24 Nov 1958

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24 Nov 1958 - a by Warren Lahr (24). Also reaching for flying...
a by Warren Lahr (24). Also reaching for flying Barnes is Vince Costello (50). (AP Photofax) Conference by two games withj only three to play. WARMATH'S ANSWER TO FOOTBALL CRITICS- Frosh to Help Gophers Cleveland . New York . Pittsburgh . Washington Chi. Curds . Philadelphia Baltimore . Chi. Bear* . Angeles San Fran, , Detroit 5 CJreen Bay l By JIM KLOBUCHAR jclose to "M" Club affairs said the. The "M" club is trying to find MINNEAPOLIS (AP)—Murray lettermen's organization was'out how the school, and specifical- Warmath's answer today to critics'ready to make some kind of move ly president J. L Morrill, would who would have him resign as jthis week. ;react to moves outside the school Minnesota football coach was:! The "we want a change" move- administration aimed at bringing "We've got some promising play-jment conceivably could get some^about a change. Evidently these ers on the freshman team. I ex new fuel today by the release of'moves would include an attempt ;pect them to help next year." iresults of a "questionnaire" dis-iby alumni or other groups to buy As for himself, Warmath saldjtributed two weeks ago to the M Warmath's contract, which has "I never had any plans to leave Club's 2,300 members. 'three years to run after this sea- here. If I had I could have done it | Sponsors of the questionnaire'son. ' before to take another coaching^said they would have a statement! Warmath is aware, of course, ^ olx " i later in the day when the tabula-!about all that is going on. He was The Gophers' 27-12 loss to Wis- tion will be made public, "it i asked about it after the Wisconsin msin Saturday turned 1958's won- should be fairly interesting," one!game. "I never had any plans to consin and;loss performance, 1-9, into the^said. (leave Minnesota," he said. "I'm Spar-!worst in more than a half century B. Willis Smith, Minneapolis ' happy here. The 1958 season is of football at Minnesota. Businessman who was the ques-i° ver ' We are thinking now about of , kl „, ,„, Mo "day, Nov. 24, 1958 to It seemed certain to kindle new tionnaire's chief sponsor, said! 1959 -" agitation by alumni groups for a "undoubtedly the results will find I change in the Gopher football and their way" into the hands of the Hope for Speed athletic department setup. Some university administration. Minnesota's one hope for major improvement next season rests on the chance that some of its fresh- imen backs can inject some speed, Army, Navy Scouts Praise Grid Teams ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP)-Army and Navy are showing a traditionally traditionally healthy respect for each other's other's football prowess as they prepare prepare for their annual football battle battle at Philadelphia Saturday. Steven Bclichick, chief scout for Navy, calls the Cadets "the most explosive football team I've ever seen—much better and entirely different from the team we beal last year." Navy Is Threat And Army's top scout, Dale WESTERN SUNDAY N«w York 30, Cleveland 28, Baltimore 34, Chicago Bears Pittsburgh 27. San Francisco THURSDAY, Green Bay at SUNDAY, Chicago Bean Los Angelea at Philadelphia at Sftn Francisco Washington at a 69-yard score as the Cleveland the Philadelphia Cleveland, with the Eastern game with The New game behind victory over Redskins, and tht another game on to the Giants' triumph over Cardinals. In the West, spark and diversity into the Op..Hall, said the Middies have a took over sole pher attack. Warmath has said he AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD-7 ;Minnegota Special Bow, Arrow Deer Season Slated would like to open up his offense; if his material permits it. One of the Gophers most troublesome troublesome deficiencies this year was "tremendous" squad which could pose more of a threat to the Cadets Cadets than the one which won 14-0 last year. "Their passing attack is strong- absence of a truly effective er than It has been, and in (half- quarterback. Jim Reese didn't have enough talents to put zing into the split T offense and the sophomores weren't ready. On the freshman team is Sandy Stephens, a Pennsylvanian with a jfine arm and running ability. His development into a top grade varsity quarterback is what the ST. PAUL '(AP) - A special' Kimball said deer may be taken' G °P ners may need to make a deer season for bow from Dec - t 'and arrow hunters has been set arrow only in Zone 9, in extreme I ^ose '" ^ine to 1{or Dec M _ sQuth o{ a line run .; soutneastern Mmnesota> dur i ng They have a number of other fining from Moorhead to Duluth: ;the firearm's season. : good backfield prospects, including back) Joe Bellino they have a greater individual threat," Hall sums up. "As a sophomore he has made mistakes, but he has made fewer and fewer and is one of the finest runners in the country if not the finest." Belichick counters that Army halfback Pete Dawkins "is the finest all-around back I've seen in college football." He says Dawkins is a great team leader—a "take charge" guy good backfield prospects, including;who sets the pace for the Cadets Steve Molner, Judge Dickson, \— a tremendous runner, good pass- with bow and' showin i next vear - , , James W. Kimball, state game Several state-owned public hunt- Dave Mulholland and Tome King,'er, good blocker, "and ought to bid:and fish director, announced the ing grounds will be open to bow and a few linemen with promise'.! win ever y award in the books this " Saturday. He said the and arrow hunting during the Dec. set-j boundary line will be Highways 1-15 season, including: 10, 210 and 39 running from the the'west to east borders. I VftflF ' But Minneaota's line losses will: „ '. 