639 County Soldiers Give Lives for Country

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639 County Soldiers Give Lives for Country - CAGE TEX THE 'DAILY JKiER, CONiNKLLSVILLE, PA....
CAGE TEX THE 'DAILY JKiER, CONiNKLLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, JULY 639^ounty Soldiers Give Lives to Country OFFICIAL ARMY LIST SHOWS 374 ACTION DEATHS Fayette county had 639 soldiers who gave their lives to then- country in World War Two, according according to an official casualty list oi the War Department, which revealed the names of the men dead and missing. The Courier is printing the offi- FOD -- finding of death (probably ', person who had been missing in j combat and no trace has ever ] been found) and M -- missing per- The Fayette county death toll j included 374 KIA, 65DOW, three ! DOI, 165 DNB, 30 FOD and two cial list, showing the name of the J M for a grand total of 639. soldier, his rank and the manner j This casualty list, however, does in which he died. The type of [ not record those who gave their j J "" ' " lives -while serving with the j casualty is indicated as fullows. KIA--killed in action, DOW-died DOW-died of wounds, DOI--died of injuries, injuries, DNB--died, non-battle, Navy, which embraces the Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps. The Army.casualty list of dead NOW-SPRAYERS, NOW-SPRAYERS, DUSTERS AND SPRAYING MATERIALS Rotenone Calcium Arsenate Bordeaux Copper Rote Flit Spray Arsenate of Lead 6% DDT Liquid Coating McCormick Bee Brand Spray SoBoso Stock Spray Paris Green Weed No More Tree Tanglefoot Red Arrow Hydrated Slug Shot LIME Bfuestone 10 and 50 Ib. Sacks HOOK'S Hardware 516 W. Craivford A?e. Phone 581 Always Plenty of Parting Space on the West Side. and missing follows: Adams, Edgar G., PVT KIA. Adamsky, Thomas, PFC DNB. Addis, William P., 1 LT KIA. Albani, August, SGT KIA. Albano, Joseph, PFC KIA. Albine, Robert L., S SG FOD. Alesantrino, T. M., SGT KIA. Alessi, Vincent A., PFC DNB. Altaian, Thurman R., PVT KIA. Altomonte, Carl D., PVT KIA. Amoroso, George P., SG DOW. Anderson, Leonard H., PVT KIA. Arcangelini, Joseph, PFC KIA. Auther, Kenneth W., CPL KIA. Axton, WiUiam G. Jr., PVT FOD. Baer, Raymond F., CPL KIA. Bail, Alex C., S SG KIA. Baker, Crawford A., PVT KIA. Baker, Harry E., PFC DNB. Baker, James M., ST KIA. Baker, Robert P., PVT KIA Baker, William G., PFC KIA. Balaban, John A., CPL KIA. Balaban, John A., CPL KIA. Balasha, John M., CPL KIA. Balsley, Charles H., PVT DOW. Banko, Michael J., PFC KIA. Banko, Stanley W., S SG FOD. Baran, Elmer L., 2 LT DNB. Barkley, Rufus O. Jr., 1 LT i KIA. Barnhart, Howard D., PVT , Barry, Steve, TEC 5 DNB. Bassington, Theodore, S SG | KIA. 1 Bates, Earl M., TEC 5 KIA. | Batis, Edward J., PFC KIA. Beatty, Dalton W., FL O DNB. Beatty, Howard B. FL O DNB. Becka, John A., S SG KIA. Beckman, Franklin V.. PFC DNB. Beneke, Eugene, PVT DOW. Bengel, George H., T SG FOD. Benko, John, S SG KIA. Bethel, Frederick Jr., PFC KIA. Bilonick, John J. Jr., 2 LT DNB. Birchner, Warren, G H PVT KIA. Bittinger, Mervin R., SGT DOW. Blair. Made Jr., CPL DNB. Blancy, Joseph H., PFC KIA. Blanish, Mike PVT DNB. Bliss, Russell E., PFC KIA. Bodziony, Stanley L., PFC KIA. Bogovich, Eli, PFC KIA. 