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 - Wrecked Car Threw Occupants Before It Crashed...
Wrecked Car Threw Occupants Before It Crashed to a Stop at Fairpoint Road Killing Two, Injuring Four Local Young People Spcctalors quickly gathered at (he scene of an accident Saturday Saturday night which resulted in (he death of (wo of six local young people. One boy is in critical condition. Three others injured arc out of danger, (he hospital reports. The car, a 1954 hardtop Buick, was demolished when it left the Lusk Run road on a sharp down-grade curve and came (o rest, above, upside down across an eight-foot ditch. The occupants were thrown out of the vehicle when the roof was (orn hack from the shattered windshield. windshield. Curiosity seekers thronged the scene of (he accident and (he wrecked car at the garage during most of the day yesterday. The crashed vehicle, which wai going west, first struck a shale hank, not shown, and continued continued across an open area used by the State Highway Highway Department for cinder storage. It struck n liniall shale pile (small x) and continued across (he Fairpoint road before It came to rest ngafndt guard rails at the opposite side (large X). State police said there were no skid marks In the area or on (he road. Three of the young people were thrown 25 (0 ,'to feel. Lusk Run Crash of Six Young People Stuns City; Dead: Cloyce Brown, 17, and Raymond Egan, 16 Corbin Boy Critical; 3 Others Improving Hospital Handles Flood of Calls for Information fracture at the base of the brain. His mother, Dorothy, is secretary to A.' W. Speth, hospital administrator, administrator, and his father, a partner of the Casilio and Brown service station, is employed by (he New An accident that killed two lo- York and Pennsylvania Co. A light rain made the roads wet, bul no skid marks were evident evident in the area or on the highway, highway, slate police- said. The lack of tire marks at the scene of Ihe crash led observers to believe sedatives by the hospital staff. cal boys and critically injured a Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Egan,| lnat lne car sa \\ e ^ through the third boy stunned the community Raymond sustained of I f h f . t insl yesterday. Friends and relatives! the right arm and leg, head in-! , , , , ... , of six Clinton County youngsters!juries and shock. Attending doc-! a shale bank until it scraped a involved in a one car crash onjlors massaged Raymond's heart| sma11 bank near the highway the Lusk Run Road west of the during an operation to keep the buildings and finally Hipped up- city at 10.50 p. m. Saturday fill- boy alive. He underwent surgery wnsl " rd rails wcs> ed the Lock Haven Hospital entrance entrance hall all yesterday. The hospital received hundreds' noon todayJs Stephen C Corbin, of telephone calls checking the condition of the injured. Grief- stricken parents paced the hospital hospital corridors. Some were given at 1 a.m. and died at 1:!0 a.m. Listed in critical condition at Curiosity seekers thronged the scene of the accident . yesterday afternoon, digging through debris and pointing to marks on the highway. Brown, Egan Killed It was the spot where two young people were killed. Dead are Cloyce DeBon Brown, Jr., 17, of 311 N. Henderson St., driver of the 1954 hardtop Buick, and Raymond Raymond Harris Egan, 16, of Far- randsvillc, a Lock Haven High School football star. Brown, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cloyce D. Brown, Sr., died at 10:15 a.m., seven and a half hours after treatment or a stem 1."). son of Dr. and Mrs. H. Daniel rails west ! of the Fairpoint road. I "We lefl the Y about ten 'ti eleven for a ride," young Pete sale this morning. The six young pco -..-, UU»< U*. A^l. l_tll\_I Jill .J. i I , J.X«I1JI_1 . . Corbin of Guardlock Drive. Steph- P lc drove ciirect >' , l ° the Lusk R " n en underwent surgery early yes-! road a '] d lravclled fPProximalcly tcrday morning for serious brain injuries. His father is director of 1 one and seven tenths miles wcs iof the cilv before the car crashed Neither Warren nor the girl were ,• * ii i i,, , i . liciuiui »aiini iiui mi; KHI tyuii- recreation in the heallh and ph y si-| awarc of cxcessjvc ^ al , hc cal department of the Lock Haven i,. _ ,u_.. _«u lime, they said. Injured and in satisfactory con- C ° A "' )Ic Ilcard C . ra \ h ,. _ . _.. dition at the hospital today" are: A young couple Miss Carol Lid 1 " , fi^rl •} r»/-l I I'lirtH \//\»i '}/•( i ftl /inn Warren Pete, 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Pete of Sunset Pines, :red and David Vonada of Zion jwcrc just leaving Miss Eldred'f wncre iwo »"»• ~,,,,u..-, «« u, ou,, BC i ' »•«». homo al Fa j rpo j nt , abo ut GOO fee killed. Dead who received scalp and face lacer-;, ftf ,. ' ;,,„„, __„_„ Mis! jwesl of the accident scene. Mis.« Seriously Hurt Crash m.