"Movietown Plays Spy Game to Make Hitler Mustache Bristle" The Ogden Standard Examiner, Ogden, Utah, Tuesday, January 31, 1939, p. 10.

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 - Movietown Plays Spy Game Hitler Mustache...
Movietown Plays Spy Game Hitler Mustache Bristle Vs NEA Service Staff HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 31 -- Leon Turrou, the mail who knows more than anybody, probably, about foreign foreign espionage in this country, has come to movietown to help the Brothers Warner put some of his facts and experiences into celluloid. celluloid. The picture, which is arousing interest and speculation because it may draw some heavy repercussions repercussions from abroad, is "Confessions of a Nazi Spy." Turrou is the former G-man who did most of the work in rounding up the German operatives who were convicted in New York recently. recently. The Real Lowdown The studio's announced intention is to make this almost wholly a factual picture. Movies were made in the courtroom, and these will be cut into the feature, along with some verbatim remarks of the jur- ·"st and prosecutor. Turrou's own 'name will be used by the actor impersonating him, and the names of the 18 defendants also may be used. The result probably will be a cross between a March of Time reel and a Charlie Chan melodrama. melodrama. Testimony and evidence at the actual trial revealed that the spies mostly were an amazingly naive lot skulking around and getting little little more information than they could have obtained by writing to Washington for departmental pamphlets. pamphlets. Of course, Hollywood can make such activities seem quite sinister, as indeed they were-m purpose. , The picture will not have much in the way of a love theme, but there will be an opportunity for nlentv of glamorous Mata ±iari to in decided Result: Mill held, 69, be Bill n s t f in the story of Katherme Moog. The pretty girl-friend of one of the key spies, a Dr. Ignatz OI LI1B KKJ "i" -- ' , . . Griebl-she traveled with him Berlin, met some overnment offi- m the , cials and had high times night clubs. There was some talk she said of establishing her m a salon in Washington, where it was presumed she could ply, American officials with charm, cnampagne, and propaganda. Not Funny to Fuehrer This may sound like comedy material material Ct it will get no laughs ffi£r and his pals. They spy olved officiaLs were are-, determined punches. It even to' Warners any has declared that Hitler, Goering and Stern official protests aU-eady have been made to the ave e which passed them aiong to Wa ners without reply or TM"'' Warners- haven^ «ph ed either. This stuto does not sell any pic_ turs* to Germany, but it nas c f erred with executives of the stu dies which do sell there occason ally and. has been assured a that LEON TURROU Walks Hollywood boulevard :hey don't care a hoot if all American films are banned by the Nazis. It's impossible to .get out of Germany, and'Hollywood tired of piling up useless credits there. But "Confessions of a Nazi is sure to make Hitler tear at drooping forelock. Goebbels is said to be screaming that the picture is being made at the insistence Secretary Ickes! Wake Up, America! Says the ex-G-man: "The facts in this picture are something the American people ought to know. will help to make us spy-conscious. We only scratched the surface New York, and I believe there not a single factory in the States which could make war materials in which there is not a German agent. But we know the system now, and many of the spies are known." Turrou, a pleasant, thin- -haired man of middle age, half French half Polish, first came to America in 1911. He enlisted with, a volunteer corps in France in'1916, was twice wounded; later joined the U. S. marine corps. He member of Hoover's Moscow famine mission until 1923: . For 10 years he- was an operative of the F. B. I., iand being fluent in seven languages, was the department's star ..linguist. Last June he resigned to write about his experiences, and in seven months has d.pne three books-and some rr.agazine stories. His first book, "Nazi Spies in America," be out soon--long before the picture picture is completed.

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  1. The Ogden Standard-Examiner,
  2. 31 Jan 1939, Tue,
  3. Page 10

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  • — "Movietown Plays Spy Game to Make Hitler Mustache Bristle" The Ogden Standard Examiner, Ogden, Utah, Tuesday, January 31, 1939, p. 10.

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