29 Oct 1958

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29 Oct 1958 - WILL at and lie ' USTVffl-ftAN. MESE. HAS...
WILL at and lie ' USTVffl-ftAN. MESE. HAS BROKEN HAND- s Carry Gopher ..- :* - - • " '•' \ < ,1 » Associate Press of the the I equal only al ^ f sota, onc| one names in; football, furi* A|Tj « groudest was forced today to battle an e{ght-fjfn.<i losing losing streak with a backfield full of novices. Pummelled by player Injuries, A| If Jp . selves todjy In aM feWS Pf Ib! *|h.0el<8 s|mbal||m, them fean) past, Mm f . , victory • - league 1937, *9 *<* "twice,, , 1957 an4 ajjd Wjnona im'MW conference Ro- lt , the hand that guided Minnesota to its few moments of cheer thjs seaapn was broken |tr a Monday practice. . ; , ; '* Doctors confirmed: that, senicjr quarterback Jim Ra;ese siuffered 4 fsacturj in his right hpd. This blow, following" injuries tha.t MinnCTO,tf bgcjd ft|h, jrfiy 1957 experlen^f. left Hie qeft|erl in this sitgation—jjfrfiaji wn^af-altet ed for a Big; fsn teftrn. in the modern era: 'Every surviving player on the top three backfield units is a sophomore, None of the quarter* backs and only one of the half- ilftN %*" %tn * few Mfm\ Reese's^suqeeiso*, ajid ffo, i lef| "" --• •' dftidj flfid squad** baekfield aside from that position at no other baekfield spot have the sell oiid : I* 1 •• third stringers '* fd more than token playing time. ft thtt till* J>ackflel<| kiddie com &i«>H Murray Warmath to Ji^iana-^icti has bi Its AUSTIN DAILY map wh*t is not the streak in the ballon amdttj playing f top-drawe schedule. "five "five of the defers have com yea?, But, sa«s Warmath team wori't t^nk of givin We've made mistakes but th H|fll displayed som| of ifie mos " li: ined ,f ootb|11 ' SPORTS hjye knocked three 6ther 12-AUST|N (Minn.) HKRAID Wedn.ti y< Oct. 29, '3% MIDWEST FOOTBALL BRIEFS w Ohio States Clark Hurt; Badgers Seek More Punch ,„-- help | H two he man SJ and in ||t PARRELL RQYAU WonfsfoRun Football Out of End Zone AUSTIN, (AP )-, it," part me happens," publicity Ko will toward com. were: Mich.; Utica, 21, Carl newspaper, from of Coash Parrel! Royal ipys ,J{ they really want to make football more editing and, high scoring they should make everybody run that ball out of the end tone. Royal, a bitter opponent ol the new rule that allows two noinu after a touchdown if the conversion conversion is made by run or pass, would put in a rule that call? for either running the kick out of the end zone er putting the ball on the 8-yard line. Under pregent mlej it is an automatic tpuchhaek and the defensive defensive team gets the ball on its 20. "I see no reason for giving a team 20 yards for nothing,' 'said Royal. <<The team that is receiving receiving the ball does nQthtag to get the nressure off, Teams and tatori are being robbed," Royal has opposed the new conversion conversion rule lince it went into effect effect this year. He say* "It puts too mueh pressure on the players and coaches." He diagrams his new proposal like this: Team A moves the ball from its 30 to its opponent's 40 and can't move further. "Nobody is much interested when you've got the ball in your own end of the field, but they are when you're within your opponent's 40. "Team A punts into the end zone and Team B decides not to run it out. They get it on the 20 and Team A which moved the ball <?i«eA9o ball briefs: ©We - Mid.we|t foot, any -Halfback emoted to sqe little if shoulder against ciark reinsured his againgt Wliconsln and Dick Lebeau took ove? the left halfback spot w{th' fem Matte apd Herbs.treit right half. Northwestern , greptti is a working out at Jim An- starter Against Ohip State but he partici. pated in § dummy serimmage. The Northwestern Captain missed the Iowa game because of a pulled leg Wisconsin, m jn an attempt to stil more punch in their attack, attack, the Badgers went through gn unusually long workout for ends and peek?. Wisconsin also worked out against Michigan State plays. Michigan state n Fran O'Brien. 234-pound tackle, wai restored tg the firft team, O'Brien wai one of many ppartani demoted to second string assignment* against Illinois last week. Iowa -* The Hawkeyea will be, t lull strength for their game at Michigan. Center Lloyd Humph , and fullback Jqhn Nocera -s both on the injured list — will be gq against the Wolver in«p, lUinois - llHno4§' fullback situ ation qpuld be «| |ul| Stifeng'th for Saturday's gam* against Purdue BJ11 Brown work«4 oyt in full uni form apd Caj>t, J«ek Delveaiot re missing thf, turned to action MSU contest, Purdiie «, T^ie Boilermakers, went through » abort scrimmagi tp improve their- timlpg and block ing on running plays, Tackle Gene Selwaski aqd halfback Lien Wil son sat out the ^fills because oi injuries but both ar§ expected b§ ready for Illinois. Indiana » Injurifs hamperee Indiana's workout on offense Sidelined were tackle Bob Corrk gan, Wingback Richje