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 - ig?i3aoOJ??f,Vl VOLUMECVIII.--NO. l'>....
ig?i3aoOJ??f,Vl VOLUMECVIII.--NO. l'>. ALEXANDRIA, VA., TIITRSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 17, 15)07. PRICE 2 OENTS. Habit-forming Medicines. Whitevor m:iv 1* ,1"> fact HS "' "ll!'y lainiiig lajurloua .inrr.-l.i-i ta a* road y niibliibod in aome journuls of m.r Sen of great hanali ln orousing na?M a neaaure, reaolted ln tha intalllgant i?ei.|il? aYoMlag aiirt foodsand medicinei as may ba faii ,1 of aonulnlntt-ajnlurlou* ???**; _le?ta oomplained of. J^BJj^-K_ ucisoraetuneugu.Dr.Pl'i * ol i.uffalo, N Y "tooK tiniM by tha forcijck. ia i were" and publlahed broadoast ali tho ingradlaauol whleh b.; popolar medi ,'.( ar* compoaad. Thm he hu pletaly foreai illad all harpmgcnt _,; ., U might ..ll.orv.lse b? urged hh medlclnea. bacauaa l.-y ara now ur btbow.i cwapoarrto-s. ihermore, from tho f.irinula printed on ?over, .," Vi;it thesa uicli.-'i.'-s eoutain no flconol or ither habil forming drngs. V thoi do eoatalu ati) narcortci <>r iajurluiia -. iii.-.r mgredleiits l-elng pur.-ly ? . founrj growing Iu tha - .,? i.ur American forelta aud ol il .? \ trtnea. Inalcad ol ? ?? ;i ::; "TTV"1 oort.oi.s long eontinuod, .is Iu ot* .- hlgbly objoc rum its i.-nd.-.i.-y U> produce a . ilanb. Dr. I lerce i-m i,lu)H cheraically pure. trtple-rellned glycerine, which of iuolf '?* a valuabla ramedy In many ca*ea ol chroi ;t auparioi dwni niitlfr'r.iM'iit and lt ctihanc " ' "!: UII*,,J Oolden Soal r,...-. Stone root, BlacK Cherrybarh and II rontalned ln ivery.-in all bron and lunjj affevtlon* nttended with ? ?? ^ ?''" !',".'! fr,,m the. wi '- '?<"?'" ",' ,'ni4r_J'_ Co.-. of NV .,v. cf ..-fTer ?oii Medical Collcge Pb Ia.; Scuddor.ol dncinnatl; ? ? '? "f Chicago: IU!.'. ol Chicago. aud other*, wha atand aa leadora ... their leveral icboola of oractico, the for. i '? are the rcm beat Ingredionli that Dr. I'jca could have caWn to make uu nU ia ? not bronchUl. 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Bnally T>aldre=s. so that wtth the enrie the effeel cannoi i.-maln. St>i>>? f.illiiiK luir :it onre nnd ft new th Btarta. Bold by lendlng iTTip- for p.-.inpl* Mlch. Tw<> alaea?50 cents nnd Jl.OO. E. S |Laadbaatar * 9oaa, Bpecial -ganta. Heart Strength rti-art Haanath, or n^irt Veaknaaameam Nerra PtTength. or NerveV*. I ? ft? . nol one ? lio?rt tn a hundred I*. In it aetually diaeated. It is almoal ul??ys ? .? r.;ill> li?ll at Ulllt. Tht* obieure nerve?the Cardlae, or He?rl l . . v iii-.'d.. ui.d I...;-i have, more power.mora ?tablliu ntrollinf. more govemlng ?lren|th. thnt th* Heart mnat . outinua to f?>.l. and th- stomsch aud ktdnefl aliO iiuv* tli-v jain.- controlltng nei Thla clearly explaln- wl >, bj a medlckta,Dr. Shoop's Rertoratlve lias in | for w?ak an<1 aillngHeart*. Dr.Sh.x>pl r*t*ought t)i>< .aiiM- ol all thi* painful, pali'.ia.lng. *ufl(K*t> Ing heart diftreu. Dr. Slm ???tlii* vopular prc-niptlon-la a' to tkeaa wmV and wM^tina- nerve center*. 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Baaolutions in memonain. of thank*, tribute* of respect, resolution* adopted by BOOiatiei or persona uules* of publie concern, will nly be priuted in the paper as advertiae meut*. _. [Entered at the Pcatofhoe of Alexandria, Vir ginia. a* secoud-ola** matter.1 t.i.V i i i:. i.i:i:. Next iSuurday, the lUth of January, will be the one huDdredth ainiveraary of the birth ol Geaeral Kibert IMwstri Lee. He was born at Stratford on the Potomac, in Weatmoreland ounty, the aon ot Colonel Harry Lee and ADDie Will (arter, Colonel l^c'a *econd wife. The atately bome had become Ibe property of Colonel Lee through hi* tnarriage with the datighter ol Philip Ludwell Lee in 17*2. From Thomas Lee, of the third geueration ot Lwa io Virginia, tl