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 - LADY GOT LETTERS HOt'llS. Fonsier- .Coroner./of...
LADY GOT LETTERS HOt'llS. Fonsier- .Coroner./of Miami... «>>u«t.v TtM'liiy In .the M'rUU Cuso. HORNBAKER'S PRELIMINARY COROXKU THK TOM) Olí IIO.» JO With'. Mrs: JlclSIheney, To' Secure letters -S!u; Had'• Written To Itorii- • Ixilter—Snia il¡i:m!iiikCT VVr.ütecl liivcstigutiuii- Huslwil Up: Paohi, : Kan., April 2.—.The preliminary preliminary heariiiK ol Hoscoc Hornbaker, Hornbaker, a mail carrier of Louisbnrg. Kan., rh ni ge el v.Hh tile tiurdei of George B. MPEIüíHic:.", postmaster of that place, October 4, 1!)1", began before Justice .1. P. Williford here today. Chief interest in the, hearing centered centered in tho expected testinion> ol the widow of the slant'nic-i «ho J ,1. Carver, pio^ecuting- uttoinej, announced announced would testify; for the prosecution. prosecution. ••• The courtroom was crowded crowded to. oversowing 1 ,'many of the spectators spectators being neighlKirs of Hornbaker aiid'jVIcElheiicy. Those 'who were unable to obtain admission gathered in little groups in the street outside and discussed the case. The lirst witness called was Dr. J V. Ferrel, former coroner at Louis- bnrg, wh'ci to the manner of McElhenc-y's death. Then Doctor .FVsrrel war; asked if he .had heard that Hornbaker had been paying attention attention to . Mrs. .'MeElheney, the widow, of the slain man. Doctor Ferrel said he had heard Hornbaker had called 'Mrs. MeEllieney fre- 'r'niehtly on the telephone, but that be hod been unable ¡o verify that report. report. Doctor Ferrel testified that Sam 'Rodebecker.. a resident, of Louis- linrg, had told him that ¡Urs. Me- Elheney had letters that Hornbaker wanted. The former coroner said that, upon iiiiestipning Hornbaker, the latter denied Iho existence of any letters and. also that Hornbaker asked him at the time if there was no way to get the investigation into the death of the postmaster liusbed up. Two weeks ago. Doctor Ferrel continued, • Hornbaker came to him three separate mornings an ( i asked him*if--the> investigation could net be dropped. -Then, early last vveok, ho i-aid Hornbaker again called: on him and admitted that he had cor- •* 1 .hit ttie.,h:iy "t ten A ai'il then 1 Oct'p Hiouiul tin- * * Mock, till Isalf lui'tthf; 1 hear * *.. the «tirlj robin's VoU-e, «ml see * * tlio auitvlfc, uinl i'<<jotrc that * * I'm ulive. From pJiin «nd kiit/,- * * 4H>.|iijinu<<i' -frw, my ln-wikfast '" '" tastes «s good to .me us any * ' meal; I tJii'Oir i» lúüci'Kiíí biic-k- * * wheat cakes', uml .scruiiililiMl ,** * esjis uncí sii-jcln • Me¡iks, aiul * * lii'oaded veal. And «s rtmviitovvn * c 1 íiJiyly «'«ni, I ol'twi 'overtake * * <i fiieinl who's fi<>oe to \viUsU'; " * "I stayed up. i:ue • Inxt nj«>lit,V. ^ * he sUiliN, "and now 1 hive two ^ * htouctelmt eyew, JUK! dark In-own * 15 tiiste: I'd fiivo u pH-uyuoo lo die, * '- .foi'' I'm so full r,f ¿vHel' that I * •* C-KH Imi'dly walk; I'll . huve to *> *'hi-ut'i! 1 the. iliMiiisluro. clerks'Juicl " a l,hi-o'w. SOUK; lirmno fu my •-'• * works, or they will balk." Hut * 1 ycí'tci'day I «ivv ;v iiNiu to whom * *• Itutl been iittac-lu-d the can, by !i * IUIRI-.V lint's; he .wassailed nil tin 1 . " * iiigltt avviiy, and thi'ii K!I<HVC<] up K 1:1 for work by d:iy ¡i total loss.' * 8 llon't turn the ' iiightthuc • into ' * «lily, oí- loar alone; Hie fii'eat n ~ While Way—(lint liaMt grows;- 0 * if (i.: the front you hope t» keep,.'* * you must devote yoni- niulit.s to * sloe')»—1 (ell you'those. " * —Walt Mason. * * Copyrlfflilort by .Adams Syndicate .* tain letters Mrs. MeEllieney desired iind safe! that lie (Honn>aker) would agree to give them:to her If Doctor Ferrel and the widow of the slain man would call for them. in. accordance accordance with this agreement. Doctor Doctor Ferrel said he accompanied Mrs. MeEllieney lo the Hornbakor home. According to the witness, Hornbaker said, "Well. '"Maude, 1 know nvhat you're after," am] then tossed her a packet of letters, Mrs. MeEllieney ran through the packet and asserted several pages were missing, according according to Doctor Ferrel. Hornbaker insisted that the packet continued all the letfera he had and urged the widow not to keep them, but to burn them, the doctor said. DRY MOVEMENT IN ENGLAND All Othei- Con«,i(lcvAU"iis HOMJ Given Given Place To, the Discussion of To- tnl Abstinence London, April 2 —The attention oí the llr'tish public today is concentrated concentrated on the question of abstinence abstinence Foi the mcinent it is over- «hatlowing the war. This is Good Friday, arid .-in' 1 Loudo'n "there'are no afternoon papers, is doubtful —— if the biggest headlines chronicling a v

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  1. The Emporia Gazette,
  2. 02 Apr 1915, Fri,
  3. Page 5

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