1890 Oct Dorsife obit

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1890 Oct Dorsife obit - lrHAKCiSCO CHKOlsiCIJ TO - SbiAl OCrOJBiii ion...
lrHAKCiSCO CHKOlsiCIJ TO - SbiAl OCrOJBiii ion at to Ma the JFignre at Loa Preparing for - CmKwrccr October 27 Colonel were out early this good after a quiet rest breakfast Colonel Mark desire to see the surrounding Accordingly two four - carriage were procured visited the colonies at ranches At the partook of ah elaborate returned to Bakersfield afternoon handsomely decorated Colonel held a reception Hotel parlors and called and shook hands the callers were Demo - who assured the - bearer that they in preference to all After dinner the cannon were lighted and the with people from all who cheered Mr JC Campbell committee of citizens and were escorted to Nieder - a rousingfmeeting was enthusiasm was ever manifested Nearly everybody independent affiliations regards winner by a heavy majority addressed the audience almost every ut - mm eubiiuaiastic in an eloquent and speecn wnicn wrougnt Uie highest pitch Of en meeting hundreds Of of the invitation of evening to come tor - acquainted with the AT SAUSALITO Tells the People Facts 27 The announce McKenna the Republican Third district would crowded Sausalito Chairman C H the speaker amid had the pleasure of with the Republican Markham and he found in everv respect qualified lor the to spoke of the Australian and the Lodge bill in three districts of llijoio votes were cast Congressmen while California elected only remarks onthe Mc - received with tremen candidates in the county Mr Anglottda candi Court and S W for District Attorney The meeting ad cheers lor the ticket LOS ANGELES Congressman Well Re the South October 27 Hon W TV froth the north this met at Newhall by a comprising representatives Republican County Central Union League and of the State Cental Morrow addressed a of citizens at Turner enthusiastically received remarks which were the tariff question He by the Union League to Stanford 27 A big meeting - in the railroad was held to - night to for a popular demon nignt in honor oi btan are that it will be The working men the aSair is intended to partisan so far as the at Carson October 27 Senator company with J A the people on the evening at the opera - Republican Club with expunged from the official map was referred referred ttf theStreet Committee An order - was cassed to unnt changing the hatnes tf the streets now known as Hondnras Denmark Montenegro etc from India to the water Iront - ta First Second Third avenue south etc A resolution was adopted appointing George Flatlev and Jl - Creighton drivers of thePolice Patrol wagon at a monthly saiary oi f ao each pronaea tne appointments appointments meet with the approval of the Chief of Police Superintendent Ranlrin bT the Fire Alarm and Tolice Patrol TelegcaDh informed informed the board that ha had apnointed H Weston LiSbector of the Police PatrpL and he asked that the appointment should be confirmed Referred to the Health and rolice Committee The resignation of A J Mevers con ductor of elevator 2 ot the new City Hall was received and accepted A resolution was adopted authorizing the Mayor to conclude arrangements with Mrs Martha Deeney for the erection by the latter - of a building on heir lot on Ho w - ard street near Seventeenth the same to be leased to the - city for five years at a monthly rental uf 45 POVERTY AND DEATH H0RPHISE AS A REMEDY FOR EARTHLY CARES The Son of an Ex - Mayor of Kansas City Commits Snicide While Despondent The body of Julius Dornsife 23 years of age and a native of Kansas City occupied a slab in the Morgue last night The young man committed suicideby taking morphine and laudanum the cause being bad luck and corresponding - despondency Four years ago young Dornsife graduated with high hon ors from an Eastern college and started in on a career which promised bright results but he indulged in riotous living and dissipation gave up his posi tion abandoned his friends and started out on a wild career His father is J W Dornsife a former Mayor of Kansas City and at present a millionaire wine dealer At first the father did everything in his power to reform the boy but though everything possiDie was aone lor him he did jiot repent and finally hone was abandoned and he was allowed to do as he pleased from Kansas City he wandered all over the country sometimes living well but often eking out a precarious existence as best he could Less than eight weeks ago he arrived in this city and called on Dr C W Decker his cousin at his - residence 810 Page street - Everything possible was done for him and to make nis visit as pleasant as possible the doctor gave him a room and invited him to remain at the house as long as he remained in the city Young Dornsife took advantage of the offer and lodged at the house and being unable to get anything else to do he went to work in an oyster house on Market street He did not remain there long He secured secured a position in the Commercial Hotel but this place he only kept for a week and when on last Thursday he left the house he did not return until Sunday Then he gave Mrs Decker a watch chain and a pawn ticket for a watch and at the same time iniormed her that he was tired of life and was going to end it She thought nothing of his threat until she met him yesterday yesterday morning on Washington - street wharf and he told her that the next time shesaw him he would be dead Last night Special Officer C W Butler saw Dornsife sitting on the fence at the corner of Page and Steiner streets in rather a drowsy condition Thinking the man was intoxicated the officer asked what was the matter and Was answered by Dornsife that he had taken a dose of morphine powders ana nan an ounce ot laudanum and wanted to know if it would kill him Upon being informed that he thought it would Dornsife asked to be taken to 810 Pace street when taken there he called for hi3 aunt begged her to pardon him and kissed her and ber children good - by By this time Dr Williamson had been summoned summoned but although he worked on him for two hours nothing could be done for mm OUR NATIONAL GAME A Probability That All Salaries Will Be Decreased New York October 27 Many base ball players and club owners are still in the city watching anxiously for any change in the basebalLsituation and many players of the league and brotherhood men met in an up - town hotel to - day to talk over the situation The ballplayers are on the anxious seat for the lines on which the war is settled means a great deal for them The better players of course realize tnat tney win be members ot the bigger organization and that point of course troubles them little The immense amount of money lost in baseball this year will make club - owners careful about paying exorbitant salaries to players next season hence 4000 and J5OD0 salaries will be scarce for a while Some well - informed baseball men place the reduction in players salaries at 2o per cent ana otners at even a greater ratio New Yosk October 27 fn the worlds championship series the sixth game was played to - day Soore Louisville 9 Brook lyn 8 A The Dunbar An Alameda Boy Carelessriess Mrs Susan L D Starr residing Seventeenth streets and Flour Mills was day afternoon that Mrs Starr is Smith - and her in the house during Yesterday morning was in the yard small shed She out hens nests some manner tne and in a moment to foot She ran to a vacant lot T Moore who her assistance smother the flames about the face screams attracted neighbors and smothering the Smiths clothing her body and large blistering burned Close and inhaled the tongue were raw summoned at once under the Her great suffering a lew hours The inquest returned accidental death PRINCIPAL The Board of Charges The Committee Board of Education evening its against Principal School that he from Father M - Sales Church uathonc cniiaren The proceedings spirited privilege and frequent A great redundant taken and much the proper course they agreed to go crowded and clergymen were present Father McSweeney he said at the He had had one with Mr Dunbar their schools but agreement between to pupils or or any express or nor were such Mr Dunbar been no thought ing on an agreement certificates substantially Dunbar had demanded admitting Catholic was made to brought forward decided to accept American party further testimony a dozen children school from the whom testified certificates At agreed to report charges had not hardly probable be reopened Now Ho A moment of Henry Kelman road avenue yesterday The run very close station and one train without morning Kelman squarely in front leg was mangled amputation was foot was badly injury with great to the receiving wagon tie was A George Deward of his nephews ago he placed bank which did the deposit held him personally the amount of the estate holding deposited tne drawn interest that he had torney Sentence

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  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 28 Oct 1890, Tue,
  3. Page 3

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