ii mausion had deacended to the heirs in the daya of King George II. The tradition runa that (.iueen Caroline'a admiration lor the colonial officer led her to aend a gilt of money to Thoina* I/ee for tbe construction of a manaion belitling the dignity ofthe Preaident of the Colonial Council. Colonel Henry Lee ("Light-lnrae Har? ry"), Robert'e father, waa a aon of a consinof Richard Henry Lee, theatates inan and patriot, and was a descendant from a long line oi Laaa who originally came lo Americn, abnui lt:it>t fr.mi Eeflaad SNcaring a captam * word, Henry Lee, entered the war in 17/7, and did arduoua gervice of acouting tor Waahing? ton'a army. He aoon received ttie com roandet acomrneDdation for "gallant be havior," and kept hia men at hot work in ihe day* of Brandwine aud Gerroan town. During ihe winter ol auffering at Valley Korge he was conlinually i-*tir in bringing bread and beef to the starving soldiers. Aa colonel, hewitnesaed the suneuder of Cornwallis at Yorktown, and celebrat ed hi* own victorit* by hia marriage to the beiress o! Stratford the following year. In 17!':? be entered upon three years' tenure of oflCB as Gnvernor of Virginia, and in 17!*1 be waa elected to Congreaa ofl the federalist platiorm. Colonel Lee with his family moved to Alexandria, in 1811, where the aehool* were better adapted for the education of his children. In the tronble-filled daya of 1812 he received h wound, that six yeats later restihed in hi* death, and young Robert was left in charge of hia mother, now an invalid, to whom he de votfd nitich care and attention. Tbus a man'* part iu life was aaaigned to the boy ol 8 d../?n years, whose elder brolher were awayat college and iu the navy. Al xaadria Academy furnisbed ainple insirtiction lor mind and morals, but tbe tui ulding haud of the mother was liviag shMpe to that character which Btands uurivaled lor earteatneaa aml gell-*acrilice. Tbe voung man'a heart tu.-ned toward hia father'* cailing, and it waa decidad he ahould seekadmittanceto Weat Point, where he was eurolled ln 1825. No nreach of discipline or any neglect of duty was ever cnargf d againat him dur? ing his yeara in ihe Academy. He at tained the poaitioa ol adjutant of bat taliou, ard was graduaieB aecond in his da-s. Manlinet-s, traeand noble, waa aUiupcd uj>ou tbe f. rm and face of the aecond lieutenant ol engineer* who has teutd to tbe waiting mother at the close of his four years* course. She was grsnttd only time to amile upon him with a uioiher's pride in her beat-lovtd chtld, for in July, 1*20, ahe paaaed away. On Virginin'a coaat, in the construct? ion of military defensea at Hampton Road*. waa Lienteoant Lee'* firat aer? vice rendertd to the ti -vernment. In 1831 he was married to Mary Ksndolph Custia, daughler of George Washington^ I'arke Cu?ti?, and great-graDcMaughter* <if Martha Custii, the wife of General Washington, at Arltugton, the Custis llOHl". The year of Lee'* marriage ?aw the be ginniug of tbe abolilioniat aasault under Girrkoa'l leadershtp. Mr. Cuati*, him *elt, waa a biliever in gradual emanci pation, and lelt provisionio hi* will that hi* ,*rvants ahould become freedmen a certain number ol years alter his death. Aa executor, Robert B. Lee carried out lhat provision to the letter, and in 1 363 sent three maunmitted iservanls with pasces through hi* own military linea itit'i the northern State*. I'ntil the outbreak of tbe Mexican war, in 1846, Lee passed hi* daya in tbe labors ol an army engineer. 