The History of the Kreider Clan: 22 May 1919; columes 3 & 4

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The History of the Kreider Clan:  22 May 1919; columes 3 & 4 - d*]phi*. Sept. It, 1736, and went to In...
d*]phi*. Sept. It, 1736, and went to In Heidelberg township, Jactfb I Coneatoga, Lancaster, the home of j Croyder, received a warrant for 100 j Jacob, who came to America about j acres, May 30, 1749. jli'J2.- Martin and his three sons; First of all. perhaps, we had bet- I raa> have .only came jver on a visit j ter identify these people. The trm- ar.d gon« back to Kurope again for dition seems to be practically unani- aught the writer know*. We are ! mous that two brothers came to our retty sure that none of them ever present Lebanon county. Who can doubt that the John and the Jacob above are The two brothers. They came to Lebanon county. Smith, the Mennonite historian, j sayp that. Jacub Kreidur oamc into ] received tlieir land warrants on the I the Conestoga settlement about 1715 jsame day for land in the same town- I o- 1717. Certain it <>; that he-wasjship and for pretty nearly the same ja taxable when Conestoga township amounts. was formed in 1718. It is not un- The tradition is that when' they ] likely that Martin was a brother of I came up over the South Mountain I Jufob. i to their .land that they brought an The Pequea colony of Mennonites : ax along, nnd cut off the "sprouts" was the first colony of whites to set- as they came through the woods. tie in Lancaster county. On October 10. 1710. the men or some of the men received a warrant for 10,000 making a sort of path, so they could find their way back and through the primeval forest. forth They acres of land", north of Pequea Creek can)e to the Snitz Creek, and the in what is now Lancaster county. | lands they took . up extended to I The names of the warrantees are: jUeorge Steitz's out lots of Lebanon, John Rudolph Bundely, Martin Ken- j We hare already stated that we dig. Jacob Muller. Hans Graff. Hans Herr; Christian Herr. Martin Ober- believe that, the Jacob who came to Lebanon township was the Jacob holts, Hans Funk. Michael Ober- ! w 'ho bought land later forming a holtz. and Weyndel Bowman, "Swit- j P»rt of the southern end of the town xers. lately arrived in the province." ; of.Lancaster. The Lancaster county Martin Kendig the next year brought 'historian states that all of the old a goodly number of his MenuonSto ! Pioneer settlers of the Pequea col- , brethren. By 1715 the founders of| *r,H v, 0 ,^ m o i ,. K ir -A «» n d " p name- Jacob Kreider I j j .' j j • I settlement, Ja^ob Hnstetter. .Inrob . more, of our Lebanon "ounty!as one of them, had disd by 1750. families had arrived. During the | Perhaps the historian was saying next two years were added either "wo than he could prove. But this from Europe or the G.vmaiitown I Jacob had died before 3750. and his _ . ' ... • _1 ... It T- ? J 1 1 .. | : Kreider; Hans Graff. Benedictus Veneric.K? Jacob Roehm, Hanrf Faber. Theodorus E-by. Heinrich Zimmerman Zimmerman and others. widow. Mary Kreider, had remarried remarried by I7ol. As to RPV. Isaac Kreider's claim that John Jacob Kreider. son of (Martin, who . arrived • in 1732, was In March, 1730, James Hamilton [one who settled on Snitz Creek, wo laid out the town of Lancaster a county s< l at for the new o.ounty, have to say: His John Jacob was born in 171 r ) and died in 1779. We formed only the year previous. Tli» know that the Jacob who settled on town was laid out'two miles oquare: Sni'z Creek died before 1751. So anr ] the main street? were* Ijiifi out I John -Jacob could not have, been the north and 1 south, and east and w«=st. j Jacob: Could he have been the The survey had been made by John ;John? Jone? Feb. 2(5,' 172ft. Thn land I The John who came to Snitz owners on the. plot were 'ho follo-.v- i Creek in 1741 took up ?00 acres of ing-: to the north John Funk -"now" j land, rather a nig slice for a. young Michael Moyer. Roody Mover and man of 2fi: yet it might have been. Henry Funk: to the east was Toris And the next year John took up 200 Eby, and to the south wore Micha-1 'acres more. Rut John, who took up Bachman, "now" John M.oyer. Rey-Uhe 'and on Snitz Creek had a son nold Young. Jacob Gritor (Kreider) j Jacob, likply not his oldest son. who ------ * — 1--~ ---- - ----- j — -r_i_.. ^. and Jacob Hostetter. We are told that the Brnhakers, ***?