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Edward J Yockey 08 Jan 1913 Wed pg 5 - Wednesday Morning, January ft, 1913. III SADDLE...
Wednesday Morning, January ft, 1913. III SADDLE ATTY. El»> Wtl) YOCkEY ASSIMES IHTIES OI’ DISTRICT ATTOR. NEY’S OFFICE l> MILWAUKEE Upon assuming the duties of the office of district attorney of Milwaukee county yesterday, Attorney Edward Yockey, a former Escanaba lad and son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Yockey of this city, in a statement to the people of Milwaukee, in which he outlined the policy that will be pursued by him in the conduct of the Important office entrusted to his care. Mr. Yockey’# statement in part follows: “In assuming the responsibilities and duties as district attorney of Milwaukee county, I desire to renew the pledges made the people in the platform upon which I was elected and contained in declarations made personally by me during the campaign. It will be my earnest and honest endeavor to administer the affairs of this office with an aggreslve, policy against crime and criminals and without personal or political favoritism or discrimination. “Directly and indirectly in the heat and animosity of a campaign, charges affecting the honesty and civic righteousness of candidates are made, Without knowledge or reasons upon which assumptions as to my policy as district attorney could be based, many presumptions and predictions were uttered. Before election and since, I have refrained from personally heeding these baseless charges and insinuations. In this I have been influenced alone by the fnct that commencing today my responsibility as an official and as thread of the law' enforcing branch of the county gav- ernment, is to the people of Milwaukee county. “Professions and activities against crime for political effect, or the prosecution of crimp upon any basis of personal prejudice against individuals, is a misuse of the powers of this office. There is no such degree of civic uprighteousness in Milwaukee county and no wave of criminality so engulfing as can justify the misuse of official power or authority. Criminals should be and will be prosecuted with all the vigor at the command of this office. I pledge myself to the fearless enforcement of a policy influencing the confidence, respect and co-operation of the law abiding people of Milwaukee county. “I believe that the parole and reform of prisoners is T>eneflclal in a large number of Instances, and I will assist and aid in this work as much as possible. “Some provision should be made whereby families of prisoners convicted of abandonment should receive remuneration for the prisoner’s work at the house of correction. Free legal advice and counsel will be given to all poor persons who are unable to pay for legal assistance. “I will not countenance any firm, person, politician or other individuals to represent that they have any influence either political or personal with me for the purpose of deceiving or duping people to hire them, that advantages may be secured, and I will deem it a favor to have such actions reported to me, that I may expose and punish the persons daring to attempt such methods. “I deem it timely to call attention to the aggregate number of petty cases which often should command remedy at the hands of fathers and mothers rather than the attention of of the courts. A more humane and more enlightened method should be devised than the placing of criminal tag upon boys and girls for the mere infraction of a law without crin innl intent or habitual law breaking. V teems to me many of th-iso cases more properly should be punished by parental authority than come under the jurisdiction of criminal courts A police coM.i record fastened upc-i n child early in life is a bad framing for any picture anc1 its Influenc-i is a pormanfnt shadow, in the handling c t cases of this nature, ] ic lieve some better remedy can be achieved than under the present sys tem, and I ask for the honest co-op eration of parents in seeking a better remedy than the giving a criminal record to incorrigibles. “I assume the duties of this office without a pledge or obligation given to any individuals, political parties, or any interest, private or special. My only pledge and obligation is to the people of this county. Any representation of being controlled or subject to any influence other than a conscientious effort to do my full duty honestly and fearlessly, is false. I want the public judgment to be based upon the record made in this office, and not upon what Is assumed will be the |>olley as to crime and criminal presecntlon, “In selecting those who are to assist me I have been guided solely by the fitness and honesty of the men and their relationship to public duty, faithfully discharged. Member» of the Kscanaba lodge of Knights of Phythias and the Phy- hian Hister will join this evening for a Joint installation of the officers of the two organizations. Following the formal installation ceremonies a social session will be enjoyed by members of the two lodges, when addresses and musical numbers will be carried out. As the closing feature of the evening’s program a banquet will be served. It is expected that a large part of the membership of both lodges will fce represented at the meeting. MAY SEEK THE SUBMISSION OF QUESTION AGI Of the probability that leaders of the woman’s suffrage movement in Michigan will after all seek re-submission of the amendment giving the right of the ballot to women, at the spring election, the Mining Journal of Marquette says editorially: Submission in Spring According to I^nslng advices, the leaders of the woman suffrage move ment have decided to seek resubmission' of the amendment at the spring election. They must have reached the conclusion that they, will be no more serious sufferers from the light vote that will be cast then than the opponents of the amendment. If the farmers who favor suffrage are likely to remain away- from the polls iu considerable numbers, it may also be forcast«*d that the vote in the larger cities of the state that went heavily against suffrage will also be comparatively light, as then* will be no local elections to arouse interest The suffragists plan an early start with their campaign for amendment They will have more help from outside—if they want it—than they had last year, for the Michigan submission will be for the time by far tin* most important concern of the woman suffrage world. On the other hand, they will have new opposition, as the National organization of women opposed to suffrage will take a hand in the fight, giving aid and comfort to the other opponents of the universal ballot. It can be predicted with a certainty that the campaign on the amendment will be waged with much more vigor than it was last year, when it was obscured by other political issues of greater moment. Now it will easily be the largest question with which the voters of the state w’ill be called on to concern themselves. THREE LODGES JOIN TO INSTALL OFFICERS At the North Star hall Saturday evening a joint installation of officers of the North Star lodge and the Morning Star lodge was held. The Kronen lodge of Gladstone also came down for the evening and their officers were installed at the same time, in The installing officer for the evening was Henry Carlson, grand treasurer of the ordef, who was assisted by John P. Holm of Gladston and by Louis Johnson of this city. After the installation of the officers had taken place a banquet was given by the members of this lodge. The meeting at the installation of the officers of the orders of this city and Gladstone Saturday evening was one of the largest attended affairs ever attempted by members of tthe North Star lodge. WOODMEN NOTICE All members of the local lodge of Modern Woodmen are urged to attend the meeting of Thursday evening when officers will be installed for the coming year. The meeting wil be followed by a social session, smoker and refreshments. Signed. R. L. CATLIN, Clerk. 7-3t.

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