1 ?evotion to duty waa his couspicuous characteristic. Strong atlection for hii family ahone in ill hia acts. A quiet bumor and hidden eatire gave zest and color to bis corres pondence and familiar iniercourse. l-'roni 1 SS4 to 1 Ol, as as?istant to the chiel engineer of the army, he was bugy with oflicework in Washington. During thi* period he dweil at Arlington, and hisrandacme figuredrew much attention as the gallant horst-man passed daily along Tennaylvania avenuc. In 1*^7 Lee waa placed in charge of the aoik of tmproving tbe navigation of the Misaiasippi river at St. Loui*. In the following year he was advanced to ciptain of engineere. In 1888, Le? I>ofs t'ofl.e disagree with you ! Prob*hiv it dca?! hr;i tr\ Dr, shoop's Health ( '? Health Cofrar* il a ilever combination of parched cceal, and nut*. Not a gram of real Cotlee, rememher, iu Or. Shooa'i Health OoBaa, v. t ita lavor aod tastc matches clo*ely ol.) Jav'a aud Mocha ( oftee. If vout etoiuach, tieart. or kidneva can't stand Cotlee .irink iug, try Health toflee. It ia wholesomef i.ourishing, and aatisfying. lt'? safe eyen for tbe younge?tchild. Bttfd B] B. B.B_BB beater i Sout, druggiit. was oflered a poaition a* ina'.ructor at Weat Point in the proposed wyk of building up a akilled corp* of **p ner* and miners lor tbe army. But Lee. in a couri6ous reply, begged per miaaion la leave the poaition "to abler hands" brcaueeof 'an apprehensinn of being unable tn realz* vonr expects tiona." In 1841 we lind Lee in military i-barge of New York harbor. with heac'quarteri at Fort Hamilton. There he remained until the war with Mexico in 184)6. Hi* work ther^ kept biro cotihntiously Boaa. He declinedto act aa executor ol Ile Carter tstat.e becanse lack of time would render bim "gtiilty of inj'iatice to tbe legateea," Further he said : "My pri vBfe aflairs bave suftVred ever *ince I have been in the army from the imprac ticality of my attending to them." General Meig* give* u* a glimpae ol Lee dtiri'g the engineeriug daya on the Miaaiaaippi n "a man in tbe vigor of youtht'ul atrengtb, wilh a noble and aosjf manding preaence, and an admirable, graceful and athletic figure. He was one with whom nobody ever wiahed or ventured to take a liberty, though kind and generoua to bi* aubordinates, ad mired by ail women and reapected by all men. He wai the model of a aoldier and the beau ideal of a Cbriatian man." In the 12,000 Aroericau aoldiers who gathered around tbewalled town of Vera Cruz in Marcb, 1847, waa Robert E Lee, captain of engineera, and a mem ber of Oeneral Scott'a atiff, At Arling ton be left his belored wife and aeven children with hia prayera and bleaaing*. "I therefore truat * * * that tbia ia tbe laat time I ahall be absent from you during my life." General Bcott ipoke more commend itgly of him than of any other officer, and in l86t_M Secrelary of War aa aigned bim to the poaition of superin? tendent of the Weat Toint Military Academy, where 'je discharged his dutiee with sicnal succcw. In 1 S'>.r> he waa promoted to lieuten ant colonel ol the r-^cond Cavalry and scnt to the scene of Indian Iroubles in western Texaa, where he spent aeversl years in gsrriaoo duty. That hour waa now at hand that re required Lee to resign hi* OMBBaiafiofl in the army of the I'nited Statea. His heart waa fell of love for the old I'nion, which hi* faiher bad helped lo estal.liah. He did not believe. Ib aecession as a legal method for the redreaa of griev anee*. As lo slavery, be aaid that "if be owned all Ihe negroe* in the Stuh he would gladly yield them up for th? preservation of the Cnion." He alao loved his own people and his native State, and for Virginia be was ready to sacrifice propprty and life. Franci* P. Blair, nt the aujgeation of Preeideut Lincoln, came to uTer Lee ibe command of theproposed army to invade the South. He ctndidl; but courteoualy declincd lotake any part in the invasion, but upon retkctioii later f >rwsr.led hi* rcaigiifttion to (leneral Bcott. Several daya later, ou itivitation of the Oovernor ol Virginia, he went to F.ichmond, where the convention tendered him the