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SWANSON-35b - secure in the regular remittances of alimony...
secure in the regular remittances of alimony checks. A "MONEY FACTORY" ' The Deauville Casino- is one of the most formidable in Europe. It is a factory, a well organized money money factory. It is a kind of. mint where money is taken out of circulation circulation and stacked up in piles. The sordidness of gambling is hidden by the white lights, by jazz music, by seductive tunes from the restaurant orchestras. There is a famous bar inside the Casino, where whiskies and soda make a constant traffic, where men tired of gambling, and women tired of dancing, idle about and drink until they are tired of drinking. The Casino is attached to the restaurant of the Ambassadors. There life begins languidly at 10 o'clock in the evening. That is the dinner hour. Inasmuch as watches, pearl studded and diamond encrusted, encrusted, are carried at Deauville for ornaments ornaments and not timepieces, no one cares about -time. Something moves this gaudy throng along about 9 or 10 o'clock. They get dressed and go to the Ambassadeaurs- for dinner. Billy Arnold's orcnestra Is already playing, perhaps something semi- classical, if there is such music, and the ladies and gentlemen are sweeping sweeping in. The Casino is almost dead, except for a few inveterate gamblers. gamblers. After the Ambassadeurs, the crowds gradually move into the Casino Casino women and men moving into the middle salons where the-.bulk of the gambling is done. Beyond that is the private salon, where one has to be introduced to get in. There the play is 20,000 francs a. point. A Greek syndicate, presided over by Monsieur Zografos is there. Perhaps Monsier Andre Citroen, the French automobile king, is on hand.'M. Matossian, Matossian, multi-millionaire . cigaret manufacturer, several of the Roths- childs, the Duke of Westminster, the Due de Cholseul, and others, are present apparently bored because a million or two .francs went one way or another. Tomorrow night they will make it UP. Tomorrow morning. that'is, because this gambling on until dawn · . Midnight is the nour for the gambling spirit · to go abroad, and five louls tables," that is, the four- dollar .tables, are invariably encircled encircled with beautifully dressed women, women, men in evening clothes, playing or-watching, waiting for a bank come their way.'A pretty custom for the winner to pass a thousand franc note over his shoulder to charming but unknown lady. It brings good luck, at least the charming and unknown ladies say so. ' During the grande semaine, this casino is a cross section of all big families in Europe and America, America, of the rich and idle Maharajahs Maharajahs of India, Princes of Egypt, obscure but powerful millionaires the orient. Kapurthala is also the Shah of Persia, Ben All from Paris and the Nile; Lord elham; Lady Mortimer Davis, a former American girl, and those sisters, of course;. Pearl White, blonde and still' attractive despite her many harrowing escapes from moving picture villians, is there. One will be certain to find two competing beauties, the Baroness Euegen de Rothschild, pretty, and glistening with ropes of real pearls. One will find Madame Martinez de Hoz, wife of fthe South American millionaire and sportsman, sportsman, dark, extremely attractive, entwined with'her sautoirs of gen-. uine pearls. These folks, along with Mistin- guet, Alain Gerbault, looking In all this worldly uproar; Gloria Swanson and her husband, the Marquis de la Falaise, and -a veritable who's who, go the rounds. And the rounds at Deauville to include everything but sleep.

Clipped from
  1. The Ogden Standard-Examiner,
  2. 20 Sep 1929, Fri,
  3. Page 10

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