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Galambos - " G Q U RT CA LENDARS FEDERAL COURTS. jasreaa...
" G Q U RT CA LENDARS FEDERAL COURTS. jasreaa Crt ( tlx Called tUlM, WASMIXOTOrt. Mwck 14 -034 -034 Charte T. rfcTT. reivr. va. fidelity w4 i iMoait n.olny "-Arromeot "-Arromeot "-Arromeot eanrjodad. jWlntarop A. Ctaoltr vs. Otto Kaiser. Cgrtro: iar.-Arni.-S. iar.-Arni.-S. iar.-Arni.-S. iar.-Arni.-S. iar.-Arni.-S. I L-t-o L-t-o L-t-o L-t-o L-t-o Iron Mining Company vs. D, -t- -t- -t- A Klbb. Arxuad. MMlin, Rurllngtoa Qula7 Railroad Ceffar v. tVJgar C. Wtillama Argument aJA . 2ST. 2J. Sol. I Cla4er low Friday, Mareh 18. CXtTEO KTATKM CIRCUIT COT7RT OT AT-JEAL1 AT-JEAL1 AT-JEAL1 Wsllar, Utnmb Towneend. and Com. JJ Or" at 14:30 A. M. Is Bonra 124, ' P'1 Offle lluiidlng. 218 Brrtet-Fumaeete. Brrtet-Fumaeete. Brrtet-Fumaeete. ei7Mlchael- ei7Mlchael- One 24 Haill-N Haill-N Haill-N T 4k Texas II Co, 24 E'My-Tug E'My-Tug E'My-Tug Vlr.lefta. 340 ru4ln -Crvua -Crvua A H C J McCaffrey. tierg ssa M XT Tat ft "Pawn Mr Co-Alicr Co-Alicr Co-Alicr Mo-Nat Mo-Nat Mo-Nat Caan K.. . Co4robM. JU Hat AW of Hallway Foetal. vo-coA. vo-coA. vo-coA. J7J Matter of Latiso. EMTED UTATICH CUlCCTT COTJRT UratnM, 1 y.ti In Hoom 124, l"ot Office building, i X P it. '. Adjourned oaa . 1 eimpiex (Me, fte. Co-Leonard. Co-Leonard. Co-Leonard. 3 Bowaar-Halght Bowaar-Halght Bowaar-Halght ft yreeae 0. 3 Marquia-Hawraly. Marquia-Hawraly. Marquia-Hawraly. 4-Hmth. 4-Hmth. 4-Hmth. 6oft-Ivl. 6oft-Ivl. 6oft-Ivl. 8 L Bdrrwood, fte, (V-L (V-L (V-L C Smith, AC Co. Noticed caae, Heabury ft Joba. sun-Johnenn sun-Johnenn sun-Johnenn ft Jonneon. I KtefervOoldrnan ft Co. a First Nat I tank, Ao-KBllar. Ao-KBllar. Ao-KBllar. Con Rubber Tire Co-penn Co-penn Co-penn Rubber Co. 11 Nat K A 0 Co-New Co-New Co-New rof land-ftejCo. land-ftejCo. land-ftejCo. ' CKITEI.TATi:tl D18TRICT COtTRT Adam. I -opana -opana ID Hanoi 64, Office Building. S iu.)w. Admiralty. Marry j ft Held fcnarl ft Trlest. 1 - EXITED STATE DISTRICT COURT Hon gh, i Otn In Room T3, Port Offlo Building, at Jo A. M. Admiralty. 132 Pilot Asso- Asso- S Monterey. STATE COURTS. Co art of Apttaala. ALBANY. N. T., Maxes 14. Court of AP- AP- rtia calendar for to-morrow: to-morrow: to-morrow: Koa. 430, laid, UT. I I . . Appellate IM-vlaloa. IM-vlaloa. IM-vlaloa. Cavlwd,v. ALBA NT, March 14. Appellate Division, Third Lpartnnt calendar for to-morrow: to-morrow: to-morrow: 22. (L 42. JT M. V 48. 40. , gfTREME COtTRT Apyallata Tam-Ondar. Tam-Ondar. Tam-Ondar. mv. tiarla. and Hondrtek, JJ. -APPEALS -APPEALS FllOM OHDKKA OF THS CTTT . COURT. . I Milntoch va. Pullman CoroDany. Order re-eerend re-eerend re-eerend and motluai rented to the extent indicated indicated In opinion, without eoete to either party, but with dUburaemania to tb appellant. Opinion Opinion by Gll'lenleeve. 