Glendale 1st Anniversary

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Glendale 1st Anniversary - v . . " Community Spirit Flourishes In Young...
v . . " Community Spirit Flourishes In Young Glendde Residents Of Area's 50 Homes Pr€sident Sponsor Civic Improvements, Organize For Common Cause Project Undertaken by William .1. Noble as Monument to Veterans; Community Club to Observe First Birthday in April. »y IUI.I. SIMMONS "To foster, encourage and promote a non-partisan non-partisan and non-sectarian organization formed to pro-. mote community spirit, to- sponsor civic improvements improvements and activities beneficial to the people living in Hlondale Manor." This one passage from the by- hvvs of the Glenclale Manor Community Club very arleauately sums up the ideals, purposes and objectives objectives of one of the newer and more progressive of rhp "borough's organizations. Not quite a year old, this baby of the many bor- nurfi organisations has a membership that has already already passed the 100 mark. There is stnl a large amount of land suitable for building in the vicinity nf the Glenclale Manor development and it is expected Shat as new homes are built, the club will continue tO EfrO\V. . , T .i.-i I anno from the by-laws of the group E-irlv in 1946, William J. Noble, Jr.,-presides | th j; t was c . uoled llbovc - aums up of the W'J Mcgin Construction Co., began formulat- their obicetivos very W6 n. Friend- ing plans for a G.I. housing project on the New Ha- en ?oacl, south of the Peter Paul candy factory, rho land for the development was brought from Mis. !Srjo°y Osborne Harden and Mrs. Hazel Osborne HBrtmfft in Need of Homes The war was over. Many ex-soldiers, _ sailor* and marines had corte home from the service and iinu ul "V . „ .,. :„ *,~*J ^i 1-i/MTinc Mr. Vice-President Secretary Treasurer GIUORGE ANGBAVE, JK. the absence of an actual club building, meetings are being held in the basement of the Humlston home. During the past summer, two of the meetings were held in tho park. The meetings have be- c'omc u common meeting ground for tho Interchange of' community Ideas and tor general good fellowship,• fellowship,• j Tho objectives of the club are varied and numerous. . The pas- SHEKMAN- BROWN Contractor inr marines nan i;vniu uum^ ...^... --•-— ,,, h v ami their families were in need of homes. Mr. i? £,' L.,,u ,,n M« mind that he was going to do tll"Y «* iu m\- * i •*• *•* '••-•*»'- Noble Noble made up his mind that he was something about the situation. He wa to carry out his plans by his son, kc^ soldier who had.spent many months in a objectives llness resulting . — operation operation and social gatherings, the development of recreational facilities facilities tor both children nnd adults are all part of the overall objectives. objectives. .. Street Light* Foremost among the individual alms of the club Is the acquisition of .street lights for the community. A petition signed by 105 residents of the development, requesting that I street lights be installed, was pre-| sentod to the board of warden and i WILLIAM J. NOBLE, JR. burgesses at the last meeting. War- 1 _ den Harry L. Carter said at that MRS, JAMES THOMPSON are now .wide and in good condi- NATJGATUCK NEWS (CPU*.). FRIDAY. FEK CT. lM»-rAOE 7 tion. • . Community Paper in January the first issue of the Glendale Gazette was published. This first copy of what is going co be a monthly newspaper, \vas a four page, mimeographed affair, but members of the staff are work- Ing on plans to have future issues appear in regular printed form. The editorial staff consists of Robert Knapp, editor in chief, •Robert Chase and Daisy James, assistant editors, and Sherman Brown, managing editor. Zonira Tolles is in charge of production, Arthur Taylor and Harold Krorn are the sports editors, Lois Anu,I Anu,I U Lilt ^3jj\ji i»ci '-;'-*'*.WL j, ^j-jju ..*.