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Chanel-1b - - anf c urious Hollywood accept the doe- these...
- anf c urious Hollywood accept the doe- these ideas in. dresses foi " thJ trine of sartorial simplicity preach - Sh^ *WM ^ the ^ first 'te f n5ke ed by GabrieUe Chanel, the famous j women prefer • ^r PrUficial dress designer? Will stars almost ry of glass and metal tc ? thilr wedded to ermine and sumptuous ly 4ms she w%t onp J 4- *_ . i .^~-.««Jk**^ • jj. Qv-4±j-jj one W*L& UJIfc; OI LtiC nv«?r fabrics be content to wear the little dressmakers to make exclusive Mr- rags of jersey or tricot that, are so fumes and to number instead of ±"*« S"l«^»«_?» <™<M — 'hem, just as S he\vastf fl rsl to create fabrics and have them worn in the Chanel manner? J -iv^? 1 nf V ^r 0 ).n.? 11 ^ g0g1OVer , the a H ™ven on her own "looms.' And iival of Coco' Cnanel and many (Is now the first of the great stars have postponed selecting their ian designers to come to Kmrmir \iror/^vnl^ I« *>.« T~~ t^_i . n. . .r v-v/uic LU spring wardrobe in the hope that they will be able to select it with land and attempt the task of designing designing fashions for movies that will fv,^ n -,A F +v. I ~"." •" """•'• 'oigiiiuj, inoiiiuus ior movies tnfa will the aid of the great designer. ultra modern when the picture most of them will be doomed to ciis- is released many months later appointment. Chanel does not ad-1 In Paris , Chanel uses toy manne- vise she orders or prescribes for her quins of her clients and In clients and fe\v are foolhardy'-- -' — -enough -enough to cross a lance with her. They know that to wear a Chanel wood she will use little figures representing representing the artists she will dress. That is, of course, provided that r her fortune is known, million dollars and are scattered all over She has refused proposals m two dukes, the .. . ister and the Russian Russian Grand Duke Dmitri. It is interesting: to speculate just who Chane] will nominate for Hollywood's Hollywood's sartorial hall of fame l> . « tl -~ n ? a:T)a ° e _ —_ stars of the silver screen whose selections in accordance with the dictates of fashion bring them to the -fore a s contenders for the crown will be Jeanette MacDonald, Loretta Young arid Carole Lombard. Lombard. It would be interesting to have Chanel's comments on the almost uniform outfits noted at a picture premiere when ermine wraps make the street outside the .theatre look like a snow storm. Chanel is strong for jewelry and wears quantities of pearls even with her simplest frocks.' Her radical -. . —• • —"~ " •^t»AAi*-i .nut.*, 13, LU course nrovicipci tnir creation is to advertise themselves Chanel finds everythit£ to.her 1k- ,.as one of that select band of wo- Infe in Hollywood Before she does men who set the fashion in fash -j anything she wilt absoTfhfatmol •RiW Jf^f r fi • i • j ^ hel ' e of the country and of Holly- -tsut \vnai or the tempestuous'wood for she knows that TIPI- ^-t-'-. -^ - - —* .—*«.»,. brilliant, fetrange. highly temediations must L peculia toYt She" H,f * IV** ° r **«** wlth *^creature *^creature that is Chanel? In Paris; will study the women thatshe if to &«° n"!?? and just one or two everybody knows her, but few have dress, and then it' evervthine L sal ? v' d!amo "d or so at night. her intimacy and none her confi- isfactory, Chanel will beein to ere I T£ • rfs ° at 31 Rue Cambon in; clence. She goes entirely by intui- ate. If not, it will be just anoth ' ™ '? n -° rare sight to see the tion and nothing can swerve her er experience in the life of Two ^f^" coutunere working with-great frrxi-n o rlonit-f^,, ow.. _ n-_ ^... , I H . V.IK.V. ill tilt lilt, Ul a WO- CabOThfttl Vllhioo f I n !-!•,;„«. r • . - . , e us an tion and nothing can swerve her er experience in the life of T from a decision. She was the first 'man who has rfaen fron bucolic flashing Irom her f

Clipped from
  1. Tyrone Daily Herald,
  2. 21 Mar 1931, Sat,
  3. Page 6

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