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lashes_truman - THURSDAY, JANUARY 17, 195? THE EVENING two of...
THURSDAY, JANUARY 17, 195? THE EVENING two of enjoined his he- on Speaker Lashes Truman, Marshall, V. S. Policy Dr. J.-inics K. Eyre, jr, Far Eastern expert, figuratively stripped the hide from the Truman administration and its foreign policy in his capsuled summation of his hook "The Rooseyelt-MacArthur Conflict" Wednesday at a joint luncheon meeting of the Massillon Kiwanis and Optimist ultiijii in the YWCA. The .speaker, who was the only ' '; :C/,\_L..I yiivucr of former Prcs-j talitarian country is taken over by idonl Sergio O.smcna of the Philip-[a dictator. From his personal ex- pines from 1944 to 1946, prefaced ::is talk wit.i the warning that it was not his P ul 'P° s e to antagon- i/e anyone with his remarks — and then proceeded to do his best to perionce, he said so many left- wingers and frustrated jconserva- tives have infiltrated into the book publishing business that he had extreme difficulty in putting his book antagonize the Democratic party on the market, and its associates. "You can't print a book today * * * (Which criticizes RooseveJt," .he "UPON .MY return from the Or- opined, "although F.D.R. is more lent in l.'MC," Dr. Eyre said, "I fell America had gone far toward .sell destruction. In a large measure this has been due to the fraudulent, blundering leadership in foreign affairs by the unfor- lu'uif.e man in the White Mouse." "As for nur breach with (he Far responsible lor American's present position than any other human, dead or alive." It was Roosevelt, believes Dr. Eyre, who began our present foreign affairs predicament, about which the U.S. "is being fed the biggest line of baloney in history." East, it has been heavily contribut-j It" was Roosevelt, he continued, cd Id by the failure of both Frank- [who passed on his quarrel with I'm Iluuscvelt and Harry Truman | Mat-Arthur to Truman, who was '.D heal the (juarrcl with General' already a bitter man when he •r>'u;]as MiicArthur," he added. ; found he wasn't big enough for the Dr. Eyre said the United States ..... ;:as been taken over by faulty leadership much the same as any to- job of president. * * * ROOSEVELT'S FIGHT with j MacArthur dates back to the days I of iiataan when the president fail- icd to heed the general's frantic ! pleas for arms aid and even "trick- I ed" him off Corregidor with the I promise of a large command in Australia, which was non-existent. That led to some heated messages ; from MacArthur to Roosevelt, "some of the holiest commuriica- lions ever received by a president." When Truman succeeded Roosevelt, Dr. Eyre said, MacArthur had already vowed to "get the scalp" of Roosevelt, Gen. George C. Marshall and ( the Democratic party in general. Truman inherited the MacArthur problem and he, too, failed to find a solution. When Marshall,-for whom the speaker said "I have no respect," was named as head of the defense department over MacArlhur, the fight was in the open. Truman cast aside all, pretense of getting along with the general and set out to fire him. Earlier, in 1946, he had sent an F.B.I, committee to the Philippines to make a detailed report on that country from 1942 on, a report with which Dr. Eyre' became fanr iliar through his connections with President Osmena. '•When Truman got that report, he found that he had been handed a 'hot potato' and he has never published it up to now," revealed the speaker. * * * "I HAVE no dcubt that Truman would have fired MacArthur in the, spring of 1946, if he' had felt he had sufficient political power,' Dr. Eyre said. "Marshall," said (he speaker, "served as a flunky and hatchet man for Truman and when he had done his job of hring MacArthur, hastily retired. H is HO wonder he has stated that he will never write his personal memnh's." Dr. Eyre concluded his half-hour talk with the .hope that "before 1952 is over, the American people will ha^ve the sense t.o extricate their feet from liie mud of Mis,- souri and out themselves on a good! concietc toundation". The late John Barrymore was on..- ... iicv.^apc'r cartoonist before he became an actor. - •

Clipped from
  1. The Evening Independent,
  2. 17 Jan 1952, Thu,
  3. Page 14

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