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Collector Stuart - THE GALVESTON THt TICK «t 5 7 a. m.; nt m....
THE GALVESTON THt TICK «t 5 7 a. m.; nt m. UOBBINS, 4 T. Aet. Seasonable t'oitbou ovnr the country. Almonds. Raisins. Strawberries. tho up- ni'itntRur and MR. STUART'S BURIAL. The Community Unites in Doing Honor to the Dead Patriot and Editor. AN ELOQUENT TRIBUTE. Floral Offerings From Loving Hands Shed Fragrance Over the New Made Grave of the Lamented Dead. The mortal remains of Mr. Hamilton Stuart, the beloved citizen, noble patriot and distinguished editor, were yesterday morning consigned . to their last resting place beside the grave of his wife ami nettr thu» of hU? father and aon, in the family lot In (he city cemetery. Hundreds of people gathered to pay their tributes of J.ove.und respect to the venerated man whose life 'Imd been as a stream of sunshine and brightness to those among whom he dwelt and with whom he held communication. The funeral services were Ijogiin at the late residence of Mr. Stuart at 10 o'clock. Kev. tJ. [t. Carter of Grace Episcopal church officiating. All d u r i n g the morning and up to the moment the casket was borne from the house, a tide of people poured through the portals to take a last look at tho calm and life-like features of the beloved (lend; veterans with whitened locks and tottering .steps, friends and as. soclaics for many years of th.i nulilf- dead, men In vigorous middle age t'roir r-very walk in life, y o u t h just on the lhn;-:ho:;j of sturdy manhood and prattling ch r iuron with bright ayes ami sunny countenances, all ctime to unite in doing homage to the worth and nobility of the life just closed. The floral offerings were profuse and beau- t i f u l and long before the surpliced man of God arose to say the service for the dead the massive casket was hidden from view beneath its fragrant bunlen of wreaths of Ivy and immortelles. When the brief pcrvlee? nt the (muse h:ul been concluded the casket was borne to t h e hearse by the following active pall bearers- J. D. Skinner. A. Kcnlson, H. V. Davidson H. W. Rhodes. Waters K. Davis, J. Al. O. Menard,. Robert CI. Lowe and J o h n R. Liumford, preceded by Rev. .1. U. ('itrter and the honorary pall bearers, as follows: Willie, Clark' Campbell". 0 W." sT A n d r e w ^ Jjuclen Minor, John Chubb. W. T. Austin and C. W. Trucheurt. The funeral procession stretched for blocks along Market street and hundreds of people w i t h uncovered heads nnd solemn stop thronged tho sidewalks us t h e cortege moved by. At the grave, when the casket was lowered, Italjbl H. Cohen, who stood beside lluv. J. II. Carter ul tlic UJH-I. .sepiileher. spoke brlelly but elouuontly and feelingly ot thy virtues and character of the dead nnd paid u splendid tribute ta his worth. His remarks were, substantially as follows"As a d u t y t h a t I owe lo m.VHelf mid lo the city In w h i c h 1 reside it IH meet nnd proper to add a word to what has already been said uml written In eulogy of Hamilton Stuart. It was my good fortune tc be repentedly brought in contact w i t h him (hiring the last year of his life and 1 only give him hln due when I nay t h a t his companionship wit* most h e l p f u l to me The friendship of the aged IK itlways worth having, and when t h a t particular old man HUM led a blann-U-ns l i f e his frlend- Hhln is doubly dear. Tho life of the righteous Is always an encouragement to :IIOHC w i t h whom ho Js brought In touch. No good m a n -- n o matter how obscure-- ·ver lives in vain, for his life continually ·('produces It sell 1 in other lives. As i h c lew of heaven I h a t Imperceptibly si;Ul"s n t h e darkness loiivos Its b o u n t y and gni.lieo lo : f t lengthen the llolif.i and lowers. HO does t h e life of u gnod man vc Us bcneilcent m u r k , even t h o u g h wu iUjijiu.