'Bogovich, George E., PFC KIA. Bohatcb, Joseph J., PFC DNB. Bohnak, Joseph F., PFC KIA. Boledovic, Rudolf J., PVT KIA. Book," Joseph T., T SG KIA. Bordas, Andrew F., PFC KIA. Borsos, Joseph, PFC KIA. Bosser,- John C., PVT KIA. Botti, Fred E., S SG FOD. Bowden, John B., S SG KIA. Bowen, Leslie E., SGT FOD. Bower, Glenn R., PFC KIA. Bozich, Michael, SGT KIA. Braddee, Miliord E., PVT KIA. Branthoover, James W., SGT KIA. Breakwell, David R., FL O DNB. Bree, Arnold M, 2 LT DNB. Brehun, John, T SG DOW Brehun, Joseph 1 LT DNB. Briercheck, John P., SG KIA. Britz, Joseph S., PVT KIA. Brooks, Calvin F., PFC KIA. Brown, Paul E., PFC DOW. Bryner, Edward M., SGT DNB. Bulger, Selwyn E., S SG FOD. Bungard, Melvin C., PFC KIA. Burd, Walter B., M SG DNB. Burns, Robert A., PFC KIA. Burnworth, Ralph M., SGT KIA. Burnworth, Thomas G., SGT KIA. Bush, Thomas H., PVT KIA. Byers, Paul R., 2 LT FOD. Byers, Ralph R., PVT KIA. Caligary, John, PVT KIA. Campbell, Russell J., PFC DOI. Canada, Anthony J., PFC KIA. Capella, Michael A., TEC 5 KIA. Carr, Walter C., 2 LT KIA. Carson, George L., PVT KIA. Caruso, Amedeo B., PVT KIA. Casey, Harry W., 1 LT FOD. Cavalcante, Edv/ard M., PFC KIA. Cavanaugh, Homer E., PFC KIA. Chambers, Josepff'P. Jr., PFC DOW. Chcrnko, James NMI, S SG KIA. Chisnell, R.insler E., PVT DOW. Chuberko, Peter, PVT KIA. Cirillo, Louis N., PFC KIA. Clements, Harold R., TEC 4 KIA. Clouser, Francis E., PVT KIA. Cobb, Harold K., PFC KIA. Coburn, Harold Jr., CPL DNB. Coflman, Stanton R., PVT KIA. Colbert, William A., PFC DOW. Collins, Dale M., PVT FOD. Collins, Ernest M., S SG DNB. Collins, John M., TEC 5 DNB. Collins, Loren D., SGT KIA. Combs, Howard K., TEC 5 KIA. Cor.lcn, Donald Jr.. PFC KIA. Conn, Samuel S., PFC KIA. Connor, Clyde A., PFC DNB. Conticelli, Pete J., PFC DOW. Cooke, Donald R., CPL DNB. Cooley, Eugene G., PFC DOW. Cope, Leonard J., PVT KIA. Corley, Jack P., CPL KIA. Cossell, William F., PVT KIA. Cramer, Harold W., PVT KIA. Croce, Nick, TEC 5 DNB. Croushore, Joseph C., SGT FOD. Csmos, Harry, PVT KIA. Culver, Frank E., S SG DNB. Cunningham, George W., PFC DOW. Cunningham, Joseph A., PVT KIA. Cunningham, Edward R., PFC KIA. Curry, John J.. AV C DNB. Daken, John, PFC KIA. Daniels, Lester A., PFC DNB. Danko, Cyril, PFC DNB. Danko, John F., M SG DNB. Danko, Paul A., PFC KIA. D'Auria, Albert F.. PVT DNB. Lingerie Lovelies David, John W., PFC KIA. Davies, Joseph L., PFC DNB. Davis, William H. Jr., 2 LT DNB. Davison, Virgil R., 2 LT KIA. De Bolt, Clarence I. PVT KIA. De Fusco, Pete CPL DNB. De Zolt, Silvio P., S SG KIA. Debevhc, Andrew Jr., PVT DNB. Lelo, James G., 2 LT KIA. Demaske, Frank, TEC 5 DNB. Dennis, Donald. A., PFC DNB. Derienzo, Patsy P. TEC 5 KIA. Dice, James F., PVT DNB. Dick, Wilbur C., SGT DNB. Dickey, Robert G., 2 LT DNB. Diehm, Jacob H., PVT DNB. DHlon, William C. Jr., T SG KIA. Dito, Grace M., 1 LT DNB. Dixon, Bryce K. Jr., TEC 4 DNB. Dixon, Kenry, TEC 5 DNB. Dobek, Frank P., PFC KIA. Dobish, Ewing PCF KIA. Dodgson. Matthew J., T SG KIA. Dom, Robert M., TEC 5 DNB. Domin, Martin S., 1 LT KIA. Dominick, Carmen J., PFC DNB. Donaldson, Charles V., PFC DNB. Donaldson, Ralph, PFC DOW. Dorulla, John W., T SG KIA. Dougherty, M .L. Jr., S SG KIA. Duda, Joseph F., S SG KIA. Dudash, Tony J., S SG DOW. Duggari, Laurence V., SGT KIA. Duhom, John Jr., CPL DNB. Duke, Paul L., 2 LT DNB. Dunay, Emil V., 2 LT DNB. Durkin, Philip, CPL DNB. Durst, French S. Jr., PVT KIA. Eadie, Jack A., PVT KIA. Easter, Elmer E., S SG KIA. Eddie, Edward M., PFC KIA. Elish, Charles B., PVT DNB. Elleard, Samuel M., 2 LT KIA. Ellis, Robert I. SGT M. Elwell, Joseph H., TEC 5 KIA. Etling, Smith J., PVT KIA. Evar.s, Lloyd A., SGT