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The Fort Wayne Evening Sentinel, Saturday, July 14, 1906, p.15 - - - - I THE STORY OF A FAMOUS SONG. BY ALBERT...
- - - I THE STORY OF A FAMOUS SONG. BY ALBERT SIDNEY GREGG. (From the Ram's Horn ) "Therj is more electricity In that scng than any other 1 Vnow of," said Dr, Theodore U quyler to Ira ,D. flankey, after hearing him sing "Throw Out the life Line," "You ougntto sing it as often, as you have Tn opportunity.' W, 'Banker toolt the suggestion In good faith,, with thu result that the song became one of the most, widely known of any used in, the 'Moody and Sankey meetings In both England and the United States. Although this song Is ,not published In the new books of Gospel songs, It sUll has a vital hold upon ihe heart' life of a multitude of people wherever the English language Is spoken, and, especially so among sailors and those who dvtelf near the ocean. A few years ago the author, IteV. B 8. Uf ford, a Baptist minister now residing f lp Springfield, Mass , made a tour of the world, singing tne life line song to great congregations In America and cities under English rule. The fame of the song had preceded him and wherever he went he found the peoplo ready to Join fervently. In the chorus Mr. Ufford tells of many Incidents showing the power of this song Only recently while about to enter the pul pit of a church In Fltcbburg, Mass one Sunday night to address large audience, he was handed a note Informing Informing bint that among hi hearers was a couple who had heard him sing the song for the first time In public nineteen years ago The next day he sought them out and brought to light a very Interesting life story which deserves deserves more than brief mention. The man, John B , had come to New Eng land from the Pennsylvania coal mines. He as a poor boy unable to read or irrile, Mr Ufford s sympathy was extended to hint and with brotherly brotherly kindness ie Strove Id ge the, young matt, establfshed.,oh the solid rock of Christian faith One night at a temperance meeting John heard Mr Ufford sing the then newly Written song It made a very deep Irnpresalor upon him. The same niaht. while sit ting in the kitchen Of the boarding house which he called ' home." his eies resting on toe stove and wrapt In deep meditation, he asked himself the. question that confronts every youth "What Can I do to make Jlfe a iHcceis? I cannot write a song What ran I doT" In an Instant there flashed Into his mind "Why not Invent some thing?" And thereupon ha set him self to work In a few hours ha had Invented an Instrument for the purpose of Indicating the slightest Irregularity on the surface of a shaft turned In a lathe It proved successful, detecting deviations to the thousandth part of an Inch. He sold this Invention for a thousand collars, together with 10 per cent royalty. He became a Christian, married a deacon's daughter, and made a second Invention. Mr. Ufford was shown through Ms machine shop where sixteen skilled workmen were engaged in turning out his latest product, product, the Path grinder. John is a prosperous man, and his prosperity can be trsced directly to the ministry of Mr. Ufford, and particularly to that Bong. While giving a series of addresses in Pittsburg, Fa., Mr. Ufford called on the city editor of one of the large dallies, whd extended to him the cour tesy pf generous space In bis columns. The City editor related this interesting incident: "When a young mn, I was one of several boon companions who formed a social club. It was our custom custom on Sunday afternoon to meet la our room in a block where we drank and played cards. During one of our revels there came a sudden turn in our affairs. It happened that a ypung preacher was starting a church in the town, and had secured a room In the very building we were occupying Here he was to bold forth In the effort effort to gather a congregation. He had engaged a fine lady singer to aid him Suddenly, as we were In the midst of our convivial bout, there rang out the voice of the singer not far from our door She bad a clear articulation articulation and was singing a solo we had never heard before It was "Throw Out the Uf Line." As she went through verse after verse, depleting the peril of a soul sinking In the billows billows of dissipation, of the eager attempt attempt to save him with the life line of salvation, f threw down my cards, say ing, "If they are right, boys, then we are wrong" As I did this another followed followed suit until all declared that we had played our last game. We met no more after that, but disposed of our furnishings and pur club disbanded. While I am today holding this re - anonslble noaltlon. some of my o'd companions can