-..: ili..i Jii.-i ui-i-.i* Wei.- i i i i i i i i i i f f i l or u n k n o w n . In more t h a n one HCIIMO ' t h i s simile In applicable to I h e mini whoso mortal remains we- come to hOiiOr iu-iiay, I ' n - iissuntlng n n d modest, l u l l i n g sham iind :i'! in '-f ley, llhori'.l n n d t o l e r a n t , ho m u ; v h t it lesson to n i l who were housed w i l h Ids u e q i m l n t a i i o c s h l p -- i i lesson Kmt reads l i k e u elmptor of I h c Kcrlplmv. H i s e x i l i n g was one ill which he cmild dissciidim le i m u - l i goo.l--a. moMor of public ophiion-:uid lo JilH I ' l c r n n l credit he It wild he d e v n t e d ]| to ( h e elevation of m a n k i n d . M. don; not need o u r prnyiM-s. His de.-ds w i l l be l i l s advoeitles at tho b:ir of s n i i r e m " l u n i i - T . Li'l us, I'MWever. pray for the consularloii of his g r i e f - s t r i c k e n c h i l d r e n -- x v h u of a i l others, w i l l miss him mosl. \\V a f f o r d to .spare h i m , but, his jiic Nerved a noitic purpose, let us grudge I i f n i the rest he ;;o r i t - l i l v JJ|p}'-cd w i l h t h e four-score yearj fit life n midst his hi-Joved l i i i d r e i i an bosom of his f a m i l y he p.issi-d aw.i l.v, peacefully, l i k e a p a t r i n r e h neeted w i t h The CSiilveston News, where bin work, under the ouptlon of "Stitto 1'ivs.V' was out* of the most popular features of the paper. The nume urailnall) iitinohcd Itsvlr to I hi 1 KP' 1 '" 1 editor, and an "Htate I'renH" he hfttt been known uiu laved for many year;*. To t h e last bin unerring judgment w | the wheat aud chutf In urn to journalism hi* kindly In-art cover!UK even ivproo' w l t l i friendly advice, Well may the · editorial brotherhood it jmrticular mourn his Ions. His death nrentes' u void In Texas Journullsm Uiu will not bo tilled. 1 A Model. Citizen, Oalvcston Trilnmo. Every newspaper man In Texas wll to-day drop a tear \ti memory, of Ham' llton Stuart, "State Press" of The GuU veston-Dallas News. He was the friend of us all, kind as a fattier, gentle as mother. In all respects a brother. In no man of modern times -were the virtues ol gentlemanIIness more manifest. lit* hac: the gallantry of a cavalier with the tenderness of a woman. . . Ills working life was a model of steadfastness. As regularly as the sun he wenl about his daily task and discharged it cheerily and earnestly, so t h a t when evening came he- h a d - done all that hands found to d o - u n d - h i B mind and his heart was · happy. Lie was a hut his pen was kindly and he never except to help und enlighten. His learning was as broad as his more than half cent u r y of experience and his wit was all keener for its long exercise. In private life In: was a model citizen. With only love in his heart for all mankind and the perpetual consciousness of fidelity to every trust he followed the pathway where honor led and which his own genial nature illumined. I l i a methodical habits, his personal purity and his distinguished accomplishments constitute a splendid example of modest success antf 1 He was not a professing: Christian in the orthodox sense. But he was a blameless man; lie lived ever in 1 obedience to the laws of God und nature, and went to sleep in righteousness. Gathered on t h e oilier shore- with the heroes and patriots of early Texas, we feel assured, is the sainted presence of Hamilton Stuart. From the Colored Press. To The News: A n o t h e r of r.he old of journalism has passed In to the great Xieyond; a great and $roc«l m;ui will be missed from tho journalistic field. Keen ·in his criticisms, not w i t h malice or evil i n t e n t , but nilher 'to elevate the colored newspaper of t h e stale and to -make and t h e i r editors soc-nd to none, lie revered by all., fence to his ashes; may li-ls memory live forever. R I C H A R D NEIiSOX. Vice President Texas Colored Press O N E W H O K N U W Hellon, Hell Co., Tex.. Nov. 17.