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 - -26 THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, Saturday, December...
-26 THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, Saturday, December 11, 1948 is preparing a CARE package for overseas. Last year, Miss Bowen's class sent a lovely box • overseas. A family expressed its gratitude through a letter sent to the United States shortly after Christmas. Since Miss Bowen had the name and address of this family, she passed it on to the eighth graders this year. Her class is again contributing to this worthy cause. This group will enjoy a memorable Christmas this year, since it has carried out the idea of "Peace ^Brent Bullough, left; Douglas Stark and JoDelle I Pupils at Garfield school have stockings himr ^Arnott »H quietly at fireside reading stories. 1 decorating done and gift lists ready for Santa. SCHOOL NEWS AND VIEWS Spirit of Yule Invades Garfield Editor: Elizabeth Earl Associate Editor: BUI Dunn i, Story time-is fun time seated in front of the fireplace at Garfield School Miss Beatrice Riley has the library sparkjing with Christmas feeling. The stockings hung at the and little candle decora- jbons on the mantle make Christinas seem nearer. The stories we ?ead are about the traditions of tips ha'ppy season. ** Christmas vHl} s6oft b^ here^fpr the children in Miss Donna Smith's Second grade class have difawn a picture of Santa Claus and his reindeers above all the houses. He li going to visit all of them. They *re planning to draw a picture of thelirst Christmas when the three yiae men came to- BetWehem. Marilyn Hadfield. - Somethingr new for the fifth trade . pupils-—tin can plaques. Mjrs. Betty Henderson showed-us S6w to make them, and it proved fr", h e verv interesting'. Some students worked*, out very unusual <Gf to. A£Un can plaque is made by flattening' out^a tin can iinH'tack- ~ihg it-on a. board, then ^working -ojit a design in nail holes. We had «11 varieties of designs—from sun- *%ts to leopards. •* ' • • 'David • Curtis; • 2 Games, games, especially snow games Te», all the boys and girls «£ Garfield are playing games iii the deep snow.' 'The' wonderful •npwrtorm last Saturday certainly ttarteS a lot of fun. Fox and geese If one of the games that we seem to like a lot ' '. . . Genet Wells. The school principal, Mr. Mark C Lloyd, made-a rule that there 1» no snowballing 'ducside of the area marked off by flags. You ca.n- not go into the area if you are not dressed for snowballing. If anyone.does not obey the rule, he or she will have to be punished with an N. S. on his or her report card.'Then Mr. Lloyd will call the parents about it. He or she also •has to miss the next two picture shows. Kathleen Bryson. COLUMBUS Fourth, Fifth Grades See History Movie Editor: Joan Bellamy Associate Editor: Frances Tavey .The fourth and fifth grades saw a .film about .the New England states as they, were when the colonists came from England. These colonists could not go to the store and buy soap, candles or cloth as we do today. They had to make all these things. There was great sickness and sorrow • among the colonists that year. The sickness cost many hardworking colonists their lives. It wasn't .long before a few shabby houses Became .a village with a •blacksmith shop and many other .useful shops. The film showed AIS how the colonists were united and helped each other. Every night they had their family prayers, after which father read from the -Bible. Joanne Kolby. . In. Mrs. Violet Cumrnings' room the children are making sn ~ri- thology. An anthology is a collection of poems and su^.cs >j_ .. . j written yourself. The first stories'we wrote^tbok place at Cedar Breaks and wore based on a dream. We are now writing poems and stories for Christmas. We will enter these in the contest and someone may win a very fine prize. Tony Polychronis. HIGHLAND PARK NOW you can bake white cake at home that < JUST ADD WATER — Htmi'i oil! IMOOTH A»C»IAM...Iightas • anowflake's the perfect quick-easyx'nite cake! MAKI delicious cookies, cupcakes, even yellow cake witn this same Duff's Mix. - Etay direction^ on box! New Phase of Art Studied by Pupils Editor: Louise Moss Associate Editors: Jan Stout Carolyn Clements A new phase of art is being studied in the seventh grades of Highland Park. Wood carving is the subject and it is being; taught by a very capable teacher, Mr. Allen D. Young. Blocks of linoleum are being used to carve imprints-and designs. We're going to be able to make our own Chriat- mas cards. The blocks will be covered with paint and will be printed on the paper. We hope to be able to distribute these cards among our friends. Jan Stout Miss Marion Austin's room is