also boast of success In life, for they are filling honored places is the world " In one of his western tours Mr. Ufford Ufford carried a life line which had been Instrumental In saving Sixteen sailors In the wreck of the schooner Elsie M. Smith, off Cape Cod Is 1902. He told the story in. a church In California at a watch night service, and afterwards afterwards sang "The Line That Saves The singular feature of this Incident Incident - Is that in the audience was by chance pne of the sixteen men who hart been saved ny tne line neia, py .Mr Ufford Many a person has said to Mr. - i n ,n r - " - e,inrinr tn irst time I hear the song," and then he would (ell of something which clung to him In r lasting way. la England a clergyman clergyman related an experience while he was In charge of a church at Glbrsl tat. During a fearful gale there a ship was Striving to gain entrance to the harbor ere it met with disaster. It was laden with immigrants and was bound for another port. But in the darkness the ill fated ship struck the rock and many were sent to watery graves. At the church on the next Sunday night, a special service waa held for the survivors, at which Throw Out the Life Line" was sung with pathetic power, tnatfy present being being moved to a deitth, of feeling never before experlcncud. November usually furnishes more graphic tales of; the - sea than "any other other month except February. In thoae months the press I filled with tragic atorlss of shipwreck and loss of life.) The wreck of the city of Portland occurred occurred on the, 27th of November, 1898. On that same night the schooner Henry R. Tllttm went upon.the bar at Nantasket beach and became the victim victim of the big combers which swept over" bar. Her crew of seven men Climbed into the rigging where ther clang until takfen oil by the Point Al - ES - tJ. Throw Otjt the Life - Line! E. S., Arr tr too, , StisVki. E.I jvjv, h ji ,u yl.r. ,J ..Q I, , 0 j - r K Thro out the ulfe - Llne a Cross thdarkwave,TherIs a bipth.erwhora S. Throjr out the Ufs - Llne with hand quick and strong. Why do you tar rv.why S.,'Tnrowtrartho lirffyne todanger - freught men.Slnk - W tn - anguuilvwlwrs , S. DOOU Will lUOBCfBUIl t?. M.VIM U U .r, OUlll WUfc V11PT Urilb IU v wmmmMmJf I - .. ,.. - - ,., , , y &t mrrr Vff t H"FF1 $&rmzmmi some one should ssr.i Some - bod. r'sbroth - erl oh. who then, will dart To lin gcr so long; Seel h is alnk - ingjeh, lias - ten to - day And you've been Winds of temp - t - tlou and bll - lows of. woe Will ter nl. ty's shore, naste,then,ipybroth - r no time for d lay, Put j1'" V V '!' '" a tt Ik IN S . CHORtJB. .grrrrig :JyLs iVT - "" ' i pmmrrF throw out the LifeLlne.hls Per il to share? , out with the Life - Boat I s. wav.thcm. a - way! ivr. n.TifT ui soon hurl thetnoutwherethedarkwa - ters flow, f Throw out the Life - Linel throw out wis Uie - Julno and save them to - day, J JE m&ttH : I .lf. - i.rT Ii1..f'lif - v ., r'x p r Throw out theLIfe - Unel Some one Is drifting a wayl Throw out tbs bHNFIf fi fe J. JL a: .' V V r V 5 - - fczl'Hrrtrz fin. J ' 4 i - y "'f ' j 'j ',. ' 0 i I,iwniif. thn I lfA.T.InAmnmAtl I. .tntfnty 1a . ,!. f Llio - LinalThrowout the Lilfe - LInelSomeone la (Inline 9 ' 9 f - 'j wnicn so many nave aeciared to be a true and ylvid delineation. 1 have oft en bpn asked it I acre not at some lime either., a sailor or rv ll'e - saver "One Sunday afternoon I felt con strained to take my email organ into the village and sing and speak to the people stho might pause there to hear me tell of Jeuus and his willingness to rescue the perishing. I had about this time been assisting an Cast Bos ton pastor, and ha had spoken about "throwing a life line" to some soul In the sea of sin. Thn phrase hsd been given to him by another pastor v. ho was also an evangelist It may have been that which caught the fancy of my thoughts as I spoke that day Were not thee unsaved ones - in the breakers and in need of a life line) I went home to the parsonage and be gan to write la fifteen minutes I had the rout .verses penciled on paper Then, seating myself nt, - the instru ment. I began to nlav the melodv Without mental effort apparently, and so. In a short Nrae the song was horn. then began to sing it to my young men It aroused them. We sang it to the fwellers In the settlements about there, many of whom still recall the young pastor who came and tang It to them for the first time, Soon Mr. Sankey got possession of the song. He felt it was Just what he needed to use lq his work, and he sang It with thrilling effect before Ms vast audiences Of course I did not roncelve ef the power of the hymn at first but I was willing to place tt in the proper channels channels for Oospel service snd sold It. for