com miasion of commander of tbe forces of Virginia. ln l^tll he wa* ass'gned the command of the lorce* ot the ^mtherti Confederacy." On the Bjonlag of April 9, 1865, when General Lee fotind further ho? tilitie? uselees, he aaid; "Tnere is nothing left but to go to General Grant, end I n ... d rather die a thouc and dea'b-. How easily I could get rid ol this, and be at rest ! I have only to ride along the line and all will be over. But it iu our duty to live. What will become of the women and children of the aouth if we were not bere to protect them"" He arrayed himaelf in a new Confedera'.e uniform and rode to the McLean house to hund over hia army to Grant. The latter minifested no spirit of exultation When the Confederate aoldiera aaw their oeloved leader ridiug back from the place of Degotiation their griel waa uuspeakable. They balted his horae and gathered in clusters about. Tears were running down every cheek as the grira, ragged veterans came up to wring bis toand. Only sobs were heard or prayera uttered in broken aords cilling down the benedictiona of heaven upou L?e. The tears in hi* own eyes formed hi* angwer lo the agony of hi* men. He coold only aay in a tone that trembled with sorrow: "Men, we have fought tbroagh the war together. I have done tbe btst I could for you. My heart is teo full to ssy more." Arlingtou waa then held by the fed cral?, and in ihe latter part of .lune, 1865, Lee led hia family to a quiet coun? try home in Powhatan county. on tbe Jaraci river. There he busied himself in vain eflorts to collect material for a hi?t ry of his military campaign*. On Augu-t t. lK's'. (iener*! Lee wm elected pr.-aident ikf rtaahtngton College, iu Vir ^ini*. Aa the ideal hero of his people, he at rawaboat hiia th. yoimg bbbb of th. South an.l Boathaaat, Hia ability in organ i/iti< ii se.ure.1 eul*rge<l 'furaea of inatrue ti..n. aud his liatnc and fanie i.rousht iu Blfi 6ARGAINS IN RUGS AND CARPETS. itl yard Axminiiter Baga. Price gS, now. - U3 yard* Vaqaat Rug*. Pri.e | . $1.< :.>: in.xl* yard* Body Brnasel* Bug*. Price $2 '?(?, now. 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Tn l.s71 a new chartei < li-.inged the nania of the collmre to the WHslr.ngton and Lee I'liiversity, under the prarid mtj of hisnon, Oeneral G. W ( us ia Lae. On Septemher W, 1*70, Hfter ;i d .y of ?r dmiM lal>or*, he atood Ht hia tal'N God'* bUtting upon the avenlaa. bm a ayllsble fell from bil lip?, ? I he BMk into a chair. Io th* closing hours ihe spirit aa*aa< ed to viait again the fi.-ld .'f l.nttle. 11 word* ?ere: "Tell Ilill h< up"' At Imlf-pist9 ou the BOralag of " 12, 187(>, he died, and his h.slj ptacad 111 a aaaaaoVaai araeted ra tha gtaauku af tha aaUafa*eBapa). Bealaahim a?w lia tl"- ra. m*ius..! bia a ife and af his daaghtat lajaaa Croup OBB BBaflllBlj he ?topped la 20 ?la> utes. no voiniting?nothing to sickeu or dUtre** you ehlld. A iwi I, and Rafe Syrtip, c?lled I?r. Shoop'* ' rouo Cure, doe* the work aad dc** it aaiekiv. 1'r. IShoop's Croup Cure ia fnr Croup alone, re menihei. lt doea aot olalBi lo. ure u doaen ailment*. It'? for Croup. that'* nll. 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DeWitt's I.ittla Barl* Blaera, relinl pills. ReeonMBBitdad l.y W. F. Creighton k .',., IM k.ingstre*t._ FOROVTER8IXTY YEArtf. Aa Ol.D AM) W HL Tkikij Kemkuy.? afr*. Winalow'i Soothing Syrup ha* been ?aad for cver sixty **ar* by million* ol motbe- for their chUdren whiie teeinimj with perfcct auecess. It soothes the cnild. aoftens the gum?. ailaya all pain, curea *r:nd eolir and il the best renedy for Diarrho_. Il aleaaeatta the taste. Sold l.y drnggiata in *v. rv part of the world. Twecty-five eeotsa b- - Ita value ia incaleulable, Be rare Bid'aak for Mr*. Winriow'* loatl | l?Hi?k?rf'.il'?lri"^ _ FOR 8ALE -ND R ENT. _ FAnaph ?. KiK)MS, n-odern impr... price. $18 per month. W. P. WOOLI.M k CVolfcaad Boyal streeu. dacit tf_ F)H UKT.?BBICI DWELU 619 aoath l*e street. Large side and burk vard. For informaiion apply at thi* ..:'.... no?tf POUNDERH AND MACHINIHTB ,!.