•. i — -^ ^ grave and Elizabeth Sturdcvant, I no charge — • • RALPH LYONS took place. An editorial, sports section, cartoons and news briefs about the residents of the' Manor are also Included in the issue. The only thing missing from the lineup lineup of a regular newspaper are the advertisements. . • The first issue of the paper was printed on a mimeograph machine donated .for the purpose by Mr. Noble, He has informed the staff of the "Gazette" that they may use the machine each 'month at no cost until they make arrangements to have the paper printed or, if it is decided to continue publishing the paper in a mimeographed form, they may still use the machine at OUR QUALITY IS THE BEST. IT MEETS EVERY TEST. United States Rubber Company Footwear Plant v Naugatuck Conn. EASTERN MALLEABLE IRON COMPANY roving reporters and Harris Ludgcwait, circulation manager. The" paper contains reports on | the business of'past meetings, plus committee reports, and old and new business. Each item of new business is explained fully so that members of the c!ub who missed in be "taken id spent many montns in a ««"" lll !caro of m-st-. EC added ^at the T-Tk infOtlt Was to provide homes ±0r j board would consider the request illb inient vveia ^ V .,11 0 vintp 1-hc ' ""ion It next "goes over the street a relat vely low cost to alleviate inc mattcl ,.. got under May Tno of 1946, and the project progressed r a idl> . Tno first family moved in during June of 1946 and by ChrisS of that year, all but threerf the : original ^/m**^v»'-fc»-.' — t *• homes were occupied. LJI nt y fv-1* "• ^' ••v--- i - mother mother tract of land and lidded four moro houses to tho project. Since that tlmo other Individuals hiivd built several mtiro homes and with two or thrun homes that uio locutocl on Laurel avonun. tho num- bor of housoH In tho area now to- tub more than SO. Ono moro Is Almost eomplotocl. another has boon ntnrtod and others tiro expected to bo built In tho nour fiituro. Veterans Mcmorlnl Huskies hullding thn homos, thn MoRln project Included thu laying out of Htruow find sidewalks throughout tho wholo area. I wo Hlrocls In thn dovnlopmont aro niimod for two of America 1 * wo" known military mnn. Thoy arc. On. I'attnn Drlvo and Con. Dal- tun Drive. Mr. Noblo Mtutod that tho strcnu wovo numoil In this way biicausn tho project wan hunt M a monument tci borough ox- norvlcpmon. and ox-norvlcomon aro for thn main part rn.'iltlontii uf tho dovnlopmonr. Nmne niTlvntloii Thn development was named nionelitlo Manor, Thr land which tho hnmoH wnro hullt on wad for- moi'ly M part of tho Onborne farm, i\n;l 'the wholo unction wan known ii8 OHbcirne'M Olon, Tt In hollovorl Hint tlio name, Olondalo Man'" 1 , wn'i dnrlvcd from this fact. The Manor Is located woll out- nklo ttio central section of tho nor- nnd In almost a nii|.nratn Trustee Mull Service Right up alongside the matter of streut liglxts In importance to tr\o residents of the community is the acquisition of mail delivery service to the homes. Tho post office department department has a ruling which states that mn.ll shall not be delivered to homes In any area whore there arc no street lights. Until such time as street lights are installed in nboul a half dozen of these RO to school. They are picked up by a school bus in the morning and taken to Central Avenue 'school, where they attend classes. School Recommended When Dr. N, L. Enpclhardt and Sttmton LcRult made a survey of the school building needs-of Na.u- Ratuck, it was supposlcd that a site should be acquired and a km- dorpartcn through third grade unit constructed" in the New Haven road area. In 1936, thcr* were only 28, children In' that grade range HvinK in the area to be served by the proposed school. In 1946, 45 children were located Tho. slate of olflccrs that was installed installed in January tor the next fiscal year, taking over the reins •of an organization that is not as yot a year old, but during the period period since it was formed, it has grown from merely nn idea into one of the' most progressive or- Another Nauffatuck company with a «tron K lion, a diversified line of product*, very capable management and a Kcncrous dividend policy. —. Invest In.Naupatuck Investments SWEENEY & COMPANY Waterbury Officer—108 Bank Street Tel, Wat. 4-8224 See Us First for LUGGAGE ' FISHER'S — We Do Export Repairing — 111 SO. MAIN ST., WATERBURV memoeis» ut, UKJ i-iiuu w nu UUD^^U «•.., -- -— - the the meeting wiil still know what ganizations in Naugatuck. - - - . thcl .g excluding the children from the development, residents wl "; ^ Glendale Manor development, have to pick up their •mall at a, £° h ^ h there are now very few box in the post office, at Soncral, £ • * f ,. om th( , Manor aUcn ding delivery ut t.hcpo«t o Hco 01 bj^ In-, potential •enrollment ., is stalling a mail box along side the I scl °° Eventually It would New Haver, road for rural carrier NCIy la '!