--The announcement of the deatli of H a m i l t o Stuart (State Press) cuiitaliibit In The News vf i u o t t - ' n i a j \i ,i^ l i - u J i \ i L l t and especially so by those who h u d connected w i t h tho press of the state any time d u r i n g the last half century. This writer ha# known him since prior to the late war--first as editor of tin; Civilian and later as StaK' Press of The News. W h i l e this t t c n u a l n t a n c c WHH mate, s t i l l H was vt'lueil by the writer, and v.-Hl I:'.- alw:iy«. His inlailty uni! fiitlnM-ly kindness to Ihe younger munbcrs of Ihe press made t h e m all lo-e htm proud to ever nay they were ac'iualnled w i t h him. lie had more information about Texas history und t h e public men t h a man in the Ml ate, and Ills memories of men and events were all pleuflani OUCH. Conscious of hid own h i g h character, he wjiij above the shafts of liln enemies, and hence did not notice u n k i n d crltlclHniH. Tilt.- younger members of the Texas press looked upon him us n. father, and iruly lie was. His kind words and good advice liavfi cheered und strengthened many a faltering and wavcrlns heart and caused It to strive on to KUCCCHH. The prepn of ihe state uv/es him much fur thin, and al:io for the high and elevating inmienee he cxerinl nvi-r It. 1'erhapH lo him more than to any olher person IH t l u i ; . Hie praise t h e present high Kiamlard of t h e Texu-s prcsj:. He l u u / i l i L it lu (hem by ami i-XHiiiplo. His Impress* upon the prt'su of tin- stalf v.'ilt bo felt as long as It exists, m l Idvf, d u l y a m i j r n i t t t u i prompt i.ju:li i t f i i l «vi;ry member of It 'to w r i t * - w i t h kindiU'.SK ami IX-VL-ICIICC of I h a v i n g p. iiu p. m. v p i n r n l 1« may all ascend to our M i l k e r w i t h sis elnir .a chronfcli* and us Fpotlr;.n n rec-urd :-s Hainlliuii Stuart." i M i r l i i K t l i i - delivery of (hl:i eloriuen! t r l t i - nUs tears stremned from the eves nf m-iny of I h r - JTi-vmhiffl nionrnci 1 ! 1 , whn.-i liciu;'^ t h r i l l e d In iutritiony w l l l i ihe words of t h e At tin- conclusion Of Dr. (.'niit-n's rrinin-ks Kev. .Mr. C:irlor read, w i t h deep fre]hu- mid impfi-'ssivc clonuence. tho b e a u i i f i i l serl vice cif the Kpiscoiml church for the de,- t .| t h e n the frrave w:ts IJHod a n d the nmiind which mrirked t h e rcKtiiiK- T'lace of I h u n l l ton Stuiirt wits soon rnvcre'I w i t h a m:i«s of (loi-itl 'ifferin^s. \vhilc K P i i t l e l i u m K prompted by tender mid F y m n ; i l h r M c liftirts, also Kr;itiered f l o w e r s upon i Ho tTJivo of Jiis w i f e br.