twenty five dollsrs ,"0 what a pity!" has been the exclamation of very many on hearing this, but I am sure I did not compose the piece for money, and so I can say that since the widespread widespread use of tt has been under God a means of rescuing thousands of souls from sin, and will continue to be so until the end of time, I very gladly feel that my royalties are now coming to me In redeemed manhood " Mr Ufford Is still active, traveling about the country giving Oospel set mons and lectures In which he uses a miniature life saving outfit to Illus trate his theme He always sings the life line song, and has become known as the "Life Line Evangelist," lerton crew of life - savers Mr Ufford afterwards visited the scene and waa presented by Captain Sparrow with Ihe shot line which had been lnstru mental In saving seven men. In hla tour of thawOrld Mr Ufford carried thla memdrlal'of the storm, and thoso who have inspected It - Would Include a host of many of the - races of the earth. Like other famous songs, "Throw Out the Life Line" as written with little thought of its subsequent WbrldJ wide popularity In Bpeaklng of its origin Mr Ufford Says,' "Nineteen years ago 1 was settled over a rural church located at West wood, In the town of Dedhani, thirteen miles from Boston Tho low wash of the Atlantlo was sweet music to my tar, and from bo)bood a. Strong faacl nation, held sway over me for lta shores. It may have been this which filled bv lmaclnatlon with mental nlv tures of the soa, of wrerks and storms According to the United States more particularly, thus laying cfiv plogicai survey, the production of basis for the metaphor In the sopg,. 'anthracite In 1906 amounted to 69.5W. - WILL INTEREST MANY, Every person should know that good health Is Impossible If the kidneys are aerangea toieys money (jure win cure kidney and bladder disease tn eery form, and will build Up snd strengthen these organs so they will perform their functions properly No danger of Bright s dtseaso or diabetes If Foley's Kidney Cure Is taken in time. Dreler & Bro. 15! tons, valued at 1141.879,000 The old time method of purging the system with Cathartics that tear.grlpo, grind and break down the walls of the stbmach and Intestines Js superseded by Dade's Little Liver I"tlls, They Cleanse the liver, and Instead of weak ening, build up and strengthen the, whole system. Relieve headache, bll - louBnees, constipation etc. Sold by Meyer Bros.' Drugstore Notwithstanding her late war, Rus sia still holds first place n ihe trade relations with Persia X hundred yeara ago the best physician physician would give you a medicine for your heart without stopping to con sider what effect It might have on the liver. Even to this day cough and cold medicines invariably bind the bowels This Is wrong. Bee's Laxative Cough Syrup with Honey and Tar acts on the bowels - drives out the cold - clears the head, relieves all coughs, cleanses and strengthens the mucous membranes membranes of the throat, chest, lungs and bronchial tubes Bold by Meyer Bros.' Drugstore. More Inventions are being made In electrical appliances than in all other Industries combined. When applied and covered with a hot cloth Ptnesalve acts like a poultice. Best for burns, bruises, bolls, eczema, skin dlsesses, eto. Sold by Meyer Bros Drugstore DR. E F. SITES If., ranovad bla d.nUI office, from 121 Calhoun wh.r ha has be.n for eighteen year., to III, Wsrn. strut, four doors from Calhoun. r Stntlo.l onie. Consultation Free - Cures Guaranteed If you are weak, nervous, irritable; It you lack the vim, vigor and energy of former years; It you have exhausting dreams and awake tired and unrefreshed, If you have pains In the back, tailky br ropy sediment in the urine, or void It too frequently, or with difficulty;, difficulty;, if your memory la defective; If you hsve palpitation of the heart; If you feel that your manhood Is slipping away and realize that you are not the man that rou used to be. theti surelr vou need 1 the servces of a specialist, who has made a lifetime stuSytnsuch conditions, tne uauews leaning up to mem ana wao can give you Immediate relief and a permanent our at the lowest possible cost I have been In Fort Wayne firs years and have treated hundreds of tbe best cltlsens and have yet to bear of one dissatisfied patient. I CTJIIR Blood Poison. Varicocele Nervous'' Debility, Kidney, Liver and Bladder Trouble, Stricture, Hydrocele, Skin Diseases, Diseases tot Women and all Chronic and acquired Diseases Diseases of Men and Women. Eyes tested free. Glasses adjusted. HOUIW a. m. to p. 'm. and to S p, m. Sunday S to 10 a. m. and 12 to 2 p. m. Dm Wm Tucker, Mm D. 221 WEST WAYNE STREET. ,

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