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 - and.EL- . object in view he and id lia ing ei...
and.EL- . object in view he and id lia ing ei satraps. IIajX and Sweeny, are slrainin every nerve. L It is a well-knowh well-knowh well-knowh Jact that WM. H. Tweed baa been bonier engaged during the past few weeks in bijding away alljof his personal effects and real estate. His stocks i i t. J 1 1 x ; uave nearly mu oeen quiu vr iraauerreu to other parties in trustjand nearly all of his houses have been qiietly turned over to those who will hold tbem safely. Within a few days past it is saJI that be bas transferred transferred upward )tf fonr million dollars worth oi real estate, ana veqteraay ne atsposa oi property worth TS,K0 more, including his magnificent dwellinjt on Fifth-avenue.' Fifth-avenue.' Fifth-avenue.' One deed recorded yesterday is to Richard M, Tweed, (bis son,) onvejing twentjy-two twentjy-two twentjy-two acres, two roods and) ten and one-half one-half one-half perches, at Fort ,Waspin,arton. The deed was prepared by George TP, Demarest, of JTo. 229 lroaaway, is aaiea auk. tio i"'1.? na s acknowledged beforf WittiAM M. 5"weei, Jr. Consideration $250,000. j The second deed I is from Eicbard M. Tweed, conveying the same property to the Pottier & Stymus Manufacturing Company, of which tjhe Boss " is said to be the " Company. ?; iil ! The third deed is :- :- from Willum M. Tweed to Richare( M. Tweed, dateil Aug. 16, 1871. and conveys a plot of gronndjon tbe northerly side of West Fifty-ninthjstreet, Fifty-ninthjstreet, Fifty-ninthjstreet, 84 feet 3 inches west bf the" Circle f onsid- onsid- eration $200,000; aclfnowledgedbefor Wm. M. Tweed, jr. 1 . , ' ' The fourth f deed is; from William M. Tweed to- to- Richard! M.J Tweed, datdAng. Jft, 1871, conveys' on plot of. groundjoop the south-east south-east south-east corner ofjNVest Forty-thircJ-street Forty-thircJ-street Forty-thircJ-street Forty-thircJ-street Forty-thircJ-street and Fifth-avenue Fifth-avenue Fifth-avenue ; r consideration 75,000. This deed is alse dted on the lCtbjof An-gust, An-gust, An-gust, 1871, and j acknowledged befoije Wm. M. Tweed, JrJ This is Tweed's fcrivate residence. The Bosb" is in desperate haste to get everything but of tbe way, and when be has done so will doubtless sfiap his fingers in the faces of his victims aid defy them to recover; He doesn't know tie trap thatJI being laid forhim, hpwevei or he would not speak aa confidently as Wb does. There is something wsrm in store tor him before be gets done with this business. WHAT THE PEOPLE SAT. 0tatM Frel pree Erery Fiewaef TMi Palttical Fri " I thought Bill Tweed was smart to cover up his tracks, hut tbe morn Id don't show It,"; said one Tsmmanv notber, yesterflsy. f' Brsin has got of tbis flicbt. and .tweed is cornered. I O'Ockok 1b coin to tetcb him. Tb croup wbose views "upon the d loaures ot yesterday are tnocgbt wortby be ra- ra- oorted. as aa index of a p&aae oi popular opinion were standing on tie basement basement floor ot tbe County Court-bouse. Court-bouse. Court-bouse. AIL with one exception, were Democrats lot influJ enee in the connella ot Tammany Hall. jand one holds an important 'offloe iln which ho Is the rej sponsible chief of others; " It is a bad thing foe Tweed," said the last oSe referred to, know bow he is going to get out ot 1 weakening and -'fast -'fast losing his beat Krery man that I bare talked lo today s shoulders and says he 4ont know Boss is going -to -to do about it. nave Tweed today f he added, addressing ol companions. ' , "Yes, I saw him a little -while -while ag o." was the answer. lie appeared t be somewhat! ahakeni hnt ha Mid he felt all nelit-wiim't nelit-wiim't nelit-wiim't at all wor-1 wor-1 wor-1 rled. Bat there wasn't anything else! for him tosav." ;' ' I 1 -1 -1 think he is in a pretty bad box. Tbey will have to et quarters ready for him atudlow-treet atudlow-treet atudlow-treet Jail. They , say he is to be arrested today." today." .: i I :j 1 - The jailers will have a good board dr," said another. 