making things for a Chinese village. The boys made doMs out of pipe cleaners and the girls took some silk and made clothes for them. To make houses we took a lot of cardboarS milk cartons, cut off the bottoms and put some curved roofs on. We put paper over the waxy cardboard and. painted it. We also made the Great Wall of China. A boy in our room brought some toy logs and we built -them up .and had a wall. We made some rice fields with sand to sn'ow the mud water. Jinrickshaws also dec- Orate our village. Everyone is invited to see it- Teddy Hultquist Tony Kimball Patricia Brown made a flannel- o-graph story of Little Black Sambo. We liked it so well .that we chose a committee to • help her make some larger pictures. We pretended that it was television. Then we played the story of Little Black Sambo to the boys and girls. We introduced the first television at Highland Park. Ronald Olsen Deveda Erickson ROOSEVELT JUNIOR HIGH . University Students Get Best Wishes Editor: Rosemary Schwartz Associate Editor: Stanford R. Bardsley We at Roosevelt would like to give a. vote of appreciation and f ood luck to the University stu- ents who are just finishing their on Earth, Good Will to Men." Carolee Larsen. The teaching of ceramics by Mrs. Mary Kimball Johnson has captured the interest of the art students. Some are making vases, while others are making figurines. The clothes-for the human figurines were taken fro'm fashion magazines, while the animal' figurines were taken from nature books. Nettie Barr made a Madonna to go with the other figurines. These are being used to decorate the library. Last Friday, the board of education came to estimate the amount of electricity it would take to operate a. new kiln or glazing- oven which is to be installed. Then the students can glaze their own articles. Lynne Grubb. The ninth grade shop classes are working on a very interesting project. They are making inlaid tables. • " First, they draw the design they desire. Then they secure different colors of wood and cut them into the shape preferred: Some are designed like; checkerboards, triangles, and other varieties of tables. Betty Swain. HAMILTON Christian Customs Prdve Interesting Editor: Francis Jean Lewis Editor: Frances Jean Lewi* The pupils in Miss Lucile Peter- son's room have been- studying: where America got her Christmas customs. '•' -..... In their language class, under the -direction of Mr. William Dpxey, they are writing the play. The main characters, Snowflake and Raindrop, travel to these' foreign lands to find the true meaning of Christmas and to learn-how the people in different lands, celebrate Christmas. Santa Glaus and the Snow Queen meet the children, in Bethlehem and go with'Show- flake and Raindrop to the different countries. Frances Jean Lewi« AtA.G. MIAT5 • FRUITS • VEGETABLES • 6ROC6RIES • HOUSEHOLD NEEDS STORES WONDERFUL FOR BABY'S FORMULA Excellent for Use in Any Recipe CORN SYRUP Ib. bottle 15* DEL MONTE-ALWAYS BEST QUALITY SEEDLESS RAISINS is oz. P kg. W UTAH VALLEY'S TASTY DICED CARROTS Try T h em No. 2 can 11 s UTAH VALLEY PUMPKIN For a Truly Good Pie- No. 2'/» Can To Warm You Up on a Cold Day—Try HORMEL CHILI CON CARNI- No. 1 Can Keep Plenty in Your Home for the Holidays HARD CANDY ^ Ib 33c Best for That Luscious Pie-BORDEN'S NONESUCH MINCE MEA Serve Economical Fruit Cake— Made With B °°' aNr FRUIT MIX C43c Ask About the New Silverware Premium PILLSBURY'S ri AMD 10Lb BEST FLOUR Sack YOUI.L LIKE THE FINE dUALirr Of OUR FRESH FOODS-AND VOULL LIKE PUR LOW PR.ICFS, TOO' for getting rolix from your food dolla A. G. dependable SERVICE A. G. very beet QUALITY A. G. always LOW PRICES A.G. handy CONVENiENCE YOU HAVE EVERY DAY SHOPPING VALUE " U. S. NO. 1 LOUISIANA YAMS -........ ..21hs.23c U. S. NO. 1 TEXAS PINK GRAPEFRUIT Ib. 7c CALIFORNIA NAVELS Polish All Your Floors With Johnson's GLO-COAT Pi. 59 e Qt. 98 C Ask- About Xmas Cards from BAB-0 CLEANSER Can 11 1 a Gal. TENDER SHOULDER LAMB ROASTS Ib. 55c LEAN, JUICY, RIB CUT LAMB CHOPS lb.69c ECOiNOMICAL, DELICIOUS POT ROAST lb.53c SWIFT'S ORIOLE SLICED BACON Ib. 67c FRESHLY GROUND GROUND BEEF Ib. 48c LEAN END CUT PORK CHOPS, small Ib. 59c TENDER. LOIN, 3-LB. AVERAGE PORK BOASTS Ib. 53c M E Kl I I MACARONI AND CHEESE C 111 U FOR SUPPER AS A STARTER—DEL MONTE TOMATO JUICED 25c FOR THE MAIN DISH—A. 1 CUT MACARONI .SMOTHER WITH MELTED BANQUET 19c Melo-Cured CHEESE X 57c SIDE DISH OF RICH. RED ELMDALE- TOMATOES H 4 ^. 18c SERVE SOME SIZZLING CUDAHY VIENNA SAUSAGES 19c DROP BISCUITS MADE QUICKLY WITH BISQUICK, H , n pkq 45c To Top It Off- National Brands of COFFEE Lb. Con 54 And for Dessert, Libby's Halves-Yellow Cling PEACHES 2'/2Can.. -

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