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THE MOST IMPORTANT ATTRACTION OF - THE SEASON. CHOICE COMMERCIAL PROPERTY ON ST. CHARLES, COMMON AND CAMP STREETS, EITHER FOR LOCATION OR INVEST MENT. THE ZACHARIE STORES, OR VERANDA ROW, N 8T. CHARLES, CORNER OF COMMON STREET. I THE FLO RAN CE HOUSE, CORNER OF CAMP AND SOUTH STREETS. SALS ON LONG CREDIT AND EA8Y TERMS. rT HOST A O'CONNOR Niahola J. JTJ Hoey, Auctioneer Office, Ne. 17 Carondelet street SATURDAY. April 23. 1881. at 12 O'clock. M., at THE ST. CHARLES AUCTION EXOHANGE, In the basement rotunda of the St. Charles Motel, will be sold at publlo auction. tne xouowing vauuaoie property, u win THAT SPLENDID COMMERCIAL PROPERTY. kaown as "THK zachakik storks " or VERANDA ROW." situated la the square bounded bv ST. CHARLES, CANAL, CAMP AND COMMON STREETS, and comprising BIX tXIUM - BlUKY tt li 1J B. s i - oitius. mesig - aated as Nos. 20, 22, 24. 26, 28 and 80 ST. CHA - RLESt4TUJST. UUKKKK OF COMMON STREET, more particularly described as fol lows, to wit : 1. THIS rU U K B IUR) Btt - llJh. OITJUIE SU, M ST. CHARLES STREET. The lot meas ure 22 feet 2 inches front oa St. Charles street. 11 feet 113 inches in width in the rear on an lrres - nlar line, bv 97 feet 6 inches and 4 lines in dsnth on the side line towards Oanal street, and 100 ieet 4 inches in aeptn on tne side line of lot no. 22. At tne neignt 01 ut ieet rrom the sou this property is entitled to and has a total front of 81 feet 5 inches, being the addition of the width in th dear of the corridor belonging to the bank property. This extra width of S feet 3 inohes extends to a depth from st. Charles street 01 at ieet 11 incnes. l uis store is occupied by r. Gueble, and has an entrance and stairwsr to the offices above, in this and adjoining build ings, ana is eoia suoject to a lease expiring ooto - uer. isei. 2. THE 1 - TJU K - fl 1VK U Ml L, H. STORE HO. 22 ST. CHARLES STREET. The lot measures 21 feet front on St. Charles street, 20 feet 1 1 Inches and 8 lines in width in the rear. by 97 feet 10 inches in depth on the line of lot No. 20 and 97 feet 8 inches in depth on the line of lot no. 24. i nis store is occupied oy Edwara ueu, tailor, and various onloes above, and sold subleot to a lease expiring uciooer. looi. 3. THE FOUB - 8T0KY BRICK STORK NO. 24 ST. CHARLES STREHT. Tne lot measures 21 feet and 4 lines front on St. Charles street, 21 feet in width la th rear, by 97 feet 8 inches in depth on the line of lot No. 22 and 97 feet 6 lnobes In depth on the line of lot No. 26. This store is occupied oy Messrs. Hail & cook, ana is sold sablect to a lease exmrlnr October. 1881. THE HJUK - B lVltV BK1CK BTUKE. NO. 26 ST. CHARLES STREET. The lot measures 20 feet 11 inches front on St. Charles street. 20 feet 10 inches in width in the rear, bv 78 feet in depth on each side line. This store is occupied oy "AOAms's uai tmponum, ana nas an en trance and stairway to the offices above in this and the adjoining buildings, and is sold subject 10 a lease expiring uciooer. iesi. O. XA1K FOCJK - STORY B RICK BTUR1E. NO. 28 ST. CHARLES STREET. The lot measures 21 feet front on St. Cnaries street, 20 feet 1 1 inches in width in the rear, by 78 feet in depth on each aide line. This store is ocoupied by aaessra. nprouie k Mcuown." ana is soia bud - ieet to a lease exnirin a - October. 1881. O. TUW FOUR STORY KK1U& 8 TOK1S. JNO. 30 ST. CHARLES STREET, CORNER OF COMMON STREET, and bearing the NOS. 133.135. 137 AND 139 COMMON STREET. The lot measures 28 feet 10 inches front on 8c Charles street, about 23 feet in width in the rear, bv 78 feet in dentil on the line of lot No. 28. nil 78 feet 3 inches in depth and front on Common street - This store is occupied by Atessrs. sprouie st mccown. ana is soiu sur - lect to a lease expiring on Lhe 1st October, 1M81. The above property yieia a total rental of $12, - 3UU per annnm. THE FLO RANGE HOUSE. 7. THAT WELL KNOWN AND EXTEN SIVE HOTEL PROPERTY, known a "THE FLORA N CE HOUSE." altuated on the COR NER of CAMP and SOUTH STREETS. FRONTING LAFAYETTE SQUARE. In ths square bounded by vim, south, Olrod ana St. Marv or Church streets. The ground lsl com - pesed of three lota. No. 1, 2 and 3. and measure together a total front of 75 feet on South street, and a depth and front oa Camp street of 90 feet (including the rear alley). The improvement comprise the spacious and well arranged three - tor and a half brick building, with large, wide dou ale iron veranda in front and on side ; the wing building is four stories, with three - story Iron veranda. The situation, fronting Camp street and Lafayette Square, is one of the most charming in the citv. This and the conveniences of the property render it specially desirable for hotel purposes. This property is sold subleot to a lease, expiring October, 1881, at $2400 per annum. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE ONE - THIRD CASH, and the remainder at ONE AND TWO YEARS' CREDIT in notes of the purchasers to their own order and by tnem inaorsca. oeanng intert - st 01 1 per cent. per annum from day of sale until final payment. with the penal clause of 5 per cent, attorney's tee in event 01 suii 10 eniorce payment, improvement improvement to be kept fully insured and policies (erred to the vendors until the final payment of me noies ; uie wiiuio iiu ue awurva oy speouu mortgage ana venaors lien upon tne property sold, and purchasers to assume payment, ovei and above the amounts of their bids, of all taxes due and exigible during this year, 1881. and make a cash deposit at time of sale of 10 per cent, on uie amount 01 ineir uius. Acts of sale at the expense of the purchasers. before Felix Grim a, Esq., notary publlo, No. 14 Carondelet street. F26 27 mh5 6 12 18 19 20 26 27 p2 3 9td . M

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 09 Apr 1881, Sat,
  3. [First Edition],
  4. Page 6

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