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keverne stones - TWO CORNISH SAINTS The Legend Attached to the...
TWO CORNISH SAINTS The Legend Attached to the Three Stones of Keverne From the Pall Mall GaiUte At St Germoe s about midway between Helston and Marazloi in Cornwall there is a field that stll bears the name or did very lately of Tremen - Keverne This in the old Cornish tongue meant the three stone3 of Keverne and there were foi - merly three large stones lying here that had every appearance of having been brought from the Crowza Downs near St Keverne They consisted of the same iron gritstone that abounds on these downs but is unknown to St Germoe It is difficult to account scientifically or historically fer these stones which un happily were long ago broken up for road metal but tradition nnds no such trouble and the story of how they came here is a very curious and cfaracteristlc piece of Cornish saintlore The Cornish saints as wholly saintly the term merely slgnl fled that they lived the reiglous life as distinct from the purely seoular There is a difficulty in identifying St Keverne he was an Irishman he occupied a re llglous cell in a desolate corner of the Lizard district On one occasion he received a friendly visit from St Just of the Lands End It Is not easy to say who St Just was but some points in his character are forcibly brought home to us In the tale of this visit The story tells us that the two saints had a fine time together drinking much rich wine of out a chalice - nhicb St Just not only admired but coveted Perhaps the wine had something to do with it it Is certain that after St Just had - eft St Keverne missed his cup He searched high and low but it was not to be found There was only one solution - - SCjIust musthave lifted it Indignation boiled in the veins ot St Keverne to think that his friendwhom he had entertained so royally should have served him so and ha at once started off in pursuit His course took htm across the Crowza stones that lay about with a view lo future ise As these pebbles each weighed several hundredweight it is clear that Keverne was a giant according to the standard of our decadent days In Corn wall tales of giants and saints are often woven together Presently Keverne came in sight of St Just tolling on ahead of I him with speed yet with an air of being absorbed In devotional exercises Theljng pursuing saint called on the other to stop but St Just either did not or would not hear and Keverne thought well to use stronger Inducements He threw one of his stones with such good aim that St Just thought It wle to use discretion made the best of his way to his own parish without waiting to discuss matters with his angry pursuer - But St Keverne was not satisfied till he had discharged Ms remaining stones after which gathering up his cup with angry feelings still unquenohed he returned sadder if not wiser For many centuries the - stones lay where were men ana women 01 ordinary nesnjthey ftid fallen a permanent witness to and blood They were never represented fhe truth of the storv There was a superstition that they could not be re placed during the night When wanted for road mending however the super - but whoever he was - and most probably jstitlon had to be broken with the stones It is clear that St Just had given the other saint a good run but tradition does j not say wnat further dealings tney naa together i Naturally our sympathies go with St Keverne and though the humor of the position may not fail to strike us it seems that his friend got off rather too lightly AUNTS TO BE EEP0EMED Abuses of the French Government Pawn - i Shops - to Be Corrected Paris Correspondence Jondon Chronica A measure of reform is to he applied to the - venerable Institution the Mont de as JAunf s Since lis reestabllshment under the first Napoleon many abuses have grown udI Downs and he picked up a few ot the around It What the Jn3or borrowers And moved but If taken away by day were re - j Pletemore familiarly known to Parisian

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  1. The Washington Post,
  2. 30 Aug 1908, Sun,
  3. Page 13

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