Khmer Rouge IV

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Khmer Rouge IV - 4 —ThvKKlo» Amt 30 1977 commentary Reporter,...
4 —ThvKKlo» Amt 30 1977 commentary Reporter, wife held in Budapest Sinking the loot Some major cities in the wettern worId. and some not so large, are dt* cosfring a laate of what it was like in Lb* oil and tfokl boom towns o( ok) Seme things are different about these btnama* The wealth isn’t be in* produced produced where it is being spent In this case the billions «re flowing in from the 0PEC oil fields Where they ire going is interesting N<*w York is a prime repository for »me of it. either to be invested in Securities or “recycled” into invest fronts eLvrwhere But London also is receiving a chunk of the oil cash Wherv it is going is into palatial estates the kind of real estate British nobility once favored but now finds difficult difficult to maintain The OPEC sheiks have no such problems OPEC's trade surplus last year was 144 billion and is expected to be higher this year So what is a IfcO.OOO London town house, even though the owner was asking only 12*7.500 before two Arabs began bidding on it** Dozens of expensive expensive London properties reportedly have been sold to the oil barons in much the same fashion One pleasant thought evolves from this Some of those old castles are tern bly difficult to heat Guess who now will be paying the heating bills at inflated costs Tracing explosives 11 might work the plan by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to have manufacturers in plant identifying plastic and phon- shift that it was manufactured. Then through the records keeping process the investigators will be able to fty JACI AffDKUO* ■4usnrn^ WASHINGTON — Shortly •Tier Las Vngeies Tim» correspondent R ob+r Toth *u arretted and harassed by the Soviet KGB in Moacow one of our own reporter* waa picked up by the Hungarian police oulaiQ* Budapest eacorted to a potoce station and iaterroc>ted about hi* new* work Michael Viner and hu actreaa-model wife Deborah Ra/Tin were detained and questioned for seven boun Thor passports camera and private note* were seized by the police The couple waa acruaed falsely of taking unauthorized unauthorized picture« of a military truck Indeed Deborah had pointed her camera at a nearb> rood but had snapped no pictures It is poaaible there fore that the police mistakenly thought she had photographed the truck Yet a stray truck is hardl} a secret weapon that muat be hidden from the fceat The incident «as alao the first of its kind in the memory a i diplomats whoae experience goes back four years And «rangety two carlosds of policemen suddenly materialized at the scene Later, it became dear from the questioning that the police not only had been keeping a close «atcti on Viner throughout his stay in Hungary but »as fully aware of his reporting activities At one point, an interrogator demanded harshly “Why is Jack Anderson interested in Hungary"''' It may also be significant that the incident immediately immediately followed Toth s ordeal in Masco« Toth s chilling encounter with the KGB »as taken in Wash ington as another blunt signal that Mosco« is dis pleased with President Carter's human nghts campaign campaign This Kremlin attitude presumably has not gone unnoticed in the Eastern European satellites Viner is our Hollywood reporter who alao sends us diapatches from overseas when he is traveling He recently provided js with first hand accounts of the political turmoil in India In Yugoslavia and Hungary be was doing omilar research for us He put through so emergency call to us after the first o t two session* with the Hungarian police We made a number at phone calk to Budapest From Viner and diplomat* sources here are the details at ha experience Viner and hia acireaa wife were apprehended in the outskirts of Budapest by an armed motorcycle policeman who menacingly opened his holster to free the pistol The pair was ordered to hand over their passports and the camera Then the policeman signalled the eight men «ho apparently had been trailing Viner The strange caravan proceeded to a local police stations where a senes of mysterious phone conventions «ere held Eventually, a slovenly man appeared and introduced introduced himaelf as the interpreter “You may be in senous trouble,’ he began ominously ominously ’ his «as followed by four hours of grueling mterro.ation Then the couple «as permitted to returr to their hotel, under virtual house arrest until the following morning They phoned the U S consulate and placed an overseas call to us The chief consul D Thomas Longo advised them to return to the police station as ordered It might only escalate the incident, he suggested to bnng a consular official along But he promised that the t S authorities «ould respond vigorously if any senous charges «ere brought So the following morning the Viners appeared at the Budapest police headquarters and were ushered into a drab interrogation room They «ere confronted confronted by a hostile woman and two uniformed policemen The dour «oman. speaking through an interpreter began cross -examining Viner about his reporting He admitted that he had done some reporting but claimed he had come to Hungary pnmanly as a tourist The «oman kept presain* demanding to know why Jack Anderson was inter ested in Hungary The couple «as «amed again that they might be in ‘ senous trouble.’’ And one of the uniformed policemen volunteered that our jails here are very unpleasant " But no direct threats «ere made, and no charges «ere brought Three hours of questioning «ere followed by some more conspiratorial telephone conversations Then suddenly the couple «as told it «as all “a mistake and released But later in Vienna, Viner discovered that three pages of his notes «ere missing They must have been taken from his hotel room he said while he was under questioning Footnote The State Department tended to down play the affair, describing it as merely an “mcon vement incident " A spokesman for the Hungarian Em bass > had no comment DIPLOMATIC DIGEST - Communist leaders in Cambodia one of the most closed societies on earth are so secretive and xenophobic that some of them have taken on pseudonyms to avoid identification Only a fe« montns ago Amen can analysts learned that the secretary general of the party, Salot Sar, and the prime minister. Pol Pot are probably one and the same man — Although North Korea is ruled by a repressive regime few North Koreans defect across the Mth parallel The last defector for example, «as a young soldier who stole his sergeant s lunch and fled south in fear of retribution

Clipped from
  1. The Camden News,
  2. 30 Jun 1977, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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