-iMt' him. The solemn service was over, t h e In si sad d u t y perfonneil. ;nid. leaving the de;ul to i-cpose w i t h those who h i i r l i.rcceded him to t h e shores of e t ' - r n i t y nnd cominendlnt: his nolde son] to |h', f;,,,i w j, o gave it, t h e sad assembly dispersed. Sincerely TVyri-ltrd. Houfiion T'ost. Tin- death of H n m l l t r m K l u n r l . for m a n y yojirs k n o w n t h r o u w h o u l Texas as t h e "S tu to Press" e d i t o r of Th- ( i f i l v o s l o n Ncw.s, removes from Texas joiirnaiism one of Ihn oldest of its reprvsonhi lives and one of ihc mo:;t widely o s t c c n i f f l . lie \VJIK the editor nnd publisher of ( l i e (lalvcslon C i v i l i a n m a n y years n^n and l e f t it to enter thf pervlc*- of Hs rival. The New n t t h a t t i m e conducted b y t h e I n t o \ V i i l u m TMehiirdFon, and he remained In t h e service of The News c o n t f n i m i i s l y un lo t i n *lay Of hi:* d e a t h Hi t h e ;ii;e ot M years. Tilt- depart men t over w h i c h ho presided was k n o w n as t h r "Slate Press," and lie made It n d i s t i n c t i v e f e a t u r e of The News, in xo m u c h ( i u i l he hud IM-OH k n o w n t h r n u j r h o n t Die s t u f f f n r y r n r x l.y t t i « - l i l l c w h i c h ho save to h i s work. Mr. S t u a r t wii.-s of a very modes! ;md r e t i r i n g «HspositIon. never s.-ekins public position nor public applause, but rulher stir ink! UK from puli- lie notice. As 11 w r i t e r Jie w;is keen n n d jnclslve. but u n i f o r m l y k i n d and coiislfl- c*r:ite, and t h o u g h his wil littd :t f.luirp e.d^c Ii carried no .siln^. He won t h e re- Hpeet and esteem of his j u u r n a l i s t l i ? con- fi'fros by his u n i f o r m courtesy and penlal i.uinnor and m;ide few. if miy. enenijo^. I l l s d ^ n t l i w i l l be « l r n erely retrreti^/] | ;v Ida proi'ctislonal brothrcn Jiud by all the (.!·! T.-:;;ui;:. w h o w i l l r:-coKli!xo i;i hi.i .lentil the piiHStntf n-.vay of n not her of t h e old l.-iiulmiirks. nf vhom tlioro arc now but f e w l e f t . ,Woll May M o u r n , flifaveslon OpfVii (iJ.irt.--. Oir Kriduy morniiiK ut. ^.l!'i o'clock Jlum- Uop. t?(uart, one of tiie best k n o w n c l t l - '.cnb of t l i c siato, dcpurleil from (his l i f e thf ,\r"at beyond. The e h i u i K i M K seu- ons of olj;1)ly-one y^^irp b.'ni ji;ussed over his heml, i'i)ff the end fo-ind htm crowned w i l h h d i i o r ;i:id r.'vci em-e »K \v:in diif to s nohle miuihood H:K! exrruplary life. To tho v r r v end II!K (jejiinl spirit shone fortli from lii« k i n d l y eyes, rxprcsshit; R-nod will to nil m:in'kli:d. :uid t h n i u n l v i - r s n l n i r l M n ml 11 oti S t n n r l -- t h o l i n n i e I f v c f r reads like H pa^t* nf hfplory--w.'is one of the voteniii" nf Ti-xsis. nnd e p p e f i a l l y HSHO- ·iatod w i t h ( h e newspaper I!!'-' 1 of the i*(H)e. His r-jirly work, althoucrh rfnifmbered only '·v nu'ii now n'lM'* f'M. mode \\* i n f l u e n c e rrlf. J-'or m n n v veara he has been con- A N OLD T i M I O H . A J l r l c f Ski tcli of Colnnel "J-Iiih" Mi.-Koan. F i K h l i t i g l i H l t t i n s at Ainon;; -Mi« ] i u l l bearers at I h e funciral tf Mr. StU'Ji-t ivas I In: vf:tf:i';i:i Colonel K p h r a l m M.-Le:ui, l i i s lifelong f r i e on el McLean Is a Texan of iht; Tex ana, ami, l l l t r I'Di.iiiei J o h n H. Konl nf i r M i i c i :nd c l e m ral H t - n r y K . Uoi-lcponl. n:ir of ·!!" f«w .Hiirvivor:! of t : lic ceii'lir.'.ted Te:;;iH ranj;iM-:i. ( ' [ f l o i i f l .Mcl,(/:tn 'Is tio\v in his TSlli liavln;; been burn In I '.lins* i - o u n t y movi'd to h i ' l h i n n , and, a f t e r :i .i'»iirn. wen! io Missouri, hi ISM he t t t u r u l t l i .t drove ,)f lioi-.-it-s for Tcxiis, , i m i ri-adie-i t h e i-;istcrn f'ronl'ior a slioin -thne a f h r f t l m l . ; i t l l e of Hnn .laeiuU*. to of i The by Q. by and t the t are 1 w to ami t i liy R i we jy uid f ie u he he f H. o ( ) r l o ; i t i ! 4 J H i r f O W H C i^ u n d e r ;t re^lsii-' I tin' llr:-l .schounor · of ihe ivpubllc of i n ISIS Cnlund MrLe;ni, l h H. IVoldf s ol' JlLM)i|r^t;e:id l a i « D r . I i i m l s r v c - r i a n t o l d , l e of Itpium-ia OM horsrlmek to !