& H.AITCHESON, PRACTICAL MACHINI8T8 AND ENGI EB8, -Aud Builder* of fcUUUNl AND STATIONARY ENGINE* lilacksruithi.iK aad ^team Fittirg. Engi ~>:ppliea aii.t all *on lj m aaaaaotad with brioh work prvmptly ajtapatod. Hep'irin? promp1 y lioa*-. J. A H. AITCHESON. : Alexandria. Va. WM. S. MOORE KACBINIfl 1. 1 :'.<>N AND BKAH3 FOUND KR. BHIF8M1TB AND BLACK3MITB, (OI.U DOMISIOH WOKB8) South Baiafl Street : Alexandria, Va.. Wiil furuish and repair all kind* of ?a ohinery, Iron and Bra*s Castinga, VV'rought aud Cast Iron Fencea, Mill Work, Ship and Bitu-kbiinthiug, EdgeTool*. Mill Pick*. Fac Ing Hanimer*, aud all kind* of Mill Work made and repaired at the shorteat rotioe and at reaaonable price*. The highest market price pa'd for old Wrought aud Caat Iron, Braaa and CoTHaar_ Ci.arknck C. lbadbbatbb, Preaident. BDWakoh. ikadbkatbr, Vice Preaident. john lkadiibUTBB. 8ec. and Treaaurer. KHTABLI8HKD 1798. E. S. LLADBEATER & m% (iNrOBPORATKD.) Muniifacturing Phurruaciit* *nd Dealer* it PainU, (nl-.. Wmdowijlaj*, Dyeaturts,Spicea, ists' Fanry (j.x-l- and .Sprcinltie*. Im poritra of rooib Broakaa, Hair Bruabes, Per fiiriery. oiiveOil, Ac. AajBBta1 fbf J"hn Luca* A Co.'?. Tinted G!om Painta, Masury's Liquid Color* and Devoe'* ixad and Ziuc Paint*. la ahippad th. day order ia received. rnished by returu mail. Cor anea aolicited. Desirable Home For Sale. If sold this week I can aell an elejraat 8-room Bath, Pan try and keception Hall House, fine concrete cellar, furnace heat, excellent locatlon, at $4,150; easy terms. Apply at once. ROBT. ELLIOTT, Real Estate Agent, 125 S. ReyalSt. dec3l tf Kaufmann's Clothing House 402 King Street, Alexandria, Va HHHHRH MANHATTAN SHIRTS. PRICES CUT. $1.50 Manhattan Shirtscutto$1.15. Neat patterns Soft and Stiff Fancy Shirts. $2.00 Manhattan Shirts, $1.38. SHIRT SALE. We are only ailowed a limited time to sell these shirts at these cut prices. Be quick and get your pick. We are selling $1 Shirts at 69c. Sample shirts they are. 75c and 50c White Unlaundered Shirts are going at 375_c. Sizes 13 to 17. Raincoats, Suits for Man and Boy and Single Pants at Cut Prices. THE LEADER, 405 KING STREET. SHIRT WAIST SALE Ladies' Waists--39c buys 75c value; 79c buys $1-25 value; 98c buys $1 50 value; $1.39 buys $2.50 values. Children's Dresses at 19c; worth double. Gingham Aprons at 7c. We bought these goods at a sacri fice; hence bargains to you. Sale of laces and Embroideries. THIS IS NOT rce ol ihe (cntifcisnti in llieaix Jtya a-alkiu^ BUab l -I.! m i Squire Girden, New York.?Tbia ia a womao irooiog? that ia, ahe iairooiog when ahe ia not running to aml from u i etore chaDgiog irooa?but moat of ber time ia st^ot dotog ;li latter. Electric Flat Irona eliasinate the "walking match."--They i <,iickly, and atay hot, aod maintain ao eren temperature all the time? no fire to keep going when the iron ia not io uae. Alexandria Electric C?., ."?4>. KING JiTRKKT. ii ?Jfc__F^J? The Goodioe Co., Bell 'Phone 207. Cor. Pitt and King Sts. Lrion Brand Shirts. Oiily a small lot of these goods in broken sizes and s^yles. This is the besl: $1.00 Shirt on the market today. Come early and get YOURCHOICE FOR 59c. Puredark BUCK W'HEAT KI.Ol'K, utv crop. jn*t received by J.C.llILBtJRN HW EET CIDEB, ju*t receired by J. C. MILBCEN. Be carwful of that cwigh. lt i* iiaos;fr?iia lo ueirlsot it. K*-tt*r get a 25c bottlt- ?f* rHERBY COUGB Gf'RE. 8w window. K. I. l.EADBEATF.R k V tB S

Clipped from
  1. Alexandria Gazette,
  2. 17 Jan 1907, Thu,
  3. Page 1

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