1. Byline lire win Cotnpejiy ' Adlar. Order mo-llflo'i mo-llflo'i mo-llflo'i aa Indicated In opinion, and modi. fld affirmed. Opinion by lata, J. The order a thl cae to be attled n two days' notice. Hill vs. bfuller. Ordr modified aa Indicated In oplolun, and aa modified afftraed, without coeu of thta appeal to aHber party. .Optnloa by Hcndrlck, J. . Rtll va. Muller. Appeal dlnmlaeed, with flO aoata and dlaburaamenta. Opinion by II tm-rlek, tm-rlek, tm-rlek, J. i . Thrmpenn . Totinc. Order raeeiaad and tnotlm cranUNi upon payment of ta.xa.ble ooota In the Cfiurt below, and the dlaburaementa of thta appeal only. No ooata of thla apnea! to either party. Opinion by Olldereleevo, J. Dcheuber a, Kelrhard ft Bcheuber Company. Juutcnwnt affirmed, with coata. with leave to the dfm!ant to plead over upon payment of the coata In the court below, and the ooata of itaia appeal within aU daya. No opinion. Orlffln va KLajlk. Order affirmed. With eoats. No opinion. Pleroa, ButWr ft Pierre Manufaotarlnr Cotn-peay Cotn-peay Cotn-peay va. Klclnfeld. Order modified ea Indicated Indicated la opinion, and aa modified aflrmed, without ooata In this court to either party. Opinion by llendrlck J. Rneonkrans va. Jaoobowlta. Order affirmed, with f lo ouata and dlaburaementa. No opinion. Bulllvmn va. Harney. Order affirmed, with coata. Opinion by Hendrlrk. J. MmtIII ft raker va. Woolworth.i-Orders Woolworth.i-Orders Woolworth.i-Orders of tie, ft and lit. lOOA. revereed. and order of Nov. 24. 10u4, vacated, with coata and dle-buraemanta, dle-buraemanta, dle-buraemanta, and with 410 coata on appeal to tblt court. Opinion by Hndrlk." J. APPEALS FROM JVDOMENTS OS" THB ! CITY COURT. I Boaart va. Tannenhaom. Judarnwmt raeoraed ad nw trial ordered, with coat to appellant to abide the event. Opinion by Hendrick, J. frawrtperM va. Metal Stamplna; Co. Juda ment ra-ered ra-ered ra-ered and new trial ordered, with trtai ordered, wttft ee nMimia va. I T aaa I - aa to aoaUaa ta abUe ad. Laeaaaa T ;V"B? TZZTZT rL-T rL-T rL-T W OH"- OH"- " wuh.--t wuh.--t wuh.--t wuh.--t -On-44. -On-44. -On-44. -On-44. ZXLTZZUS -rsr -rsr revarwad and aMa.i ZZZT- ZZZT- a"11" ,oomtM appe.t W miaead .itS!!?! frees Jud.Keot la. Kintal S-tt,t. S-tt,t. S-tt,t. 1ao Par curiam. H" Tho rortr-waaond rortr-waaond rortr-waaond Btreet, &. mJ2i,m JZZ2m,,te'1un raarwad and abld,at2TVwwl to appallaat to Tot-0lBk'aP' Tot-0lBk'aP' Tot-0lBk'aP' eariam. Oallaun vs. KeeUrHnai order afTh-med. afTh-med. afTh-med. WIOI costs No Opinion. acn-meu. acn-meu. acn-meu. lJZL.7ZiraT, Company vs. MoOrorty. """ ana new trial ordered, antn byialAa " ent. Opinion r- r- " Lofhowlts; Eastern Crown Realty i i ' aianoetaa; Helily vs. Hembttaer. ""iYrmJ?" "IT- "IT- No optaKma. "Huot-lond "Huot-lond "Huot-lond Company vs. L'ry Juoa- Juoa- 5V , , r1 mn4 trial ordered, with coats OI'UraTeeve. J Los wvanU Oplnloa ay f . .nw .,41 ordered, wrth euata to sppellast , 11 ,th aent, Cylnlon by Hendrick, J. reldsteln va New York City Railway Cora- Cora- t'-Jatnent t'-Jatnent t'-Jatnent ravataed and new trial er-. er-. er-. ooata to appellant to abide the Zlns Va Cltr at Nea, V.