1 v J 'i. "Yes,' replied the previous speaker! "Hell have plenty of money to spend. The jailers will have, an Wpportanity to make him fork over some of the appropriations made by the Board of Apportionment for i be benefit of tbe jail, od which be, with the: others, have pocketed themselves." . St i "Tbey ought to have the whole Board of Ap portionment over thereVsaid another. "Well, they may baTCctbem; there 1 no tell ing, the way things are koxdk now," said anoth er. " Hello, there's the Controller. Hiu T co ll tY and Judge Cardcco." be remarked, as those gentlemen passed by enrsged is earnest conversation, snd he added : " Here comes Ex aherifl O'Bkibh. snaking hands with avery- avery- oooy. ! c s M. OUrieh disappeared in the flirectlon of Sheriff BtE3AJ's office, he remarked: "O'BBiKMia pretty active. He'll make thinia very lively for BHADLrt in his district.! I! "What . dot you think of Tweed's chance t chimed Id the Tixks reporter. '! " Ob, be Will ge to Albanr. It is too late to make a nomination strong enough to beat him in his district now," was the answer. I j , j During these remarks crowds; of politicians were hurrying by, and groups like thisbne were standing together conversing earnestly and In low tones. The damniag array of evidence put forth In tbe bia black type In the Times would admit of no argument, i There it was, furnished by a Democratic! leader of unimpeachable in tegrity, and tbe prosecution vigorously pushed by the Democratic State Attorney. ? , Tbe reporter left the; eiowd and drifted info Sheriff BarsHAK's office.! "What do f on think of tbe situation I', was asked by one ofithe prin cipal nangers on, who is familiar with the viewa of the Sheriff. ( -sr. -sr. f : " Bad, 81r, bad for Tweed. I don't know what he is string to do about it,1" was aoswsred. : "What will the Sheriff do under tb elrcom- elrcom- ttimi t" said the renorter. ; "eherifl fikmis. 8ir, can't keep Icompany with such men. S'rr ; that's my optnioni" BkroaTER Do you think he will talk on the matter express any cpiqlou today V J j 1 OrriCLU.-4-He'II OrriCLU.-4-He'II OrriCLU.-4-He'II OrriCLU.-4-He'II OrriCLU.-4-He'II talk, but I don't think be will express an, opinion. ;y ait until t4-morrow. t4-morrow. t4-morrow. There will be something of importancje to-morrow; to-morrow; to-morrow; to-morrow; Come io and see inf. . ! t j Kxfoktxb Io you think Tweed wjll ran in bis district for Senator I ?' . ". f ', J; Official He'll run I suppose. - There Is no time mow to make soother nominatioo, but there is some talk of piiumc up a man against hlsB.t Twxxd expected te get a treaeiidous ma jority, but it Willi be a ; small one nowi you can rest assured. If, be is elected. I doq t see how' fee la golnc to take his seat, while being tried far criminal ofieneesj Doyout - - t -The -The reporter confessed bis Inability to see how ft could be done, and expressed bia abasement St the audacity ot Twaao lo keeping' bis name before the public' for tsetr suffrage. The foregoing foregoing Is a reflex (of what luUlligeat Democrat. to wfeoau but a short time ago Tweed's .name was tewer of strength, felt yesterday, after reading reading the paper, j Atoeng the ignorant and vicious, and these thoroughly eorrupted by the money and favors wbicbj Tweed has lavishly-showered" lavishly-showered" lavishly-showered" upon tbem, there was a lttle show of deflaace, and sneh as these! asserted that -Boasi", -Boasi", TwsEn was smart enough to escape the eoaseqnsDcca ef bis crimes, and that , he, to use their slang, would " give tbem all j the go-by go-by go-by and rule Tammany Hall and SswtTork, in spite of Itself, Welli" ssid aj respectable eiUxeaJ I gaesa well have Justice at last.? r, . -. -. . . f . " It locks like it, said another.' Oa the sueeu. wer enough a papers Iman : to Cie beat sell you, 1 4 to! f I don't L He is 1 1 nendsi krumhis tbat tbe ou seen e of his in the ears, tn the hotels and restaurants, tbe sabteet was oUscusaed, snd even the trial of Bo- Bo- prwKia waa torgottea io the Interest which centred about toe ease ef the People