10 Jan 1822 Maryland Ga...Intelligencer (Annapolis Mayland) Mr.Frazer reporting favorably on petition of A. Ross

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, . - 1 ; dual, with ai roocb, unconcern ma ti.aiBe reoce as if he were relating some trivial Incident, Incident, sipnlar to'soch as daily occur," it would preclude lilm from attaining to omi. nence as a orator; How was it with Demosthenes Demosthenes and Cicero? We derive our information information from en unquestionable source, that the great. Latin orator considerably, impaired hi health, by the vehemence of geticla'f"n with which be was, accustom - ' ed to deliver his, orations I, however, do not recommend tbat - . vehemence in an orator should be carried to tbe extent so as to jeopardise his health, since the preserve - , tion of such blessing should be paramount toevery worldly consideration - but the oj her extreme is tho wful rock against which 1 wish not the enuneiatot to split. It is furthermore observed by the - author a - bove mentioned, that the Greoiarf orator was . equally celebrated for this rhetorical quality. '' ; :" ' - ':. . ''' ' "' . An antagonist of Demosthenes, who owing owing to that orator was banish sd Athens, while reading theoration which occasioned his exile, and which he elicited" from his friends their admiration, emild not retrain aying;.lf, my friends, you are so much affected by thevmere perusal of this oration, how infinitely more would your sensibilities sensibilities have been wrought upon, had yoo actually actually heard him dai t - ng forth the thnnder of bis eloquence, Which made the walls re verberaie with the sound thereof, as does the ambient air "with the trumpet's clangour clangour and the cannon's roar," j 1 How lifelen a figure, in com parison - to men of such renown, does art orator ofjen make at the American bar Wliile holding erect his head w;th the utmost serenity, he ' runs his hands inlo his pocket as far as he can thrust them, or examines wittv great attention piece of paper on . which there A writer of no. little celebrity, remarks. In speaking of British eloc ition, that "one may see many a skilful rhe orician, turning his hat in histiand, moulding it into a va riety of shapes, examining sometimes the lining, and then again the button, during the whole progress ot his harranguc, A man deprived ofthe faculty of hearing, would entertain the impression - he was cheapening a beaver, when perhaps he was canvassing the late of the nation." The author above alluded to, proceeds to relate an anecdote, which affords a salu tary hint io clients, not to meddle with or nierropt council while arguing in their behalt, since they are in consequence there of, liable to lose their Cause He, as nearly as 1 can recollect, i litis expresses himself A counsellor at Westminster Hall, who when pleading a cause, invariably had a piece of pack thread in his hand, which he was in the habit ot twisting about a tuumo or finger, all tbe time he was speaking; and which the merry wights ol that day, called the thread of his discourse, since he was, whe.i deprived of it, unable to utter a syllable. One of his clients, who unfortu nately for him, was more facetious than wise, stole it from him in the height of his argument, but he had better bave let it alone, for by the jest he lost his cause.'.' The aforegoing remarks are designed to have a tendency to induce those who are desirous of excelling'. in oratory, to attend to those qualifications, wtiich are requisite to perfect them in (his science. An orator should, .in order to attain to eminence in his avocation, pay particular attention to his diction, since it is an ingredient ingredient of the greatest importance in knead ing the composition' of en .orator, for, should the orator be deficient in this essen tial, he can never elevate himself on the pinnacle nf glory, which is io the orator a more lolly, elevation, than "huge U read - en's stormy summit. - , Though a graceful posture of thebody, &.c. are indispensable in an orator, yet when these are combined with language embodying all that words can, when linked together in harmonious concert, convey, the dominion of oratory remains undisput ed - ' Having mentioned that an orator should not neglect his diction, ft now devolves on me to designate the species "of langnago most su tahle . lor an orator. It should be recollected that an orator is not to declaim when he is litigating a point of Jaw, though we wi'l allow him the liberty, should he perceive his auditors to become restless after after he has taxed their patience by a dry and prosing argument, in which he has in - tei noved those term denominated lechni - cal and which arj commonly used1 rrr forensic giadiation, to regale his hearers by stepping aside to cull from the garden of science, a fi finer or two of rhetoric, so that they may be the belter prepared, in conse - qnence of being thus regaled, to attend to Ins speech. '. . . , . . ' In arguing a point of law, too great in - diligence mint not be permitted the. orator in interweaving in his address a multiplici - - ly ol metaphorical allusions, since instead of producing unless, when aptly intro. dured, conviction, frequently have a contrary contrary effect. So that the orator must warily warily employ those weapons, that may, instead of proving a means of defence, turn out to be weapons or defeat, words no formidable weapons when judiciously brandished. Those rnissiles are calculated, when wield ed, by one skilled in wordy tactics, to do wonderful execution and words and ac tions, when marshalled in hostile array, carry the heart by storm. It is true that the speaker, with a' view to accomplish this, must conformably to the instructions of Hamlet', "adapt the action to the word, and t'le word to the action. . fTo be resumed.) '.IBSTltJICT Of ihe Proceedings rf the Legislature. rnusr. ut ULLttiai bS, v Wednesday, Jan 2. - A petition from Elizabeth Poe, for re muneration for forage furnished by her deceased deceased husband during the revolutionary war. From Henry Kemp, guardian of Virginia Virginia and Corbin Baker, for permission to import certain slaves. From Verlinda Unmpton lor support, from Marsbim Parker of Calvert lo he compensated for a nezro man sentenced to be hanged. Mr. Foiwood repnrts'onfavonrab'y on the petition of the president of the Baltimore and Havre - de - Grace turnpike road cora - sny. - ' ' ' J Mr Forw'ood reports favonrahly on the petition of William Michael, of llar.'ord. ' ' Mr. Orrick reports a supplement to the act to authorise the levy mm of Baltimore county .to borrow money for completing the bridle ovrr the fcreai fells of gunpowder, at Meieiiahr,fd. . .. , Mr. A. Spsnce report a bill for tbe benefit benefit of Levin Porter of Worcester. - ' Mr. A. Spenee reports bill for tha rrlurf of Henry TroiU'cf Worcester. - - Mr, Fraz.'er repotta. fav'ouraLV, petition of Abraham ltns. , . 