-.W V.-.W V.-.W T-X T-X T-X ... eat. vrsed and new trial ordered, with coats to lvie J th mnat- mnat- Vlnioa by roope va. Vlsorttl Jufltiuai aerinnad. arlth aoata No oplnloa. MoOill vs.. Oaranuta. J,. .. ... ..a ain1 hew trial Orderad. rtK I- I- , .-.Uen .-.Uen .-.Uen an abide the event. Oplnloa bv Hendrtok. I. t-lydo t-lydo t-lydo Realty Comnanv m x.' i, , I T,iA rmant affirmed, wltn cosu. No opinion. Couper.vs. O-NaHL-Judsment O-NaHL-Judsment O-NaHL-Judsment O-NaHL-Judsment O-NaHL-Judsment reversed and new trial ordered, artrw . i. n ta wvtoi. a-fpinion a-fpinion a-fpinion or Henanca. J. DlZOa Va Carrucci inmali n,nlual with ooata Opinion by Olldersleevo. J. ""e ve. l.uis: weaver ra Modern Fan Oom- Oom- aiaunaaaer va rearl; liar toe vs. Krim; Earl and another va Merttn. ie C". c'r'armaiatar va Nauihtoa Company. Judamaots "'if wiio costs, no opinions.. Hchwarts va. Meohanlra and Traders' Bank. Judsment reveraed and new trial ordered. wita oosta to appellant to abide the event. oplnloa by Davis, J. H4ndrtck, J.. taWiuj no part. Aioer vs. Hudson Juda-ment Juda-ment Juda-ment afflrmerL with eime. jo opinion. . , .- , Dalker va Hutchinson Judrmant affirmed. with costs. Opinion per curiam. JudcmenU affirmed, with coata No oclnlon. va. neraieev vuo(ment revemea aaa new trial ordered. wltJt aviate to annellant to yiue ine event, tpinioa Dy US Via. J. I tluau rick. J.. taklnn- taklnn- no oart. Aleaander va. Peterson. Judgment affirmed, with coata No opinion. Oraff va Slumber. Judarment reveraed and new trial Ordered, with mate to anneilLant to muipw ina event, opinion by ailderaleeve. J. oossols vs. Arch Realty and ConatrucUon umvanr. ADDeal rrom tud a-m a-m a-m ant rllamlaaea. uraer reveraed and new trial s ranted upon pay- pay- ii mi.L m am rftaia in cviurr netne ana Tiiine stipulation aa Indicated In opinion. Opinion per vunam. Flneatlna va Katar Stanton va Kieantrle Association of Firemen; Ford Motor Company Vfl Kaita, tn.1, a4M C.U w awnMw. a.i.. Life Insurance Company va Cuslck ft Ryan. Judcmenta affirmed, with coats. No opinions. Herlnc vs. Land and Mortssxa Company. Appeal dlamlseed, without coats. Opinion per curiam. Orders slimed and filed. Maillefert va. Interboroueh Rapid Transit Company. Juda-ment Juda-ment Juda-ment affirmed, with coats, with leave to appeal to the Appellate Division. No opinion, ordurs mimed and filed. Calemdar