-<-service. '!-<-service. Flro I'rotcctlon Another objective of the group is to obtain fire protection equipment. equipment. At present there are only two lire hydrants in tho area, one on Gen, Patton drive and tho other other on Gen. Dalton drive. The club members want at least one more hydrant installed, this to be on Z/aui'Ol avenue which at tho present present time has no hydrant and is located located quite a distance from the two which havo already been installed. installed. It would take tho borough fire department approximately 1- minutes minutes to reach the Manor if they | were called to combat a. blaze there. The club Is contemplating obtaining a siren or bell with which "OF THE BETTER KIND" BERNKOF'S EMPIRE DELICATESSEN "STRICTLY KOSHER PRODUCTS" 144 NORTH MAIN ST., WATERBTTRY PHONE 5-7540 • HOT CORNED BEEF AND HOT PASTRAMI • TCNACKWURST — KALBOSSI • SMOKED SALMON We I'reparc and Ship Overseas Food P:ic_k:iges Phone 5-7540 "DON'T FUSS — CALL US" Open Daily and Sundays Until 10 P. M. material a.HHctw nt the disposal of tho mombnrn. All they hud wan a. Ki-ctn dual of onlhUKliisim, u wl.l tn huvo their own orgRnl/.atlcm nnd n. strong donlrc for social and community Improvements, These probably prove necessary to add classrooms and other facilities,- to serve the fourth through .sixth grades, Shopping .Problem There arc no stores in the im- ( mediate vicinity of the development development :irid most of the shopping is done in Naugatuck by the m:ile members of tho community. Many of the residents come to Naugatuck Naugatuck on Sa.turdny to do their .shopping .shopping for the entire week. Fresh vegetables are obtained from a vegetable truck which makes :i Circuit of the Manor two or three times a week and bread and pastry pastry is procured from various Bnk- ery trucks, some of which make daily trips to the ' area. The majority majority of men in tho development becoming quite proficient to call the residents together in all0 pp 0rs out of necessity, having case of (ire, and. lengths of hose j t(j do tnc sh0 pplnfr evenings alter which could be connected to tho; lcaving their places of"' employ- i 1....»»,, Vii. fnrrtmun i tv VOlUn- hydrants, by community volunteer:;, volunteer:;, for notion in the Interval between the time tho fire WHS discovered discovered and tho time the borough (ire trucks arrived. To Develop Park Intanclhtc attributes proved to be i other aims of' the club for the *"* ., _ .i -..-.i .UA rti>- , . _ - .. „ .. n *u« rnvHinT' f\n- na nil that WIIM needed, and the or- tlltl not furo ronldonts of oiiRh pvopfr. Coin mini Cause HldlTllS Of tl . and fniinil that thny hud common Inti'rctHx. views. In iionu- common Krlc.viinco.-i. the members made monetary gifts 1 to the treasury, nnd shortly utter residents of tho Mimi'i'l c , ub U ., 1M o rg(inixcd, a paper ,cr and fi.unil that thny' • , wua hM: Th(! money sc'-' sc'-' " "' " ciirotl through the sale of paper helped swell the , then meager troiiMUry i.» w"" 1 lM nt ' w " v . nl ' y hoalthy treasury. Since that tlmo paper drives !i:ive boon held evctj Lhrof! or four months. Gen. IJiilton Turk' Mr Noble clomitetl two and ono- miartcr uci'CH nf land to tho group In Mav of 10'!7. shortly aftor tho club was t'orme-i, to be used .as i\ community park. The club mem- bnri. named tho park Gon. Dalton Park, in honor of Gen. James L. Dnlton. II, former loc.u man who Ttiuy ounif to thn conclusion that If thoy hint so many Items of corn- niort Interest, t.hon other resklentM nf the development must also hnvo (hone Mimin Internstn. and otio way In brine tlidMn IntnfPHtH to llfjl't wft« to orgiinl/.o. CniuiininUy C!liil> Kormeit Consicriuently. In April, 1W7. tho Olcndale Mimur Community Chin wn.'i born. Among tho loaderw In TKiinlvtlnt; the club wore Kohorf Kniipp, William Brody anrl Ttoh- P« Kumlston. These mon Inter- -"•-•••••,' ,„ , icl |on May oslod others In their plans and a wax ^ «> '" '^ ll h y|s uroup w (l! , formed which w f nt | " .,.,' ll V n0 lno Philippine!.. Ivom hi.uso to house, presenting i-u« n £ , tholr plans and siolloltlng aid. The | Ml - rv " lDl1 - roHpontie was Immndtato and gratt-1 'ylnK, us tunny "f the rest Klk'nlllod tholr wllllngnossi to tho ' v , 11)li . 