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train robbery - TKAIN EOBBEKY. t-Ye'a t-Ye'a t-Ye'a en tho...
TKAIN EOBBEKY. t-Ye'a t-Ye'a t-Ye'a en tho Trail of Euncli the CpritInTa-ding CpritInTa-ding CpritInTa-ding Eia Lair . -on -on Honey ; Island, -. -. , Points fa the History of a Remarkable Han, -t -t of an Alleged female Ac cessory . and- and- EecoTery of $1300 cf the Spoil j Leon Founds E maadtd as an Attotsor7, ; tolOo'cloek last ni g ht bo news of the t of tne train sobber, K. Jr. Bench. bea received at tb office of Far-c Far-c Far-c Boylan'n police, though his arrest doubtless been effected by that , ss three of the .firm's operators . ilia city on the 4 o'clock East Louis- Louis- . train to street nis capture. ;aca was or is still concealed on e island, which in past years has ! haven of refuge for desperadoes worse class. IloneT island ia ed by the forks of Pearl river, some s above ream cod. ana is aoout a miles lona. and from six to eight , wide, ueing suujeot to overaow the river the isiana is uninnab ad is wilderuefts iu which this dev ceer, wild turkeys, . pantners, who, cat, etc.. nn moles tea stave 1 wnen . some -ror -ror party of hunters invades this i0ry m search of bis garnet In the or of the islands are .numerous i or plus, tne crests oi wnieb are i s hign vveier marar. ana on a lew -lese -lese are built small nuts for the ao- ao- uodation of raftsmen or loggers in . summer tune, but which in tho -rare -rare uninhabited. , a man versed in the intricacies of island it wonld bo a very easy r to avoid pursuit should he bo aed to become a lugitive, while, if . armed and auppliea with ammunt-, ammunt-, ammunt-, ni disposed to turn at bay. a bold such as tho train robber is known '., would hare very little difticulty . 'postog of a dozen men, bo they i with any kind of weapons. : a number of detectives are l in the vicinity of Bunch's sup. l tetreat. and as soon as his act shouts are known these, will bo a traced and will set out ia search a and effect his capture. :oagb tall and lank and toap-ico toap-ico toap-ico ungainly. Bunch is said to be aed of great strength and to be as i as one of the panthers whose be is supposed to have invaded, i said to be armed with Win-r Win-r Win-r repeater and two new Colt's a acting revolvers, all of which he how to handle remarkably well use with great accuracy, i by no means the country yank lie detectives suppose him to be, i a well educated, well traveled acd wntes-a- wntes-a- wntes-a- wntes-a- very fine hand. lie native of Noiubee county. Miss.. iJ a brother and three sisters, all am died within the past ten years sumption. He enlisted when tho rote ont in a Mississippi regiment, a account of. his height, strength oaring was made color bearer. ' lie wounded twice, once In tho head ice in the body. -a -a peace was declared tho Bunch j removed to Tangipahoa parish '"cured a piece of ground just i the Tangipahoa river, east of i City. Tho family were highly :td and respected and Bunch, the ; train robber of late days, be-a be-a be-a school teacher. , Among his pu-wss pu-wss pu-wss Founds, vbo thns became ae-ted ae-ted ae-ted with him and which aoquaint-caaaed aoquaint-caaaed aoquaint-caaaed hint the trouble he is now i 1S73 Bnnch, who was known as tin Bnnch, left his home and went sas. Ho married a young lady, din-cnter din-cnter din-cnter of highly respectable pa living in East Feliciana, but ho 4 to be sucn a worthless man that vit him and they have amco been reed. j ..... -vain -vain Bunch lived in Gainesville, .a county, Tex., and in course of i was elected county clerk. While ryisg this position he is said to committed forgery falsifying 'y bonds and being detected had ire bis home to avoid arrest. a na t k.Ml 9 him 1-tnnAt, 1-tnnAt, 1-tnnAt, wll. - an namea liurreii or narrows ed a train in Arkansas, and bothi arrested. Bunen made a partial saion of the crime, and in eonsid-.oa eonsid-.oa eonsid-.oa of this the Southern Express pany, who was the principal suf-r suf-r suf-r from the depredations of the era, consented so his being ad-ed ad-ed ad-ed to bail and in fact became bis Wnen the case came up for 1 Bunch did not appear and! Pinker-s Pinker-s Pinker-s force, after making an effort to 1 turn, abandoned the search. ;e next heard of Bunch was in s. Tex., where he was ia eomrnu--:ioa eomrnu--:ioa eomrnu--:ioa eomrnu--:ioa with parties in Nashville, a.. Cincinnati. Ohio. Louisville, , Fort Worth, and other towns in a. and also with a number of men a the law said were at onetime ala. He was in Dallas during -ontbs -ontbs of May and June last, and i a letter found in Pounds' posses-ciated posses-ciated posses-ciated Dallas. Jnne S. and signed - aocn. it appears tnat be then con-i con-i con-i the idea of changing bis name t Captain Bnnch to Captain J. H. ' 1. for he wrote that he would in i Pounds when Captain Gerald, the i he assumed, wonld leave there ew Orleans. . uila m 'iVxaa Captain Bunch be-s be-s be-s acqaainted, at Tyler, with a grsaa mown as Mrs. Ellis.' and who i.a infatuated with , him. - Mrs . it is alleged, was a Mrs. Little-' Little-' Little-' ibe alleged wife of a rich dealer in I tnt from whom she was separated vurcd. Bhe was a medium-sized, medium-sized, medium-sized, tlooitlnj woman, not uy any what tne world would call a T