19 oct 1772 the penn packet

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19 oct 1772 the penn packet - We hear the dwelling - houfe of John Mayer....
We hear the dwelling - houfe of John Mayer. Efq; of Belfaft divifion, is levelled with the ground, and in his lady and children's flight to the houfe of Jofeph Wick - ham, Efq; his infant daughter's leg was broke. We are told the King's Hofpitat at Englifh - harbour was blown to the ground, whereby ten patients and their nurfe perifhed ; the town hofpital of St. John is blown to the ground, whereby one patient, a blind man, loft his life, and others much bruifed, but we do not hear of any other lives being loft. One Dr. Montgomery we . hear loft his life, being knocked on the head by a beam of the houfe as he was attempting his efcape, as alfo one Mr Philpot who is faid to be a manager on Gunthbrpe's efh was panick ftruck, and died of the fright. In fliort the time would fail me to tell of private fufterings ot people drove trom their habitations with ladies and their infants in their arms, going from door to door leeking (hciter, but none to take them in. This dreadful itorm continued without abating'any thing of its fury till near fun down on Monday evening, all which time people in geneial were Jecuring their doors and windows, ftill expecting, a. return of the hurricane. hurricane. The dwelling - houfe of Alexander Willock, on his eitate called the Folly, is blown to the ground ; take the whole ifland in grots,' not one houfe in ten is faid to be ftanding, but all are materially damaged, our canes that were in plants are torn up by the roots, fo that God only knows what our miferies will terminate in. The mi (cries of this ifland by the permiffion of providence by fire, drought, and tempeft, sre paft all defcription. His Majeity's - barracks' here are greatly damaged, his Excellency Excellency General Payne's lofs at Ciarke's - Hill, it is faid will amount to near 1500I. fterling. When this Gazette went to prefs, we had not learnt one third of the damage done by this lamentable Jtorm. We are juft informed, that the houfe and works of Chri - ftopher Hodges, Efq; in Popefliead, are deftroyed, r.nd moft of his mules and cattle ki lied. The leat of the Hon. William Warner, Efq; deceafed, at Stony Hill, now the refidence of the Hon. Thomas Warner, Efq, has fu tiered much damage. Sept. 9. Wesare daily receiving from all parts of the country the moft melancholy accounts of the terribl effects effects of the late hurricane on Monday the laft of Auguft, and of the moft pitiable fcenesof family diftjefs. Mr. George White, mentioned in our laft, whefe wife loft her - life feW - ie falling of the houfe on Den - ning's Hill, died ct the fracture and bruifes he received in the fame horrid fcene in two days after, by which means three helplefs children are become orphans. He is moft juftly lamented by all his acquaintances on account account of the many amiable qualifications he pofl'efled. From Leeward, we hear of terrible havock, with ma ny lives loft, in St. Chriitophers, St. Euftatia, St. Vincents, Dominica, Sec. in fome of which places there is, to augment the fcene of horror, a dreadful fcarcityof provifions. A veffel arrived from North - America this week with corn, the whole cargo was fold at 15 s. per burtiel. - We hear that a brig is drove on (here at Bermuda, and by the violence of the tempeft is quite inverted. No foul was found on board her ; fome women's apparel was found in her, mark'd M. - - - - - R N C E T O N. ON Monday, the 28th tilt, the grammar - fchool, at Naflau - Hall, was examined; and the fcholars acquitted acquitted themfelves greatly to the latisfacTion of the Gentlemen Gentlemen who were pleafed to attend. . The fenior claf, ten in number, were admitted into the frefhman clafs in the college. In the evening, this clafs performed a dramatic dramatic piece in Latin, before a numerous and learned audience. audience. ' On Tuefday, the 19th, voluntary competitions for premiums among the ltudents of the college, in feyeral branches of learning, were attended, in the public library library by a very refrecTable number of gentlemen of letters, and graduates trom different colleges. Seven judges were elected to decide in each competition. In " reading Englith," the higheft premium was adjudged adjudged to Belcher - Peartree Smith, from Elizabeth Town, New - Jerfey, of the junior clafs ; the next to John Bayard Bayard Rogers, from Nsw - York of the Frefhman ; the third to John Smith, from Pennfylvania, of the junior. In " reading Latin and Greek," the fii ft premium was adjudged to Samuel Waugh, from Pennlylvania ; the le - cond to John Witherfpoon, of Princeton $ the third to John Smith ; all of the junior clafs. In 44 tranflating from En;difli into Latin," the firft to Samuel Waugh 5 the fecond to Ifaac Keith ; the third - to Daniel Martin ; the two latter from Pennfylvania, and of the frefhman clafs. In " fpeaking Latin," the firft to Ifaac Keith ; the feconrl to John Blair, from Uliter county, New - York ; the third to Charles Lee, ..from. Virginia ; all of the Frelhman clafs. In " pronouncing piecel from the ftage," the higheft premium was adjudged to Jonathan Mafon, from Bolton, Bolton, New - England, of the tophemore clafs; the