Framl Holland murder

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Framl Holland murder - - - - - ;. - - - - - BRAZORIA. Frank Holland...
- - - - ;. - - - - - BRAZORIA. Frank Holland Hanged. - Brazoria, .Tex., Feb. 23. Special.) Frank Holland was banged at this place at 11:30 a. m. to - day. He Qied game. TUB CRIME. ; f 'On the 6th of Mifch, 1802, a party of five men, with a wagon and' four horses, passed through the town Af Brasoria, stopping long enough to uuy some provisions provisions ana Inquire tne way to tbe mouth of the San Bernard river. Thoy were Stephen and James Cravey and an old man named Smith, all of Bosque county, Tex., who stated that they were here to buy land In consequence of having read a description of Brazoria county and Its products in the Houston Post. The other two men were Frank Holland (who was b mged to - day) and Jerome Bak - r, serving serving a life . sentence in the penitentiary for the murder of Smith and the Craveys. Holland and Baker 'lived at 1 - iullng, Tex., where they, were hired as guides by their victims. ... - - ' - About a week after the party passed through Brasoria, s negro hunting cattle In the dense thickets near Churchill's ferty. a lonely neighborhood on the San Bernard, found part of a human leg In a slough that bad dried up. He notified Sheriff R M. Yerby, who t made a close examination of this pond and the river banks, finding all the remains of the three men that had been chopped into a dozen pieces and covered with mud. An old envelope found near the scene gave Sheriff Yerby a clew to the names of the three men, and, working upon this, he had nearly located the whereabouts of Holland and Baker when the latter was arrested by the sheriff of Fort Bend county, near their homes at Luling. They were brought to Brazoria and tried July 12, 1S)2. Certain parties from 'pear Luling swore that Baker was very young, so he escaped being sentenced to death as Holland was. Baiter is said to be about la and Holland Holland 23 years old, though both seem to Mini older. Neither of them denied their guilt, and told where their j victims norsea, guns, . viuimug, and money could be . found. These articles articles had already been recovered by the Fort Bend sheriff., and a close examination examination proved that the three travelers had been killed while asleep. Their wagon had been burned and the iron work thereof thereof thrown into the San Bernard. Baken testified about as follows: Holland Holland saw the men take some money out of a bag while we were in town, and that day proposed to kill them ! while they slept. - I would not agree. After we went into camp Holland motioned to me and we went away from the fire and sat down on the river bank. He then told me that Beveral days before, old man Smith said that no decent woman would dip snuff, and : that he (Holland) Intended killing him for talking tha way.. We went back to the camp. Holland had piled all the guns and pistols so they could not be reached by the three men. Holland bean shooting them and afterwards afterwards knocked them In the head with an ax. He then called me, and while he was packing up the things and burning the wagon, X chopped the bodies up. We then hid them, saddled up and struck for home. - - .We told them at home that we had traded the men out of the horses. We bid the money and the men's clothes and bedding near home." . . . - Holland's account was - that old man Smith had spoken in a scandalous manner manner against any woman who used snuff or tobacco. Said he: "My mother ' uses tobacco, 'and I told them so. They cursed me and we had - a fight and I killed all of them." Of course, this is not believed, the blood stains on the bedding bedding showing that all the men - were killed whUe lying : down. The bullet marks also prove this. - After being sentenced sentenced to death Holland appealed and seemed quite confident of getting clear, or - at least being allowed to, go. to - the pen. - "I don't see," said be, "why 1 haven't as good a chance as a fellow they tried in this court here not long ago for shooting a sleeping man . Christmas night on a boat at velasco because the man had cursed him several weeks before. There were a whole lot of witnesses - against him, and he old not deny tbe, killing, but told all about It, and yon see he was cleared In a few minutes and the judge and the jury chipped In and 'gave him money to get out of the - country - on.", Holland seemed anxious to create a sensation and make - himself - notorious all the while he was In jail, and never appeared to suffer the - slightest compunction compunction for his crimes. 'Inquiry proves that he and Baker had been tough characters characters and thieves from their early boyhood, boyhood, and Holland is suspected of having having drowned a baby ' In a tub several years ago. . While waiting tne action of tne court of appeals he managed to saw his shackles off. Intending to knock Sheriff .Yerby in the head . with them, but his plans were discovered by Deputy George Mecham. . . , - ;.. . Astonishing as it msy seem, this villain actually, succeeded In Inducing several parties., no relation to him and having no Interest in him except an unaccountably mornia one, to try ana work up public sympathy in Jils behalf, and talk about applying to Governor Hogg for a pardon pardon or commutation of .sentence. A newspaper correspondent went so far as to write an article defending both murderers murderers and try to get it published. - bmitn ana tne uraveys were honest, hard - working farmers and left families not overly well supplied with this world's goods. They Intended buying land In Brazoria county, and had a small sum ' of , cash with them to bind any good trade they might strike. - - . ; i : ". ': ALTO. ':'' - : Convicts Attempt to Escape One 'A ' - - ' Wonadrd. - !,, - :i Alto, Tex., Feb. - 23. (Special.) Convicts Convicts at Coal Camp made a break for liberty V . of of In of ... - i - w a of "

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 24 Feb 1893, Fri,
  3. Page 12

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