as. Wm. M. TWeed, Even the little gamint in tbe street prated about It, and aaaed each other, if they thougbt Tweed would be sent to Blng Sing. One of these little Arabs said, "toe didn't believe believe Tweed would be arrested, he'd, pi off." ; Should he eoeape, this, boy, like many others, may be encouraged to prsctico-tbeft prsctico-tbeft prsctico-tbeft on a smaller scale, with the hope of going unpunished, too. Men; upon getting Into the street-cars, street-cars, street-cars, sank Into their seats, ana immediately became absorbed In reading tbe papers. Conversation lo some of the ears became general, and expressions ot gratification that the frauds had been in part traced to one of the principal offenders, were frequent. It was the same on the ferryboats. ferryboats. Among the Germans the feeling 1 was one of intense satisfaction. " It looks now." said a German to tbe Times reporter, "as though we were reaching the end." Everywhere Wm. M. Tweed's guilt was urged and admitted, and yet, upon the authority of these who know him best, he is determined to run for State Senator, and huge swinging banners stretch across toe streets In tbe Seventh Ward, one of tbem In the Bowery, to the disgust of honest Germans Germans passing under It, with a portrait of the arch Blng thief, and advertising him as a candidate candidate fOr Senator of the Seventh District. The Stlse rumors of Tweed's arrest last evening ew like wild-fire wild-fire wild-fire to all parts of tbe City, Increasing Increasing tbe disgust of tbe dishonest and the gratification of men of honor. The Arrest at TweeaT Sew. ti meats at the CaaaBaaaety. Wild rumors were floating around town last night as to what had been done with the culpni Tweed. Up-town Up-town Up-town it was asserted that he had been arrested and safely lodged In Lad-low-street Lad-low-street Lad-low-street Lad-low-street Lad-low-street Jail, not being able to obtain the required amount of balL Some who retailed the story to open-eared open-eared open-eared listeners placed tbe bail demanded at fl ,000 ,000, and others at " That Is too much bail to demand," said one. " Too much t" said another, I would like to see it placed so -high -high that there would be no possibility of his fretting it," he added, answering answering bis own question. ' it does me good," said a man in front of Thomas' saloon cn Broadway, "to see this man brought to justice. Why, there whs a poor man here the other day. sent up on tbe Island for stealing three buns from a bake-shop. bake-shop. bake-shop. Shall this man who Is rolling in wealth that he has stolen j from the City go scot free, while the hungry wretch Is puuisbed I" 'Considerable ' excitement prevailed in tbe Fifth-avenue Fifth-avenue Fifth-avenue Hotel and- and- other of the large I caravansaries, at the rumored arrest, arrest, 'and. our reporter, who visited tbe head -quarters -quarters of tbe Committee of Elections of the Committee of ' Seventy, tbe Executive Committee of tbe Young Men's Political Kef oim Association, and several Other head-quarters, head-quarters, head-quarters, was eagerly questioned about the truth of the report. These rumors, however, as will seen elsewhere, have at present slight foundation. " .' Arsaas the City Hall. The figures published in the Times yesterday yesterday were the cause of considerable conversation around the Hall yesterday; morning. The general general conclusion arrived ; at was that Wm. M. Tweed and E.' A. Woodward bad been doing a large and very profitable business, and that the robberies of the City Treasury bad at last been brought home to the guilty parties, or, at any rate, to some of them. The . Mayor was invisible yesterday, arriving latd at his office, . and lea vine: after reading his j letters. There was some tslk. too, yesterday, in regard to Mr. IIalx, and some strong language was uttered as to bis culpability in permitting the accounts laid before tbe Board of Audit to be passed on and approved by subordinates, of the untrustworthy-) untrustworthy-) untrustworthy-) character of one of whom, at