for Frtdar March 18. SUPREME COURT Appellate Drvlalon Patter. , son, r. j.; Mciausoun, rloushton. Bcott, and Lambert. JJ. Opens at 1 P. M. No day cal- cal- enoar. BUPREMB COTJRT Appellate Term For ths hearing of appeals from ths City Court and Munlcioal Court. Reneaa tUFKKME COURT Special Term Part I. Newburser. J. Opens at 10:80 A. M. Lltl- Lltl- rated motion. i Brockwsy-Horafleld. Brockwsy-Horafleld. Brockwsy-Horafleld. 2 Hardlnr-Hardinc. Hardlnr-Hardinc. Hardlnr-Hardinc. S Jaeckel-JaeckeL Jaeckel-JaeckeL Jaeckel-JaeckeL 4- 4- Maa-bchleeatetn. Maa-bchleeatetn. Maa-bchleeatetn. n Matter of Stern. V Htanclard sewing Macblne-KattelL Macblne-KattelL Macblne-KattelL 7 Pierce, Butler, ftc. Co-Htern. Co-Htern. Co-Htern. 8 Same-Cascade Same-Cascade Same-Cascade Real ty. 9 rlarae-RoeenthaJ. rlarae-RoeenthaJ. rlarae-RoeenthaJ. 10-8ame-Kleinf1eld. 10-8ame-Kleinf1eld. 10-8ame-Kleinf1eld. 10-8ame-Kleinf1eld. 10-8ame-Kleinf1eld. 11 People, ftc-Mercantlle. ftc-Mercantlle. ftc-Mercantlle. ftc, Co. 12 Chelae smiI bt nrr stw Haaaana. aVM Mntt-aaaia Mntt-aaaia Mntt-aaaia aOO M Dabers B. Q Ce, fto. R H. fi8 CojaurHawciO-N CojaurHawciO-N CojaurHawciO-N Y City rty. tu Bavetta-t-mosi Bavetta-t-mosi Bavetta-t-mosi Bavetta-t-mosi Bavetta-t-mosi iy. wi m'n-mnnT-NTUtr m'n-mnnT-NTUtr m'n-mnnT-NTUtr m'n-mnnT-NTUtr m'n-mnnT-NTUtr Ry. 61 Marin, as ma U2 V'olpt-aaaaa. V'olpt-aaaaa. V'olpt-aaaaa. LaiTrtaff-aama LaiTrtaff-aama LaiTrtaff-aama Hut beat Btunbar rach4 m reruiar call of tbla oaiatidar. 71. SUPREME COURT Trial Term Part IIL McCall. J. Opens at 10:W A. casws to ea sent tresn day calendar for trial. Calendar clear. KUPREMB COTJRT Trial Terra Part IT.-- IT.-- IT.-- Davla, J. Opens at 10 SO A. St. .sses to aw sent from day ealMdar for tnaL Caae oav. 8XPREMB COURT Trial Term Part V. Hendrick. J Opens at 10 J A- A- M. jcasea to be soot from day calendar for trial. Calendar Calendar clear. - . " SUPREME COTJRT Trial Term Part YI. Ooff. J Opens at 10 AO A. M. v Cases to ba sent from dav calendar for trial. Case on. SUPREME COTTRT Trial Term Part VTX PUtsek J. Opens at 10:3A A. M- M- Cases to ne sent rrom Cay ca la soar or truu. caianaar clear. 1UPREMH CTrTTT Trie! Term Day Calearlas, no. a To be called In Trial Term, part vm, at 10:18 A. M Cauaea on the day eaiendaf (rom Calendar No. 2 a hall be sent to Parts VI1L. LX v. XL. XII . aaa XI1L for trial. 122) Kelly-Ruse, Kelly-Ruse, Kelly-Ruse, lie Duffy - Merer. 4- 4- PraBk-Ooentats. PraBk-Ooentats. PraBk-Ooentats. 12 Toronto-WratinxTic) Toronto-WratinxTic) Toronto-WratinxTic) ue-Cbureh-Kerr ue-Cbureh-Kerr ue-Cbureh-Kerr ue-Cbureh-Kerr ue-Cbureh-Kerr Co. 1231 Doyle-Lanolo. Doyle-Lanolo. Doyle-Lanolo. V Amory-V'reeiand. Amory-V'reeiand. Amory-V'reeiand. 11XU 3tarfca-Kata 3tarfca-Kata 3tarfca-Kata U 70 beroe-earae. beroe-earae. beroe-earae. 