yet as subsequent events proved, tmly attractive to enlist more a passing thought from the gal- gal- captain. , They linked their ea,' and December - last the T couple came to New Orleans, i did not remain long and aha ae-i ae-i ae-i the name of llze. Gerald, so when ' if-atyled if-atyled if-atyled ' Captain Gerald came Jane or July last he found his i wife ready to receive him. f were not long in the city before ecame object of snspicion to the ivea, who from their actions sur-1 sur-1 sur-1 'Qat they were counterfeiters or i in "shoving the queer," the Mi rase, used to designate passers Jterfoit money. Captain Gerald ntly absented himself from the a he geueraliy went olf eitner on "'he.stern or East Louisiana U was frequently observed X around the depots or barrooms -.tie -.tie towns along the line of the stern Railway and sometimes 1 residing, in the city Ponnda Ptaln Bunch and his wife sev- sev- : and on the Wednesday night. ' tna i robbery of the express oar 4 at Bunch's house and the latter i ?43 from him. - Bunch, or 2:nt have left the eltr the same ( x went out on the Northeastern r the next morning an explo-' explo-' explo-' "me kind was thrown on the 1 express csr and a large hole 1 ia it. Lowrv, the same mea-a mea-a mea-a ou the following Saturday aa robbed between Derby's S stations, declared that the d nsed was dynamite, but no 'ioa was made and no effort to "ie ' perpetrator of the outrage 1 bad any auspicion that rob-' rob-' rob-' las object of the parties who Tn or placed tbe explosive ou I the ear. Bunch or Gerald did 1 to tne city and his move-3 move-3 move-3 not known, but on Satur-'"Z, Satur-'"Z, Satur-'"Z, Nov. 3, the train was ' - -ready -ready fully described. wry, the express messenger, 1 sage-master sage-master sage-master who were in 3 a description of the robber at once jumped to tbe con-i con-i con-i te mau whom they had suspected of being a counterfeiter was in reality the daring robber, and tbe bouse in which tbey bad resided was placed nndsr surveillance. Mrs. Gerald, on tbe morning of tbe robbery, sent three trunks away by tne East Louisiana Hail way to Covington, La., and the fallowing morning, Sunday, Sunday, she also left and- and- went to Covington, Covington, the pursuit bv tbe police having not, op to that, time, been tborooghly organized. . About 24 miles from Covington, accessible accessible only on foot, on horseback or by vehicle, is tbe country home of J. Leon Pounds, where resides hi wife, and family. On reaching Covington. Mrs. Gerald hired a conveyance and started for this point. - Pounds was well aware that the marriage marriage ceremony had not been performed between Captain Bnnch, alias Gerald, and the alleged Mrs. Gerald, yet he received received her under his own roof, and then she was joined by tbe train robber, ber supposed hnsband. The fact that they were not hnsband and wife soon became gosam in Pounds' family, and on last Saturday Saturday morning he brongbt her back to- to- Covington in bis conveyance, and sbortly after his ' arrival he was arrested, arrested, as published in the Picayune yesterday morning. . . Colonel Bovlan, his efficient superintendent, superintendent, Mr. Traoy. and Chief of Police Dave Hennessy determined to arrest the woman at all hazards, and maintained a strict surveillance on all incoming trains. At 6:3! o'clock yesterday- yesterday- yesterday- morning their officers were rewarded, rewarded, for Mrs. Gerald was a pns'encer on the Northeastern train, and two large and heavy trunks constituted her bsgesee. while she carried a small satchel on her arm. One of tbe officers stepped np to the woman, and in a very polite manner and low tone of voice, rea nested the pleasure of ber company to tne agency's urhee. at tbe corner of Gravier and St. Charles streets. Mrs. Gerald betrayed no signs of fear or excitement, and in an equally low tone of voice and polite manner, accepted the escort of - tbe officer, who. by the way. was attired in civilion dress. Her trunks were sent to tbe office of Chief Hennessy. On reaching Colonel Boylan's office Mrs. Gerald was subjected to a most neia cross-examination. cross-examination. cross-examination. wnen nad she seen Bunch lastf Where f etc., to au oz wmon sne gave eitner evasive replies replies or such, as were sunsequently ascertained, ascertained, . as were not in accordance with the truth. She had not seen Bunch since the Thursday prior to the robbery, she said. On being asked how mncn money sbe bad witn ner. sbe answered answered 841 11. and offering ber satchel for examination that amount was found in it, as well as a very vioions looking "Png" revolver, a 44-oaliber 44-oaliber 44-oaliber weapon, with every chamber loaded. She stated that she had borrowed the money from Pounds, and explained that after leav ing mm last eatardav sue bad taken np her quarters in the liiggs House in Cov ington. The officers were no satisfied with her explanations and informed her that she would be soarcned by a female, and tbat her trunks were then at me office of the chief of police and tbat they wonld also be searchek. At this infor mation tbe woman winced and finally produced $63 more, which she bad sewed into tbe lining of ner dress, bue was then condnoted to tbe central police station where sbe was subjected