'be appreciable. Capt. Mike Svend Carlos Avery; Dietrich Lange; sen, Ken Schultz, Perry Gehring, j But the strength of the undefeat- *|ed Cadets runs much deeper than 10- be! | Rough Season for Canadiens jMille Lacs; Lac qui Purle; Tal-Ev Gerths, Norm Sixta, and Jerry j" , ( cott Lake; Whitewater; Rothsay; :Wallin all played their last for Walnut Lake; Orwell, and Pool Minnesota Saturday. 'individual players, the Navy back- says. "This team has impressed me No. 3 Deer also may "We knew from the start we\ more than any others because be taken with'were thfa in manp^we"War>* *o W things well and are W and arrow withm the folbw -ath said, reviewing'1958. "When » «JJ™. ^' %•£** ™ ,ing statutory game refuges: i in J uries sta rted to hit us we kl11 y° u either P assing or run JAnoka-Isanti; Blooming Grove; couldn't come up with enough re[Connelly re[Connelly Township; East Minne- placements. We thought we could ond place by. Lions 20-7 while faltered. The eliminated the defending from title Francisco 49ers into fourth victory over the Packers. Unitas, who cracked ribi game three spark the first Dodging scrimmage at his receiver Lennie Ram 18 and halfback kept The play NFL games passed for at record is 23. It was Unitas' of the season, it 14 by with an 12-yard Colts' 21-point that same on a one-yard for 218 yards on 14 of 20. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS isota Ri Hanl Falls . Kandi .iwin a few more games. But we "' U u - * ' "— yohi County; LeSauk; Lac qui; had some pretty tough luck early Parle (except Mission site and m the season - If we could have The perennial National Hocksyi posted area) . Lyon township . Mc .iwon one of those early games in League leaders are frustrated to- Gralh . Mosc ' ow . M onongalia' (ex- i the late m ™^ e * " might have lung. Good Passing Team This year Army is also a pass- Who says the Montreal Cana- diens are invincible? > y> Thcy have reason t0 be> !<*pt Sibley Park); Nerstrand (ex- meant the difference. The Canucks have been unable icept Nerstrand Woods Park); Oak- to win consistently at home, with dale township; Rockville town- Newjonly one victory in their last five \ ship; St. Cloud; St. Croix River, games at the Forum. Maurice (except O'Brien Park); Sand Roy (The Rocket) Richard has been'Dunes; Sauk River; Stillwater; stopped three games in his bid to'and Union Lake. goal No. 600. j Rice Lake Nal i ona i Wildlife, ht .^ An-1 And now Montreal is having;Refuge, except posted areas, and' 4V ._ ,,._,v.;_ „ trouble with Boston. The Bruins'sections of Upper Mississippi and |whipped the Canusks for a third |River National 'Vildlife Refuge 6-3,; straight time Sunday night, 2-0. also will be open to bow and Wisconsin Stronger Against Wisconsin the Gophers ran into a team with two much fire power and too much defensive strength on the line. And they hurt themselves by having six passes in reverse a week before in the Michigan State game. ing team — one of the nation's finest— and both Dawkins and Anderson Anderson take a hand in this along with quarterback Joe Galdwell. A lot of Army's passing is off running running plays and if you draw your linebackers in they throw over i you, Belichick says . Army scout Hall, considers Navy's passing attack, guided by junior quarterback Joe Tranchini, and the running of Bellino, on punt and kickoff returns as well as rushing plays, to be major factors for Army to stop. The triumph enabled Boston to' arrow , hunters. Hunting also will be allowed in the St. Croix State Park. ;move to within one point of j the leading Canadiens. Only four points separate the top club and i Camp Ripley refuge will be open the fifth • place Chicago Black under rules and regulations to be lHawks. 'prescribed by military authorities. j In other games, the Detroit Red Ru ] ed out 0 | the nunt are ^ ose j Wings turned back the New York; who have a i ready bagged a deer (Rangers for the fourth straight' ;this year _ Game laws gtate thpt i time, 3-1 and the Hawks and To- no person bhaU take more than! Dy |ronto Maple Leafs played to a 3-3i one deer either Arizona State NAIA Choice KANSAS CITY (AP)-The National National Assn. of Intercollegiate Athletics Athletics expects to complete its Selection of unbeaten Arizona Area Former Hopes for Boxing Team GRAND MEADOW, Minn. - A Golden Gloves boxing squad is the hope and dream of Elmo Alger, Grand Meadow area farmer, who has offered to teach boxing to ar- any interested boys. Alger, who boxed professionally for 1V» years, was welterweight State of Flagstaff as the fourth champion of Iowa. He has a fully equipped gymnasium in his home tie . ' ' ' |— — 8r 7 0 w'durinfa'nTcale"

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