next to Belcher - Peartree Smith ; the third to Charles Lee. Mr. Thomas Kittera, of Lancafter county, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, was pleafed liberally to prefent two premiums, of confiderable valut, confined to the frefhman dais; the firft to he given to the boy who fhould difcover the beft acquaintance with Latin Grammar," the fecond fecond to " tl e btft fchclar in Englifli Grammar." Tiie firft was adjudged to Ifaac Keith ; the fecond to William Claypole, from Philadelphia. On Wednefday, the 30th, the anniverfary com - niencementof the college was held in the town - church. At 10 o'clock, : tlie aifembly being feated, the Prefi - dent introduced the bufinefs of the day with prayer; after after which Mr. Gricr delivered a falutatory oration, " De UiiUlaieScientiarum excolendarum" Mr. Fithian then fupported this thefi?, " Political jealoufy is a laudable paluon ;" and was oppofed by Mr. Alexander. .To this fucceeded an oration oh " Caftle - biiilding," pronounced by Mr. Burr. The next exercife was a difpute upon this propofition, " A mixed monarchy is the beft form of government j' Mr. Hunter defended it, and Mr. Luckey oppofed him. An oration on paffive obedience and nori - refinance," refinance," refinance," delivered by Mr. Reefe, concluded the buiinetic of the forenoon. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, when the afiembly were again leated, Mr. Linn delivered an oration on " Inde - pendance of fpirit." The following thefis was then maintained by Mr. Fin - ley ; ' Amor pairia tion debet virtus kabcr i, niji ad bene - cvuientiam erga unrverjbs referatur ; " and oppofed by Mr. Keith. After this a dialogue on " the proper employment of the time of youth," compofed by a graduate of the college, college, was fp ken by Mtflieurs Evans, Finley and Hodge. The next in order was an oration on the advantages advantages cf political liberty," pronounced by Mr. Eckley. iVir. Burnet, a. candidate for the fecond degree in the. arts, then delivered an oration on . ;" the principles of criticifin and Udle ;" and Mr. Davenport, another candidate candidate for the lecond degree, an oration on the Influence Influence which iucceio has in fixing the general eitimation ot tiie merit ot net ions." Tne Prtfident then conferred the degree of B. A. oil "the following young gentlemen, Alumni of the college 5 Ifaac Alexander, Moles Allen, Robert Archibald, William William Bradford, Auurew Biyan, Aaron Burr, John De - bowe, Jokph Eckley, Ilrael Evais, Ebcnezer Finley, Philip t ithian, James Gricr, Andrew Hodge, Andrew Hunter, Robert Keith, William Linn, William Smirli Livingiion, George Luckey, Samuel Alaccorkle, John MaciiiilUn, Oliver Reefe, James Templeton. ; And the degree of M. A. 011 the following gentlemen, gentlemen, Alumni of the college; John Beatty, Matthias Burnet, John Davenport, James Linn, Tnomas Melville, Melville, Samuel Smith, William Wilcocks. Archibald Gamble, B. A. of Philadelphia - college, was admitted adeundem in this college. John Hotchkifs, M. A. of Yale - College, adeundem. Andrew Oliver, E;'q; M. A. of Harvard - college, ad eundem in this college. The Rev. Thomas Reidj of Newark, B. A. at Philadelphia - collegej to the degree of M. A. in this college. ' David Rittenhoufe, M. A. at Philadelphia - college, ad eundem in this college. ' . The Rev. Henry Hunter, of London, M. A. to the degree of Do6tor in divinity. The Rev. John Adam, of Greenoch, in North - Britain, Britain, Britain, M. A. to the degree of Doctor in divinity. Mr. Bradford then pronounced a valedictory oration, on u the disadvantages or' an unequal difti itution of property in a ltate ;" and the Piefident concluded the whole with prayer. ' he exercife?, both in the forenoon and afternoon, weie preceded and clofed with vocal mufuk, by a felect vnumbrr of the fludents. 1 he afl'emldy was numerous, learned and polite, confining confining of perfons of rank and fortune from almoft all, even the moft dilrant provinces on the continent; and who wiil doubtlels do real juftice to the merit of the fpeakcrs, and the prefent ltate ot the college. DOUGLAS, HERON, and C o. t H AVE imported in the Mary and Elizabeth, Capf Sparks, from London, and the St. Andrew, Capt. Ritchie, from Glafgow, a neit Aflbrtment of GOODS, iuitnblcto the feafon, which they will fell at their Store in Chefinut - ftrect, between Front and Second ftreets, very very reafonable, for Caih or fhort Credit. Ureji Nezv - Jerjej, Glcucejler, Oel. ic, 1772. PUBLIC NOTICK is hereby given to the Creditors Creditors of JOHN FORREST, jun. now confined confined in the county goal of Glouceftcr, that purfuant to an infolvent act of this province, the Court have appointed appointed the nth day of November next, for the creditors of the faid John Forreft, to fliew caufe, if any thev have, why sn nflignment cf his cftate and effects fliould not be then made, and his body difcharged from confinement. TO" BE SOLD TO ANY EMPLOY, rrn HE Time of a SERVANT MA N, who J has three years and an half to ferve : He is very ftrcng and healthy and acquainted witii country bufmefs, driving a carriage, taking care of or breaking horfes, or waiting on a Gentleman, or in a family. Enquire Enquire .of the Printer;

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