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ARANHA-UN-8 - at a could , walker Washington Merry-Go-Round...
at a could , walker Washington Merry-Go-Round By Drew Pearson WASHINGTON - Inside fact. f up with Premier Stalin, and that*. Aranha is scheduled to speak in out the shift of U. S. comman-Bended the interview. It is still too · Cleveland this w e e k about ders in Germany is that the stage was set for the change shortly after Lieut. Gen. Lucius D.. Clay visited the National Association of Manufacturers Manufacturers in New York .six weeks ago. Shortly before that, the senate war · investigating committee (the old Truman committee) had sent its chief counsel, George Meader, to Germany .and he had,come back with a preliminary report highly critical of what went on in the U. S', occupation zone. General Clay, then in the United States, was much upset by this re- early to expect a reply. Reorganization Stand Fat talks straight from the shoulder, he will disclose that the commun- ' ist vote in Latin-American coun- ' . . . , i _ _ · _ _ 1 _ _ J.T i It didn't leak out of the secret tries has j umpe d alarmingly, that G. O. P. caucus, but Speaker Joe j the 0 ^ war time bond between the Port . . - TT State Byrnes about resigning. Jtie felt that Gen. Joseph McNarney, top commander of U. S. troops in Germany, was the man really responsible, responsible, though he, Clay, as head of the military government for Germany, got the blame. Unfavorable Report ' · On top of the unfavorable Meader report, Gen. Clay addressed a meeting o£ the National Association Association of Manufacturers and afterwards afterwards sat down at an off-the- record meeting of N. A. M. leaders, including some of the top moguls of American industry: Their solution solution for the future of Germany was simple. They told Clay that they should be permitted to get in touch with their opposite numbers in German industry--the I. G. Far- bens, the Opels and the other big industrialists who helped build up Hitler's war' machine. If allowed to do business with the German cartels, the U. S. industrialists industrialists told Clay, they would have Germany back on its feet in no time. This shocked General Clay. Later he told Secretary Byrnes and his 'superiors in the war department that he would retire from the army immedjately and go back to his old home in. Atlanta if any such deal was carried out. Furthermore Clay told the N. A. M. members at the off-the-record meeting that the German people did not believe in or understand free enterprise and that Germany Germany could not continue- under strong government controls. In the end, Secretary Byrnes strongly supported Clay and urged the war department to relieve Gen. McNarney. The war department agreed. It -is significant, however, that before the change was finally agreed on, the state department sounded out some of the G. O. P. leaders on Capitol Hill. They agreed, too. Russian Lend-Lease Secretary of State Byrnes has sent a third note to Russia demanding demanding immediate settlement of Russia's eleven billion dollar-lend- Martin took a firm and decisive stand against any change in the LaFoIlette - Monroney reorganization reorganization of congress. "Republicans cannot afford-' to hack away at the reorganization setup," Martin warned when Representatives Representatives W. Sterling Cole of New York and George Bates of Massachusetts, ranking Republi- cans'on the naval affairs committee, committee, wanted to hold out against United States and Latin-America has cooled, that the U. S. A. cannot buy friendship with export-import export-import bank loans,' and that we will have to work at good-neighborliness good-neighborliness if we want to keep the. best international asset we have-the have-the Pan-American bond of unity. FCC Scramble A terrific tug-of-war has .developed .developed behind-the-scenes for the one vacancy on the federal communications communications commission. Though ( i ·Even . though you think there might be changes for the better," the speaker continued, "you must remember that the bin was passed by congress and has become law. If we go in there and try to tear away the consolidation of- committees, committees, the people of the country are going to think we wanted reorganization reorganization only in order to get ourselves bigger salaries and are. ready to junk the 'rest of the bill." (The' bill increased members' salaries salaries from $10,000-to 315,000.) Bates and Cole then took the floor, each delivering a grandiose eulogy, on the great history of the naval affairs committee though sadly agreeing not to carry their fight' to the floor of the house. Good Neighbors Cool One of the best friends the U. S. A. ever had south of the border, ex-Foreign Minister Oswaldo Aranha Aranha of Brazil, arrived here this week in what to him may have seemed like- a homecoming. For, as Brazilian Brazilian ambassador to U. S., Aranha supposed to go to a Democrat, Republicans' are'determined to it. Here are their candidates: Marian Martin--recently ousted The Doctor Says: Disiniection Care Urged, if By William A. O'Brien, M. D. Written for NEA Service Disinfection of the hands, linen, body discharges, and dishes during during the course of a contagious disease is more effective than is dis- infection afterwards. In disinfection, all germs capable capable of producing disease are destroyed; destroyed; antiseptics, on the other hand, prevent multiplication of germs but do not destroy them. Disinfection methods ' are either knew this country better than any ! physical or chemical, or other recent ambassador, perhaps i Most potent are the physical better · than many Americans. eties, in which heat, steam, or He traveled from coast to coast ing destroys germs. In nature, by auto, visited U. S.' cattle ranches or wind accomplishes the (he'is a cattle rancher himself), attended attended Republican and Democratic political conventions, never missed the Kentucky . Derby, and coined this .diagnosis of Democratic-G. O. P. campaign tactics: "The Republicans Republicans promise Santaf Claus to both the rich and the poor; the Democrats Democrats promise Santa Claus. to the poor with the rich man's money." While Aranha's current visit to the U.-S. A. may have seemed like a homecoming from a personal viewpoint, from a broader point of view it may not. For, in the years since he served as ambassador ambassador and Brazilian foreign minister, the United States has largely reversed reversed Roosevelt's keen interest in Latin-American affairs. And while we'have been arguing about Trieste and the Danube, our former good neighbors have started turning in other directions. feet It is advisable for those attending attending a patient who has a contagious disease to wash their hands with soap and water, and sometimes use an antiseptic solution, after taking care of the patient. Soiled linen can be soaked m an antiseptic antiseptic solution in the sickroom then put into the regular wash. _ -t is not wise to return unusea portions of food or drink, from sickroom to the kitchen. They should be destroyed. The patient's discharges from various body cavities should be collected in containers m which an antiseptic solution has been £ced, the volume of so u ion being twice the amount of the dis- Ch lnutum from tuberculosis victims victims is a source of danger to uSIss it is deposited in a covered

Clipped from
  1. The Ogden Standard-Examiner,
  2. 09 Jan 1947, Thu,
  3. Page 6

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