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T'AGK !»—XAUOATUCX NEW« (CONN.), MONDAY, PEC 8, 1407 IMH DREW PEARSON ON The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Chinese Government Hushing Up Oreat Love Story; Sen Austin Pays Tribute To Brazil's Brazil's Aranha; Agriculture Department Hag-gles With Army Over Food WashtnKtcJn — Tho greatest lovo ,' mory .ilnco Klntf Edward VUI o KritflH-nd KHVO up tho throne of ESnKlnncl to murry Wully SlmpHon l.t now boinf,' fearfully hushod up by ihci Chinese Oovornmcnt, te IH the rormincu of Muclnmo Sun Yiit-stn, widow of '.he fountlor of tho Chinese Ropubllc, with an American Army cnptaln, Goi'ald Tunncbtium ot Baltlmoi'o. To understand why the Chinese Ciovcrnmnnt \» HO worried over thin lovo match, It la necessary tfl| transferred to Shanghai and Madame Madame Sim followed. He continued to write lovo letters, addressing: her affectionately as "Susie." These were deposited by a Chinese messenger messenger In n. secret cache where thny would not be censored by Kuomlntantf watchers.. When Mme. Sun was under too close observation, observation, she sent records or popular popular lovo songs to Tannebaum's of- llco nt Shanghai's radio station XMHA, at that time operated by He would room and rmilliio thnt Mudamo Sun l» th(> ; Amn-lenn Martha Washington of modern i ."™ lr _ A ™ 1 t h " China, venerated by Nationalist.*' l ™ ° hl ° ,° and Communist* alike. Her home! P^ tncm ln and everything connected with hor| huH bocc'trie jtomothlnK of u shi'lnoj ,n tho oy« H or tho Chlnosc, peoplo. j wou|d o ,; dc[ . hl- 8taff out of thc mac sno nun f . foroos . control aoerot - Somctlmcs also able to put through calls Mucn occns ions. Tannebaum Thciri:ff)r«. tho nowx . fnl.on in lovo with a rorolK.n «ol- ?«>*• ,„ .. .,„... t r , , s i P cl to ft few t. r u s t o d dlor would be shattering to ChlnuMo puibllc opinion. Madumo Sun Is also tho sister- In-liyvv of Generalissimo ChlanK Kal-shok, and tho ulster of Mudumo Chiang. Hho In tho second of tho furmniM KtxinK sinter's and maiTlud Dr. Sun foundor of thu Chlnoso friends he confided that he hoped to marry Madame Sun. Madame Sun was most discreet, and took care to ignore Tanno- baym at public functions that bfought them together. But when | It came time for his discharge mo^t beautiful women In Chlnti, (n hl},'h KuomlnlanK eli-clos, Miulnrno Hun In rc^urilod us thu nhfitip of th« family, bucnunij IOHK udvocuttid POUCH bo- thu Kuomlntung iw by und thn ollcy un Gonei'iil (hut recommendtid 'Miirxhall, Horn is high Chinese privately i-vcn call Mndumu Sun a Cormnun- rrom tho Army and his return to tho States, sho took a dni-lng step. relief agency which she had organized. organized. Later, he flew home upon word his brother was dying. Thc Chinese authorities seized th!* opportunity to try to block Tunnebiium's return to China. But after several weeks of waiting and wrangling, ho managed to got back to Shnnj.-h(fl and the most Idolized liuly in Chlrra. Senator Wurron Aus'.m of Vermont,

Clipped from
  1. The Morning Herald,
  2. 11 Aug 1941, Mon,
  3. Page 2

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