'ir. vraig ODiainea leave lo rtj to regulate Ihe inspection of fulled . JHr.'. yanneu ooiaioea leave to supplement to the act for dtstribui ree s c h o pi f it d V' 0 V v . . TU ... 1 i .1 .1. 1 i t ! ' , (, iij.u.niimiiv mini act 0 lottery to raise a som 'of money chuch for the use of the Lutherans Presbyterians at Allguiers the your of George Hosselbock, end plcment to the act relating fees, were severally passed and senate. ". . r. ",:'..,''''j'. J - '. ' M r. Snowden reporta a bill fr, the election dblricU in Baltimore . Mr, Kennedy reports anact to prevent tlie.owners of .female reclaiming, them and their. having permitted such slaves to men and to live with them as free j'Mr. Kentiedy rsports rurtheT ment to the act lor amending and into system the laws - and regulations cernirig last will and testaments, Mr; Carroll repotU favourably tit i on of Jehu Chandler." V., ' The clerk nf the senate return, favour of Joseph' Chain, passed, ' Mr - Barney reports a bill for Michael If Ford, of the city of Mr. Forwood reports a bill Ui in Harford, Vr . , f Mr. King reports' a bill to pay uf the judges of the orphans Somerset.", - . ' Mr. Kennedy reports bill U rate the Jefferson Associalionof i Mr Kemp reports a bill to German Reformed Church in Middle to raise a sum of money by lottery fray the expeiices in part of same. - ' ', '.'''... - . - v', . Mr.'Bruce reports a bill levy court of Frederick to raise money to build a bridge over Creek. '; ",' - . '; ',; .. Mr. Canncll report a supplement act for the distribu ion of the Mr. Moffett obtained leave io bill lo relieve as far as practicable niary embarrassment of the people statt, and to provide for the acoior ana creditor, . ,. T - hOrsday, Jan. 3. A petition from sundry Washington Ibra bridge over Beaver From Margaret Du vail of Anrte - support. From Basil Spalding that a dfeed may be confirmed F. Ward of SCMary's for a divorce. Christopher Hughes, of the city more for permission to erect houses for the inspection Df Mr. Barney reports a bill for Peter Ulrick, ."'."',' .'' s: Mr Loockerman reports a bill sale ofthe real estate of Mark of Queen Anne's, and supplement act to provide for the appointment commissioners for tUe regulation and improvement of Easton. - . '"':'?. The bill to incorporate the James academy and tchool In county; the resolution in favour Catharine Kilty; a supplementtotheacttoaUer . t. J. f - I..'.. . I 1 1 uv. uiuuv vi repairing &iie puonc Garonne, reported by Mr. me Din to cnange (lie election in Krederielc rountv. - wnr Atf.ralltf and sent to the senate. , , J j r i ne cieric ot tne senate retu - ns authorise the levy court of Talbot a som of money, passed. The bill of Wm. Kenoe, reiected; and the the revaluation tot the real and nmn.rf in f - aln..! ' ....J ...2 . U ments, which were concurred in h juse. ", - , - ; - .''". 1 . On motion by Mr. Allen, tbe orders were read. . - Urdcred mat - bet to draft and introduce a bill entitled of which shall be as follows: That iff acting as such shall after the the said act; serve any execution Judgment rendered by a Justice Peace for or under the amount of dollars, that no sheriff shall violate the ions of the said act under the ' dollars, recoverabloin manner as the said committee mav'devise: Ordered that - be a to dra't and introduce a bill entitled to prevent oppression in the service cutions, the provisions of which follows. That no cleric or Justice Peace, shall serve any Execution directed so to do, by the plaintiff son ally or by writing, or by his at Law. And that no clerk or J.he Pence shall violate the provisions said act under such penalty and ble in such manner as the said mavdevisr. . ' ' Mr. Btuce obtained leave to report to appoint an examiner for the and Eastern shores Te speaker laid before the house munication from the clerk of the relative to the public arms, sod number of justices ofthe peace now in sion. I - 1 oru this it appears tbat longs to the state 23,c3r mnskels, 1,405 pistols, 2,1 swords &. 39 It likewise appears that the whole of justices of the peace at this time mission, is 1.S26 - - Mr. JPigman obtained leave to bill for quieting possession?,' enrolling conveyances, and securing the estates purchasers, y: ; - ' !' - " The amendment! proposed by ro the hill for appointing a printer slate, were assented to. - - ' ,. - - " The bouse according to the order day, proceeded to the consideration bill for tbe appointment of - an general, and after considerable debate adjourned. . V - Friday. Jan "4.'7 ;, Mr. Orrick reports a bill to make Mr. Kennedy handed to the chair lowing report, accompanied , by a the improvement of the Navigation Sosquehanna ' - '." - 4 " The committee on 'Internal to whom was referred the the citizens of Baltimore, reiaueg improvement of the river beg leave to report . Tbat from the importance of the and from the particular aid asked for HiMMAai;.!. Ik. iM wAnrA so separate, report, in order that the be early poasessed of tnesuejecu i mittee would think it seperfluoe macb on the importaef e ef the trade Susouehmna. R is sotlicient to the very peculiar geographies! this river, with respect to the slate

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  • — 10 Jan 1822 Maryland Ga...Intelligencer (Annapolis Mayland) Mr.Frazer reporting favorably on petition of A. Ross

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