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Mr. F. Gueble - THE OLD COSTI VEKA3MH. Destruction of the...
THE OLD COSTI VEKA3MH. Destruction of the Kauioas Old-Times Old-Times Old-Times Hotel and Several Conticuaas Bandings. The damage by the lire at the old Conti Verandah Hotel, mention of which was made in yesterday morning's Pica yune, was as follows : The Conti Verandah Hotel, which was occupied by Mr. F. Gueble as the Parisian Shirt Factory and Laundry, was a three-story three-story three-story brick building and owned by Mrs. Gamier. The ground noor of the builaing was occupied by A. Waiz as a beer, wiue and lkiuor depot. and as n produce and flour warehouse by Mr. P. hscacs. The stock of tbe oc cupants was insured as follows: Mr. F. Gueble's stock and machinery, valued at 0000, insured for 3000, in the Home Company. Mr. A. Walz s stock, which was partially destroyed, was insured for $500, m tho People's Company. Mr. if. Lanaux's furniture and stock badly damaged aud insured in the New Orleans Association. Uamaced to the extent of about $1000. iho tnree-story tnree-story tnree-story brick buildintr. 14 o. 21 Conti street, was damaged in the rear. It was owned by L. Schwartz. Messrs. T. Lanaux's Sons occupied the lower floor as a rice and sugar warehouse and olOce. tbe upper stories being vacant. The uauiago to tho building, which was fully insured, is estimated at about $800. i hestocK contained in the premises was damaged and was insured. ixos. VJ and iys conti street, a two- two- storv brick building, owned bv A. Mon tague t and occupied by the firm of T. Lianaux's feons, aud also a spring bed factory, was damaged. Messrs. La naux's fcons were insured in the New Orleans Insurance Association, and the soring bed factory, which was dam aged to the extent of $300, was insured. A. warehouse in the rear of this build ing, also owned by Mr. Montagnet, was occupied as a raw hide warehouse by Mr. G. H. Magee, and was totally destroyed. destroyed. The loss on stock and buildings buildings is estimated at about $2500, which iscovered by insurance. Macao's stock was fullv insured, and he estimates his lossatSl500. No. 17 Conti street, a three-story three-story three-story brick building, was occupied by G. H. Magee as a warehouse and residence, and was damaged in the rear to the extent of about souo. The two-story two-story two-story brick building No. 83 Decatur street, occupied as a candy manufactory by Mr. J. J. Reiss, was badly damaged, as was abso the building building No. 07. adjoining, also occupied bv J. J. Reiss. The buildings are owned by foreign owners and are fully insured; insured; Mr. Reiss stock and machinery being also covered by insurance in a number of local companies. The rear of the buildings Nos. 102 and 104 Chartres street was also damaged by tire, completing tne destruction of the buildings which were partially destroyed destroyed by tire on the night of Monday, Monday, the 16th inst. No. 104 was owned and occupied as a stove and tin store by A. Simou, and No. 103 was owned bv Mr. A. Anglade and occupied by il. Antoine, editor of the Franco Louis- Louis- mnais. a Jb rench newspaper, and the Club Democratique Francais. Mr. Simon's property is Insured for $12,000, and Mr. Anglade's for $5000. Mr. An- An- toine's stock, etc., were uninsured, but the furniture of the club was fully insured. insured. The total loss is estimated at between $25,000 and ljfoO.000. The firemen encountered encountered great difficulty in approaching approaching near enough to the fire to make the streams of water- water- from the engines available owing to the inaccessibility of the fire, which was in the centre of the block. An alarm was sounded from Box 142. corner of Royal aud St. Louis streets, and was followed by a general alarm at 3 o'clock.

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 30 May 1887, Mon,
  3. Page 3

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