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Mrs. Davy American Marijean Kaetzel Ronny Hawkesworth Carol Richard Mt. Airy Teens Sound Off On Smoking Warnings a and glee c l u b , the QUESTION: Have the new health warning notices on cigarette cigarette packages affected sales among teen - agers? Ronny Hawkesworth, 17, a senior, senior, of Mt. Airy. "I just don't feel that the warning notices have affected teen - age smokers to any great extent. Most of them have a habit and they can't seem to break it. "Right now they're young and they don't look far enough ahead to realize that smoking is detrimental to their health. "It's a proven fact that smoking smoking is a cause of lung cancer yet teen - agers don't seem to realize that if they continue to smoke, lung cancer may develop." develop." Carol Richard, 18, a senior, of Mt. Airy. "I don't think that teen-agers have taken the warning seriously. seriously. All my friends who smoke are still smoking. They enjoy smoking and one of my friends smokes to calm her nerves. "I haven't taken the warning warning seriously. My mother warns me about smoking but ... I feel if I'm going to get lung cancer, cancer, I'm going to get it. I don't think smoking is that dangerous. dangerous. I know many older people who have been smoking for years and they haven't developed developed lung cancer." Marijean Kactzcl, 17, a junior, of Mt. Airy. "I don't think many of the teen - agers stop to think about the warning. However, by reading reading the warning some teen-agers might want to defy it. It's really up to the individual whether he wants to think ahead and worry about lung cancer or whether he wants to do what he feels is "Many people start smoking when they're young and they aren't able to break tho habit when they want to break it. Teen - agers don't stop to think they might become chain smok- ers and that they are endangering endangering their lives." Wayne Pheobus, 17, a junior, of Mt. Airy. "I don't think the warning has been effective. Teenagers don't really pay attention to warnings like that. At least among the teen-agers I know, I don't know any who have quit because of this warning. "Not that many people get lung cancer and you K n o w everyone's not going to get it I don't worry about getting it."The it."The warning's not strong enough and t h e r e are not enough actual lung cancer cases cases to emphasize the warning." Wayne Pheobus Photo by Phantom Photographer Mystery Student HOOFING IT TO SCHOOL - This week's mystery student St. John's High School and his classmates use the oldest form transportation to get to school. He can keep walking ;;nd visit thfl B. T. Record Co. on North Market Street where he'll; find a long playing album waiting for him. VSPAPERI

Clipped from
  1. The News,
  2. 26 Feb 1966, Sat,
  3. Page 8

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