· . IO.-L .-.ilvr m i n e ^uppost'il to ·I l:i v.--h;it |K Uie j;uih;iiull..- of t 'ilH-n a cum p;ira lively u n k n ·tipli'i] u i : ) i 11:1 l i g h t bfsideH us. Tlic lost m i n e fa-ilctl 10 m n t e r i j i l l / . f . -:l:e 'um:iiiflii:-s ;vin o f f Hi-.-lr horses ; i M i the p a r l y WJIH forced to it to Coffee's t r a d i n g post on !£e| river, w h e r e t i n y were remounted n n d \\-ny l»:n-k Id th- to'.vn of j-trazoria, n f t e r an i i l t H f i i c o r i-ifiht months-, to Hie surprise of t h e i r f i i f M i d s , who had up ;ts dead. Colonel McLean In 1S19 b u i l t the II rut wli;i-rf 111 the luirbor of ( I - i l v r s l o n . It Inc.'it^i! :it i h e fo'it of K i g ' i i l e e n l l i and for year;; vim k n o w n as "AlcLcan'a wh:irf." Early in l-he ·l(i.i he l)ei'amc connected j w i t h I he ninger HIT vice nnd as c n p of ;i i:omp:iny Ji^!'! Corpus (""liristi ( t h e n a I roding post or K-inni^- K A u d r e y ) the n t t J i r k f l of hostile M e x i c a ap-r-3. l-'or one wlirrle d n y lie fanghl a band of I n d i a n a o n t h e H i n r ]H1H n n d d r n v p t h e m off w i t h or liis o w n men htiiur slain. A I Hie o u t b r e a k of Mie 'Mexican Colonel M r [ . ^ . i n i-nlwJ. a ./·*?! PH.!? ^ «i vf*lo?i and j o i n e d (.t^noral TuyloV on " Kio (JriHHlf, where Hie Kirs! rog1n'Ciil of Texji-i rifles ;vas formed, w i t h AibVrt Sidney J o h n s t o n a.s eoiont-l; Kphraim l i e u t e n a n t colonel; -- Wells, major, the l;tte. \\ T . \\ HalHnger of Ctalvnsloii «H · a d j u t a n t . Wht-n t h e term of th!.* com ma nt! exptrnd, -Colonel McfjOan j o h u ' i l -the Texas r ^ n ^ c i s under p n r t l c l p H t c i l -in ihe ntormltifr rey, and in o t l j i ' r eng.iKemontfl, itg In the f a l l of tha Mexican capi- Hnys MoM'. Whpn !hf- gold fever broke out Colon M Mr.L*:in went to (.In-lifornla. where 'he lived for a n u m l i e r of year.", he-ing engaged min-ing und other on tor prises, r e t u r Texan yhoril" 'before the outbreak of t h e civil war. For several years after the close of the i r tie wjit f-n gated in bfcf p a e l t i r i ( h e r enterprlsfp. arid now, in ('he sunset of his days, w i t h t h e groat majority his former friends and comrades gone before, lie is o n l y a w a i M n g the signal w i l l c a l l htm lo t h a t nnd'tfleovercd try where ·"nil- v.-rir di-um.^ 'Llirob no longer And t h e batHtXl.ig.i are furled." TO HOUSKKEEPISRS. If you cduttMiiplate making your Mlneo M i - l i t ami Fruit Cnke we are pleased lo 11- Unit our «to'k of new raisins, ciir- tri. citron, orannu and lumon pet] and all k i n d s of «p!ces and n u t H IH (Complete, and would .'uifiKCsL t h a t you lay In y o u supply now. \Ve. can sufeiy say without f e n r rf c o i i l n i d l i - t i m i t h a is.-* of j;oodn I'or h'nn munoy (him any Iiot-Jin in (he c-lly. We would ask you lo k i n d l y ."end yoi.r n a i u f to tin t h n I I - f l n r ir.Iirlit c:in r n u give you oilf of lately Issued catalogues, which contain* i complete li;jt of a l l goods In our iinck Vours respeetfully, I'KTKIl G K N O L M K THH A H T I L L K R V HALL. you arc going and do not wish t o bo l l s a p p o f n t e f l , plare your order S.ilt w i t h o u t delay at IKK M K T ' Dr. IVrkins teeth lor W a.»et, (is und t i the on i n the c o Congressman \ \ ton Iho t h on w i t h he you in i n w i chamber be spcuk have wns The was on was and which presa No know year not and w i and to we b r t h A r t l tine] thoio to I.

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 18 Nov 1894, Sun,
  3. Page 16

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