«,, 5 Mr. Pete is owner of thc iE , drcd saj( , shc was gelUng in[o Smart Shop. !M| . V onada's car when she heard Judy McKinley, 16, daughter of a s an( , lhen a crash It waj Mrs. Edna McKinley, 134 K. Clin-; aboul 10;50 p m shc said ton St., and John McKinley, Belle-} statc police sai( | lhat , he Brown fonte, body bruises. Mrs. Mc- ;car traveling dow " a stec P and Kinley is employed at the hos-| curv j ng grade, cut a sharp curve pital business office. ;a t the'bottom too far to the lef Frank Lapp, 16, McElhattan, | a nd struck a shale bank on the | son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert j left side of the road. The car con Lapp, Sr., who received bruises,tinned across a recessed area uscc of the body. Mr. Lapp is employ-|by the state highway departmcn' ed al the Piper Aircraft Corp. |for storing cinders and equipment The six-fold tragedy was the passing several oil drums and twr fourth in Clinton County within j.stale sheds, the last two weeks. William H. j The car probably was tumbling McCormick, 2(i, son of Mrs.[police said, and struck a smal Mary McCormick of 234 W. Water,bank close to the Fairpoint road St., was seriously injured in ailt continued across the road anc one-car crash early Saturday i came to rest upside down straci After the two men were struck J morning. His condition today is dling a ditch about four feel wide inlo Ihem along the curb of Ihe four-lane highway. Police said Dunn was intoxicated and fled the scene. Gordon Marshall, one of the stop-'improved. an deight feet deep. Find Grandfather of Drowned Boy John Peese, 61, missing since early last week, was found Salur- lay morning at 10.30 o'clock by wo Bcllcfonlc firemen in a barn near Ihe Marsh Creek home of iis sister, Mrs. Fannie Kmcn- nizcr. The men reported that Mr. Peesc said he had hidden in the Kirn during the daytime and come nil for food at night. He had been he object of an intensive search :>y firemen, members of the Na- lional Guard, neighbors and mem- )ors of the Centre County sheriff's office. He is the grandfather of Charles W. Peese, 16-year-old boy who drowned al the Jay St. bridge- last Wednesday afternoon. ped truckers, also of Jersey: Charles W. Peese, lfi-year-old< All occupants of the car were Shore, commandeered an auto grandson of Mrs. Mary Peese of,thrown from the vehicle. Miss and gave chase. He forced rear 1 pine st - drowned in the.Eldred said she and her friend Dunn's car to Ihe curb nearly a mile awav. Susquehanna River, Wednesday!drove the short distance down afternoon. Last week's tragedies i the Fairpoint road to the scene. Police charged Dunn with inlox- ! were P recede<1 b >' th « deaths of 'Miss McKinley and the Pete boy ication and leaving the scene of M M - ,- who was, were standing on the secondary the accident He was jailed i fatally injured by a car June 6 road with another man she did A hospitaf doctor said Brun'eaixT in Renovo ' and Margaret L.jnot know. She said three of the suffered a broken left leg, three Shope ^ Farwe11 who was killed: occupants were lying on the high breaks of the right leg and a bad head cut which nearly scalped him. The doctor said Brungard has complained of pain in the by a car in FarweJl, April 8. jway, west of the car. The Saturday tragedy, occurred i Stale police said Egan, Brown when the car, operated by Brown, I and Corbin were thrown lo the left the Lusk Run road, 1.7 miles j highway 25 lo 30 feel west of the west of Lock Haven near the 1 demolished car. Miss Eldred and abdomen and has shown symp- Fairpoint cutoff, and crashed near Mr. Vonada drove Pete and Judy toms of possible kidney damage, the state department of .highways to the hospital. The unidentified He said the man's condition is buildings and cinder pile. State j man followed in his car with the satisfactory with some improve-1police said the car was traveling!Lapp boy, Miss Eldred said. | at an excessive rale of speed, j Her father, George J. Eldred, ment. mmedialcly went lo Ihe top of the road, easl of the accident, to warn other motorists of the wreckage. By that time, motorists began lo galher at the scene. An unidentified woman ran to the Charles Frable home at Fairpoint, about 500 feel from the crash scene, and called for an ambu lance. Doctor Helps Brown One doctor arrived at the crash scene. He took Brown to the hospital hospital immediately, keeping the boy's wind pipe open. The doctor made a quick incision and in sorted a tube so that the boy could breathe freely. The Flem- inglon and both Lock Haven ambulances ambulances were called out, transporting transporting the Corbin and Eagan boys to the hospital. Three doctors and two nursing staffs worked continuously through the early morning in t'hc emergency emergency room. Some stayed unlil 7 a.m. Albert Speth, hospital administrator, administrator, said many registered and practical nurses who would have left the hospital al 11 p.m. slayec on with the all-night staff to help Dr. Edward Lyon, Jr., a Williamsport Williamsport neuro-surgeon, was call cd to perform brain surgery on the Corbin boy, aided by a loca physician. Young Corbin, an Ex press carrier, sustained an injury to the base of his brain, a bruisec and swollen injury, causing a blood clot against brain tissue, a fractured skull and internal bleed ing. Chest Punctured He was treated for a cut over the eye and a puncture wound o the chest which did nol penelrat the lung. The local 'doctor sait Corbin has