,n r,-iinuii,n,n r,-iinuii,n,n and IV nc f tlie CKOlt- CKOlt- icswhw1.ue not Already invtd (he r dcV-ii; dcV-ii; dcV-ii; arc hereby .nquited ia come prcpvrd Hi 'prove the taii.c,.or tieywill heesclndet ikehenchu . t . ' JAMtS H ED DEN', ... ' K ' ', . : wosis HEDOCH, CA'4,f1ecV ' pew . k.' joly 85, 1 804. - - ; ' Ani; '.MntAni. ,. rpiJE Cepartuerahip of Coatt Vcdm'o A , and Co, it flu day dimi'tcd nt wntual ten. iin an pwriona aaving aoy fiomindi aiainU ihem ate ruLjuuHed hrHif in ihekateounu at Kei ) II. i...... .i .... . ori;i'iy, mnqt iuni uiucmcfi loiacm are froaeij. I ad iti illAkc iiavmrnr ultimif AMw ' ' 1 . ' FASQI'ALE roRtt,7' . , TSTKk VEOCflilCr, r . . . , , JOy N DONEO ANl. '" . Ans. 5 '. 1w ! y . : . . '" A TOUNO MAN wl w writes m good hind W.11K1 s jiIkc either uan HMtnrt in a store, (w irrv oilier kind of b uinei, ' WauidiiavciiaiLb-. WauidiiavciiaiLb-. WauidiiavciiaiLb-. yeetiert to to he a Hcrnlcmmi family .at StcwMd. faiimre ai 78 Grtrwi hrccl--. hrccl--. hrccl--. hrccl--. i ' ' " APcUisi,.'. " ONE HUNDRED Barrels of lArg'e "Pall . l'ipi'tar?nd tftber jood Apples, now Ci i.v oipmi.uion -lo -lo 4he Wen Indici or il.e swulitrn Sutei, rmtnnsrellly, wSn-anied wSn-anied wSn-anied ionnl Und un-. un-. un-. nw.j-a, nw.j-a, nw.j-a, ana aciimca at w-YoTk w-YoTk w-YoTk by w.tter, fteeai lic ehi, by ; ? ' - Br.NJ PilIVCF.,Fliip.hLhf. Lont-Ulnrld. Lont-Ulnrld. Lont-Ulnrld. K. B. 'Ordt rt Hiflwith Mr Arnold, it Muin. Ghi nJ Teh. fcy'ck's Bo( k-oro. k-oro. k-oro. KeW.Tork. wi'l te aiunded to.iud the ncite e. the- the- Apples made known - - . . TRANSACTIONS ,".' ' ' American Fhilotohhital Society '. - A Held at fhilatlc'nhiai far pramoting useiul knowU edse vol tithpaxt Ut-rPnie Ut-rPnie Ut-rPnie fc,3 JOcenii. .; Jial rtetioti mini fur tlt hf . ..' 1 .''.'.'"" PtTtR A. MEMEK, Anp. : " .1m .r , Ko, IC7 Fearl-itreef. Fearl-itreef. Fearl-itreef. For Sair, freight or Charter, . Thcr substantial ship WILL-JAM WILL-JAM WILL-JAM & M a k v. bor then S6Ki bar. tets; well ca'culated io stow Tuhac. en, will ttedy to receive i eaigo io few days, l .Vlil'w 1'L . J l ' it r ft , . i :t'-- :t'-- :t'-- ' ' K 73SitMie-strceL 73SitMie-strceL 73SitMie-strceL ' .' 40 pip-es pip-es pip-es 4lh trreof ftcnth rrandy. '' ' ; , ' 30 tonsSwecdi.h Iroa Jor yVaff qii Tire." " : Ane.3. nd2w The shin Gusrdian. Georbe ,rui.rnifa-will ,rui.rnifa-will ,rui.rnifa-will be 4e fed- fed- nct .io. receive xn in a few-' few-' few-' roTHct.ut of pat,aKf ippty itf . A ; - . . r 1 ... K3 HateUv-sCieeu HateUv-sCieeu HateUv-sCieeu ' - rrtf torn of Stone 8lan, on bvard iii for Mlt-tAfply Mlt-tAfply Mlt-tAfply at' above -Wanted -Wanted in Charier, A; Brituh VetMl to load af PbiUdeltdiia for Liverpool.- Liverpool.- Apply -5aitS, -5aitS, to ; ' . ' . .... 43I1.8CRTKOBKKT50S k Co. Iidy 84..- 84..- - : .. . i .'- .'- . -' -' . i'Vf DJEfiPJi, , Tlie fait kailinr tliiii Diliyenre. Sft. K, Crocker, mailer, wll ttil oa 0.f f rJ itii wind and weather per miline. h.ivina one AaH netearre n nio rof ttcijht ot a few tcat of bepyy tood'.or pastasC ap ply m fuMre at Jones-wa"" Jones-wa"" Jones-wa"" ta ..... . .. . v . rusi . at-au55;vi-r at-au55;vi-r at-au55;vi-r at-au55;vi-r at-au55;vi-r ; 'Jnlv "H . . '.Corner of Km? sud 8miih-f 8miih-f 8miih-f reet. rr Prstfht ir 'Ciarter .'' ' Titer Brig COMinV lurten Idtt'Nii. it m f onr)er rctulf tnd ready for Mji renvehieat ac- ac- caipnjnd-iUona caipnjnd-iUona caipnjnd-iUona ioepattenf ertFor irinit apply t : QX LOA'DOX, The tAift-F.r.ITA: tAift-F.r.ITA: tAift-F.r.ITA: A. W B11. lCA ' " ? ' -1 -1 ' 'Lrii'tZ m"1! jespecttd to taif wtihisr 12 willS. dTS- dTS- For ftirh't vf 100 balea Cof. ton or siawaae, having eonvcnient aeeammndaf ionv. amily to Caw. Ball on (mwJ, H New AHa"y Bason or to JAIOO inunna flwiii,v ' Joly 2 .W " ' ' 46 Sowhstrett. WAXTF.B tO CHJiiTEK. SJ rF vessels fnMW 120 to 130 v lo. Fn, LrTeli't am4y in' . LE ROV, BAYARD EM EVERS. An; p;t I - tft HtjtA ay. , . i.i. .. i,i ' 'i" " r ' ' V K . 1 yji K. ,VU. , lttl'4. in tnl. cltyV ' A''.?.f AMectl of thi NevrVdrk i 1m rn I- I- fiMs-wy fiMs-wy fiMs-wy i me uim ian:m. will toxrld nave aceay I r,, ., ,,... l.' . , ".. . , . ..... . w liui . r. n...iiiE jvrmiiFn ar JvyS 333 li . . i. of ',- ',- . - Y .V- .V- 4J 3W - 30 M AO ' 7110 t )" ' -tu V , and 1 L. biu BY ay-lers, said ibpie incm . ' sinccrs tal, nets aiw I board 01 9 33 '14 H .'Jbd; JL . mm on or . if not funliar-itKe.. ; n1 ' bout when cietn taloonj. prtuy he "hi louk(. -dofim -dofim lodte bio and . , J l vtfttl, - : ' I ' : i

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