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 - THE PHILPOTT KILLING. Meantime another feud had...
THE PHILPOTT KILLING. Meantime another feud had broken cut. On Jan. 1. IStO. J, C. Philpott was' killed by Aaron Morris, unIl then his friend. In falling falling Philpott killed Green Bundy, Morris's father-in-law. father-in-law. father-in-law. father-in-law. father-in-law. The Philpotts are an Influential Influential family, and the Morrises belang to the Griffin family, also influential. Morris was tried in Manchester and sentenced to twenty-one twenty-one twenty-one twenty-one years" imprisonment. He was te-i te-i te-i leased after a year's Imprisonment by the action of the Court of Appeals in granting a new trial that resulted in his acquittal. Keturnlnar to his home, a few miio. tmm Manchester, in JJune last, he was with a V.-",01 V.-",01 V.-",01 . rniipotts wnen Ueputv Sheriff O. V . Thacker met the party on the road and served a; legal paper on Robert Philpotts. The wagons halted to prepare a necessary bond. Aaron Morris, "Green Harvey, and Hugh Griffin arrived on horseback, guns were produced, and presently Morris and Hugh and Harry Griffin were rled m.i only two, of eight combatants escaped In-. In-. In-. Jury. ! i The Philpotts were arrested, and acquitted acquitted on the ground of self-defense. self-defense. self-defense. Dep uty nenn- nenn- "inaclcer. the only -witness, -witness, and james smitn, nis Drotner-ln-la Drotner-ln-la Drotner-ln-la Drotner-ln-la Drotner-ln-la w. were ambushed ambushed near the original battleground on Sept. 4 and shot, Thacker being killed. Smith feigned death and escaped. "Ed" and Floyd Chadwell were arrested, and are now In Manchester Jail awaiting trial for participation in this murder. " Jim " and " Sol " Griffin were arrested later for participation participation In the killing and brought under military guard and in a covered wagon from Barbourville, to be placed In the little Jail, where with the Chadwell boys they are awaiting ball or trial. Gov. Bradley ordered the troops out to convoy the prisoners, prisoners, and the escort arrived In Manchester one Sunday afternoon, to find the hamlet of 20 persons as calm as a church. I have told this story, which is not new, for the benefit of those who have hitherto escaped or avoided It. It is repeated because because of the revelation It affords of characteristics characteristics and conditions. Students of the people and their derivation hesitate to attribute attribute the tendency to feuds to Scotch-Irish, Scotch-Irish, Scotch-Irish, German, or Irish ancestors. J. Stoddard Stoddard Johnson, who Is quoted as an authority, authority, says t Is not a legacv from progenitors so much as It lsj a deterioration the result of environment. '. It is easy to accept this theory. Isolation, the barrier of a long and bad road between the Clay County centre and a better civilization, is a very apparent disadvantage to the people. Ignorance, attributable attributable In part to the Indifference to education education of ; men and women who come, of a line of unlearned ancestors, with superstition and prejudice as a matter of course, is in part attributable to the wretchedly Inadequate Inadequate school facilities. Whisky not the seasoned product consumed in more accessible accessible places, but the raw product of private and illicit stills is the deadly stimulant that arouses all the commonly dormant evil propensities. (

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 03 Dec 1899, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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