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Fanniemae Craycroft Trask 15 Mar 1970 Fresno Bee pg 2 - Sunday, March 15, 1970 THE FRESNO BEE Mrs....
Sunday, March 15, 1970 THE FRESNO BEE Mrs. Trask: She Com mutes From Her Berkeley Home .-·'.''·" ' · . : · ' . : From Page 1-W ' . - - \ . ' » · -*' ' ' - · l : ·:. f and India with her husband in his capacity of government consultant. The last 10: years of their life together were spent in Berkeley where Dr. Trask was a professor of geological engineering at the University of California. The \,ta reported. "I -lied to darn socks. Now I take my mending." The family home;she maintains there is'full'of-prize an . But most.important to. her is membership in a garden tiques she has assem ^ .^ oapott china '.. : · i . , , 7 . . and some beautiful antiques in my nome in Berkeley, sh* m section, and even more important is the garden she maintains a " u OU1 * . ·" °" c f e- . ; ' · · · - - · - · · · · · · marked fondly. . "There is a pie crust table and a tilt top card table with home. "There I have a rose garden, cyclamen in winter and'some ,,,,·».,,,, ,,,,*:,,,,. ,,, · - gorgeous,rhodendrons in front of the house. There is a wall of inlaid American Eagle. I have two antique sofas-one an and some in hanging baskets. I enjoy cut flowers and pire, and four rear Chippendale chairs in the dining room. don't think I have an artificial flower in the house," she said. An d Oriental rugs throughout the house." She belongs to the California Historical Society/and notes that her own family, the CraycroftSi came to California in.1871. her job at the family business is to handle the bills A^aitc aiiu KU uu UICLG 111 me ouiimici uui^. A»AY · . . ·" . ; . · u said.';.'This is the most beautiful place in the whole the bookkeeping. Over the years she has learned just about she maintain two separate establishments world;' I.·reminded him he'd been everywhere and did he really everything there is to know about the brick business. mater, too. "I took economics, expecting to be taken into the family business," she said, then she married Trask, 'her brother's fraternity brother, and was off oh a life oriented to his career. Still, she came Fresno firm, from time to time, when her husband a.fieldtrip. . ' Mrs. Trask recalls that when she lived on the east coast as flower show judge. "We both, reminisced. "I still have our house at Huntington Lake and go up there in the summertime. My --her Fresno apartment on Shaw Avenue and her home in Berkeley. Along with them, she has two separate social lives. " think so? He said yes. "in RprVoioir T hoiTM,* f« H,- T " j ~~ -T". . , "Up'-there in the summer time I walk a great deal. A In Berkeley.! belong to the Town and Gown Club and that nei | nb £ an d I used -to get out every mornings-first a mile, then we walked two miles." Although walking--and horseback -riding, which has been one of her activities since she was a girl living at .the old family . is very important to me. For three years I served as treasurer. So I always try to be in Berkeley, on Mondays for the Town and Gown meeting," she explained. Meanwhile, back in Fresno, there are other activities that claim her attention. At one time she was president of the Fresno County Chapter of Guide Dogs for the Blind, and she still serves on the board. She also maintains her interest in the Valley home in Fresno -- have been interests through the years, she still has a love for her "wheels." "In World War II, I took a course in auto of expanding the line of colors, brick manufacture is handled about the same way as when her grandfather was running business in the '80s. "I'm always happy when I hear the of the water pump outside:the office,!' she says- "because then I know the plant is busy producing." · · = In handling the company finances, she likes to emulate her who ran the business after her father died. "One of things my mother taught me was'to keep my checkbook ' Children's Hospital and Guidance Clinic and for six years was served as a Red Cr °ss driver. I've been driving a trustee. toiii^ 0 Fn^Tnr^^w'r^T' V "T\ LaSl u yea / Sn f coastline. The worst thing that could happen to me would tourea burope and was elated over her travels about the Greek ' · · - - - - - . - · . . . TMv · - . gratefully in travel. Last year she my life I've always enjoyed it. I love to see the country and ,^^^^^TMTM^*^TM*^ IV6 taken mv car over a the fnofh mads and-a a one the . " B ' ' · · . - · . awiuipy ON THE PATIO of her Fresno apartment, Mrs, Trask has camellias in bloom. Gardening is one of her hobbies and is in keeping with her interest in music and art and her travels to far places of the world where she can study these things of beauty. "I feel exhiliarated when I see those to myself--What manihas been able to do! The..Winged of Samothrace is in the Paris Louvre and every 1 time I've been in Paris, I've made a special trip to see it -- it's ·breath taking," she marveled. . . "I think Greek art is tremendous, but'you can't beat'Mich- - angelo. I will have to go back on another trip just to study-the art in Italy. · -'.': . v /.;-.,- · "On my .trip last year, I took a copy of the Odessey and we went td many of the places mentioned. I used to teach'the Odessey-when I was just out.of college and teaching at .Edison "There's so much to know about Greek art and history, I'll .have to make another trip. I'm not very appreciative of modern art--it's so different. But I'm trying to learn." She will review a book on the Mediterranean area at an upcoming meeting of her Fresno reading club. There also is a birthday club to which she belongs. In Berkeley she is : a member of a book review group and has belonged to a sewing club since college days.-"In this club we have a luncheon,; then sew," Stop taken my car over all the foothill roads and-all along the not to get to drive the car," she said. She drives back and forth to her Berkeley home and says, "Now, with .Highway 5, it's .the easiest it's ever been to drive to Berkeley." '· · budget. "It was all a part of my mother's training, and she was in early, day Fresno as a very'successful business woman." wpws -A Valley Tradition Since 1912- See our excellent selection of LA Contemporary--

Clipped from
  1. The Fresno Bee The Republican,
  2. 15 Mar 1970, Sun,
  3. Page 67

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