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Memorial Request - one Walla from j [ Services m. Col- cemetery --...
one Walla from j [ Services m. Col- cemetery -- Names Of War Dead Of Raleigh Are Being Collected For Bronze The names of all of Raleigh county's war dead will b e i the listing is being published with the request that res- Smoot, JoSn Sokola Russell id en Is check it carefully arid notify W. W. Vines or Dr. T. I S. Sonak, Joe D. jndivi- rell, Braxton Jeffrey, J. F. son, Jr.. James II. Johnson. James choice the 250275 T -,,, LTa TM Ce C. Moorefield today if any error'or omission is uoled. No changes can be made after the tablet is cast, Dr. Moorefield, post historian, has explained. Following are the names as they will appear on the tablet unless corrections -are telephoned: - Carl F. Abies, Paul Alamos', Franklin W. Adams, Jr., Warren S- Adams, Jordan J. Adkins, Alfred Alfred Alderman, Henry T. Allen, J. Robert" Allen, Johnnie K. Alien, Raymond R. Allen, Sidney Alien, Clarence B. Anderson, Sam Antonio, Antonio, C. C- Asbury, Carnmon C. Ayers, Tony Azzara. Eugene Bailey, Luther Baldwin, H 6 u- a r d R . B i g g s F. Southern, ^Harry E. Spangler Charles D. Stansbury, Earl art, Willie R. Stollings, Everett Stover, Forrest E. Stover, F. Stover. H. W. Strickland. Robert F. Kessinger, Mack Kidd, Blame Kinzer, ,Charles P. Kirk, Virgn Kiser, William P." Klaus, Arthur D. Koch, James : D. Koiner, Frank Korman. _ _ _ dusting Delbsrt W. Treadway" T t- ' , . . . . c . . . , c , s J o h n s o n i James M. Taylor, Okev W. TeelJ j | Eugene L. Thompson. Theodore 1 infested with wireworms Clyde E. Karnes, Basil R. Kea--N. T h u r m a n . Jr., ton, Henry A. Keaton, \Villiam O.j Thurmond. Charles E, Keith, Kyle A. Kelly, Chester Key, j Bartley Toney, David O. Trent, .Arthur Truman. Sarah B. Vance/ Comvell Vines. Denver Walker, W. Carl Marvin Lane, Jr., Lewis Larew, [ Basil D. Warden. Clyde Edward Laver, Jr., Clarence- H. j 'J° hn p - Webb. Willie H. Wiley, H , Leach, Henry E. Letter. John O. i ClifiQrd L. Williams, Paul fl ;,, [Lewis, William P. Liddle Jr i liams - William A. Wills 1 « r n -- t -ITT;II - ._ _ . . ^*- · ~' Light, Archibald S.; Dean Wingler, Charles O. Wise-; -F-» T : i t - _ T - _ . -^. , TI n n T*n e- O "TIT T X r ^ l ^ T3I11 TT 1 f T*"_ A _ l J ' - _ | Wesley G. Bolen, Everett I. Booth;] W i l l i a m R - LovelL Bill j. Lowe. ' Jerold M. Bostick, Grover P' Andrew M. 'Mack,. Enos Mar-j Bower, Robert R. Bower. John N. c u m - Earl W. Martin, Edgar L.I ' Martin, Junior H. -Martin, William W. Martin, David M. Martin, W i l - j liam.H. Massey, James E. Massing. Ted Bowling. Jr., Harvey M. Brags Walter J. Bragg. 'William H. Bragg, Russell L. j Brewster, Minnis E. Brown. Frank Browskey, Willie Bruno. Floyd E. Bryant. Frank E. Bryant. Michael ring Martin M. Matson, Bill Maxey, Jr.!' Harry O. Maynor. Cecil McCarty '· . ., Glenn E. McClung. William . L.. corner a n d the Urge to By FRANK LASTON Postt-Herald City Reporter As spring creeps around the Bryant. Robert Bryant, Fred] McCommack, Jr.. Orville L. Me-\ through the woods and Bsharah, Leonard C. Buckland. 1 Ginnis - Ccil C. McKinne}-. i it all grows strong, District For- Andy Buckner, Cornelius F. Bur- Wallace D. McMillan, Clarence i ester Milton Harr injects OF the PLUM- . » " « j^f vkx.ii' **-*. T ^ . - W l i i C i t U o Va. | diss Howard B. Burfcett. Charles R. Cable. Julius C. Cal- Cameron, are vert, Jefferson W. Clarence E. Campbell, Campbell. Jack D. Loyd L Ca'naday Estate j James Copnev dav p_ r ^,.. T«v.r, t~ ~ ' John Cossu. other than -To?eph L. Cantley. John E. Carter, Hobert Cassity. William M. Casto isfcy. Meadows. .Dixis Meadows. E?