1 „ _. .. corning year are the further development development of Gon. Dalton Park, the acquisition of park and playground equipment, and a comprehensive pit)gram embodying social, educational, educational, and athletic aspects which will merit the Interest and active n'unlelpatlon of all members of the community. fn the sports field, the club sponsored sponsored a Softball team during the tummor months, and many Informal Informal gnnies between tho members mcnt. Christmas Tarty A Christmas display contest was sponsored by Mr, Noble in 19-10, bo- fore the Club was'formed. Mr. Noble acted as one of the judges in addition to donating all the prizes for the contest. Last year, instead of having another contest, tho money which would havo gone for prizes was used to finance a Christmas party for the children of the Manor. The affair was-he'd in Mr. Humiston's basement and the party is expected to become an annual event with the club. The mailer of transportation to and "from the "community 1 is, for the residents who have no auto of Tin- (li'Mt meeting of the group w «9 held within a few days In u tiimoment-rocroatlon room of Mr. Humlsiton's home. A cotnmlttoo WHS appointed to draw Up a charier charier 'incl another to draw up a sot n ' by-laws for tho group. Another of the club, In 1 .ocog'nUio'n"of this act and for nil fees connected 1 with the •iMniiu Involved In the prnpi-rty deeding, A tty Terence C. Cnrmody. n local local rosldont who practices law .in Watorbury, was also made an honorary honorary life member for his corpora* corpora* . ...i-.t A _*.n tii 1^ nl ni n f* rn rnnL HHHIU» u^v"^^!' u..v, ...— wore hold. A mixed bowling league | was organized In the fall, and every. Wednesday evening the members hold mutches at Annenberg's Annenberg's Alleys. Many informal ski- Ing and skating hnve been hold since the first snowfall, .and others arc planned for tho near future,. When the club's alms of securing rocrcntlonnl equipment has been realized, many other athletics athletics activities will be undertaken. Blood Bank The first community blood bank in Naugatuck was established by members of tho club Dec. S, 1047, under the sponsorship of Dr. A. J. Finn of Waterbury. Dr. Finn addressed addressed the group on the advantages advantages and advisability of organizing organizing n blood bank tit the December meeting. The club voted to organize organize the bank; and 57 members were types the first night. Since that time many more of, tho mcm- b rs hnve boon typed. problem. The P TO THE LADIES: Would you like to earn some of the lovely lovely things for your home, that your budget simply cannot cover? Then do so easily by becoming one of our Club Plan Secretaries. Telephone or drop in to see us and we will gladly give you further details. P. S. Remember that this store sells Simplicity Patterns. Valley Fabric-Curtain Shop TEL. 5972 34 CHURCH STREET NAUGATUCK, CONN. "id the ho f,'r<n.p. Anoor | mnotlnR w«» hole of the cl ub an d committee, submitted whon the el" 6 ' tlcm and I8 * lst ""? r ' |ind by-inwnl The purpose of the blood bank is <lraw up the Ct1ixltol le members of the club who |in y- i assistance I to enable members of the club who - fl Iholr plans to tho group for ap- Pr ° V " 1 ' i-'i«i onicow i »"" of u>0 Robflrt Knapp, one of tho load-1 stnictod «n inK Hplrltii In organizing the picnic Kroiip, wan oloctod prosldont, William William Hrody was elected vlco- preaUloiit; jack Qulnn, tronsuror; MM, Arthur Taylor, secretary; and Joaoph Furando. Mr. Humlnton, Kobort Tiilcott, yhormun Brown, Mr, Klvln HouvonH .Mrs. Robprt Chime, Gideon Tomllnson and T''i'unol« Noonftn wore oloctod , The plul) wan formed wllli non LIIU k-ti.i" -- < , During the summer months, the. club members clo'Ujod^boj.t one- „,, M pathway, Six picnic mblcH. five meeting benches and soveral IlrepUiccs were also constructed nnd Inrtnllocl. A sizeable sizeable liability Insurance policy covering covering anyone participating In activities activities within the park was acquired, acquired, Mooting I'lnco een held on Uic first TucBdny of ovory month, The club has plans for Mtructlon of. Ji require blood, to obtain voluntary assistance from other members of the club when tho ncod arrives, without having to pay professional fees, sot lip" 1 In conjunction with the blood bank project of the Waterbury Waterbury hospitals, and a record of those who were typed has been placed on file at both Watorbury hospitals as well as In the community community Itself. The majority of residents of the community arc young married people people and although there are quite only DUSf-S 1,11..