• " ewh '>Y™ cr - "^ * nd Burkholder settled alons LitUe Con- and some of their land ran to th^ town. Shank and Bare were in the southern part, of the town. In the same year (1717) Hostetter and Greider took up several hundred hundred acres adjoining Shank and Bare. See .History of Lancaster County by Kills and-Evans, p. 3 60. It is said that many of these parties parties neglected to take out patents for their land, "a fact discovered by James Hamilton, who afterward took advantage of the to n ' s profit." Whether Jacob Krei- der lost nis lands in this way m Lan' caster .city we know not. but wo regard regard him as the Jacob Croyder who received a warrant June 3, 1741. for 250 acres of land in Lebanon township township and who was father to four Kreider brothers who settled alorg i he Snitz Creek." But more of t.his later: we must not get out- of Lancaster Lancaster county too quickly. , In Conestoga • in 1724-2,1 wer*. Jacob Greider. doubtless the one already already mentioned. John Greider and Greider. These may all have been brothers. Tradition there were four brothers. The other then likely was Martin, who Rev. Kreider says came in 1736. Rev. Kreider says Michael came Aug. 11, 1732. but records indicate that he was here already in 1724. Perhaps he went home on a visit and persuaded persuaded Martin to come, returning in 1732. Henry Kreider. 013 Chestnut Chestnut street, aged SO years, says his father used to say there were six Kreiders that, came over. Michael Greider purchased 250 acres at the mouth or Conestoga •Creek, on the Manor side. One of his sons moved to Chike's Creek, at John Moore's mill. The descendants descendants of Michael Greider are said to be numerous and to be scattered over Lancaster and adjoining coun- * c i 1-^mivjO.o Lt^i a u u CLU. juiui j_i*i i-u u n~ ties . We have not as vet placed our hand" on any in Lebanon county. Safe Harbor is built upon the .Michael .Michael Greider tract, at the mouth of Conestoga Creek.' By 1751 we are told that every one of the early Swiss Mennonite settlers who came before 1720 had gone to his long home. Jacob Greider Greider is mentioned among these. Among males between 16 and 50 years in Lancaster county in 1776 were Jacob Greider. Martin Greider. Michael Greider. Henry Greider. Hans Greider and Jacob Greider. Lebanon, township in 1776 was yet, in Lancaster county and nearly all in the above may have belonged to our county. We had Kreiders by all of the names here. Jacob Hostetter who came to Conestoga Conestoga in 1717 with Jacob Greider. Jacob's great-grnndson. John S. Kreider. of Snitz Creek, says he understands understands died aged SO years. Jacob made his will in 1S05. There is an old tombstone in the Laudermilch farm cemetery with "J. —!— K. May 31. 1729, SI years." A man born in 1729 and dying aged SI years, would have died in 1810'-. just about the. time that Jacob did die. This is no doubt the grave of Jacob Kreider. Kreider. the son of John the settler. Now Rev, Isaac's John Jacob, son of Martin, Martin, was born fn 17in. Would you expect him to have a son born in , 1729. and that one likely 'not. the ; oldest of several children? John, j the settler on Snitz Creek, was surely surely an older man than Rev. Isaac's ! John Jacob, which s?id John Jacob ! we say without hesitation never i settled, on the Snitz Creek. If the i John who settled on Suit.z Creek ! RPV. Ispac's John Jarob. son ' of Martin.