3 aug 1804 the evening post

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3 aug 1804 the evening post - ' MM BHB'TRItK TOM f eVkrahst. In' tha taiiy...
' MM BHB'TRItK TOM f eVkrahst. In' tha taiiy part of last week, the man who -i.has -i.has covpretj our country with, mourning, Col. "' Aaron Burr- Burr- passed tl)i Kigli the state jut Jer- Jer- aeyj'-on aeyj'-on aeyj'-on his .wny to .IfyiUdelphia, where, we are infurmcd, he: has had the hardihood: to ntake W puhlic Hppi-nrance Hppi-nrance Hppi-nrance by watlti ng ' in the "..'pen stret-ts stret-ts stret-ts in the f.ice fit" day. ' From Ambo)1 ' Jie ws Cflrrif d by some fiicud to Craiibeny, and thefiec Citiiv eyed m a tiqttt'WiiggWy crossing crossing tl l)el;i ware Lambcrton fen y, to Bristol, Bristol, in lefi!i!ylvann.....Kt()i)inB ut a tavern a few mihi bey on J the Dtfln wure, he wag recognised recognised by the honest landlord, who, unapprised of the desire of conceaiuient, called htm by his proper nuntc. . Jjn this he req-jdsted req-jdsted req-jdsted the land lord no more to uiake uxe of his name while he r staid at ihe house! Thi'e things we are' enabled enabled to aUte as ttpquestionable true.'iiv couse- couse- . . qucrice of tlie corr:ctijes of the tiource from wbica we received tbt-m. tbt-m. tbt-m. How degrading , tn h majesty of our government Ui-tt Ui-tt Ui-tt its second officer shoulii thus be uuder tlic real or inncied -necessity -necessity of travelling with studied privacy through bye-roads, bye-roads, bye-roads, and in,' unusual vehicles. It becomes the man, however, who has extio-gu'uhed extio-gu'uhed extio-gu'uhed the bright consUllation of genius and -worthr -worthr himself to walk'ia darkness aud dncu-.Tity.hmanifests dncu-.Tity.hmanifests dncu-.Tity.hmanifests inwdefei-tnce inwdefei-tnce inwdefei-tnce to public c pinion and-the and-the and-the energy of the )ws. Whether the arm of justice would huve been raised to slop him in "his cour-c, cour-c, cour-c, 'we know not...Ntr know we whether any measures will be taken' to wash .out the precious bipod which stains the shores of Jersey. -The -The path oduty we ppre-hend ppre-hend ppre-hend is plain. ..It i wvil known -by -by him to w ham is entrunU-d entrunU-d entrunU-d the dignity of tha slate, aud n.to rely on general iironmcs ot official f-uthfuloess, f-uthfuloess, f-uthfuloess, he will follow ft. The honour of K W.J ck.nian'ls that iw shores should no &ger be jaade pfatca stlMUclicry tr the iu- iu- :Jb;tatstsxf;?..-Y.'4k :Jb;tatstsxf;?..-Y.'4k :Jb;tatstsxf;?..-Y.'4k r.V IViiuylvania. y

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  • 3 aug 1804 the evening post

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