Bradford and tackle Ed Morris. Only Corri gan was given any qhance of play, ing Minnesota. Notr« Dame — Quarterback eorge {no will be in the startiii| lineup againpt Navy Saturday. Izc earned the ahot on the strength q: gome superb passing against Pur-. due which nearly earned the Irish a last quarter victory. Ford Never Won 20, but Percentage Best By SHELBON SAKOWJTZ NEW YORK (AP) ~ Although Whitey Ford nevtr has won 30 games in any of his isven seasons with the New York Yankees, hi§ ifetime won and lost percentage is (he highest among active ma. jor league pitchers. The jhPPt southpaw, just turned 30, has won 108 and lost only 40 lor a .724 percentage, figures compiled compiled by The Associated Press dl* elosed today, The leaders are iased, on pitchers with W er more decisions. Sal Maglie, now wjth the St. Louis Cardinals, i| closest to Sears Refuse to Talk About Bowl Chances BERKELEY, CeW, (AP) - The swwt smell of roses wafti throughout the University of Call, fornta campus, But tb« Bear football football team wants no part gf the aroma. Talk about the Rose Bowl and you get a stock reply: "We're taking them one at a time." Maybe they are, but the Bears are in the driver's seat with a 3-0 Pacific Coast Conference record, record, They're favored to whip Oreson Oreson State (3-1) at Corvallis Saturday. Saturday. $100| has °een penalized. Npw Team B , 'down, sending PCC choice is far from decided. decided. Stanford, sometimes up and sometimes down, is 2-1, Washington Washington State is 3-2, and Southern California California is 2-2. Come Saturday night, after WSC Ford. The 41<y«ar-old "Barber,' who began bis big league career; in 1945, boasts a .6§p percentage, He has won us and lost 61. Ford has been hampered by shoulder and elbow trouble. De. spite these ailments, the stylish lefty had a 14-7 record in, 195J While poking a teagye-leaging 2.01 earned run average, His lifetime ERA-is 2.60, also lowest among active hwlers. Maglie, Who achieved" sucfiesg With the New York Giants after a jump to the Mexican League, also has. been with the Cleveland Indians, Brooklyn Podgers* and Yankees, He vyas acquired by the Gards last June, winning two and losing six, Milwaukee's Warren Spahn, whose 246 victories are the most registered by an active pitcher, QOntinued te rewrite the record nooks, The slender left-hander, 37, became a. 20-game winner for the ninth time, breaking the modern major league standard of eight by southpaw, Spahn, who joined the Boston Braves in 1946, had a 22-11 record this season. This gave him a lifetime lifetime mark ol 846487 for a .610 percentage. Warren pitched 23 complete games in 1958, two of them shutouts. shutouts. In 13 full seasons he has hurled 43 shutouts—most by a National National League lefty. Bob Grim of Kansas City is runner-up runner-up to Ford in American League lifetime pitching percentages percentages with 52-27 for .658. Cleveland's Cleveland's Ray Narleski is third with .650 on 39 victories and 21 defeats. In the National League, Don Newcombe of Cincinnati is second with 130-73 and a .640 percentage Solid Character fits agree f ith the view if Warraath's current squad a SeM true-blue character despite its losses. It has built a remarkable sta ' record in th.t face of un defeat. In fo^r of the. fiv IPAis, Minnesota haj made :mor downs than its, opponents, I h£ld.| an overall margin of 82-6 in first downs, and an advantag af something like yardage. to 1,400 in M various stages it led in four q( (he games. Coaghes compare its line with the begt in the Big T.en. ' Fails to Win Y$ ^ hasn't won a. game. Fum bje.8 have hurt. Failiy-e to produce qp |top, a game breaking play has cost the Gophers, lut the sun might shine fo: th.tffl after all against Indiana Minnesota has enougji strength in ^6; jine to win, if it gets more help from its young baekfield. Bold Gamble, Pick Gonhers Over if CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN CJHICAGb (AP) — The ol takes his broomstick out qf the launching pa& He has to ;o into orbit to figure, this week's MidYfest football jigsaw. an State an.d College of Pacific let him down last week lie's now chugging along with 3543 for .658. , .