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SWANSON-21 (p. 2***) - Crowd of Station to See Gloria, Finds Her in...
Crowd of Station to See Gloria, Finds Her in Bed Five hundred citizens of Emporia Emporia raced up and down the platform platform at the Santa Fe station like hens with their heads off nt noon today, with the mercury nearly in the shade, in a perspiring effort effort to see Gloria Swansori, the movie «tar. But Gloria v/as asleep in bed in her compartment. False alarms of her appearance went uj: continually. "She's here," someone someone cried, and tho crowd doubled doubled back a couple of cars, only to fight its way back again for another another false alarm. Finally Miss Swanson appeared at & window, four ears forward. The crowd cheered, waddled wearily to the spot, flocked around in mute approval, approval, and stared, fish-like; In and seemed embarrassed. Then the five whole minutes: Gloria was overawed by the silent adoration and eemed embarassed. Then the train, drew out. "Awfully nice of you to come,' she said, and tho crowd still remained remained mute. It was certainly a "dumb" bunch. After the train had gone the mob regained its power ot prattled perspiring, mostly fashionably speech, and homewards. Women, dressed, outnumbered the men two to one, and flappers outnumbered outnumbered everybody. But the men outran the women and made a bravs showing. Hatless sorority girls turned out in. force, and the athletic stars were prominent. "1 cut school without excuse for this," said one athlete. "Oh, I'd rather see Gloria than anybody," a girl remarked. "I don't know why, but I just would." While the mob was waiting for Gloria to appear, her husband, M. ie Marquis de la Falaise de la Coudroye, an ordinary looking Frenchman, appeared on the back of the train to talk to the crowd. "Don't say that!" bellowed th< publicity manager, "Tell them something in. French." "But she is In bed," the French man continued, "she Is no dressed. Had we only known—" "She's there," a false alarm went up, and the crowd bolted leaving the Marquis talking into space. "You see what they think of you," said the publicity man. "I know," the Frenchman replied, replied, "I am glad." When Gloria really did appear a modern Juliette, at the window «he was wearing a hastily snatchec negligee, doubtless to conceal her nightie. And whea a dear olc woman handed her a bouquet of spirea saying, "this is from Mrs, Redmond, or Pomeroy, Ohio,' Gloria had some difficulty in landing It Inside the car without letting go her wrapper. "Oh, you darling, sweet thing," she murmured murmured In confusion. The crowd hung back at a respectful 'distance; 'distance; gazing .Its fill upon the rather pretty, blue-eyed, brown bobbed-haired girl, called Gloria Swacson. Finally tho train began to draw out, and moved about 40 yards, and stopped again, just long enough for the not very dignified dignified Marquis, who had been hurried hurried forward from the back of ;he train, to appear at Gloria's window and assume an affectionate, affectionate, protective, attitude with his arm about her shoulders. This accomplished, the train pulled out at 12:10 o'clock, and the crowd went home, tired and happy after a gala day. A feeble cheer crowd was not went up. The yet breathless. "We are desolated," said the Marquis. Marquis. "Gloria" fand he said it with a trill ¡n his voice), Gloria is not feeling well." "It was so nice of people to come," Miss Swanson said to a azette reporter, in a brief interview, interview, f'l really can't say anything bright and snappy for publication just now. Fancy expecting me to." " Oh, well," she replied to a question, "I do like the Continental Continental men. They are dears. My husband husband pretends to be very jealous, but he really isn't. Goodbye. So nice of you to have come."

Clipped from
  1. The Emporia Gazette,
  2. 22 Apr 1925, Wed,
  3. Page 1

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