(il wJ Meadows. Francis B- Meadow?.! Horace Meadov Because with spring, he re- - " 4 . k . t J l A \ . l , : JJ. . » l T _ O k . i U \ V ^ . - I 1 ,- , *. V. Meadows Samuel S '· m i n d s * COmes l n e statuator y Iire vs. Arthur I, Miller. James'? e a s 0 n ' durin / v "' hk:h P ermils wil] W. Miller. William R Miller ! '° e rec l inred for a11 burnings Clarence W. Mill?. CHfton B M i n - i w i t n m 30 ° feet of any woods Andrew J.,Choka. Boyd S nick. Robert C. Miser Vana F Mit-i o n I n f l a m m a b l e areas leading Mitchell Herman M. Floyd M. Myers. B. Reynold E. ?s 7 a?n. the 19th ! Crockett. Emery D. Crouch, Jesse Noel" James" \v ! Leary, Joseph M ' O'Neal " - ' Prince. Orval V. Oliver M. Reid. Cuthriell. Jr. Willia m H. Daniels. William Davenport. Bernard J. Davis. Robert M. Deaner. Joe Diciuccio. James E. Dillard. James Dillon.! Phipps. ~Biih- , Jr.. Eugene I. Dunford. | Pleasant? Paul Dillard G- Earehcart, Harold B. Eddin?. James E. Ellis. Wade B. Ellis. Radford C. Eskins. Glen Farley. Stanley B. Farmer. Charles A. Featelle, Jr.. Eugene renton T. Ferrell. Fan __ ?y. Mason T. Fowler. Woodrow Woodrow i. Garrett, Lauren A. Gates.' Woodrow A R r r -r.. L. C. Gille5pie. Jr.. Junior P. George H Goodwin. Pete Gurock. Kermi: Gwynn. Chalmer M. Hale. Harold V. Halse. Harold Hawley. Msn-in; Raymond O. « ,, . , . . . - ,, W. Hancock, Talrnadsre E. Har- "Richmond. Rober? E. man. Jr., Jack R. Hartley. Donald Joe Robir.eUe O::* F. Harvey, Okey S- Harvey. Ralph Walte- T j conditions have left heavy ·^ j ture in the woods, warm Q._|can soon dry out the leaves Clav i rt " cr f u e - on ^ he forest floor, Onnri, Raymond G. Owen * H a r r Po»n'^ out. Coy. 0. Parker. Bob K. Pattern.! Bn!5h burn;n ?- he warns. C^rrnie Pettry. H. Pettrv.j ?no " ! d be done only v.'jtn plenty Clacy C. Phillins. Wil mer L! : " nc 'P anc ^ toojs ^ n addition to ;TCC K n r l K v v a ' e r 3 v a^ a D le in case of need. Plunilev Svd-i -^ ^ re ^ n e should be raked i ney Plumloy. Harv.'.d E. P^rterj r ' 01vri to mineral soil betv/een t h William R. Pri'-vrman. Hatrja ·" DrU5 ' n and lne w °o rf? . h advise?.} iler.rv E. Rakes ' \ F.i'--c^ I o-.-\- D Hr."som ^ ^ re °' an ^ ?or ^ should be s ' a r ^cd OTI a w i n d y day and be done sfter 5 p. .tame, T. Rasco. Junes' W. John P. Re?v^. i.ev,-is Ernest T^ice. co. ~. T rvin K. "Richardson. "Richardson. Burl G. Richmond. C?.r- son D. Ricnrr.or.r. Clin'nn T. Richmond. .Tar-.r-- \\~. s when winds are usually quiet Rori^r.hiish. Jr.. Hsvlsnn _. ,, . ~, ,. Kobar; F. Hoger?. Theron B. Bensley. Charlie . P. : L. Rose. O':o H-.i5s.Ml · Herbert Paul Higginbotham. At- Bert T. Samo,^. Jr.. Le.Oer D ron A. hi,I. Howard J. Honaker. Sanchez. Lew W Shcffier Ba^i ^fn° n ri K tx H K°- rt °!l- F I " a1nk H ° U? - K ' Shepnard. Arnrew J. Shcpoe. ion. Oa;ici Huboard. Jack S. Huff- .T r .. Carlo? Shrrk:ev Varra C man Charles F. Hughe5. Lamer L. Shrewsbury. Johr. ;,," Shrcwshurv" Hug^r Tr.eadford T. Hughes. Oscar A. on. Theonorc Simp. Simp. . I . - ju. Ison. \\aiter F^ James. Mar\-in Jamisorj. Ronda W. J?r- '· Slater Charle? R. TRU -

Clipped from
  1. Beckley Post-Herald,
  2. 20 Mar 1948, Sat,
  3. Page 5

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