least, be had full knowledge.' Various surmises were indulged in as to when Tweed would bt arrested, and several persons stationed themselves themselves near to the Department of Public Works, expecting to see the " Boss " brought out by a policeman, or a Sheriff's officer, at least. The " Boss," however, was closeted the whole morning morning with hia lawyer. Mr. Bautlktt, and about noon a messenger was dispatched for Mr. Johji Graham, who arrived in hot baste snd bad a lone; etid doubtless very interesting conversation conversation with his client. THJLTXXX-TAXE THJLTXXX-TAXE THJLTXXX-TAXE FIGURES. Aaalysiaat the BetatlcaV Aeessal h-liahed h-liahed h-liahed Yeateraay The trie-area trie-area trie-area flrsap. ea tar the Beatll at the Reader. Tho crowded condition of our columns yesterday prevented us from giving aa analysis of tbe, full figures contained In our supplement. The facts concerning, the identification of the parties receiving the proceeds Of warrants draws for allowances made by the special Board of Audit, under section 4 of the County Tax Levy of 1870, are now presented In brief. The figures ; appended to the affidavit of Mr. Tildbr prove that on tbe 6th of May. 1870, four warrants, amounting to a total of 87, were drawn upon the Broadway Bankj The bank entries of tbe same day show that Ingkrsou. A Co. deposited SMai 13, being tbe aijnount of two checks indorsed by tbem, and Immediately drew another check to the order ot E. A. woodward for au.xs S3, who deposited it to bis own account. - At tbe same time Ax-Daawj Ax-Daawj Ax-Daawj J. Qarvky, deposited 67, and then drew check payable to Woodward's order for t30.87S 44. wbuih the .latter at once deposited to bis own account. The warrant of Keyser A Co. for 32,59A 08, indorsed with the initials "E. A. W," In lead pencil, was also deposited to Woop ward's credit. . The next day. May 1, 170. four warrants, Indorsed Indorsed byi Ikoersoll A Co., and amounting to 1152,86 tij were drawn on tbe Broadway Bank. Checks were drawn from that amount by lit-OERSOLL, lit-OERSOLL, lit-OERSOLL, in favor of Woodward, for tns.aoj 47. which, he at once deposited, and then drew a check for 28,772 ss. The latter was immediately immediately deposited by Wm. M. Tweed. " On the 13th of May. two warrants were drawn on the same bank and Indorsed by Ikcbrsou. A Co. The total amount. 11 28 .281 22, Ixosrsoll deposited, and thlpn drew a check tor 6.A66 SB, which was placed to Woodward's credit. The Utter thei drew a check for 19.329 99. which was deposited to tbe account ot Wm. IS. Tweed. On1 the J 14th' of May, three warrants were drawn on the asms bank.; Two of these were in favor ot A. J. Gabvby, and amountlnar to 389.-6U 389.-6U 389.-6U TV, be deposited, and drew a cheek to Woodward's Woodward's order for 159,127 96. This, with a check of JLetske A ,Co, indorsed in lead pencil initials initials " E. A. W., for 93787 33, making a total of gsc.ois 43, Woodward deposited, and then drew S check tor 128,434 xt, which was added to the bank account of Wm. M. Tweed. i Oa the 31st of May nine, warrants were drawn on tbe same bank. . Of these, t2S417S 7 was ds-posited ds-posited ds-posited by Imoersoll A Co.. who drew checks for 1117.731 L5. which were placed te Woodward's credit. A. J. Garvey deposited (133.720 S3, and drew a check tn favor of Woodward for M3.AU 19. which, waa deposited to the latters account, which amounted to a total ot 3011,047 Si. Of . this j day's , doings. ; the . share of Mr. Tweed seems to have been 930.996 6ft, There is no account of the disposition of the remainder. Of the live warrants drawn en the same bank oa the sad ef May, ra favor of Ketsbs A Co. and A. Hall, UT antt Indorsed E. A. W." la pencil. pencil. Woodward deposited all. EU6.980 it, and drew a ebeek for 633.031 87, which went into Mr. Tweed's bank account. ' 1 ' : ; Oa the S7th of May two warrants were drawn oa tbe same bank amounting to isa.ra ex. this total WooDWARDreccryed from LvOER- LvOER- 1 Of l. 1 ; L ....... U , f '

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