a bruised hip and pos sible fracture of the pelvis. H was admitted to the hospita after emergency treatment at 2.5 a, m. Young Pete underwent immedi ale treatment for multiple cut and gashes of the scalp, neck ear, nose and mouth. His fathe stood at the base of the table holding the boy's feet and talkin with him as the attending phys, Dr. Corbin Cot News of Son's Accident at Sea CLOYCE BROWN .1R. RAYMOND HARRIS EGAN Nurses Go on Disaster Plan Handling Victims of Crash When a telephone call camejcident victims were placed in the nlo Lock Haven Hospital late;hallway. The sixlh was in the Saturday night, notifying the staff j emergency room, of the Lusk Run Road auto crash, | Called Parents a pre-arranged disaster program j supervising Nurse Mrs. Clair went into operation. A section of Uo))b| wno was (o ( .^ c ovcr f rom the hospital at the rear of the irst floor area surrounding the emergency room was isolated from Ihe resl of Ihe hospilal. H was termed the "disaster area." The nursing staff was about lo change shifts, bul il was decided lolh would remain on duly. Three doctors were summoned. Labora- Mrs. Louise Grugan al 11 p.m., direcled Ihe assembly of exlra equipmenl and supervised work in Ihe emergency room. Mrs. Grugan Grugan slaycd on dusly and got on the telephone, contacting the parents parents of the six injured occupanls of the wrecked car. Three local doctors worked on lory and X-ray technicians were'the injured. One doclor worked called. Ifrom 11 p. m. to 10 a. m. A sec- Two of the accident victims'ond worked until 5 a. m. and a were placed in the recovery i third to 3 a. m. One of these doc- room. One was in the X-ray room 1 tors had been up the night before on a stretcher. The hallway was j treating the injuries of William H isolated from the resl of the hos-jMcCormick who had been injured pital and cleared. Two of the ac- Saturday morning in a crash. Ray Wasilewski, laboratory technician, technician, took samples of blood from each of the injured, then cross-matched these with the supply supply of blood at the hospital. This was to ensure the accident victims' victims' blood lypes were compatible Will Fly Home after Mid-Sea Pick-up Fails Dr. H. Daniel Corbin was half way across the Atlantic on the ocean liner S.S. Arcadia when he received news that his son Stephen Stephen had been seriously injured in the car crash Saturday night on Lusk Run Road. The message was sent to the ship by wireless telegraph. Dr. Corbin had been engaged as recreation director for a student student tour agency which is taking students to Europe this summer. He was to make a number of Atlantic Atlantic crossings during the summer, summer, in charge of recreational activities activities on board ocean liners. Mr. Corbin is professor of physical education at Lock Haven State Teachers College. The wireless message reached the liner early yesterday and was sent from Lock Haven by friends of the Corbin family. A reply, asking asking for more details, was received in Lock Haven late yesterday afternoon. The Arcadia is owned by the Greek Line with head offices offices in New York. The liner sailed lust Wednesday from Montreal. Returning by Air Dr. Corbin in his radio reply said lie would leave the liner at ;obh, Ireland, and return to the United Slates by airliner. The Arcadia Arcadia is due in the Irish port Tuesday. ElTorts were made all yesterday yesterday to arrange to have Dr. Cor- bii. picked up at sea and returned to Canada where an aircraft would fly him to Lock Haven. The Piper Aircraft Corp. made the aircraft available. Facilities in the news room ol cian administered from 100 to 150 sutures to close the lacerations. Treatment was completed by 1.15 a.m. and he was admitted to the hospital. Miss McKinley and young Lapp were treated for multiple bruises | wilh the su PI''y °" hand. Their arid brush burns of the entire body and were admitted for observation. observation. Four of the youths, Brown, Egan, Lapp and Miss McKinley had traveled earlier (hat evening to Hillbilly Haven on Route 220 near Beech Creek to find a friend, Miss McKinley said last night. They returned to the YMCA dance later. blood was and he found that three of the injured had the same type, A positive. Called Blood Bank As a precaution he .called the Red Cross blood bank at Wilkes- Barre- and more blood was dispatched dispatched to Lock Haven, It was not needed but the injured were given foui* pints of blood transfu sion from the hospital's supply. "he Express were employed to determine whether a mid-ocean )ick-up was possible. It was mown that the Arcadia would take about two days to make the voyage down the St. Lawrence roni Montcral and that the liner might still be near Nova Scotia or Newfoundland. The U. S. Air Force Air-Sea Rescue control center at Mitchell Field, Long Island, was contacted but the officer on duty informed • The Express that shipping movements movements and air rescue operations at sea came under the jurisdiction of the U. S. Coast Guard. Coast. Guard operations headquarters headquarters in New York advised Sec CORBIN (Page 7, C«L U

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