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Additional New Stories - In Wake of Tra sVhWVwJihhjM rtcuL DisrATta to...
In Wake of Tra sVhWVwJihhjM rtcuL DisrATta to tbs a.nia. Washington, January 2). Miss Caroline Caroline Upshaw, niece of Congressman William D. Ip'lhaw, of Georgia, suffered suffered tho loss of a foot, and the other was Injured so severely that It will have to be amputatdjl. Ten college students living st a fraternity house near the theater havo volunteered their services for blood transfusion, which may be necessary for Miss Upshaw's recovery. Amons those who gae continued sen-Ice sen-Ice sen-Ice was Miss Mabel Boardman, former former District Commissioner, who supervised supervised the activities of the Red Cross, ilem'ters of the Motor Corps of tho District Red C'ft'Sg were-on were-on were-on tho eeene continuously to render aid to the suffering. suffering. Albert O. Euehler, 21 ers old, of this city, was an outstanding hero of the disaster, as he gave bis life that others might . bo rescued He could hnve been taken out of the debris fully an hour earlier than ho was, but he told the rescuers that others were In Jured more seriously than he.' When he was rescued It was too late, as lie died shortly after being taken to the Christian Science Church. t ji Kn attempt i0 ve his face, a mani unidentified tc-nlsrhi. tc-nlsrhi. tc-nlsrhi. had Dlaced I , , . . . ..... nlg nanu over nis cnoejjs. 'i ne im- im- l ; pari of the weight Imbedded his fin gers Into the flesh and the freezing weather did the-rst..' the-rst..' the-rst..' At the morgue they wero unable to pull his hands away. Only one case of looting was reported reported by Lieutenant V. M. Parsons, of the Marine Corps. The individual was ejected forcibly from the Interior Interior of the theater. I Josepu w aae i,eai, .4 years old, a I member of the Knickerbocker Or- Or- 1 chestra, was married three days ago. He was killed in his seat in the or-daughter. or-daughter. ; chestra pit. His father, who has been i employed for years as a telegraph I operator In nowspaper bureaus here, arrived at the theater almost Imme- Imme- dlatc,y aft(,r lhe rav0.n -nd -nd kent high-,vllH, high-,vllH, ,hrni,A, ,,,, . "''"-' "''"-' "''"-' au "Bl'4 BNI4 ill IV A, in ! the dawn for news of hlg boy. Overwhelmed by the disaster that befell befell the Knickerbocker Theater and bowed In erlef by the catdxtrophe, Harry JI. C'randall, head of tho operating operating company. Isfiied orders to his executive staff to-day to-day to-day that out of respect respect to thoi!0 of his own organization who lost their lives, as well as to the public, there should be no performance In any C'randall Theater to-day. to-day. to-day. The order wa3 communicated at once to the house managers of the six Crandall Theaters in Washington, In mony of which audiences already had assembled. assembled. Thefe six theaters underwent a thorough examination to-day to-day to-day by police ill- Sliuckie-' n-otor-i appli-i' an o'liwing- o'liwing- inspectors and have ro-dogs, ro-dogs, "lv-tl "lv-tl "lv-tl permission to remain open. j , juvpiiiiu nero was uoraon Mill, ii years old. who raved a little girl. "I never had 'seen her before and I don't know who she iu" ih j id, , an abashed manner. "I d'dn't ' know what was happening when the " " . " 1 "r8an crawi i to-'Jn It m,u "llRr "wm,e 1 co"'o the sky: i ciunoea inrougn an ODenlns and pulled the girl after tne."

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 30 Jan 1922, Mon,
  3. Page 5

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