1 17 Walker-City Walker-City Walker-City of N. Y. 1108 Neuman-N Neuman-N Neuman-N Y Even Ins Journal Pub Co. 1212 cwtrander-Oty cwtrander-Oty cwtrander-Oty of N T. 1217 Rebel-Egler. Rebel-Egler. Rebel-Egler. 1240 Mason-City Mason-City Mason-City of tt Y. 25 Crl ppe-C'Xj ppe-C'Xj ppe-C'Xj per Hewitt Elee. Co. 1106 Iurcell-Clty Iurcell-Clty Iurcell-Clty of N Y. loiti Sutherland-Bradley. Sutherland-Bradley. Sutherland-Bradley. 27 Mantel-Wood Mantel-Wood Mantel-Wood ft ellck. 1178 Darry-Clty Darry-Clty Darry-Clty of N Y. Ill-Hchulbertb-HeydL Ill-Hchulbertb-HeydL Ill-Hchulbertb-HeydL Ill-Hchulbertb-HeydL Ill-Hchulbertb-HeydL 1140 Payne-Blebrecht. Payne-Blebrecht. Payne-Blebrecht. 346 Zlecardl-N Zlecardl-N Zlecardl-N Y Con Co. 41 60 Gray-Slee-el Gray-Slee-el Gray-Slee-el Gray-Slee-el Gray-Slee-el Cooper Co. 1267 Steed-Moyhan. Steed-Moyhan. Steed-Moyhan. 12T. BV;hock-rbrTt. BV;hock-rbrTt. BV;hock-rbrTt. list Minlban-Lenahe. Minlban-Lenahe. Minlban-Lenahe. la2 Johnson-Terry Johnson-Terry Johnson-Terry ft Tench. 1163 Tamburl-N Tamburl-N Tamburl-N Y Tunnel Co. 12.16 Fortanato-Malloy. Fortanato-Malloy. Fortanato-Malloy. 1141 Mc.arry-Nortbern Mc.arry-Nortbern Mc.arry-Nortbern 9 8 Co. 1142 Harrlngton-Clty Harrlngton-Clty Harrlngton-Clty of N T. 1021 Hughes-Doegler. Hughes-Doegler. Hughes-Doegler. 1066 McLaughltn-Chllda, McLaughltn-Chllda, McLaughltn-Chllda, fto, Co. 1224 Galambos-Iniun Galambos-Iniun Galambos-Iniun Sub Conat Co. 11M-Oerber-Hlrach. 11M-Oerber-Hlrach. 11M-Oerber-Hlrach. 11M-Oerber-Hlrach. 11M-Oerber-Hlrach. in Trantaecaate-Cmnln. Trantaecaate-Cmnln. Trantaecaate-Cmnln. 1237 Kerr - Sheffield Sheffield Farms, ftc 1118 dchleld-PUKh. dchleld-PUKh. dchleld-PUKh. 1176 Kaphlo-Terrv Kaphlo-Terrv Kaphlo-Terrv ft Tench Co. 1(J8 Heets-Clty Heets-Clty Heets-Clty of N Y. 12tl8 Drake-ShtUer. Drake-ShtUer. Drake-ShtUer. 1276 Murtaugb-CampbelL Murtaugb-CampbelL Murtaugb-CampbelL 1307 Roraer-Standard. Roraer-Standard. Roraer-Standard. ftc Co. 1320 Brodaky-City Brodaky-City Brodaky-City of N Y. 1280 Olaeo-Am Olaeo-Am Olaeo-Am Bridge Co. 12V1 Petereon-City Petereon-City Petereon-City of N Y. 1292 Same-sama. Same-sama. Same-sama. 13oo Owcna-aamo. Owcna-aamo. Owcna-aamo. 1340 Car-ter-Kupfer. Car-ter-Kupfer. Car-ter-Kupfer. Car-ter-Kupfer. Car-ter-Kupfer. 1367 Mai way -Car -Car Un. 1847 Herman-J Herman-J Herman-J Newton Van Ness Co. 123 Dsonard-Keef Dsonard-Keef Dsonard-Keef rey. Highest number reached on rearular call of thin oMinn.v ir. yPRCMS COURT Trial Term-Part Term-Part Term-Part VTIL Dayton, J. Opena at 10.11 A. ML Cases to be sent from day calendar . W trial. Caae on. Sl'PKEMS - COURT-Trlal COURT-Trlal COURT-Trlal Term Part IX. Ford, J. Opens at 10:30 A. M. Cases to be aent from dav calendar foe trlel