to a very rigid examination, but no more money was found on her person. In tbe meantime Colonel Byrne, special special officer of tbe United States Express Company, and Superintendent Walker. of the Baltimore and Ohio Express Company, at Chattanooga, wno were in the city, were sent for and the trunks were opened in their presence. In one was found a lot of elegant ladies' wear velvet sacqnes. Greases, etc., and some clothing for males an overooat, shirts, etc In handling a velvet sacque Colonel Byrne felt a wad in the collar, and on ripping it open $200 in money was taken out. - Mrs. Geralathen confessed that Boroh had given her 130. and had told her to go on to Texas and wait there until she heard from him. She also acknowledged acknowledged ' having seen him at Pound's house, but did, not know hie present wbereabonts. She indicated to the officers in which articles of clothing tbe remaining $900 was concealed, and sewed in tbeliniug of the bosoms of ber shirts, in the collar of ber overcoat, eta., in all nine articles of clothing the $1300 was recovered. -Tne -Tne other trunk was then opened and the stolen bonds, which were in a package package marked $25,000. and which tbe roS- roS- ber supposed doubtless contained tbat am in money, was zonna. ine re roaming $0020 which constituted the booty of Captain Gerald or Bunch doubtless still remains In his possession in the cane brakes of Honey island. This money, according to Pounds' statement, was wrapped no in an oil cloth coat and tied np with a shawl strap when he saw it in .Bunch's possession. possession. A revolver, a Smitb & Wesson Wesson 88-caliber, 88-caliber, 88-caliber, and two small cotton satchels, made to carry cartridges, were also found in the tiunc as wellasapack- wellasapack- ageof dynamite oartndges which leads to tbe belier tnat it waa one ox toe same kind with which Bunch had sought to blow the roof off of the express car three days prior to the robbery. ibe cartridges were fitted witn time inses. and Bunch bad doubtless placed one of them on the too of tbe express car. and had lighted it, but the explosive did not have the effect he anticipated. The trunks . were large, new Sarra-togas, Sarra-togas, Sarra-togas, which, with two large grip sacks, which constituted Mrs. Gerald's baggage, baggage, were thoroughly searched, bat nothing eiseof import to the officers was found. . ' ' - .Mrs. Gerald was locked np In Captain Henderson's private office and Officer Paul Beroie left to guard her. Instruc tions were issned not to admit anyone into the room, even tbe detectives being being excluded. Tbe woman refused to eat all day, and appeared determined to suicide by starvation; but at night the cravings of nature overcame her ...AltiHiin iinl ah a ntntl riAf niinnar and ate it with a keen relish. Sbe is said to have been a variety actress in former days. . Pounds' statement relative to unncn wxh to the effect that on Wednesday last be met him in tbe woods with tbe bundle of money, as above described, under his arm. Bunch admitted having robbed the express ear, bat claimed that The proceeds only amonntea to &hjw. He said he was hungry and tired and craved food and shelter. Pounds gave bini food, bringing it to Bunch in the woods, but denied that be had entered his house. Laat Sunday a messenger on norse- norse- back was sent by Bunch to an attorney in Tangipahoa parish, the man having ridden 00 milea between daylight and dark to accomplish his errand. a Yesterday Yesterday afternoon the attorney left the city. by tbe East Louisiana Railroad and expected to communicate with Bnnch if he was not arrested before he reached him. ' i a i A large quantity of letters directed to Bunch in Texas have been. recovered as well as several excellent "photo-srapba "photo-srapba "photo-srapba of the train robber taken in different different positions and aiii'erent snits of clothing on. These pictures are In the bands of the detectives and copies will be made to-day to-day to-day and sent to every portion portion of the United States unless he should be captured. 2 . - Yesterday morning Pounds was arraigned arraigned before United States Commissioner Commissioner Wrieht and was remanded in. de fault of $20,000 bonds. He was represented represented by J. A. Reed, Esq., a prominent attorney of tbe , iionaa parisoes. Pnnnrtivlll In a- a- fit fiava obtain the required amount of bail, as he is well known In ot. lam many, wasmoKtuu and Tangipahoa parishes, and will have little difficulty in making a bond. When last seen Bunch wore a mustache mustache and goatee, and was dressed as aesribea yesterday morning. u a most desperate man, and unless taken nnawares, will give the officers in pur-snit pur-snit pur-snit of him considerable trouble, if be does not beat them off, even If they should appear in force. Christian Woman's Kxchaage will open aU departments Thanksgiving day. It ts reported at Louisville tnat Richard Tan Broock, tne well-known well-known well-known tarliuan. la privately privately reported demented at leoio park, in CaUIoroia. He waa born in KblueUfCU. N. Y.. became famous ric owner of Lex-tuflull. Lex-tuflull. Lex-tuflull.

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 13 Nov 1888, Tue,
  3. Page 3

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