DOW. Evar.s, Paul, T SG DOW. Everhart, James R., 2 LT DNB. Fabian, Geno, PVT KIA. Faith, Frank E., SG KIA. Faith, Richard R., T SG KIA. Fallen, Lewis E., CPL DNB. Famularo, Nicholas A., PFC KIA. Farkas, Joseph S., SGT KIA. Farkas, Steve. PVT KIA. Farrier, Donald, PVT KIA. Fedor, Joseph W., 1 LT DNB. Fedinets, John Jr., CPL KIA. Field, Warren E., PVT KIA. Filbey, James H., PVT KIA. Fiorenzi, Fred, SGT KIA. Fisher, Ralph E., PVT DNB. Fisher, Richard, PVT DNB. Fischer, Robert L., SGT KIA. Fosbrink, Harry S., PVT KIA. Foster, Charles B., PVT KIA. Frank, William E., PVT KIA. Frankhouser, I. D. Jr., PFC KIA. Franks, Glenn E., PFC KIA. Franks, Stephen R., CAPT DNB. Frantz, Jack W., 2 LT DNB. Frayte, Joseph A., PVT KIA. Frazee, Dwight E., PFC DNB. Freed. Harry J. PVT FOD. Friend, Paul Z., 2 LT DNB. Furoier, Eugene H., PVT KIA. Gabor. Demetrius, T., SG FOD. Gordesky, Joseph, PVT DNB. Gordon, Thomas L., 1 LT KIA. Goshorr., Louis M., PVT DNB. Grace, Grant H., SGT KIA. Granchi, Joseph E., PFC DNB. Grannis, William E., SGT DNB. Grant, Meryl R., SGT KIA. Gray, Richard, PFC KIA. Graziani, Horace, PFC KIA. Grim, Earl W., PFC DNB. Graziano, Vito M. Jr., PFC KIA. Grumrr.er, Raymond H., PVT j.KIA. ! Guerrieri, Dominic J., PFC iDOW. Gummerson, Elwood R., S SG IKIA. Gvozdak, Paul A., S SG DOW. Gwynn, Sherman A., PFC KIA. Haines, Chester H., CPL DNB. Halfhill, Wayne, PFC DNB. Hall, Harry D., PVT KIA. Hal!, Howard B., PVT DNB. Hamilton, Harold E., PFC KIA. Haney, Edward E., CPL DNB. Hahzes, John F., 2 LT DNB. Harbarger, Oran L,, PVT DNB. Harris, Henry J,, GPL KIA. Harrison, George Tl, T SG FOD. Harrison, Wesley G., PVT DNB. Hasson, Martin J., PFC KIA. Hegedus, Michael, PVT DOW. Helisek, Peter P. Jr., CPL FOD. Hellein, Martin J., PFC KIA. Henderson, Clyde R., PVT KIA. Henry, Emerson M., PVT KIA. Henry, IHoward R., 1 LT KIA. Henry, William C., PVT KIA. HernleyL WiUiam R., S SG KIA. Herringf Arthur B. Jr., PFC KIA. Heurich, WiUiam H., PFC KIA. Hicks, James B., PFC KIA. Hiles, Robert C.. PVT DNB. Hillen James E., SGT KIA. Hlastala, Joseph J., CPL DNB. Hoak, Franklin T., T SG DNB. Holchin, George W., CPL DNB. Holder, Warren N., PFC KIA. Holland, Keil, G. 2 LT KIA. Homistek, Martin A., 2 LT KIA. Hoover, Clarence W., PVT KIA. Horobik, Frank J. Jr., PFC. KIA. Horner, George M., SG DNB. Hornick, Edward J., PVT.KIA. Continued on Next Page. SPINET ! PIANOS Studio Pianos. Small Apartment Baby Grands. Player Pianos. Uprights. Some only slightly used. All in excellent playing condition. FREE DELIVERY. DELIVERY. Large stock to choose from. Cash or terms. , CALL SATURDAT EVENINGS, 7:00 TO 9:00 P. M. B. C. COCHRANE Warehouse 139 Snyder Street Phone 50 Bug a Pound Today . Basr 28c Freshly roasted, freshly ground--Green Cup Coffee will bring you back for another cup every time. The ) delicious aroma, fine flavor and full bodied goodness of Green Cup will more than delight your family. Blended Juice 2 99c CI/OVER FAJtM Q. T. Eaar Mix 2»"29c CUDVER FATtM Noodle Soup L I F ' Prune Prune Juice CUDVEI Hershey's Cocoa Cane Sugar runs Rice Toasties 5t- Btl. POST'S BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS WHEATIES 2"-i9c 32c Ik 35c I4c 4 Lb. Ctn. SLb. 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  1. The Daily Courier,
  2. 05 Jul 1946, Fri,
  3. Page 2

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  • 639 County Soldiers Give Lives for Country

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