faaa oa. SUPREME COURT Trial Term Part X. GUT. J. opena at 10:30 A. M. Casea to be sea from dsv calendar for trial i. nn SUPREME COURT Trial Term Part XL- XL- Brady. J. Opena at 10:30 A. M. Cases to bo sent from day calendar for trial. Calendar clear. SUPREME COCRT-Trlal COCRT-Trlal COCRT-Trlal Term-Part Term-Part Term-Part XIX Eruce, J. Opena at 10:30 A. M. Cases to be aent from dav calendar for trial Puu an SUPREME COURT-Trlal COURT-Trlal COURT-Trlal Term Part XIIL uugro. . opens at 10:30 A. M. Caaes to be sent from day calendar for trial. Calendar clear. SUPREME COURT Trial Term Day Calendar mo. e. 10 oe caned In Trial Term. Fan XIV.. at 10:15 A, M. Cauaea on the day calendar calendar from Calendar No. 8 shall be sent to Parts JUV.. XV.. XVI., and XVII. for trial. Inquest. 1531 Caalfield-Martln. Caalfield-Martln. Caalfield-Martln. 4H5H Malra-B Malra-B Malra-B ft O R R. 1452 MUler-Oslesby. MUler-Oslesby. MUler-Oslesby. 2554 Smith Con Co-City Co-City Co-City of N Y. 788 Ructh-Sonn. Ructh-Sonn. Ructh-Sonn. 13B4 Robertson-Radford. Robertson-Radford. Robertson-Radford. 2553 Gearty-Mayor. Gearty-Mayor. Gearty-Mayor. ftc. 13bd Hlnsham-Les Hlnsham-Les Hlnsham-Les Bash Co. tM4-and tM4-and tM4-and Filtration Co-Mead. Co-Mead. Co-Mead. 659 Wrlfrht-Clty Wrlfrht-Clty Wrlfrht-Clty of N V. 880 Conroy-Long Conroy-Long Conroy-Long Acre Realty Co. 1468 Claflln Co-Mitchell. Co-Mitchell. Co-Mitchell. 1478 Gsntle-Mahoney. Gsntle-Mahoney. Gsntle-Mahoney. 147tt Appier-Inter Appier-Inter Appier-Inter Steam, fto, Co. 1484 Bldg Supply Co-Fanning. Co-Fanning. Co-Fanning. 14n Lehmaler-Standard Lehmaler-Standard Lehmaler-Standard 8 A T Co. 1413 Am H Co-Sedgwick. Co-Sedgwick. Co-Sedgwick. 1625 htalpln-Clty htalpln-Clty htalpln-Clty of N Y. . 1530 Baldwin-Appleby. Baldwin-Appleby. Baldwin-Appleby. 1537 Leonard-Hamilton. Leonard-Hamilton. Leonard-Hamilton. 2000 People. &o-Leopold. &o-Leopold. &o-Leopold. 2S7 Same-Kelly. Same-Kelly. Same-Kelly. 8001 Same- Same- Heineman. 3008 Samo-Heaiey. Samo-Heaiey. Samo-Heaiey. 8088 ame- ame- cenron Bros Co. 430 Brady-City Brady-City Brady-City of N Y. 1317-Simon-Mingle. 1317-Simon-Mingle. 1317-Simon-Mingle. 1317-Simon-Mingle. 1317-Simon-Mingle. 752 Hecht-Bk Hecht-Bk Hecht-Bk of ths Metropolis. 310 Da Boula-Dowling. Boula-Dowling. Boula-Dowling. 325 Fuller-Highland. Fuller-Highland. Fuller-Highland. Highest number reached on refcuiar can or tnis calendar. 17U8 SUPREME COURT Trial Term Part XIV. ttlancnard, J. Opens at 10:15 A. M. Cssea to re sent rrom dav calendar for trial Cab on. SUPREME COURT Trial Term Part XV. Opena at 10:30 A at. No dav calanrlar. SUPREME COURT-Trlal COURT-Trlal COURT-Trlal Terra Part XVI. Amend. J. Opena at 10:30 A. M. Cases to be s-nt s-nt s-nt from day calendar for trial. Calendar clear. SUPREME COURT-Trlal COURT-Trlal COURT-Trlal Term-Part Term-Part Term-Part XVIX Beabury. J. Opens at 10:30 A. M. Cases to be sent from day calendar for trial. Cass on. BUKROOATES" COURT Chambers Fitzgerald, 8. Held In Room 4. He" of Records Building, ApeJstsn for ths OwejjFiynn. R-"o Fraagioee, Nardallo. Btahm. PbiUg-olt . rJa,, Joha-aon. S Bernard Wacbea-Jtarff. 