*^.^,.. -— those those of the New England Bus lino, and they run in each direction direction just once an hour. Now Officers The annual meeting and election of officers for 1948 was held in Do comber of last year, the same eve ning that the community blood I bank was Inaugurated. i George Angrave was -elected president; Sherman Brown, vice- president; Ralph Lyons, treasurer; Mrs. James Thompson, secretary; Robert Chase, Nelson French, Elvi Elvi n HoilVCnS R.obci't -rilHYllHLOTl- Mrs Leonard James, Robert Knapp, Robert ' Talcott and • Fremont Fremont Tolles, trustees. Ever since the first snowfall in the borough, street department employes plowing the roads have encountered difliculty • in clearing the streets adequately, .because of cars being parked on the sides of the roads. This situation forced g the plows to go around the cars a and consequently, the' lanes that ra wore opened were very narrow. Cooperation Plus This situation existed in Glendale Glendale Manor as well as in the rest of the borough. The club mem- ——— . ; nniigpHHignuiijiiiiiiinnniiiniiKainnu SEE THE NEW 1948 AUTOMATIC COMBINATION RADIO AT A SENSATIONAL PRICE PHILCO UUl E> l^tVit^-ou v>'"-- -their -their own advantage to keep their cars off the road during and directly directly after a snow storm so that the street department plows could properly push the snow aside. The decision was reached by mutual agreement and the vast majority of residents have complied, They have found that by keeping their nutos off the street, their roads FULL SIZE CONSOLE WITH AUTOMATIC RECORD PLAYER I PHILCO 1262. Plays 10 twelve- inch or 12 ten-inch records automatically automatically ! Featherweight Tone Arm .. no needles to change. Powerful radio Gorgeous tone on both radio snd 'records. Smart, streamlined Walnut Cabinet—famous Tilt-Fronc feature. Sensational value! 413 NO. MAIX ST. Union City Tel. 6491 OPEN THURSDAY AND FBIDAY EVENINGS TILL 8 P. M. DODGE Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTCHKISS STREET Tel. 5727 J. L. MAZILAUSKAS, Prop. SALES — SERVICE — Established 1025 — PHILCO REFRIGERATORS SWAN'S Church St. Te, 35174 DON'T LOOK IN VAIN FOR A PARKING PLACE DRIVE OUT TO THE THRIFT PACKAGE STORE N. H. Road—Free Del.—«209 •TAT" SUGRUE, Prop. Protection Are you fully and properly properly protected by your pres ent insurance? See Naugatuck Insurance Agency Inc. Room 9 Ncnry BulldlnR F. W. Kuton, Manager Immediate Delivery HAZELTON PREMIUM COAL and KOPPERS COKE Rock Salt for Icy Walks We Have Feed tor the Birds. Fcod Them! ! RELIABLE GRAIN & FUEL CO. 5 CHURCH ST. TEL. 3076 A.B.C. RANGE BURNERS LIGHT FIXTURES ', ELECTRIC HEATERS TRIMZ WALLPAPER PITTSBURGH PAINTS GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPLE STREET (Across from City Bakery) Free Delivery Telephone 6014 DO YOU KNOW THAT . . . If your present heating- plant is not functioning, right let UN renali or replace It with A modern fur- inucc. Wf arc local agents for . '• '• MOTOR STOCKER, automatic conl heat. : • LUXAIRE, air conditioning and coal fired furnaces. OIL BURNERS Installed. THE WATERBURY HOT WATER BOIX.ERS AND RADIATORS sold and Installed. HEATING CO. 3G SPRING ST. WATERBURY PHONE - 4-G*™ Have You Seen The FAMOUS LANDERALL and Don't Miss Our Second Floor HOUSEWARES DEPARTMENT CANS, Inc. Maple* Street Tel. 3507 FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. 4 OAK STREKT Save Damaged Clothing Have It Wonderwovcn Like New Holes, burns, rips disappear like mi» K lc when skillfully rcwovcn by the exclusive Wonderwcnve method. Cost a* low as $1.50 to reweavc '. linear Inch. (Ect. 1899). WONDER WEAVERS 20 E. MAIN — WATERBURY THE CHINA INN imrrl.ion ATC. Ai I^nvonworl* no. « Stop In After th* Theater Ojcn P»«y 11 A.M. 10 JO r -M. Sun. It N. <o 12" r.M.' **"<• " ' l Closed All Pny Monday*. 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