- then the two who settled ! on Snitz Creek, Jacob and John, wprr. not brothers, as the traditions say. We,know it. is a serious mat- • ter to contradict a descendant and • an aged one and one so conscien- j tious as a minister of the Gospel, which, however, is our calling also, but the facts we have in hand we ; believe justify us. But Rev. Isaac i is against family tradition, and in I error on other points, as we shall j show later. \ The Family of Jacob the Settler \ Perhaps the best way to take hold I of this subject is to quote some, old ! j legal papers: "Whereas Jacob Cryter, late of the county of Lancaster. "Yeoman. Dyed Intestate, possessed of a real and personal Estate and left Isaac behind him Eight Sons, to wit. John. Christian. Francis, Martin, Tobias, George, Henry and Jacob Oryter. j \ ! | | ; j i | j ! I t ! j j and one daughter, which' sd. Francis to wit, Ann — marryed Mary Tollinger and he is now dead and the sd. Mary, his widow is now mar- > | ryed to. George Moss (Meiss).—And also Mary his Widow, and ftelict ' And Whereas Letters of Administration Administration of all and singular the Goods ]] and Chattels, Riglits and Credits of the said Intestate was Granted and the said Mary the Widow, who is now marryed to Henry Saunders. NOW KNOW all men by these pres- \\ ents that We, the said Henry Saun- i ders and Mary his wife in Consider- i| atlon 01 the Sura of Two Hundred and forty pounds and fifteen shil-'| lings t.o us paid (or cause to be paid") at or before the Execution hereof the Receipt arid payment whereof we do hereby acknowledge. Have and each of us Hath Granted. Remised, released and confirmed, and by these ;] presents^ Do and each of us Doth Grant, Remise. Release and Confirm unto the said John Cryter, Christian II Cryter. Martin Cryter. Tobias Cry-i had a daughter Margaret who mar-I ler - George Crytor. Henry Crytor. j | Jacob Cryror. George Moss and Mary and Ann Cryter. all our ried a Greider. We have now said something, not i very much, about the Kreiders in land! each of our Estate. Right. Title. M Lancaster county. You will now j property, claim and Demand ; permit us to pass over South Moun- ever of. In and to all or any the Real ! tain and hunt up the lands on which land personal Estate whatsoever of! the early Kreiders settled within our own present county of Lebanon. Krcirler SoMlers in Lebanon Township Township We say township, for that was Jacob Cryter. d(?c'd; and) all our pnrt and Share thereof and ; thereto TO HAVE AXD TO HOLD! the same unto the said John Crytor. ,' Christian Crytor. Martin Crytor, To- jj bias Crytor. George Crytor. Henry al! there was of it in those days, i Crytor. Jacob Crytor. George Moss i j There was no Lebanon county till! :| nd Mary his wife and Ann Crytor. ISIS. Lebanon township covered a ! !ieir Heirs. Executors. Adms. and Surge part ^>f the ground. [Assigns. To and for their only prop-• Wo find that the following Kroi-i pr Tse and Renr-fit forever. IN WIT- d«r? ;it .in early day received from ] N'ESS whereof We have hereunto set . thf> T'enns warrants for land in Lob- i °" r Hand and Seal the second Day annn township: Jacob Croyder. -.1741. Jarob ("roydpr. 2"iO acres Juno •: ' 1741. ' j, John Croyter. 200 acres. Auc "S i 1742. • • - - i John Creyte'r. 100 acre?, June 1' 17M. . ' Francif- Kryter, SO acres. April 4 17--.iV Mary Kryt«>T. 2f*0 acres, June IS. iof October one Thousand Seven 00 acres. June ' Hundred and rtftv-one. HEINRICH SANDER. The'mark of Iohl ? 175S. Kreiter - ; 0 acres, Oct. IS, MARY SAUNDEK. ?raled and Dplivered in fhe presence of ns. . CHAS. MORSE. JACOB ROEHM. Henry founders fhe i«Tot« namp Xander 1 " rerpiv^d a warrant for ISO acre? of land in Lebanon Mftrrh ;o. 1J43 nr 44: and t is also likely the Henry Sanders

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  • The History of the Kreider Clan: 22 May 1919; columes 3 & 4

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