10 Lewis. 13 aivator tyiyrrm ti-KEMB ti-KEMB ti-KEMB Kappaport vs. Eao. Hy. Ellao aL Milton iUPhiltE Realty Assn. Joh Perllteb CITY COURT vaAr-thnr D. Jacob L. Dolao va Tuck man. Refcrwea . SUPREME Stemaardt John vs. Uamache - ' name-vicar SUPREME Chlaolm Somson SUPREME Marsh WUllam SUPREME r ao Joseph Ullman. STJPREia: traa juaiciai Woodward. ated oay -oaua-war. -oaua-war. -oaua-war. -oaua-war. 861 Baxter-Connor. Baxter-Connor. 295 Wllmerdlng-Carmody. aen. zt Uiadd-H, Liamja none-tierring none-tierring BURR. 316 SUPREME ayu-ir, ayu-ir, ayu-ir, ocaiuiamii. Baronl-BaronL Baronl-BaronL Baronl-BaronL Bertram (3 Koya-James Koya-James Koya-James iraenman. uoiaatein- uoiaatein- tsrowu. new Haxen-Hoard Haxen-Hoard Bchwsrts-Pawson. Bchwsrts-Pawson. iwie-AfmnuD. iwie-AfmnuD. iwie-AfmnuD. BT.TPREME rean, j.; t-art t-art t-art ?, f8 alL J.; Part calendar. 13320 competent. Nystry-sama. Nystry-sama. Nystry-sama. -" -" voixenner,-B Rlnsr-sama 4808 4875 Austin-earns. Austin-earns. rown-XM rown-XM rown-XM 1 Foesser-Inter-orban St R 4824. 4825 4826-Gureaako-aame. 4828 neiaeenDuttei-city neiaeenDuttei-city Holbrook Cabot k. euu lama Jr. 4008 woaie-wiae. woaie-wiae. woaie-wiae. R- R- 4919 riuaowsky-B riuaowsky-B riuaowsky-B 4922 Stotsky-Levy. Stotsky-Levy. Brewery. 4W25 inews-.-M inews-.-M inews-.-M inews-.-M inews-.-M x city 4035 Rorco-Nassau Rorco-Nassau R R. 4061 4904 Cochrane-Cochran Y City R R. Jtarona-aama Jtarona-aama Jtarona-aama The following be pasaed for down for a day BURR. 4975 Culbard-B Culbard-B stein. 4982 berg-Franklin berg-Franklin berg-Franklin N Y City Ry. 4904 Qulnn-N Qulnn-N Qulnn-N sell. 4998 Bruno-Same. 6000 Y City Ry. Fettel - Rocklyn Union Bank. Kanjur-Harey. Kanjur-Harey. Kanjur-Harey. Huber-Whale Huber-Whale Huber-Whale Howl-den-Jackson. Howl-den-Jackson. Howl-den-Jackson. Churchlll-aame. Churchlll-aame. Churchlll-aame. Brealooaky-Leavy. Brealooaky-Leavy. Sub R R. 6013 Stephenson - . Pump Wks. Mil la. 6018 Va-lente-Stelnweg. Va-lente-Stelnweg. Va-lente-Stelnweg. Duffy-City Duffy-City Duffy-City of 6023 Kress-French. Kress-French. 623Basle-B. 623Basle-B. 623Basle-B. Mat-thews-N Mat-thews-N Mat-thews-N Y reached on rea-ular COUNTY COURT Fawcett, J. Courts. . . . Same-tlftman. Same-tlftman. Same-tlftman.

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  1. The New York Times,
  2. 15 Mar 1907, Fri,
  3. Page 13

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