«* Northwestern 16, Qhio State 14 » The Wildcat defepse will rise I heroic heights in trying to take qome of the voltage out of Bob and Don Clark- The Buckeyes Buckeyes will have to Qppe with the speed they've fa.ced this year Willmer Fowler gnd Ron Burton, Burton, And when they aren't run- njng, Dick Thornton will be pass•Bg, pass•Bg, It'l Northwestern's, homecoming. The Buckeyes haven/t lost a Big game in two years and haven't haven't been beaten by the Wildcats 1948. Iowa 27, Michigan; 14 _ That Michigan blocking quarterback Evashevski, will be on nine after this one. -His who now lead the Big With 3-0, never have been able ;o defeat his alma, mater. Twice hey have blown 13-Q leads to lose .448, But the most amazing item that Iowa has felled to beat Michigan in 34 years DIJnois 19, Purdue J4 — A swami speejal. Notre Dame nearly pulled " out of the fire last week by Purdue silly in a 15-pbint quarter uprising;, If the Illi- nl'i Bob Hickey can keep hitting Kreitling, the Boilermakers' may not have enough ack-ack to eontrol the air. Wisconsin 2Q, Michigan State 13 « The Spartans don't seem to iftVe it this season, §nd it's taken 1' swam a while to be convinced. TjUg should be further proof they were over-rated at the start after graduation losses. Minnesota 14, Indiana 7 — The Gophers are pretty badly crip, led but figure to fet their first ictory of the season. Looks like he P»g Ten cellar |pr the loser. Nptre Dame 20, Na,vy 18 — The ire wearing mighty thin be- of an injury plague. But heir George Izo — probably the est long passer in the country — s at his peak, Leader By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Coloradd, the nation's only m«- jor college football team,that has gained more than 400 yards a game all season, and .Oklahoma, which has rolled in oldtime form for 893 yards in its last two fames, collide Saturday at Boulder, Cold, Something's gotta give, That Was the indication today from, the Weekly NCAA Service Bureau team statistics. The figures show Colorado's Golden Buffaloes, who have been showing the way in rushing'of- fense for three weeks, also have climbed to the top in total offense, displacing the Army team that was limited to 165 yards by Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh. Oklahoma Oklahoma Rebounds Oklahoma, which dropped out of sight (statistically speaking) after its loss to Texas, has come' right back in routing Kansas and Kansas Kansas State and now is fourth in total offense and fifth in rushing. Colorado is aecond and Oklahoma Oklahoma third in the major scoring race behind Rutgers. Here's how the comparative statics look: :••, \ Rushing — Colorado has , aged 347.2 yards per game to 273.3 yards for runner - tip Brigham Young. Oklahoma's fifth place average is 253.6. The' Buffs have gained more running yards in five games than any other team has gained in six. BYU, pranked last week, picked up 465 against Mon- iana to move into second place. Total offense — Colorado, with an average gain of 411.2 yards a jame, is the only team above the 400 yard level which at least one major team has reached for the toll season every year since 1941. t's Army 385.6 yards, Iowa 383.8 and Oklahoma 382.2 in a close race for second. Scoring —Rutgers, with 173 points in five games, has an average average of 34.6 per game. Colorado ms a 31.2 average and Oklahoma 30 even. Other high scoring teams are Houston, 29.3; Syracuse, 28.8; Northwestern, 27.8; Army, 26.8; VMI, 25.3 and Virginia and Tulsa, 25.2. The inconsistency of forward passers has been one of the season's season's mysteries and this week saw ive new teams in the first ten. Hardin-Simmons held its place as he No, 1 team. The Texans are irst in attempts (190), comple- ions (91), yards (979) and gains per game (163.2). Navy, which,, made 545' yards nd 50 points in a breeze against 'enn, moved from 13th to second with a 158-yard average. San Jose State and Holy Cross, now third and fourth, came up from 15th ind 18th. 1 Iowa and Wake Forest ;lso joined the top ten. Top for .'^^py '' • ^.ToXr who led-"« PHt Army reminiscent defense^ thjoft The ft»\BAf. Pitt thia feft, of his game as then rated the to a 1444 rence, f t > aer\aj[ ajtd made ft? game w.h,ea, Pitt four. Feature at Pfitw, ent, and m tieipte m eitej the Raetat Foil Rochester Jaycees Plan Turkey Shoot ROCHESTER, Minn. — The ixth annual "Turkey Shoot" ored by the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, will be eld Saturday and Sunday. The event will be held at the louthern Minnesota Sportsmen's lub, five miles east of Rochet« er on Highway 14. The shoot be- ins at 12 noon on Saturday and t 9 a.m. Sunday. Rifles and ammunition will he urnished by the Jayc«j«s. The tiu> eys will be cleaned and frozeja, Proceeds of the turkey shoot ill be used for the Rochester and area. Shooters from Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin are expected to take part in the event. ...ties, Inc., at night. Invited are general public who amateur boxing, coaches, trainers, sponsors in the The program, in the Gold Room Rochester Marigold p.m. Pfiste? wat best box,er« in the and is expected to ed. the- teajon with fhe former Austin Eisenhower Rates NEW Dwjght B.«tUenhQWtr aaU career at Shortlived because kfieecap, nevertheless e of the game's The President the first reeipient al Award of the Hall of Fame. He accepted the night before an men -* most of connected with football days. The inscription "Presented to Eisenhower, United States, in lifetime of devotion intercollegiate football. 4 nr*H t* '

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